Chapter 3 : Wind , Music and Fairies.

The girls and I stared down out enemies. It was going to be three on close to a hundred.

This should be interesting.

"This'll be easy." The men cheered "It's only three people, and two of them are girls. Those people of Fairy Tail are so stupid. We are more than them ! We can crush them !"

Erza summoned one of her swords "Insult Fairy Tail again and you won't see tomorrow."

The men of Eisenwald had their own magic swordsmen. The men went to attack Erza, but pitiful men like them stood no chance against her. Erza changed her weapons multiple times to properly combat her opponents.

"We didn't forget about you! Take this !" I looked behind to see a group of men coming at me.

I charged my hands up and shot several darkness orbs out of my palm "Darkness Bullets!"

Ten of the men fell over, each hit by an orb. Another group of ranged mages tried attacking from a distance.

I shot an curved slash with my hand at the ranged group "Darkness Slash!" The slash hitted the group , sending them flying and knocking most of them out.

Erza and I had taken out a lot of men but there was still a huge group in our way.

"There's still so many." Erza remarked.

"Time to destroy them." I told her.

"This has grown bothersome." Erza said changing her armor.

It always so scenographic and cool.

I charged my hand of darkness magic and aimed at the group of still fighting men.

"Circle Sword!"

"Darkness Chaos!"

Erza's swords and my darkness beam took care of most of the men. One man came at us despite his friends warning.

"Don't do it, those two are some of Fairy Tail's strongest. 'Titania' Erza Scarlet and 'The Shadow' Zevist Obsidia."

I love that name.

The last man standing ran off and Erza told Lucy to follow him. She changed back into her usual armor and slumped to the ground.

"Erza!" I caught her before she hit the ground.

"I'm fine just exhausted from overdoing it on the Four-Wheeler." She explained "Let's just hope those two find Erigor."

"You want me to go help them look?" I asked

"I'm sure they can handle it." She said "But if he plans to play that flute we should get the citizens out of here."

Erza got up off the floor and went to the front of the station. I followed closely. Erza walked up to one of the station workers and 'borrowed' his megaphone.

"If you value your life leave now, there are men planning to kill everyone around her. Get far away." Erza warned the crowd.

Direct like always.

The crowd broke into a panic and got far away from the station.

"Why'd you do that, you made them panic." The worker said

"Rather than have them die. You should leave to it is dangerous here." Erza told the men.

Why is so windy her-Oh no…

I turned around and was meant with a large wall of wind.

"Uhh Erza." I called her attention "We have a problem."

She turned around and looked surprised just like I was.

"What are you two doing out here? As much I would enjoy fighting you two I don't have the time." Erigor said floating over to us "Why don't you two have some fun inside"

"Wait … what ?" I say.

A gust pushed us into the wall and we slipped through. When Erza and I tried to get back out ,the wall chewed at Erza armor and my coat and spit us out.

"Don't waste your time that wall only goes one way!" Erigor yelled over the wind.

Erigor flew of and left Erza and I inside the wind cage.

If this isn't the target where is he going? Fuck that's hurt!

"Let's go ask his men where he's headed" Erza said walking inside.

I noticed she was clutching her arm. It was bleeding; it must be from trying to break through the wall.

"Erza your arm. Let me look at it." I said trying to look at her wound.

"I'm fine. Your arm is not in a better state" She said tugging in away, hissing in pain.

"Please Erza, It'll take one second and you forgot about my special ability."

"You're not a doctor, it won't make a difference. And no , I didn't forgot about it. "

"So what, doesn't mean I can't make sure you're okay, that's what friends do." I said.

She didn't say anything as we had made it back into the main station and she was interrogating the conscious men trying to find Erigor's true target.

One of the men told Erza that there was no way to dispel the wind-wall. Gray came in and told us he knew the true target.

"It's the next town up. Where the guild masters are." He explained.

Gramps! Dammit !

"We'll now we know where to go we just have to find a way past the wind." I said.

"Can't they dispel it?" Gray asked but we explained the situation to him.

"I've got it! The man who dispelled the seal on Lullaby, Kageyama. He'd be able to lower the wall." Erza shouted.

