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The title 'Begin' is a title to a song sung by Jungkook. One of the lead vocalists of BTS. If you haven't heard it, I suggest you listen to it. It is a really good song, and the lyrics when put into English or your preferred language, is so beautiful.

This book will be rated T until further notice. This is focused mainly on the emotional stability of some characters, there mentality and all that jazz. Though, if I do end up deciding to put a scene that requires for it to be rated M, I will change the setting into M instead of a T. Just pay attention to the setting and my authors notes in the beginning and ending of each chapter.

Recap of what happened in the first book: Yuri Katsuki was in an abusive relationship with his then fiancé Victor Nikiforov, after realizing that the relationship he and Victor had he decided to run away, with the help of his best friend, Phichit Chaulnont and Yuri Plisteski. He won gold in the next Grand Prix with the help of Phichit and his, now again, coach Celestino. After the Grand Prix, at the banquet, Victor got drunk off of champagne and attacked Yuri; in front of reporters, skaters and their coaches, and Phichit; who then attacked Victor his self after seeing his best friend go down. Yuri manages to bring his best friend from the red haze before Phichit killed him, they were sent back to Japan. And from there, Victor was charged with many accounts of abuse. Victor never charged Phichit for almost killing him though. Now, Yuri and Phichit live in the onsen and are about to start training again for the next season.

Pairs: Phichit X Yuri (and later on in this story) Otabek X Yurio

Summary: After having gone through everything the universe threw at him he was getting better. Better to maybe… Start another relationship? Yuri Katsuki's best friend is about to give him the live time of surprises but will Yuri accept the question? Will he be able to truly love someone, or has Victor permanently scarred the boys heart?

Chapter one

Third POV:

Yuri Katsuki had finally gotten the freedom he wanted when he was trapped, being held down by his now ex fiancé. The Asian man was happier being back in Japan with his family and his best friend. The Japanese and Thai men were both practicing at the rink when Mari had come by. "Yuri! Come to dinner with me and the girls. I'd promised them I'd make you come eat with us", she said as the triplets bounced and flounced around like puppies. Yuri laughed softly and said, "Let's get back to the onsen, so I can shower first". She only nodded and after a quick see you later to Phichit he was off to the Inn with Mari and the girls.

After the shower, he was off again, to the restaurant of Mari's choosing. Mari chose a simple hot-pot restaurant and while they were getting a table, the girls needed to use the bathroom. Yuri nodded for Mari to take them while he gets the table. She nodded and was off with the girls in their quest for the bathroom. After a few minutes Mari found him at a booth just as a waiter walked over in search of the type of drinks they all wanted. Mari said some Jasmin tea was fine, while the girls said some apple juice. Yuri just said some water and the waiter was off to get the drinks.

"So, girls, why did you want us to eat together, we always eat at the onsen together." Yuri said softly to the girls who said they just missed him and wanted him to be happy, all in unison, at the same time. After there drinks had come and the hot pot with bowls and chopsticks they all began to eat and happily chat and laugh with each other. Yuri hadn't thought of Victor since they finished the trial that put him in prison in Russia for many, many years. And for that, he and everyone else was glad for. Glad, that Yuri was doing better. Glad, that Yuri had done the right thing and got help.

The ebony haired man has therapy sessions one time a week, and he takes some medications. For his insomnia, that he's had since he was young. His anxiety that has only just slightly worsened, along with one for his PTSD. Sadly, he still jumps when someone touches him without his knowing, it breaks his mothers heart to see this. Poor Hiroko had cried herself to sleep some nights thinking of how much Victor has hurt her youngest child. She had sat Yuri down and talked to him and he assured her that he's doing better, that he is getting better, day by day. She had only smiled and kissed his head before standing up her self and going back to kitchen to cook for everyone and the guests in the Inn.

After having finished Lunch, Mari and Yuri safely took the three tired girls back to Yuuko at Yuuko's home. Yuuko thanked them for bringing them home safe and quietly shut the door then put the girls to bed. Mari and Yuri started walking back to the Inn as the sky slowly descended into a soft darkness, the street lights all coming on one by one lighting up the streets and sidewalks like Christmas lights. A loud hissing then a bang came from an alley they walked passed and Yuri jumped slightly at the noise his head turning so fast you'd think he'd gotten dizzy from it.

