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"Harley's Inner Voice (Harleen Quinzel)"

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"It looks like you two have made some headway with that phone." Alfred said as he approached the Dark Knight and Robin. "Is there anything of use on there?"

"Not really..." Robin replied, scrolling through the various files, texts, and emails that were on the phone. "I mean there are little snippets here and there, but nothing that points us towards what Penguin is really up to."

"I wouldn't say that." Batman said as he highlighted a series of several emails and text messages. "It seems like Penguin and his men have been trying to get in contact with Deadshot. With the number of times they've messaged him, they likely need him for whatever scheme Penguin is plotting."

"He was just released from Arkham a few months ago...it couldn't hurt to drop by and have a little chat with him." Robin said, leaning back in his chair. However, Robin yelped in surprise and shot back forward when he saw that Harley was standing right behind him. "Gah! When the hell did you get there?!"

"Cowboy...is he who you're goin' after next?" Harley asked as she tore her gaze from the computer monitors and locked eyes with Batman. "I want an answer, Bats."

"Harley, you really shouldn't be-"

"Answer me!" Harley exclaimed as she stormed over and stopped in front of the Dark Knight, gazing up at him. "Are you goin' after Cowboy or not?"

"Yes, right now Lawton is our best chance to find out what Penguin is up to." Batman explained, releasing a light sigh and gently pushing Harley away from him. "You've got your answer, now head back and finish eating. You've got a lot of training left to do today."

"No way!" Harley yelled defiantly as she got right back in Batman's face. "I'm ain't goin' nowhere! When I agreed to join this team you made me a promise! You said that if there was somebody that I was close to, that I could have a chance to talk them out of whatever they were doin'! Well after Waller sent us on that mission to Arkham, Cowboy and I got pretty close! So, if he's who you're gunnin' for, then I'm holdin' ya to your word! I'm comin' with ya when you go to talk to Deadshot!"

"Hey!" Robin exclaimed, spinning around in his chair and quickly bolting out of it before he started to storm towards Harley. "Who the hell-"

"Calm down." Batman said as he held out his arm, cutting Robin off and stopping him in his tracks. "Harley's correct, I did make her a promise like that."

"See Birdboy! I told ya-"

"That's enough out of you too, Harley!" Batman scolded, his irritated voice causing the blonde harlequin to step away from him. "I will keep my promise on one condition." Hearing this, Harley quirked an eyebrow in intrigue. "We'll start surveillance on Lawton immediately and learn his everyday routine. Then once the time is right, we'll meet him and find out what he knows about Penguin's plans. But until then you will continue your training, and from now on I want you to be on time for every single session and I don't want to hear any more whining or complaints out of you either."

"Huh!? But!? For real!?" Harley sputtered as she stared at the dark knight in wide-eyed shock. "You can't be serious, Bats!?"

"I'm dead serious, Harley." Batman replied, before relaxing and letting out a light sigh. "Look, Harley...I know you may think that I'm being harsh...but I'm only doing this to help build trust some between us. I need to be able to trust that you'll listen to any instructions I give you, and I need you to trust that I have your best interests in mind with the decisions I make...even if you don't like them."

"I guess that makes sense..." Harley pouted as she stared down at her feet, processing what Batman had just said to her. "If we're gonna be a team, I guess we do need to work on buildin' up some trust. I may not like it, but I'll do it B-man. I'll be on time for all my trainin' sessions and I won't bitch and moan like I usually do."

"Good, I'm glad that we understand each other." Batman said, turning back towards the monitor and scanning through the files once again. "Now you really head back and finish breakfast, you still have a long day of training ahead of you. If you wish we can further discuss this later."

"I shall escort you back, Ms. Harley." Alfred said with a slight bow as he gestured towards the doorway. "If breakfast isn't to your liking, I can prepare you something else."

"No need to worry Alfy, everythin' you prepared was top notch!" Harley said with a grin, giving the kindly butler a thumbs-ups. The blonde harlequin's cheery demeanor quickly returned and she practically skipped out of the room. "See ya later, B-man!"

"Harley, one last thing!" The dark-knight called out as he turned back around, locking eyes with the blonde harlequin. "I hope you understand I'm trying to do what's best for you...even if you don't like it...I just want to help you get your life back on track."

"Yeah, I understand Bats..." Harley said, a small smile creeping across her face as she playfully spun back around, whispering the next part underneath her breath. "After everythin' you've done for me, that's pretty clear."

Moments later, Harley walked out of the room, with Alfred following right behind her. Once the blonde harlequin was out of sight, Batman turned back towards the monitor, noticing that Tim was giving him a strange look. Knowing what was about to come, Bruce decided to start examining the files they had found once again.

"Are you sure about this Bruce?" Robin finally asked as he spun around in his chair to face his mentor. "Are you really planning on bringing Harley with you? I mean...she's kind of a loose cannon."

"I did make a promise with her...and I don't intend to break it..." Bruce replied, opening up a string of text messages and quickly scanning through them. "And I meant what I said earlier, I want to help build up trust between her and the rest of the team. There's some tension between Harley and the rest of the team, including you. We need to be able to work together without constantly fighting and bickering."

