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Black Tail

Summary: Raven had finally sucked up some pride. She had aided in Salem's defeat, but died along the way - stupidly, too, if it weren't for the sacrificial act of saving her daughter. A last pint of maternal feelings were better than none, after all. But, why...why is she alive...and where was she? [Heart AU]

Character(s): Raven Branwen

Genre(s): Comedy, Hurt/Comfort

Rating: K

Warning(s): To be determined.

Language(s): English : English ; Mistralian (Original Language, written in Japanese), Fiorian (Original Language, written in English), Vytalian (Original Language, written in English)

Crossover(s): RWBY: Heart (another Fanfiction idea) AU, Cancer AU. | Fairy Tail

Beta(s): N/A.

End Notes: Came across the idea. Refused to leave me.

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Chapter #1: "Heart of the Matter"

Location: Fairy Tail Infirmary Ward

Date: Unknown

Time: Unknown

POV: third, limited, Raven Branwen, aged 67 years

It was in a matter of moments that Raven woke up, freaked out, and calmed down almost simultaneously. The smell of antiseptics were old and foreign to her, but identifiable to the point that it comforted her to know that she was currently alive and well, cared for, and not numbly bleeding out and hallucinating in a haze. There was a faint coppery taste of blood, and when she moved to swish her tongue in her mouth to slick her dry orifice, she finally felt it - dry blood embedded in her throat.

She immediately coughed, the involuntary action moving to dislodge the occlusion in her throat, her irregular breathing not helping in the matter. Violently hacking, she drew some concern outside, her hearing warning her of the intrusion before it ever came. The door slammed open on the far end of the room - she could hear it, even as she was laying on her back - and footsteps clacked their way over to her. There were more than one presence, and a lot of them were talking.

There was a clunky armor set among them, and she could only think of the young Knight, Jaune Arc - young and foolish but full of honor and kindness. While she would normally turn her nose up at the idea of an honorable battle - since those were few and far between - it was a nice change of pace, teaching him to both remain honorable but be ready for an unfair fight. Kingdom come and kingdom go, the young man understood little of the point, but that little helped him in future battles.

Another foreign sound other than footsteps also gathered her attention. The sound of a wooden pole striking the ground in tandem to their gait, firmly knocking on the stone floor as she approached, was prominent even over the clanky armor. They all approached, but the one with the big stick (she could tell, anyone with a stick normally commanded respect or fear, and her voice quieted the others). "All of you, step no closer. I will look after the girl."

At this, Raven's hacking slowly ceased, and her eyes opened slowly from their scrunched state, revealing her red orbs to them. Above her was a wrinkly old woman who smelled faintly of lavender, reminding her of her daughter, whose eyes and perfume matched in name. Raven shut her eyes in both emotional and physical pain. She didn't even have it in her to correct the old woman on her age.

She felt an old, calloused hand touch her face lightly, turning it from side to side. Few tremors escaped with her mouth shut, forcing her to spasm some, her chest spiking in pain, but she subdued it well enough for the woman to work. The woman placed a finger under her eye, directly over her cheekbones, and pulled the skin down to reveal her eye, letting her check her pupil dilation in directed light.

As she was checking her other eye, the old woman hummed. "You're more subdued than my other patients," she complimented. "Thank you for that."

"I'm an adult," Raven replied, "and I've lost my ADD," she tacked on, blathering, liking whatever feeling spiked in her upper belly. It felt light and magical - much like when Ozpin had done when he gave her powers, and what she felt (albeit more violently) when she had absorbed the Maidens' powers.

"I don't know what that means," the old woman said, retracting both hands (Raven noticed her other hand was near where the magical feeling was, but wouldn't Ozpin know of such a kind woman with magical powers?). "I do know that you are still in no condition to move for a good couple of hours, so remain in bed for now and I'll let you know when you can get up. You've survived a few nasty cuts."

"I've survived worse." Though, the irony, she knew, was that she had not survived this last encounter, no matter how small it was before.

"I thought you said you were an adult," the woman sharply reminded, causing Raven to wince slightly. "Swallow your pride, or I'll let you die next time," she ordered.

She cleared her throat and nodded. "Yes, ma'am." She normally preferred herself in power but she knew a voice to never cross when she heard it. She sounded like Miss Goodwitch, but with an even longer temper, even if not by much.

Then the old woman simply snorted and continued her analysis. When she felt a pair of fingers over her pulse on her right wrist, the woman hummed again. "You have an irregular heartbeat, girl - as well as breathing."

"I have heart and lung cancer," Raven said simply, turning her head to the side. Her eyes were still shut.

Two gasps came from the other side of the room, but the old woman ignored them, focusing on her. "What caused this? Smoking?"

"Yes," she answered. "I stopped when I was first informed of my affliction, but it had already been too late. At that point, the cancer had already begun spreading to my heart. I've been keeping tabs on it through the foods I eat and regulating my exercise and training."

The old woman stepped back a bit. "We may have a few treatments for that."

"I don't like radiation treatments - I quite like my hair, thank you," she said back snippily.

"I don't know what that is," the woman repeated, and Raven had to wonder what sort of backwater didn't know about cancer treatments utilizing radiation and how they weren't rich out of their minds already. "Just remain and rest. My name is Porlyusica-" (Raven managed to reign in a snort of derision at the name before it escaped) "-if you need me. You three," she pointedly turned away at that, ending the conversation - Raven could tell the direction by the way her voice molded in the room - "let's go, and do not bother the patient."

A chorus of "yes ma'am"s later, and Raven was once again alone in the room, leaving her to her thoughts. Raven sighed. She wished she wasn't thrust into some random place, but was welcome to the lack of recognition.

But she could really use some company after a near-death experience.

End of Chapter 1

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