So, as you can probably tell, this isn't an update. Rather, it's...more of a discussion slash announcement?

So, a friend of mine, TheStrangerThatCameFromNowhere, who you might know as the author of Fate/VRAINS and a few Digital Human spin-off stories of Boyzilla's own series (Digital Extra for example), began writing over on Spacebattles after some serious debate. While she was perusing the fanfic rec and discussion forums on the Nasuverse side of things, she asked what people thought about this fanfic.

Their thoughts were...well, they weren't exactly kind, but they weren't exactly wrong, either.

I will say this right now. I have never claimed to be an expert in all things Nasuverse. Let me be clear on this. I actually have to use a wiki just to try and get some things right or meddle around with things to make them work.

I write because I enjoy writing, and the criticisms I get help me grow as a writer. Hell, the only reason I started writing on FF was because I wanted some experience for when I start writing my first book. Even so, I want to try and stay somewhat faithful to the story material as best as I can while changing things around, so hearing everyone's thoughts about Chaldea over on the Nasuverse fanfic and rec thread, while painful, is very helpful in the long run.

I'll also be completely honest. I may or may not have been writing by the seat of my pants a few times, mainly with the decision to summon Pyrrha. The only things that were planned was Roman becoming a Psuedo-Servant, Ozma and Solomon getting summoned, the CCT being restored, and Pyrrha reuniting once I made the choice to bring her back as a Servant.

With that in mind, after taking some serious considerations and thoughts, I've decided that this story will be going on hiatus for the foreseeable future. Both for me to actually start planning the fucking thing out, and to take some time off.

Lastly... I have made the decision to migrate over to Sufficient Velocity.

For anyone wondering whether this means I will be leaving FF behind, the answer is yes and no. I will still be updating my fanfics over on this site while migrating them over, but any and all new content I make will be posted on SV. Currently, only Pendulum's Fifth Swing is being migrated, but other stories will follow.

I hope you guys understand, and I'm sorry for the abrupt notice. Thank you so much for you time.