Wrapped in the hero's strong arms, she felt safe, as though nothing could harm her so long as he was near. Even with her face nuzzled against his muscular chest and his chin attop her head, she wanted to be closer to him. Every look of those deep blue eyes made her heart skip a beat and her face heat up. The smallest acts the hero made overflowed with powerful emotion, as if to make sure she knew how much she meant to him. And she did. Everything about Link made her feel this way.

The dawn's light crept through the shut curtains, threatening to shine upon the sleeping pair. Pillows and blankets were carelessly discarded about the room, only a single sheet draped across their waists remained on the bed.

Zelda could feel the hero breathing into her loose hair as he slept soundly. A content sigh left her lips, taking in his scent. She quite liked the way he smelt. It was like the summer air before a thunderstorm. It comforted her.

He stirred a bit in his slumber, pulling her closer and sighing deeply into her brown locks.

A soft smile crept to her lips as she hummed against his chest and listened to his steady, booming heartbeat. The queen of Hyrule loved the hero that held her so dear in his arms and in his heart. Zelda pulled away to gaze upon his tranquil face as he slept. She placed her hand against his cheek, gently stroking his face with her thumb as she exhaled softly with a smile.

Link lazily cracked his eyes open and smiled upon seeing her. He ran his calloused fingers through her brown locks, "Morning."

"Good morning," she said with a soft smile, her hand now playing with the hair at the top of his neck.

He rested his forehead against hers, a smirk on his lips as he continued to fiddle with her hair. "Sleep well?" His soothing voice asked.

"Very," She replied soft grin.

Link pressed his lips to hers in a chaste kiss. "I love you," he mumbled softly.

She cupped his cheek and kissed him softly, "And I love you."

He smiled and sighed contently, "You thought it would be difficult to resume as if no time has passed."

Zelda laughed before kissing him again, "I never said it was impossible."

He hummed softly, holding her closer and intertwining their fingers, "I still plan on keeping my promise."

"Is that so?" She inquired with a small laugh.

"Yes," Link replied with a smirk, "I'm going to marry you."

"Link, we were children," she bemused.

He placed a kiss to her hand, "Maybe so, but I'm serious."

Zelda exhaled deeply and rolled onto her back. She gazed up at the ceiling, "...You were away for so long, I grew worried."

"I came back as soon as I could," Link stated.

"Link," she began with a heavily sigh, turning her gentle gaze at him, "The council wants me to have an heir."

"What?" His brows knotted as his blue eyes peered back with a seriousness, "Why now?"

"Because, as they put it, I am the only person fit for the throne at the moment and if something were to happen to me, the kingdom would be crownless." Zelda closed her eyes and rubbed her face, "They gave me a short period of time to find a consort before they assign one to me."

"I'll do it."

"I know you will," She replied with a small huff, "Your timing is truly impeccable."

He smirked softly, "You're welcome."

A knock sounded from the bedroom door, a voice muffled behind it, "Sir Link? Are you decent?"

Looking at Link's face, she saw an expression of confused panic. She narrowed her brows and mouthed to him, "if you don't answer, she'll walk in."

He frowned, running a hand down his face with a deep sigh before pulling on his trousers and approaching door.

"Sir Link?" The maidan called again, "Sir Link, it is of utmost importance. Please open the door."

He glared with minor annoyance at the door.

"Just address her and she will leave," Zelda assured him quietly, "I will stay out of sight."

The door began to open, he propped his hand on the door to prevent the maidan from opening it any wider. Link pressed his palm against the wall and cleared his throat as he stood in front of the small space.

"Sir Link, thank the Goddesses," the handmaiden sighed in relief, "The queen wasn't in her chamber and I didn't know who else to go to for help because the council would go ballistic."

Link stared back at the maiden, knitting his brows into a serious expression.

"Do you know where the queen might be?" She asked him with desperation.

The hero fixed his gaze on the castle's hall before shaking his head briefly.

The maiden peered passed the hero and at the mess of the room. She returned her gaze to his disheveled appearance with a single brow raised at him.

Link glanced over his shoulder and back to the maiden, mumbling, "I'm a violent sleeper."

"...I'm sorry for disturbing you, Sir Link," the handmaiden apologized, bowing shortly and leaving down the hall.

Link pressed the door shut until the tumblers clicked and sigh deeply in relief. His eyes looked back to the queen, who sat back down on the tousled sheets.

Zelda shook her head, smiling at him, "You are impossible."

He chuckled, his lips curling into a smirk as he approached her, "I believe the entire castle is searching for you now. If not, soon."

