Chapter 1 : Zevist Obsidia

Zevist's POV

I dragged myself out of my house, locking the door behind me. "It's time to go at the guild, hoping Erza or Natsu come back." I sighed after this sentence and start to walk toward the guild.

It has taken me some minutes to arrive. I entered into the guild to see only Master and Mirajane are here. Well it is pretty normal considering it's early.

"Morning Master, Morning Mira." I say sitting at the bar chair.

"Good morning, Zev!" She says in her usual cheerful tone.

"Morning Kid." Master said.

Mira brought me food like she does every morning and I let out a sigh as she placed three plates of cooked meat next to me.

"Bored Zev?" Mira asked.

"Yea, it's totally boring here without Natsu and Erza. Gray is lazy more than usual and don't want take any job with me. And I don't want take any serious job for now" I say in my boring tone.

"How you archived the S-Class , kid ?" Master mumbled.

"I don't know , maybe luck. You know our guild have a LOT of luck." I joked.

"Don't remind me that kid." Master sighed.

Most of the day was pretty boring. I spent it helping around the guild , checking how many problem my guild mates caused with the council. During my break ,from serving food at those lazy idiots (Master included) , everyone into the guild hear a familiar voice.

"I'M BACK !"

Everyone turned and saw Natsu, Happy and a blonde girl. Obviously Natsu started a fight ,which mean all my effort to make this place clean was useless.

"Natsu's back! We need to finish what we started!" Gray yelled jumping up in only his underwear.

"Your naked !" I yelled.

Gray ignored me and went back to yelling at Natsu. The whole guild devolved into a brawl of the usual sort. The blonde girl that had come in with Natsu and Happy was lying on the ground.

"Oh someone new." Mira said leaning down to talk to the girl.

"She came in with Natsu." I say.

The girl was pretty surprised to see Mira walking around the guild.

"You're Mirajane." The girl said flustered "Aren't you going to stop those guys?"

"If things get -." I was stopped by a flying bottle.

Mira was slammed in the head with that bottle.

" Your hurting innocent people! Stop this brawl now !" I yelled out but I was just ignored


"I can't even drink in peace." Cana groaned pulling out a card "Time to end this stupid brawl."

" Eh eh … I will break their bones . I'm very annoyed now." I said crackling with darkness energy.

Magic started to get prepared all across the guild. Gray had his hands in his usual position. Elfman had already transformed his arm.


All signs on magic disappeared and everyone but Natsu put their guard down. Master had everyone knock it off, except Natsu who took a little extra convincing.

"He's huge!" The girl said surprised.

Master looked my way and saw the girl standing beside me "A newcomer."

Master shrank to his normal size and introduced himself to the girl. Next he hopped up to the banister and started reading off a list of complaints from the Magic Council.

Good thing I deleted all my complaints and mistakes.

"And you, Zevist blew out a whole palace with your Darkness Volcano Spell."

Dammit i forgot that.

"You all get the Council angry at me, but screw the council." Gramps lit the complaints on fire with a simple fire spell "If you fear the eyes of your superiors magic will never progress. So forget the Council, do whatever you want that's the Fairy Tail way!"


The girl from early looked at me "Excuse me but how would I go about joining?" She asked me.

"I'm Zevist you should talk to Mira she'll get you set up." I told the girl pointing her in the woman's direction before she left I asked her one last question "What's your name ?"

"Lucy." She told me with a big smile and walked off towards Mira.

I plopped myself back at the bar next to Master.

"We got another new one." I told him "Her name is Lucy."

"That blonde girl, yeah she's cute." He commented.

"You're being creepy. Stop it or you get killed one of this days for that. Also Erza or Mira will kick you bad." I told him.

"Erza not back in town yet?" He asked.

"No but she should be soon it was a simple job." I told him.

"Excuse me." I looked down and saw Romeo, Macao's son "Is my daddy back yet?"

