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Chapter Seven

Third POV:

Both professional skaters woke up early, took a quick shower then left to the ice rink to practice their programs for this season. Giving each other pointers as well as video calling CaoCao to show him what they already had made up for their routines. They also emailed him there songs as well.

It was four hours into practice and Yuri decided to take a quick break as Phichit went through his whole short program again. The Japanese sat down on a bench and sipped at his water as Yuuko came to sit next to him smiling kindly at him.

"How are you Yuri?" She asked, her voice light and carefree; it always made him happy to hear her voice. He smiled softly back at her and said, "I'm okay, I guess," he paused and shrugged then continued, "I'm just worried about what fans and the news are saying about Phichit and I."

Yuuko frowned slightly and spoke, her voice much lower in volume and softer in tone. "I know Yuri, but it'll be okay. You have Phichit, me, your parents, Mari. You have Minako and even Takashi and my girls. If they want a confirming statement from either of you, we're all here for support, one-hundred percent."

Yuri smiled a bit more at her words and lightly leaned his head against her shoulder sighing lightly. "Thanks, Yuuko-chan," He chuckled lightly as she swatted at his hand lightly for the formality at the end of her name. He knew she didn't care for the chan part, but he said it anyway, mainly to bug her.

"Okay, get back to practice you," She said standing up from the bench and winked playfully at him. He rolled his eyed but took another sip of his water and nodded and left back to the rink as Phichit was coming out to take a quick break as well.

The day continued like this until it was the time for Yuuko to open the rink up to the public. The boys helped her gather the cones to lay out on the rink to help navigate for the public. Any area around the cones were for the professional skaters only and the bigger outside area were for the public. (I am not sure if this is the same way any ice rinks in Japan work, but this is the way the ice rink I went to for a birthday of mine was.)

Instead of performing their whole routines they just practiced step sequences and even a few jumps. Yuri had been contemplating on adding a quadflip in his programs or not, the flips reminded him of Victor, yet without these he won't get a substantial number in the competitions.

He sighed to him self as he skated safely to the edge of the rink where Yuuko had been waiting, to give him his water bottle. Phichit was still out in the middle of the rink practicing some jumps he couldn't quite get the hang of.

Yuri sipped at his water as Yuuko spoke softly and said, "You both know you've been here since early morning and it's now almost six-thirty-eight." Yuri shrugged at her words and she sighed laying her head on the wall that was creating a barrier around the ice and the normal carpeted floor around the few benches in the rink. To say she laid her head down, no, it was more like slammed it down as she groaned as Yuri's attitude towards his health when practicing.

Yuri laughed and said, "I know, I know, we'll stop here soon." She groaned again and lifted her said, "How about now, because I know you didn't have lunch! Phichit did, I watched him eat up in the DJ room, but I didn't see you eat!"

Yuri laughed and smiled, he liked to call this, her mom-voice. She always used it on him in times like these and it made him smile and laugh, which in turn, drove her crazy.

"Okay, okay I'll stop and eat," He said as he grabbed his blade guards and slipped them on his skates before stepping off the ice and sitting on a bench with Yuuko sitting next to him. He pulled a small bento box he quickly made up before Phichit and he had left the onsen earlier in the morning. He quickly got to eating his nice shrimp and kimchi-fried rice as well as some chicken, he even had a small water bottle filled with milk that he had Yuuko place in the fridge in the back part of the rink building.

Hiroko had suggested that, because of Yuri's knee injury, he begin drinking as much milk as to help strengthen his knee bones. The chicken was meat was for the muscle to help strengthen up the muscle and the tendons that were damaged.

After he finished eating, he yawned loudly, milk always made him sleepy. He didn't know why, it's been this way since he was a child. Yuuko suggested he at least take a small nap in the break room upstairs where Takashi was going over some DJ records.

Of course, he had no choice as Yuuko, quite literally, pushed him up the stairs after forcing him to slip his skates off. She sighed and thought, It's like I have four kids instead of three. She giggled at her own joke then walked back out to Phichit was stepping off the ice and taking off his skates. "I'm making Yuri take a quick nap, but you should stop practicing, you guys have been practicing for so long already," She spoke to him and they sat on a bench next to Yuri's work out bag.

"Yuri didn't have a nightmare last night, for the first time in a long while. He must be getting better," Phichit spoke softly as he drank his water. Yuuko smiled at that and replied, "I'm glad, he does look like he's getting more and more sleep lately. His eye bags seem to be slowly going away."

Phichit nodded and slipped his sneakers on before continuing drinking his water. "How's the little devils?" Phichit said smirking at her as she groaned lightly and said, "They're doing good, they were glad I let them prank their father while I cooked dinner, in peace."

Phichit laughed and said, "Yeah I saw that post on Instagram. Where are they?"