"Just some cats fighting I'm sure", Mari said softly and put her arm around her little brother's shoulders. He only nodded and said, "Y-Yeah, I'm fine, thanks". She looked at him for a few seconds but slowly nodded and they arrived at the onsen 15 minutes later. Before Yuri could even walk two steps into the home Phichit had grabbed his hand and drug him away again. "Ph-Phichit? What are you doing, I'm tired?" He complained as Phichit pouted but said, "I want to show you something at the rink!" "And it can't wait until tomorrow?" Yuri groaned out tiredly; Phichit shook his head, you'd think he'd lose it with how fast he shook it.

Sighing with resignation, Yuri allowed himself to be dragged to the rink but then said, "The rink won't be open, Yuuko isn't there, she's at home with the girls". "She let me borrow the key", Phichit said as he ran up the steps dragging Yuri with him to the front door of the rink. Yuri sighed as Phichit unlocked the door and pulled him inside and turning on the rink lights. Phichit had already put his skates on connecting his iPod to the speakers and skated out to the middle of the rink. "Yuri, press play", he yelled out, he couldn't contain his smile.

Yuri giggled softly and pressed play; Demi Lovato's smooth voice came in through the speakers creating shivers all over Yuri's body. The beautiful and well thought out lyrics of Give Your Heart a Break rang through his ears as Phichit skated a beautiful made routine. Phichit's strengths were his spins and step sequence. It was absolutely amazing to Yuri's eyes, watching his best friend skate to one of his favorite songs. When Yuri noticed the meaning his eyes has widened considerably just as the last note of the song ended and Phichit finished the routine, his arms stretched out in front of him, almost like he is welcoming Yuri into a nice hug.

Yuri just stared at Phichit, unbelieving of what Phichit was telling him exactly. "Yuri, I know it's probably quick, but I just wanted to let you know that I love you and I hope maybe you can accept my feelings and maybe one day embrace them", Phichit said skating over to him sweat coming down his forehead and face as he panted heavily from the excursion of skating so emotionally and passionately.

He proclaimed his love for you, say something! But what could he say!? Phichit is his best friend, they've been best friends since college!

Maybe we should give him a try, after all he's never hurt us like HE did. He shivered involuntarily at the remembrance of Victor.

"Yuri? Are you okay?" Phichit said reaching his hand softly toward him but a scene flashed in front of his eyes and he saw a pale hand, HIS hand and Yuri whimpered and backed up. "Pl-Please don't hurt me! I-I'll do whatever you say Victor, please!" He involuntarily stuttered out waving his hands in front of his face. "Yuri, no, it's me, Phichit", He blinked away the vision looking back at Phichit who was now off the ice and slowly coming toward himself. "I-I'm sorry Phichit, I-I just remembered Victor, when you reached out to me, sorry", he looked down, ashamed of the way that he had acted.

"No, you don't have to be sorry at all, it's not your fault", Phichit sighed out sadly. "You're okay now, he's not going to be able to hurt you ever again okay", He continued after a minute and Yuri slowly nodded leaning into Phichit's embrace when the Thai man hugged him. "You don't have to give me an answer right now, take as long as you need to think about it, let me know if you still need more time to recover. I'll wait for you, for as long as you need me too", Phichit said softly into the Japanese man's dark locks. Yuri only nodded into Phichit's chest.

~Back at the onsen~

Phichit POV:

Maybe it was a bit too early to tell Yuri my feelings, it was only 4 months after the trial, he still jumped at almost every unanticipated noise. He whimpered when he was touched, and he wasn't prepared for it. And just now, he had a scene of Victor flash before his eyes when I reached to touch him. I'm sure it'll be a while until he's even remotely ready to think about dating again, yet again, he was always the one to dwell heavily on the past and over think a lot of things. I sighed to my self as I washed my self up quickly in the shower then finished up and dressed.