"You're starting to get annoying Romeo. You're the son of a mage, trust in your father and be a good boy and wait at home." Master said dismissing the boy.

Just peacefully wait for his father like it's nothing huh? At least Romeo had a father.

"He said he'd be back in three days but that was over a week ago." Romeo whined "Please go look for him."

"There isn't a single mage in this guild that can't take care of themselves, so go home and have some milk and cookies or something."

"JERK!" Romeo jumped up and punched Master off the bar and ran off crying.

"Next time be more gentle with Romeo. He is just worried for his father." I told him.

"I know it…" He say rubbing his nose

Natsu smashed the job board and stormed out after Romeo. Some of the other members were worried that if Natsu helped Macao it only damage his pride but Master told them to let him go.

"What made Natsu so angry?" Lucy asked Mira.

She explained to the girl that Natsu had been abandoned by his foster parent and he wouldn't want something similar to happen to Romeo. She found it hard to believe that Natsu had been raised by a Dragon but it was true, or at least we all think it is.

"Every member of Fairy Tail is carrying a little something with them." Mira told the blonde.

The girl grabbed her things and ran out the door saying she was going to help Natsu find Macao.

"She ran off in a hurry." Gray said taking a seat near me.

"Yes she certainly is an odd girl?"

"Just want help a friend." I commented.

The rest of the day passed with nothing of interest.

A few days later and I still hadn't found work. I don't like to work alone and Gray kept dragging his feet. Hell even Lucy had gone on a job with Natsu the day before.

Maybe Mira will go out with me today. But she just get l lot of work ,she probably won't want to go.

And I couldn't even pester Master because he had gone off to the Guild Master meeting. When I got to the guild this morning I found Mira explain the ins and outs of the magical government to Lucy.

"Lucy pick out a job." Natsu told the girl.

That's right these two formed a team the other day.

Apparently there was trouble in paradise because Lucy told Natsu she was breaking up their team.

"You don't have to force yourself to team up with anyone." Gray told the blonde "You'll get plenty of offers to join various teams."

"You could form the team of love with me" Loke asked the girl but he rescinded his offer when he found out she was a Celestial Spirit mage.

Loke ran out of the building and Lucy asked why he was afraid of her.

"He doesn't like Celestial mages." I explained "Don't worry it wasn't a personal thing."

Just then Loke burst back in and called for Natsu and Gray.

He delivered a line that nobody had been waiting for all week "Erza is back!"

Bout time Erza.

She walked up the center of the guild shining in her usual glory. She was carrying a large monster horn; apparently it was a gift from the village she saved.

"Is Master here?"

Mira explained that he was out at his regular meeting. Erza then went on her usually tirade and ripped into most of the guild for their mistakes.

"You should calm down, keep yelling and you'll get wrinkles." I patting her head from behind.

She spun around to face me "Stop it Zev !" she yelled and I chuckle." Are Natsu and Gray around?"

"Yeah there over there" I said pointing behind me.

The two put on their usual best friend act. Erza then shocked the whole guild by saying she needed a favor from the boys.

"I heard a troubling rumor, normally I'd consult Master but since he's not here. So will you two help me?"

She's asking those two for help! They will destroy everything !

"You'll help to right?" she looked towards me.

"Of course. I can finally do something interesting."

"Good we leave tomorrow" Erza told the boys. Then she leaves.

"Ok… that was unexpected. Erza asking help ." I say while sitting on the nearest table.

Mira stood there watching them with a hand over her mouth.

"Erza, Natsu, Zev and Gray all working together….They may have just formed the strongest team in all of Fairy Tail!" Mira said with giddy.

"Yea … maybe." I say not so convinced about her sentence.

"Well , I go home . I need get ready if tomorrow I need to kick some ass." I say .

"OK. Just don't get your guard down" Mira say worried.

"Nah … don't worry . SEE YA GUYS !" I say walking out from guild.

Finally something funny ! I can finally have some good fights. YAY !