"Let's go find him."

We ran out of the room and went up and down the halls looking for the dispeller. We heard huge commotion coming from down one of the halls and headed that way.

"That has to be Natsu." Gray remarked.

Around the corner one of the rooms had a blown out wall. Natsu had a man backed up against the wall.

"Don't hurt him Natsu! We need him to dispel the Wind-Wall!" Erza yelled launching a sword and stopping the dragon slayer.

Erza ran up and pointed another sword at the man's throat "You will dispel the wall."

"Ye…Yeah you got it. GAH!"

Suddenly blood shot out of Kage's mouth and Erza dropped the man. He fell to the floor with a hand through his back.


How the hell are we gonna get out now!

I looked up and saw a man had emerged from the wall and looked surprised at what he had done. Natsu was staring the man down as he retreated back into the wall.

"He was your friend! He's your friend; he trusted you and you tried to kill him!" Natsu yelled breaking down the wall and knocking the man out "Is that how a dark guild works?!"

"Come on stay alive, we need you to remove the wind-wall." Erza said trying to keep Kage from dying.

"Even if he stays conscious, he'll be too weak to lower the wall now." I told her.

Lucy and Happy returned to the group surprised to see the destruction. We carried Kage outside so we could at least try and find a way past the wall.

"Please we need your help." Erza tried to plead with the man.

Natsu kept throwing his body at the wall trying to break through, but it had no effect. Kage was out cold and we had no way past the wall. We needed to hurry if we wanna save the guild masters.

"Poor guy. Getting stabbed in the back by his own guild mate, I feel bad for him." I told Erza.

"I guess, he was going to help us to, that's the worst part. You don't think this is our fault for making him help us, do you?" she asked.

"I doubt it. They were probably just tying up a loose end. Poor guy got thrown under the bus. Now we need to find another way to pass-"

I was cutted off by Happy suddenly yelled out that he had an idea. He dug though his bag and pulled out a key and gave it to Lucy.

"This is Virgo's key. She said she wanted to make a contract with you." Happy told her.

"This isn't the time cat!" Lucy yelled pulling his cheeks.

"But Virgo's magic lets her dig holes, so I thought we could just go under the wall." Happy explained.


"Is this true?"

"We're saved!"

Lucy used the key and summoned a pink haired woman in a maid outfit.

"Can I help you Mistress?" the girl asked.

Lucy convinced the spirit to help get us out of the predicament. The pink haired girl dove underground and dug us a way out to freedom. Natsu picked up Kage saying that he'd feel bad if he died right after they fought. We got to the other side and tried to collect ourselves.

"Where's Natsu?" Erza asked

"Happy's gone too." Gray added.

Gone off to get it done on your own huh? Well beat him hard Natsu.

Erza ran to get the car saying we could chase after them and make our way towards Clover. We piled in the car and Erza insisted on driving despite my protests.

"Just let me drive, your way to exhausted!"

"I'm fine!" She said glaring at me.

"Yes Ma'am!"

I put my head back in the car and tried not to panic.

She's scary. She could've kill me.

"Why'd you bring me?" Kage asked "If you plan on using me as a hostage your thinking is flawed. Erigor doesn't care enough to save any one in the guild."

"We saved you because you need help. You got stabbed so we'll drop you at a hospital." I explained.

"But we're enemies. Why not let me die?" He asked.

"Really ? 'Why not let me die ?' Come on , You have a long life in front you." I said . "You only get one life after that is GAME OVER , so shouldn't you try and make it a good one. Do worthwhile things and never regret what you did. Past events will always be part of you but that doesn't mean you can't strive for a new path. Maybe you need to look for a more positive path in life."

The man stared off; I assumed he was pondering my philosophical words.

I think gramps will be proud about this philosophical moment .

We hit a bump and got bounced around. I yelled at Erza again but she just ignored me. Lucy told me to kill Kage because she accidentally shoved her butt in his face.

"Im gonna knocking out both of you so just sit quietly Lucy." I told her emanating a dark aura.