"Of course," she curtailed, snaking her arms around his neck and placing a kiss to his lips as she pressed her body against him.

Link held her hips, muffling a groan, "Your people need you."

Zelda laughed softly, "Indeed so."

"We can continue this later," He said lowly.

She smiled, "is that a promise?"

"Of course."

Zelda kissed him gingerly and released the hero with a content sigh. She smiled at him as she donned her garments, painfully slow as she pulled them on, he noted.

He stifled a groan, biting the inside of his cheek as he tore his eyes from her. "Are you trying to tease me?" He asked her as if he didn't already know the answer.

She laughed before replying, "It is not teasing if you intend on keeping your word."

"I always keep my word," He bemused while folding his arms over his bare chest.

Zelda pulled on the last of her clothing and held her delicate hand against his cheek, giving him a soft kiss before continuing towards the door. "I will speak with the council. Until then, you might want to make sure you aren't too flustered when I return," She told him with a knowing smile.

Link shook his head, sighing before growing a smirk, "I will try."

She gave him a soft laugh as she left and shut the door behind herself.

"Your Majesty!" Lord Serian greeted her kindly as she entered the council hall, "We were beginning to worry when you weren't in your chambers."

She politely greeted the Lord, "My dearest apologizes for worrying everyone. Though, I must confess I have made my decision for who is to be my consort."

Lord Blanchard perked up in his seat, "That is wonderful new, your majesty! Whom?"

Zelda held her head high and spoke clearly, "I have chosen Sir Link of Hyrule to be my consort."

Lord Walter choked on his pipe, coughing violently as several nobles rushed to aid him. He wheezed in astonishment, "Sir Link?"

"The very same, yes."

Lord Blanchard scrunched his round face, "That's preposterous."

The queen raised a single brow at him, "And what makes that so preposterous, Lord Blanchard?"

Lord Walter stood up and slammed his hands on the table, "Your majesty, Sir Link is not of Noble blood. It would be corrupting the royal line."

As Zelda was about to speak, Lord Serian spoke up. "This may be true," he began, "But, Sir Link has clearly proven himself worthy of his title and to Hyrule again and again."

"He may be a heroic, but he's still just a farm boy," Blanchard stated firmly.

The queen of Hyrule calmly spoke to the men as her expression grew serious. "Sir Link may not be a nobleman, but he is by far the noblest man I have ever met." She took a deep breath, "Now, if you have any more inquiries about my decision, please speak up."

"I believe Sir Link is a fine candidate for royal consort," a lady in a puffy pink dress stated confidently from beside Lord Walter.

Lord Serian nodded, "I agree with Lady Eloise. Sir Link is perfect, not to mention also Hylian."

Lord Walter grew flustered, his face red with anger, "Surely you're joking!?"

"I have made my decision, Lord Walter," Zelda stated firmly, "The council agreed upon the terms and I have complied to your request. Sir Link will be my consort."

Lord Blanchard balled his fists and bristled his mustache, "Yes, my queen, but-"

"That is my choice, Lord Blanchard."

He huffed and dropped his arms to his sides, bowing to her, "Yes, your majesty. If may be excused-"


"Thank you," He spoke shortly before leaving the room.

The queen looked back to the rest of the council and closed her eyes softly, a silent sigh leaving her body.

"We believe Sir Link is a perfect choice, your majesty," Lord Serian broke the silence.

Lady Eloise gave a gentle nod, "The council gives its approval."

Lord Walter stuck his pipe in his mouth, taking a puff from it as his eyes narrowed at the others.

A young noblewoman stood from the table and bowed respectively, her soft brown locks falling over her shoulders, "You have our support, your majesty."

"Thank you, Madame Eliza." Zelda spoke softly, opening her eyes. She fixed her gaze to rising sun outside the castle window, "I suppose now we should start the necessary protocols."

Lord Serian gave a firm nod, "Yes, of course."

A deep breath left his lips as he flopped onto his back, folding his muscular arms behind his head and rustling the unruly sheets. His blue eyes blankly focused on the grain of the wooden ceiling as his mind wandered.

He wasn't entirely sure what to think. He knew how he felt, but thinking about it somehow made things more complicated. Where would his place in Hyrule be when he becomes consort? At the Queen's side, of course. But, when a battle has to be fought, will he remain in the castle or lead their army? When someone must aid an allied kingdom, would he still be sent?

Link sighed deeply, his hand running through his hair and scratching his head.

These were thoughts he would encounter later. Until that time, he would carry out his duties to Hyrule.