Banjo and Kazooie were in an intense game of pong as they were forced to be the paddles as they were hitting against the pong ball, with L.O.G. watching in the distance as he was enjoying tis pain that the bear and bird were going through.

"...Why did we agree to do this?" Banjo groaned as he didn't like his nose being bopped by the pong themed ball.

"Because we have to do this as a favor to that pong loser over there..." Kazooie grumbled as she felt her beak being damaged by the ball of pong.

"Oh you guys are really enjoyable to watch in pain after all the stuff you did in Showdown Town," LOG chuckled as he was suddenly hit in his monitor face by the ball after Banjo and Kazooie teamed up to have it head to him, causing the two to be free of their paddle prisons.