Servant Report 1

Name: Pyrrha Nikos
Class: Lancer
Alignment: Neutral Good

-Strength: C+
-Endurance: B
-Agility: B
-Mana: D-
-Luck: E+
-Noble Phantasm: C ~ C++

Class Skills:
-Magic Resistance: C [A possible candidate as the holder of the Fall Maiden's magic, Pyrrha once combatted the Maiden Usurper in spite of the overwhelming difference in power and ability]

Personal Skills:
-Invincible Girl: B [Widely regarded as one of the strongest, if not the pinnacle of strength all Huntsman aspire to reach, untouchable in battle]
-Charisma: B [Though she was not a leader, she possessed the qualities of one and used them to help strengthen someone who she believed was better suited for the role]
-Protection from Arrows: D [Due to the nature of her Polarity Semblance, metal projectiles are repelled and useless against her. She fought countless battles redirecting attacks aimed at her. However, this is limited to metal weapons, and ironically met her end with an arrow through the heart]

Noble Phantasm: C ~ C++ (Anti-Army)
-Mass Polarity Control: Bonds of JNPR [The public revered her as a champion of strength and indominatble will. Her friends remembered her as the girl who fought for the sake of being seen for who she was. If she so desires, she would gladly embrace the views of the world. For the sake of her friends, she would raise her shield and fight with all her might]

Name: Arsène Lupin
Class: Assassin
Alignment: Chaotic Good

-Strength: C-
-Endurance: C+
-Agility: A
-Mana: D
-Luck: EX
-Noble Phantasm: D ~ B++

Class Skills:
-Presence Concealment: A [In life, Arsène was a master of disguise and capable of sneaking into places that were otherwise impossible for normal criminals]
-Independent Action: C [Though willing to obey orders, Arsène prefers following his own set of rules, though that isn't to say he would deviate from whatever his Master would tell him to do so long as it didn't conflict with his own agendas]

Personal Skills:
-Leadership: B [Though rarely done, Arsène would hire fellow thieves on occasion. His reputation, skills and charisma alone would make them follow his every word without question]
-Riding: D [Arsène traveled across all of France, if not the world, in search of wondrous items with various degrees of worth]
-Discerning Eye: B+ [Years of experience have allowed Arsène to understand and evaluate the traits, flaws and characteristics of human beings. There is no lie or deceit that he cannot see through, nor shall he be swayed by falsehood]

Noble Phantasm: D ~ B++ (Anti-Unit)
-Phantom Show: Spectacle of the Gentleman Thief who Stole the World [His seemingly impossible thefts have garnered world reputation and infamy. And as the years progressed, his feats and exploits have only grown exaggerated. "He can steal anything, even the world! Nothing is impossible for the gentleman thief!" Some would think it would make his ego bigger, but for Arsène, he would see it as a challenge. He can never resist a challenge. The power and grandeur of his theft is determined by what Arsène judges to be equal of the object's worth]

Name: Ozma (later identified as Ozpin)
Class: Ruler
Alignment: True Neutral

-Strength: A
-Endurance: B
-Agility: B
-Mana: A+
-Luck: B+
-Noble Phantasm: C++ ~ EX

Class Skills:
-Magic Resistance: A [As one that hailed from an era in which gods remained prevalent in life, and as one who wielded magic with such great power and strength, the arts of the arcane dance to his tune]

Personal Skills:
-Pioneer of the Stars: EX [A hero that made his mark upon the World. Even though humanity when it first walked no longer recalls him and what he has done, the World certainly has. And so do the Gods, as he has earned their favor]
-Charisma: A+ [A hero, and a warrior of great caliber that has earned the respect and admiration and awe of virtually anyone that has encountered him. If he were to ask for their assistance, they would gladly follow this man into hell]
-Territory Creation: A+ [Normally, only a Caster would be capable of this. However, due to his experience in magic, he is more than capable of forging incredible barriers]
-God's Favor: EX [It is not often that one receives the attention of a god, much less their favor. However, whether this proves to be of good fortune or of bad omen is subjective to the god in question. What it means for the one who receives this favor is a life of success, fame and power. However, all good things must come to an end]

Noble Phantasm: C++ ~ EX (Anti-City)
-Grand Garden of the World: Stellar Story of Humanity [A fervent believer in humanity's potential to achieve great things, be it for good or ill purposes. Humanity, on its own, can stand as proud as a giant. Even in the harshest of times, humanity can persevere and grow stronger for it. "The Gods watch over us, but we do not need their protection. All we need is the world and ourselves. Let the Brothers see that their creations are worthy of this world." Laugh. Cry. Sorrow. Endure. Prosper. Humanity has earned all of this. The strength and power of the Noble Phantasm is determined by the user's faith in humanity]