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Black Tail

Summary: Raven had finally sucked up some pride. She had aided in Salem's defeat, but died along the way - stupidly, too, if it weren't for it being a sacrificial act of saving her daughter. A last pint of maternal feelings were better than none, after all. But, why...why is she alive...and where is she? [Heart AU]

Character(s): Raven Branwen

Genre(s): Humor, Hurt/Comfort

Rating: K

Warning(s): To be determined.

Language(s): English : English ; Mistralian (Original Language, written in Japanese), Fiorian (Original Language, written in English), Vytalian (Original Language, written in English)

Crossover(s): RWBY: Heart (another Fanfiction idea) AU, Cancer AU. | Fairy Tail

Beta(s): N/A.

End Notes: New Act! Updated Summary and Season name!

Season #1: "Preliminary" Act #3: "Cop...eration (that's not how it's spelled)"


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Chapter #6: "Here on the Morrow"

Location: Magnolia Station

Date: Unknown

Time: 9:33 AM (Unknown Timezone)

POV: third, limited, Raven Branwen, aged 67 years

When Raven entered the office, the man was busy doing paperwork.

The man turned his head up towards her. On a sweltering day, he had removed certain pieces of armor. Raven had to wonder why none of the earlier guards were sweating.

"Who are you?" he asked warily, noting her mask mentally, and outwardly showing distrust with narrowed eyes.

Raven rolled her eyes behind her mask. "I'd like to retain some level of anonymity for now," she began, "Recently, your town Guild, Fairy Tail, had rescued me-" he sighed in relief, losing some suspicion, "-and had confined me to their infirmary ward until I'd healed."

"God," she thought annoyed, "I feel like I'm back to reporting to Ozpin..."

"Today," she continued as if not even pausing, "I'd requested information due to my subsequent amnesia, and was walked down towards the library."

He perked up.

"Your wife's library was mostly destroyed when we arrived."

He'd stood abruptly.

"Your wife was unharmed in the attack." He sighed sharply, and after he'd regained his seat, she resumed. "She mentioned those responsible in the attack, I pursued the criminals, and incapacitated them." She pointed behind her nonchalantly. "They're in your lobby, all tied up and knocked out."

He took a moment to contemplate this, before someone knocked on the door. When invited in by the captain, the man said, "IDs on the bodies, boss. They're the Elemental Gang."

His eyes widened. "Truly?" He looked to Raven in awe, but she shrugged his eyes off.

"Yes, sir," he replied and was ushered out of the room with a hurried wave. The man stood abruptly and headed towards a side closet, opening it, and taking out a large sack - likely full of this town's currency.

"No need," Raven waved him off politely, but he shook his head.

"If you're not already a member of Fairy Tail, I'll be surprised."

"Be surprised, then," she said dryly, and he snorted.

"Give it time," he said, and before she could refute his point, he'd opened the back before her. "Seventy thousand jewels is the town's reward. Take it or leave it."

Raven bit her lip. She was in a foreign area with no money, clothes, shelter, or fallback plans. She would likely remain longer in Fairy Tail's debt if she didn't start paying them back physically. Hopefully, they'll accept money.

Or perhaps leave her alone after she helps pay for the damages in the library.

She sighed and begrudgingly accepted the reward and nodded at him before turning around to step out of the room, but the man grabbed after her arm. It took a great amount of patience and temperance to not throw him across the room, to shrug him off of her, to not break his arm, to not lock him in place and beat him constantl-


-y out of habit. In a mixture of all of it, she glared at him instead. "What?" she asked with a clipped voice.

He swallowed a bit. "I...I need at least one designation, in case I need to refer to wouldn't do to call you 'woman' despite its spot-on description."

She snorted. "Wind of Mistral."

Then, as he let go, he gathered a bit of confidence and turned up his nose. "What are you, some sort of superhero?"

"Vigilante, it was my previous handle," she corrected and elaborated, and he nodded. At the inquiry of what, she answered, "former Bandit."

He choked as she left. Was that a good idea?

"No, but his face was worth it."

Location:Magnolia Station

Date: Unknown

Time: 9:47 AM (Unknown Timezone, 14 minutes later)

POV: third, limited, Took, aged 23 years

When Took woke up, he was met with a mask. It was white, complicated, painted with red tribal markings, resembled a bird in a strange way, with two, beady red eyes staring back at him.

He screamed and meant to jump back, only to realize that he was sprawled over several others, and his sudden movement woke the others, tangled in each other. As they began scrambling, the only thing Took noticed over the clanking armor rushing around the room and orders being shouted was a tinkling voice laughing derisively. It took him a moment to realize it was their captor. The woman before him.

Red hot anger boiled within him, and as he attempted to burn away the bindings, it only threw back its power at him. "Thunder lacri-?!"

"-ma?" the woman finished asking, and he looked back at her fearfully. He could almost tell that she was smirking behind that mask. "Don't worry, I was surprised, too~"

The voice was familiar, the one that echoed in the halls under the mausoleum in the crypt, as low an alto could go with a woman's voice, teasing, smirking, calculating, hunting. She was in the crypt, and there was only one word he could get out at that revelation.


She started laughing, then. A full blown one, too, but not insane.

It was genuinely happy.

Location:Magnolia Library

Date: Unknown

Time: 9:54 AM (Unknown Timezone, 7 minutes later)

POV: third, limited, Raven Branwen, aged 67 years

It was a good amount of time before Raven had finished her job and returned to the library for further guidance from Mirajane. With nearly ninety percent of the facility fixed up and ready to go, Raven had free reign to read as she desired. Smara wanted to pay her for a job well done, but Raven refused the payment.

Raven moved ahead to the shelves on history. It was one of the first sections that Smara and Mirajane had begun on, if the librarian's scattered thoughts were to be trusted - what little she could make off with anyway - and Raven nodded, not wanting to get in a fight where memory is an uncontrollable variable.

She sat down at one of the desks with several random books in hand and began to read.

"Careful," Smara warned, passing by her as she looked down at the book Raven had just opened, "there's lots of speculation in this - never trust the whole book."

"Some legends come from some truth," Raven rebutted wisely. She was one herself, after all.

"Not all of them," Smara refuted and left before Raven could reply.

Sort of discombobulated from that, Raven took awhile to shake her head and continue on with her reading.

End of Chapter 6


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Omake #4: Contemplation

Raven refused the payment, despite her situation; impecunious.

"I doubt you have any money on you, Raven," Mirajane admonished lightly. It was still enough to make Raven wince.

"I don't," Raven confirmed. "I don't need room and board, though," she waved off any sentiment - it was falling off of the bartendress in waves. "I'm perfectly fine."

"Where will you stay?"

"I feel like I like to move around?"

"You feel?" Mirajane asked skeptically.

"Muscle memory."

"I don't believe you."

"Good," Raven started getting snippy, "Never trust anyone unless it's for good reason."

"But how will the trust start?"


"Why would we act out what we aren't asked to do?" Mirajane wondered.

"If you can't act for someone's trust, then why would you deserve it in turn?"


Raven was now amused, turning a smirk on Mirajane. "Now you're just arguing to argue." But then she rolled her eyes and continue before Mirajane could reply. "Kindness can get you nowhere in a kill or be killed world, Strauss-san," Raven explained. "If you trust everyone, you're not going to have a lot left for the right person, and you'll suspect the wrong person while everyone's taking advantage of you."

Mirajane, looked away, thoughtful.

End of Omake 2

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