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Part 2: The Half Fib, and Controlled Chaos

Albus sat on his bed fiddling with his new muggle music player colored with bright pink roses courtesy of the case, a birthday gift given a few months too late by his father's cousin with a simple non-owl message his father and uncle had shaken their heads at during the time they were eating cake.

"He said Grace wanted to upgrade. He thought he would give it to someone he knew would use it."

"Blimey, it looks brand new."

"That's the Dursley genetics."

"Albus," He heard his Mum, and turned down the music slightly but didn't remove the plugged in plastic pieces from his ears. "Are you doing alright darling?"

Albus gave a half nod as he attempted to turn the music off, but only succeeded in playing the next song on the list. Muggle technology was strange. That failing, he simply pulled one of the earpieces out as he sat up and turned to see his parents standing in the doorway. "I'm fine, really."

His mother looked at him, and Albus felt as though she'd casted reducio. He deflated and as she sat next to him on the bed gently placing an arm around him, he leaned in close, allowing himself to relax, albeit not completely.

"Al," He didn't look up, but heard the soft creak of the floorboards and the scuffing of his father's slippers before he heard his voice. "You can tell us anything, you know that."

Albus nodded. "Yeah,"

"What's on your mind?"

He shrugged. He knew his parents wouldn't give it up. They'd just keep asking him what was wrong, but saying that letters were hopping round on the parchment, well that felt absolutely barking mad, so he latched onto the next best concern he had in his arsenal. It was a real one, so he wasn't technically lying, not really, just...sorting out his priorities. "What if it's horrible." He let that sit for a moment.

His mother frowned. "Oh Al…"

"What if we're not even sorted the same? James is Gryffindor. You and Mum, and Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione, and Uncle George. What if I'm not...and Rose is? What if I'm by myself?"

"Albus," There it was again. Albus was cut off as he felt a warm gentle pressure, the firm grasp of his father's hand. His eyes met his father's as the man took a deep breath in and out. Albus could do little but follow his father's lead. "Better?"

He nodded. "A bit. But, what if…?"

"Albus, that'll be just fine. And you won't be alone." His dad said.

"But Rose won't... if we're in different houses we won't see each other."

"That could never happen." His mum ran a hand through his hair. "I bet you five galleons, if you and Rose are sorted differently, she'll break into your common room before the first week's out."

Albus couldn't help but grin at the image of his cousin in different colored robes from his own, arguing with a prefect, the head of house and the portraits to let her through. "She'd lose so many house points."

"Undoubtedly," His dad chuckled. "But Al, no one is going to be disappointed regardless of your house."

"Teddy said Uncle Ron told him in his first year if he wasn't Gryffindor, he wouldn't be part of the family anymore, and James said so too." Albus knew his parents were right even if it still really worried him, but he just really didn't want his parents to figure out the real reason he'd yelled at James in the kitchen.

His father frowned. " You know Teddy was Hufflepuff right?"

Albus nodded. "Like his mum was."

"Yes, and he still comes around all the time."

"Uncle Ron just has a strange sense of timing about his jokes." Mum said. "Which was not very funny to tell an eleven year old anyway. I'll make sure he minds himself for you and Rose."

Looking up at his mum, Albus knew she would do just that and even more if the situation called for it. Mum could be as frightening as his Gran at the best of times.

"Thanks Mum, thanks Dad." Albus smiled.

"You're welcome." Mum gave him a squeeze. "Now hurry up and get downstairs. Your Dad's got some news of his own."

"Hugo Granger-Weasley, I've told you once, I've told you three hundred times!" Rose Granger-Weasley looked up from her Hogwarts letter with a wince at her mother's sharp tone as a black and white ball flew past her ear. About the size of a quaffle, but not nearly as aerodynamic, well unless you counted those moments when it nearly knocked the family clock off the wall, also known as-


Right now.

"You could be a bloody good chaser if we could get you on a broomstick." Rose glanced over as her father as he went to inspect the broken clock, removing his wand from the inside pocket of his Weasley Wizard Wheezes coat. "Reparo."