I arrived at Yuri's room, where I basically live with him. He'll have bad nightmares and sometimes the nightmares are so vivid he has trouble waking his self-up, so I have to help him. There have been times where Yuri would slip into this sort of submissive state any time someone would raise their voice just a little bit. It happened a lot with Yuuko when she had to scold the triplets. I noticed Yuri had jumped his head dipping low as he sat on a bench in the ice rink.

It has also happened more than enough with Minako-Sensei, she had once yelled at him like usual with his weight, because he knows she's just playing around to an extent. But the moment her voice raised just an octave higher he was whimpering and shaking, his head lower and he whispered apologies toward her over and over again. Hiroko was almost livid with Minako's choice of handling the situation, she demanded that Minako go straighten up in the other room while she and I had calmed Yuri down, assuring and reassuring him that he didn't have to be sorry to Minako at all, there was no reason to.

Slowly he had calmed down, and slowly Minako had learned not to yell at or near Yuri anymore. I had slowly opened his bed room door and he was just on his laptop, his headphones in, he looked to be going over some music edits. He always did have a pretty good knack for editing music, making it sound more techno, though he never shows his music, just edits it and saves it to his laptop. I had asked him about one, one time and he just said, that he'd rather focus on skating.

I flopped onto his bed as he swept his fingers throughout his keyboard; I decided to look through my social media and found some photos posted from Yurio, Mila, and Yuuko. Yuuko had two photos posted, one was of just her girls sleeping in their individual beds, and the other one was of her and her husband, her caption for the first one was 'My little angels'. The caption for the second was, 'Finally relaxing as my little devils are sleeping'.

She could be very hypocritical sometimes but we all knew she loved her girls. Mila had posted a picture of her and Georgi on the ice rink back in Russia. Yurio had posted a photo of Otabek as he bent down to tie his skates. He only had two thumbs up emoji's for his caption but we all knew how he was feeling for the Prince of Kazakhstan. He just won't admit it yet.

Yuri POV:

What the hell was I supposed to think? My best friend wanted a relationship with me? Why? Who was I to him? I was confused as I stared up into the ceiling above my bed. I wasn't perfect, I took medications for many reasons, I flinch and whimper at the slightest unintentional noise or touch. I cry when yelled at, and I'm just an average man. Why would he want me?

I rolled to my side to see Phichit already sleep on the bed, as it was so late. Of course, I was just not tired. My mind filled with many thoughts and images. Suddenly my mind filled with the time that Phichit screamed at me, back in Russia before the competitions. I shuddered slightly at the memory.

What if he starts hurting you like HE did? Yeah, now my mind decides to start speaking to me.

No, there's no way. Phichit wouldn't hurt me. He's my best friend.

Is that all he is to you? A best friend? I paused at that.

Was he only my best friend? I looked at Phichit's sleeping face, he was a beautiful man, tanned-skin, long eye lashes, natural big lips. His skin was soft too. But, just because I saw him as a good looking man, doesn't mean I like him, right?

True, you have a point there. But, what about the times he's always held you during an anxiety attack, or when going through a depressive episode. When he talked you down from the attack or the episode. He helped you when Victor was still hurting you, controlling you. He held you during the trial, he wiped your eyes with tissues when you began to cry as they sentenced him.

It was right, Phichit was always there for me, always there to talk me down from my anxiety attacks. Phichit was there when I needed help getting away from Victor, and he was there when I decided to press charges on Victor. And, he's still here, holding me after a bad nightmare, holding me when my anxiety gets the best of me. Being patient with me, as I go through this. Have I ever told him how much I thank him, and how much this means to me? Have I ever told him how much I appreciate his friendship with me?

I don't think I have. Maybe I need to do this, he risked so much just to help me, especially when he beat up Victor at the banquet last skating season. Victor was pretty tore up after Phichit tackled him, he had two black eyes, a bruised cheek bone, a bloody nose. He also had a moderate concussion due to his head banging onto the banquet floor as Phichit let out a flurry of punches to his face.

