The burning land and scorching air engulfed them, sand kicking up with each gust and breeze. The courageous hero stood beside the young monarch, both looking to their good friend with joy in their eyes...which was soon replaced with bittersweet sadness as she continued to speak.

"Zelda..." The tall bluish woman started as she peered down the princess, "If all people in Hyrule are like you, you'll be alright." Midna looked to the green clayed young man who remained silent, a small smile on her lips. "Link..." She continued as she saddened, a tear falling from her eye and floating toward the Mirror of Twilight, sinking into its center. "I..." Shattering it completely. "See you later..."

Several years had passed since then.

The kingdom of Hyrule had finally completed recovery from the Twilight invasion. Buildings, streets, homes, and shops, even entire villages were rebuilt. Her Royal Highness, Princess Zelda, had taken her rightful place as Queen of Hyrule. The people loved their queen and supported her with their very souls. It was a glorious time of peace in Hyrule. But not all was free from problems. The royal council had humored her Highness until now, avoiding a subject they knew would have to be brushed upon lightly.

"Your Majesty," An old nobleman called after clearing his throat.

The throne room was rarely used since the Twili invasion. It's dark presence still brought unsavory memories to the Queen and those of the castle. Because of this, all of their meetings and political comings were taken place in the dining hall, which had been outfitted with the same red tapestry as the rest of the castle. Queen Zelda would often be found in her quarters, indulging in peace and quiet away from the bustle of others in Hyrule Castle as she would read or conjure plans and treaties for the good of the kingdom.

The man cleared his throat again from her doorway, "Your Majesty."

The monarch turned elegantly from where she had been resting her hands gently on the balcony, peering out into the fields of her kingdom. She looked to the old man, speaking softly with her proper dialect, "Yes, Lord Blanchard?"

The plump old man stroked his white beard as he contemplated his words. "You know it's been several years since you've gained the throne, your Highness."

"Of course," Zelda replied softly, "It's been exactly five years to the day."

"Well, yes. But, your Highness. There have been of late within the council," Lord Blanchard told her hesitantly, rolling his hand to punctuate his words.

"Concerns?" She questioned, raising her brow at the pudgy man, "But, of what?"

"Eh...well..." He began, fidgeting with his beard, "You are a young woman, your Highness. But, if something were to, Goddesses forbid, happen to you...there is no one to take your place..."

"What are you inquiring, Lord Blanchard?" Zelda asked, growing uneasy and tense ever so slightly as he spoke.

"We thought it was time you had an heir," He told her, bracing for her reaction.

The Queen looked to the nobleman, turning away from the balcony with a small hint of irritation in her voice, "The council knows I don't wish to marry. They know this well."

"That, Your Majesty, is why we suggested having an heir instead," He said quickly with a nervous laugh, stroking the end of his mustache, "We've already found several potential candidates."

Zelda's brows began to knot the more Lord Blanchard spoke, clearly upset with the council's conniving, "I refuse."

"But, your majesty-"

"If I am to have an heir, I will not have a stranger nobleman become my consort!" She snapped, her volume startling the old man. Queen Zelda stood a moment in silence, looking off into Hyrule field as she collected herself, speaking again in soft tones, "I don't want to hear another word of this, Lord Blanchard."

The nobleman backed away towards the dark oak wood door, "I'm afraid I must, your Highness. We have put this off for far too long. You must have an heir." He placed his palm on the handle of the ornate door, "You have three days to find a consort of your standards or we will find one for you."

Her slender fingers began to grip the stone railing as she closed her eyes. "Are you threatening me, Lord Blanchard?"

The pudgy elder balled his fists, "It is a fact, your Majesty."

Zelda remained silent as she opened her deep blue orbs and peered out to the lush green grass and orange haze of Hyrule field.

"The council is worried," Lord Blanchard stated, "This may be a time of peace, but it will not last. You and I both know this, your Highness." He unclenched his hands and tucked them behind his back, taking a deep breath, "There will always be evil in the world and when it comes, we do not wish to be damned because of your death."

"I'm not dying," Zelda told him calmly, "I have endured evil before and I am still alive before you. But, if it worries the council so much to demand an heir to the throne, I'm willing to reconsider."

The old man grew a smile, "I'm glad you could see reason, your majesty. W-"

"I am not doing this for the council or because you persuaded me," The Queen cut him off with a serious look, her blue eyes locked onto the council member with intensity, "I am doing this for Hyrule's sake."