"I can't fly until second year." Hugo replies as he grabs the ball stepping back quickly as the broken pieces flew up and back into place guided by his father's wand.

"You can't fly your own broom in school until your second year." Rose rolled her eyes. "I only just got my letter and I know that. Honestly Hugh."

"Ron, you're not supposed to be praising him." Mum said.

"He wasn't." Hugo mumbled and then proceeded to juggle the ball in the way Rose had seen her Mum's muggle relatives do from kneecap to kneecap.

"Hugo, stop that right now. Not in the house." Mum sighed exasperated. "Out in the yard, go on!"

Hugo gave the ball one final kick out the Weasley-Grangers' screen door, and the Weasley-Granger parents continued their hushed conversation. Rose then decided to get back to studying her letter and school list in the living room seating herself upon the couch.

"Hullo," Rose gave a small jump as the fireplace next to her blazed green. " Oh hello Rose," She looked over to see her Aunt Ginny...or well her Aunt Ginny's head.

"Aunt Ginny!" She grinned. "Mum, Dad, Aunt Ginny's on the floo!" She turned back to her aunt after calling her parents. "Has Albus gotten his letter yet?"

"He did," Ginny confirmed. "Just today as a matter of fact." Rose noticed her aunt's micro-frown.

"That's brilliant. Can we go with you and Uncle Harry to Diagon Alley?" She then raised an eyebrow. "Aunt Ginny, what's wrong?"

"Nothing you need to worry about Rose, everything's alright."

Rose frowned. "Aunt Ginny, I know you're lying."

The two Weasleys stared at each other, Rose wondering if even the smoke from the floo could cause her aunt to flinch and surrender whatever she was withholding when she heard the sound of footsteps, causing her, quite unfortunately, to break the contest first.

"Ginny, how are you?" Mum came into the room cutting off Rose's inquiry. Rose huffed in exasperation falling backward from the couch arm to the center cushion..

"We're doing well, how are things over there?"

"Controlled chaos I suppose." Hermione gave a small chuckle turning to Rose and within the same breath, "Darling, would you sit properly, you're going to strain your neck reading like that."

Rose pursed her lips adjusting herself only the slightest bit so that she was leaning her head against the couch arm rather than the cushion itself. Proper enough. She'll just have to allow it. At least I didn't break the clock.

"A constant as always isn't it though?" Ginny gave a sudden wide grin, Rose noticed out of the corner of her eye. Slightly too wide by her estimation. Rose attributed it to her presence. "You lot have to come by for tea. We have news and we want all of you to hear it."

"What's this about news?" Rose turned to see her father already munching a second piece of toast.

"We're going to Ginny's and Harry's for tea." Mum said.

"Brilliant," Dad replied. He then sat himself down beside Rose. "You wear holes in the parchment yet Rosie?"

Rose rolled her eyes in response. "I'm trying to find a way to counter Hugh's argument so that he'll finally play Quidditch with us."

"You still haven't managed to get Hugh on a broom?" Ginny scoffed. "You're losing your touch Ron. You Fred and George tossed me right on."

"That was 85% you Gin," Dad shook his head. "You stole Bill's's toy broom out of the closet when Mum was degnoming the garden. All we were doing was trying to get you to not whack em with it."

"I was seven and it was a broom. Dad said muggles used it to clean, I was trying to help Mum."

Rose laughed at hearing the story. "You tried to use a broom to attack gnomes?"

"I did and I'm not sorry. They do nasty things to the garden." Ginny replied boldly.

"And to broomsticks." Dad muttered.

"Ha ha." Ginny then turned her attention back to Rose. "Anyway Rose, try not to study the list too long."

"No promises Aunt Ginny, I'm just so excited! We're finally going to Hogwarts."

"That you are. Well see you at around one then?"

"We'll be there. See you later Ginny." Dad said.

In a flash, the fireplace returned back to its natural coloring. Rose then hopped off of the couch to go tell her brother that they were going to their aunt and uncle's for tea.

A/N: So, Albus was not entirely upfront with his parents, and we got some insight into the Granger-Weasleys. Next chapter, the families come together and Rose does some investigating. Until next time.