"They're up stairs with Takeshi working on their homework hopefully they won't bug Yuri when he's sleeping." She said and looked out at the rink as the citizens skated happily with friends and family.

Phichit nodded softly at her and continued drinking his water before deciding that they'd skated enough that day, so he untied his skates slipping them off. "Let's let Yuri nap before we head back to the onsen," Phichit spoke while sliding his sneakers on. Yuuko nodded and kept watch over the rink as Phichit pulled out his phone to look through the media like he always does.

Half an hour later and Yuri came back out to the rink area yawning lightly. "Hey Yuri, ready to go home and eat something?" Phichit spoke softly. Yuri nodded and both boys gathered there belongings together and left the rink after saying quick byes and see you tomorrows to the Nishigori family.

They arrived home safely and ate dinner then went to their room, it was basically their room anyway. Phichit lived in it as much as Yuri did. Yuri went straight to his laptop to work on some music edits just for fun and Phichit of course was scrolling through social media.

He snuck a quick photo of Yuri with his headphones on as he typed away on the PC. Yuri was so encapsulated into the screen he hadn't noticed the flash of the camera behind him. Phichit cursed him self under his breathe for forgetting about the flash until he noticed that Yuri hadn't noticed then went back to Instagram to post the photo with the caption:

GuineaPigMaster: I wish he would show people his edits, I've heard a few, they're so great! *Smiley emoji* *Thumbs up emoji* *Muscle arm emoji* Kastsuki_Yuri YuukoAndTriplets


Tiger_of_Russia: Bet it sucks ass *Laughing emoji* *Tongue out emoji*
Reply to Tiger_of_Russia:
DJ_Skater89: Be nice Yura
Reply to DJ_Skater89:
Tiger_of_Russia: *Middle finger emoji*

DJ_Skater89: I would love to hear some, we could give each other pointers as I'm a pretty good DJ Kastsuki_Yuri

YuukoAndTriplets: I agree! Yuri definitely should show his edits more and that's an awesome idea DJ_Skater89

SexyBeast389: Music editor!? Wow he just gets better and better *Winky face emoji* *Kissy face emoji* *Heart emoji*

SmallChickenNugget: Wow! Katsuki_Yuri I wanna hear your music please!

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Hours later Yuri finally shut his PC down and flopped on his bed next to Phichit who had been dosing off. He awoke to the shift in bed from Yuri and said, "Finally decided to stop staring at a screen?" He giggled lightly after. Yuri rolled his eyes but laughed with him and sat up. He grabbed his phone to look through social media and noticed some notifications from Instagram and he looked at Phichit with a What-did-you-do look. Phichit only smirked and turned on his phone, unlocking the screen and opening the YouTube app to watch some videos.

Yuri rolled his eyes again but smiled and clicked on the notification and sighed groaning lightly at the caption. "Reaaaalllly Phichit, you had to?" He said pouting a bit and flopping back onto the bed next to Phichit who only laughed and continued watching his YouTube videos.

They continued with a comfortable silence between them other than the occasional 20 second video on Yuri's Instagram feed and the videos of Phichit's YouTube account. Lately, Phichit has been watching people react to other skater's performances, like people who don't usually watch figure skating. Phichit found a video of a YouTuber reacting to Yuri's performance from two years ago. The ero's program. He clicked on it letting it load for a second before flipping his phone back to the side.

Yuri groaned after hearing what the YouTuber was reacting to but let it go and decided to switch apps and open Twitter. Phichit was happy people were supporting Yuri even if they aren't figure skating fans anyway. Just means that people can enjoy it no matter what. The YouTuber had paused the video to explain that he was thinking about getting into skating now because of Yuri. Phichit paused the video and looked at Yuri who had stopped his scrolling of his thumb to blink and look at the man on the tiny screen.

"Is he for real? I made him want to skate?" Yuri asked, his mind just couldn't comprehend that he inspired someone to try something new. Phichit smiled then played the video, the youtuber talked for a second then clicked play on the video. Yuri turned his phone off and watched the video with Phichit instead. After a minute, the man paused the video again and said, "Just want to say one thing, I think I'm gay. Why is he such a good-looking man?" He threw his arms up dramatically then sighed and played the video again.

Phichit paused the video and laughed loudly as Yuri blushed heavily. "Yuri, you're turning straight men gay, you should be proud of yourself," Phichit laughed out as he held his sides through the giggles. Yuri lightly smacked Phichit's arm and they calmed down before watching the rest of the video and decided it would be best to get to sleep. They put their phones on the chargers and Yuri laid his glasses next to his phone on the bed and curled up under the covers before laying half way on top of Phichit again.

It was normal for them, they found out that if Yuri hugged him or someone or something he could sleep better, and the nightmares wouldn't come to haunt him as much. Phichit smiled softly and wrapped his arms around Yuri's shoulders and they both fell asleep to sound of each other's heart beats.

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