Just like everytime, her house is clean and tidy after the break in.

But now she is worried.

Not a human, but a ghoul. The person - no, thing has been breaking into her house is a ghoul.

She doesn't want to get eaten. She doesn't want to die.

Sighing, she crashed onto her sofa.

A flash of red caught her eye. Looking towards the window in her living room, she saw a red... tentacle-like thing dangling from her rooftop and over the window. It was swaying slightly. The only people in Tokyo who had these things are... the CCG -quinques- and ghouls.

She silently hoped that it is the CCG. But then again, what would the CCG be doing on her rooftop?

She widened her eyes. God, the thing on top of her house... another ghoul. Unless, of course, this is the same ghoul that had been breaking into her house.

Will this be her death?

Up on the rooftop, the ghoul was smiling. The smell of fear from the female human had reached his nose.

"I would never hurt you... don't you worry..."

The ghoul held up a name one of his informants had given him on a piece of paper earlier today.