She shiver in fear and shut her mouth and the rest of the ride was taken in mostly peace. Only one more thing was said.

Kage looked up "You friend's probably dead."

"What makes you say that?" I asked.

"His fight with Erigor will be a struggle. It'll be like trying to light a match in a hurricane."

"Yea…but not if the fire is that of a dragon." I say smirking.

When we caught up to Natsu he had defeated Erigor. The wind wizard was on the ground defeated.

"What took you guys so long?" Natsu said.

Erza tried to get out of the driver's seat but wobbled on her feet. I grabbed her before she fell and helped her walk.

"I told you to take it easy. If you overdo it like that you'll hurt yourself." I told her "And I'd never be able to live with myself if something happen to you when I was there to help."

"You're too kind." She said.

"Erigor was defeated!" Kage said in surprise.

"Good job Natsu." Erza said praise in the boy "Since we're so close we might as well just go to clover and tell the guild masters what happened."

We all nearly got run over when Kage blew past in the car. He grabbed the flute and speed off towards Clover.

Damn, I really thought he could change. Welp ,I hope gramps is fine.

"Clover isn't too far. Let's chase him!" I yelled running after the car.

The others weren't too far behind.

Clover's only a short distance off. He'll get there before us but not by much.

When we caught up to Kage he was in the forest by the conference hall with the flute in his hand. He was talking to someone, when I looked closer I saw it was Gramps.


"Don't be so loud. The best parts coming." Said an old man.

Oh no it's Master Bob.

"You kids keep quite. The funs just starting."

Master Goldmine. How many of Gramps friends are here to watch this.

"Play it. Now." Gramps told Kage.

Kage just stood there trembling, the flute was up to his mouth but he wasn't playing a single note.

"Nothing is going to change." Gramps said starting a monologue "The weak will be weak. But that's okay because humans are weak by nature, that's why we have guild so we can work together to get stronger. That is how you can smile."

Kage's trembling got faster and faster.

"You can find strength without the use of dumb flutes." Gramps to the man.

Kage dropped the flute and fell to his knees "I can't do it. I give up."

They finally let us past and we ran up to Gramps.

"You're amazing Gramps!" I said while Natsu give him a hug.

"Why are you here?!"

Our celebration with Gramps was short lived as the flute randomly started talking.

"What a bunch of incompetent idiots ! I'll just kill you all myself." A voice said as smoke leaked out of the flute.

When the fog cleared a giant monster stood in front of us "I'll eat your souls."


"That's the flute." I whispered "This must be the true form."

"Must be Zeref's magic." Goldmine said.

The ancient black mage, Zeref. This just keeps getting better.

"I'm going devour all of you." Lullaby spoke as he destroyed a mountain making the army of Fiore retreat.

"Let's Go!" Erza said dashing forward.

"Right behind you!" Natsu ,Gray and I said running behind her.

We split up and attacked different parts of the monster. Natsu went at the face and Erza was at one of the legs.

"Darkness Volcano!" I made darkness erupt from the ground and burst through the foot of the monster.

"Wow , look that power !" One of the random masters say.

"Ice Make-Saucer!" Gray shot a giant saw at the monster cutting the beast body .

"Black-Wing Armor!" Erza slashed several times at the monster while Natsu keep burning some holes in him .

"ENOUGH ! I WILL KILL ALL OF YOU ! BEHOLD MY TRUE POWER ! DEATH MELODY" The monster start playing his body but … cause the attacks we launched his body have more holes than the original and , now, he can't play his melody.

"My body !" The monster cried

"Ice Make-Lance " Gray shot a group lances at the monster knocking the beast off balance "Go now!"

""Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame!" "Darkness Death !"

We launched a barrage of Lighting, Fire, Ice, and metal at the monster. The beast fell back and crushed the conference hall.


"Great job kids." Gramps congratulated.

"We did it !" Natsu yell in victory.

"They destroyed the hall!" The master yell angry at us !

"Time to go!"

We runned away while carring the lifeless body of the Master now without the soul thanks us and the council that will send bills at us again.

Well, that's was funny ! Sorry Gramps but I haved too much fun !