Banjo and Kazooie were running away from the giant boulder rolling after them, with Crash Bandicoot jumping from the jungle foliage surrounding the route from the right as he was next to the bear and bird, with Kazooie running on her yellow talons while carrying Banjo on her back. One thing was for certain, the cartoony animal mascots had to escape the rolling boulder, less they be squashed.

"Whoa!" Banjo exclaimed as he was surprised by Crash's appearance.

"Whoa!" Crash shouted as he faced Banjo briefly, with him and Kazooie jumping over the various enemies in their path.

"Whose stupid idea was to put this segment in this game?" Kazooie asked as she had to ignore all the red and yellow feathers, as well as the blue eggs, with her being focused on escaping the boulder.

Gruntilda Winkybunion groaned as she looked at the viruses taunting her, shaking her head as she was dressed like a doctor. "People in medical get paid to do this trash?" She said to herself as she chucked the pills, getting the dancing viruses destroyed as she shrugged. "Well at least it's not going to last that long."

Gruntilda proceeded to use her witchcraft to summon more different colored pills for her to chuck at, eventually destroying all the viruses on the screen. Her task done, Grunty then went to see where she could get her money for her not so hard work.