Author's Note: This is the story I will be working on, no worries, Expect the Unexpected is not completed yet.

Also, please do not mistake this story as complete as well. The complete tag may randomly pop up sometimes, but I can't do anything about it :(

This is not a 'you' story, but parts in italics are what Hinata ~ the caramel haired female is thinking at the time.

Enjoy guys :)

After a long day of work in the hospital tending to sick people, she went home.

She gasped as her eyes gazed around her apartment.

With annoyance, the caramel haired female sighed.

This was the third time her house has been broken into over the course of a week. Everytime, tables and chairs are overturned, vases shattered into pieces on the floor, and everything would be in a different place than when she had left them. And of course, this time us no different.

Something like this happens... yet she still hasn't called the authorities.

The first time her house was broken into, she had found the floor covered in a trail of blood that le to the bathroom. Her shower curtain had been stained with blood. She supposed whoever broke in had took a brief shower. Gross.

Then she had found her first aid kit lying on the floor of her bedroom. There was a few unused bandages scattered around and a bottle of disinfection alcohol. The window in her living room was opened. There were a few scratches on her walls. Her house was in a mess. She had been so tired that day, she hadn't even bothered to tidy up.

Strangely, she found all her valuables accounted for. Nothing was missing. So that guy isn't a robber...?

Even more stranger, on the next day after her house was first broken into, her house was neat and tidy when she came home from work. Everything was back in place. The blood stained places were gone. The scratches were covered up. The vases were either fixed or replaced with an exact same replica. Everything was back where it originally was.

It was as if the person never came.

The second time her house was broken into, it was almost the same. Furniture overturned, blood on the floor, and it seems like the person took a shower again. The next day, it was all clean and tidy again.

Curious, she had bought a surveillance camera from the electronics store across the street from her house. After setting it up, she slept till today morning, where she went to work. And to find her house in a mess once more.

The female smiled. She can finally see the person who keeps breaking into her house.

Going to the computer on her desk, she loaded the security footage. The security camera sge bought was a cheap one, which meant it had lower and poorer quality. But it was fine by her. As long as she can see who gad broken into her house multiple times, it's fine.

The video is loaded.

She turned the footage on. The black and grey image flickered.

She watched as the window in her living room shattered in the footage. A person crawled in, coming to view in the video. He was... bleeding. She squinted her eyes as she looked closer at what the camera had captured. The man in the footage ~ he is still young... like a teenager, she noticed ~ lifted his head up. There was a... mask covering the middle part of his face and his right eye. It was ling enough to cover his face down to his cheeks, and even extended to below the cheek, gradually sharpening into a tip, like a beak.

And on his back... there were... tentacle like things with... are those little centipede legs? There were centipede-tentacle like things sprouting from behind his lower back... it... it looked like... it looked like a ghoul's kagu~


"NO... OH GOD... NO... THAT MAN... HE'S... HE'S A GHO- GHOUL HE'SAGHOULHE'SAGHOUL OMG OMG OMG NO NO NO HE'S THE ONE THAT BROKE INTO MY HOUSE OH MY GOD NO NO NO NO NO NO WHY WHY ME I'M JUST A NURSE NO I DON'T WANNA DIE HAVE I MET HIM BEFORE WHY DID HE CHOOSE ME OUT OF ALL PEOPLE IN THE WORLD... Ok... calm down... calm down Hinata... just because he broke into tour house does not mean he wants to eat you... it doesn't mean he means you har-harm... it doesn't mean he has set his sights on you for his nextnextnext prey... he... A...A A A GHOUL..." She whispered to trembled in fear. She doesn't want to get eaten. She doesn't want to die. She just wanted to help people. To live a happy life... And now this is happening... What should she do?

She sobbed and crashed onto the sofa, and slowly cried herself to sleep.

Little did she know right then and there, said ghoul had been sitting on top of her rooftop, kagune dangling down, as he looked at the stars that shone brightly. He had caught every single word she had whispered.

He chuckled.

"I never planned to eat her or harm her, and I never will. She's a nice human. She never even called the authorities once. She deserves her peace and she deserves to be protected should any ghoul want to hurt her...

I'll pay her a surprise visit tomorrow."