So due to the injuries we had to wait a bit for him to be better to do the trial. I blinked from my thoughts as Phichit made a small noise and his eyes slowly opened. "What's wrong? Can't sleep?" He asked, his voice slurred a bit from sleep. I nodded at his second question and looked down to the bed as he pulled me into his arms, laying my head on his chest, shifting our positions so he was laying on his back. I laid half way on him; my head and my right hand were on his chest as my lower half of my body was lying beside his body.

"Want to talk about anything?" He said as he ran his hand down my back and I bit my lip and said, honestly, "Thinking about Victor". "Do you still miss him?" He asked, never once seizing the movement with his hand. "Sometimes I do still miss him, but then I remember what he's done to me and I get scared again. I know he can't get to me, but I'm still afraid he will. That someday, somehow he'll barge through the onsen doors and come for me again." I gripped his pajama shirt tightly.

"Is there any way that I could help you with that feeling?" He wrapped his other arm around my shoulders then ran those fingers through my ebony hair. What could he do? This was my mind, not some external wound that could be fixed easily. "Hold me?" It was more of a question than a statement and he chuckled softly into my hair. "Of course, just try and sleep okay?" He fixed the blanket to cover us both and I nodded to him, closing my eyes after a few moments. I heard his breathing slowly become soft and even underneath my ear. His heart beating lightly but fast, indicating a healthy heart. His heart and breathing were soothing, and I fell to sleep in no time.

~Morning; still in onsen~

Yuri POV:

I woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs and I smiled softly to my self. This smell always brought back memories of when I was a child, maybe 4 or 5 years of age and my mother would gently wake me up. She would whisper quietly into my ear as she had reached over to reach my glasses on my in table to put on my face. Me being as stubborn as my mother, I would groan at her and roll over, away from her face. She would giggle and tell me a trick to get me up, for some reason I always believed her, no matter what the trick was.

Sometimes she would tell me that she had made pork cutlet bowls for she and I, and I was up in a heartbeat reaching for my glasses as well. And when I would put them on she'd be laughing like there was no tomorrow. I pouted at her but started laughing along with her. She's the best mom in the world.

After yawning a bit, I opened my eyes to find that Phichit was still asleep, my head was still on his chest. I could hear his heart beat and his soothing, natural breathing. Slowly I lifted my self up and reached over and grabbed my glasses sliding them onto my nose. I stepped off my bed and went down to the kitchen to see my mom and dad cooking food and saw some guests already awake and enjoying some nice morning tea or coffee. "Morning son", I looked over and smiled at my mom as she gave me a cup of hot coffee. "Morning mama", I said softly and slowly drank the coffee taking small sips as not to burn myself.

But that's the one thing I hadn't changed from the court dates and trials, I haven't stopped calling my mother mama and at times would call my dad papa like I did when I was first learning to speak. "It's your day off of practice, right?" She was saying as she began making another cup of tea for the other quests and Mari, when she wakes up. I nodded to her running my fingers through my sleep ridden hair. "Just relax today okay, you don't even have to help us with the Inn today if you don't want to. How about have a day with the girls, you know they've been wanting a day with you." She smiled softly, and I chuckled.

"Mama, we had spent the day together with Phichit yesterday. I know they miss me, I'm sure they'll be fine", I replied and we both laughed softly as my father walked up passing me and handing out some eggs and bacon to the guests. "Phichit and I already had even made plans to go visit Tokyo again, he also wanted to visit Harajuku", I told her as I watched my father give breakfast to the guests. "Well you two eat first then go and explore okay", She said laughing softly while handing me two plates for Phichit and I. I laughed and nodded to her walking back to my room.

Phichit was up and looking through his phone as I walked in pushing my door open with my foot. "Breakfast", I said softly handing him his plate as he sat up in bed. I sat next to him on the floor and began eating as he said. "Can we go to Harajuku before we go to Tokyo or is that on the way?" I laughed softly as I put a fork full of egg in my mouth. "Harajuku is in Shibuya, Tokyo Phichit. Its small but its a cool and interesting place. Of course we can go and visit. Tokyo is about a days train ride from Hasetsu so we can pack up and rent a hotel room for the next night somewhere." I answered him smiling softly at his bright smile, showing all teeth.

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