"I still don't understand your decision to let Harley join us...but I'll give her a chance to prove herself..." Tim said as he spun back around to face the monitor once again. "I just hope she doesn't end up screwing us over."

(Five Minutes Later: Back in the Dining Room)

"That was a long bathroom break." Frost said with a smirk, taking a sip of her orange juice as she watched Harley walk back into the room, Alfred following closely behind her. Louise couldn't help but chuckle when she saw Harley plop back down into her seat and let out a long sigh. "Your food's probably cold."

"It's still good." Harley said as she took a bite of her now cold pancakes, amazed that they still tasted so great. "I'm not kidding Alfy, you really need to consider opening a restaurant or something."

"So...how was your little chat with Batman?" Frost asked, an amused look on her face when she saw Harley sputter and nearly choke on her food. "Don't leave me in suspense here, what happened?"

"How the hell did ya know that's what I was doin'?!" Harley exclaimed as she stared at Killer Frost with wide-eyes. "Did ya get some new psychic powers or somethin'!?"

"I'm not an idiot Harley." Frost replied, setting her fork down and crossing her arms over her chest. "You were gone for a pretty long time and you looked like you were thinking about something when you came back. So, I figured you found Batman and talked with him about something...something that's personal to you."

"Damn...you read me like a book..." Harley said with a small smile as she poked at her food a bit. "Alright, Frosty ya got me...I did have a little chat with B-man...and was about something personal."

"Go on, you've got my attention." Frost said, leaning forward in her seat and resting her arms on the table. "I'm dying to hear what happens next."

"Well before I decided to join this little team of yours, Bats and I had a little chat...and durin' that chat he made me a promise." Harley explained as she released a light sigh and leaned back in her chair. "He said that if we ever run into any bad guys that I was chummy with...he'd give me a chance to talk them out of whatever trouble they were up to. Well...B-man and Birdboy found out that Deadshot may be involved in whatever scheme Penguin is brewin'. He and I were intimate once...and I consider him a good friend...so I want to try to convince him not to get involved with Penguin...otherwise we're gonna have to take him down."

"And I'm guessing Batman gave you some type of condition if you wanted to go along with him to meet Deadshot." Frost added, causing Harley to nod her head. "I figured as much, he did the same thing for me when I bugged him about going out on my first patrol...turns out I totally wasn't ready and got my ass kicked... I still have this crick in my neck after I took a bat to the back of the head."

"Jesus Frosty, you must have taken a real ass whoppin'!" Harley said in a surprised tone before stabbed into her pancakes and ate another bite. "I mean I've taken some real beatings over the years, so I understand the feeling."

"Well, that's what happens when you try to take on 15 guys at once." Frost said as she shrugged her shoulders. "So, what condition did Batman give you?"

"He said that until we head out to meet Deadshot, I have to be on time for all my training sessions and I can't whine or complain during them." Harley said with a huff, before crossing her arms over her chest. "He said that he's doin' this help build some trust between us...and I get his reasonin'...doesn't mean I have to like it though."

"Batman may seem harsh sometimes, but he really does care about us, even if we don't always like his decisions." Frost said with a small smile as she stood up from her seat and walked around the table. Her smile widened as she placed a hand on Harley's shoulder, a devious glint in her eyes. "Well you should hurry and finish eating, we'll start your training again once you're finished...and I think we'll pick up the intensity this time."

"Oh, you bitch..." Harley said with a pout, picking up that Killer Frost was going to mess with her as much as possible.

"Ah, ah, ah..." Killer Frost said with a smirk as she wagged her finger, before she began to walk out of the room. "No complaining, remember?"

"You wanna fuck with me? Well, I won't let you break me Frosty, I'll stick with you the whole way...then once Bat's little challenge is over, I'll get ya back for messin' with me..." Harley said with a small smile, before scarfing down the rest of her food and gulping down her juice. Wiping her mouth clean, Harley shot out of her seat and dashed out of the room. "Hang on, Frosty! Wait for me!"

(Later that Night: Harley's Room)

"I wanna fuckin' die..." Harley groaned as she trudged into her bathroom, her entire body sore and aching. Hissing as she bent down, Harley started the water for her bath. Soft grunts of pain escaped Harley's mouth as she slowly stripped out of her clothes. Tossing off her shirt, Harley frowned when she saw several bruises along her arms and sides. Gently poking the discolored skin, she yelped in pain. "Sonuvabitch! Did Frosty really have whoop my ass this bad!? And Batnight too! I could tell he was enjoyin' himself beatin' the tar outta me during our sparin' match!"

"Well, at least you stuck with it and didn't complain."

"Oh trust me, I was bitin' my tongue the whole fuckin' time." Harley said in a frustrated tone, placing her hand underneath the bath's running water. Satisfied with the water's temperature, Harley added some soap and plugged the drain, allowing the tub to fill with bubbles. "I'm givin' Batnight a piece of my mind once this little challenge is over."

"I'm still a little surprised that you stood up to Batman like that...he's such an intimidating guy."

"Ah, he ain't so bad..." Harley said as she chuckled lightly, waving dismissively. "He may look scary, but he can be really sweet...you just have to look past that dark and broodin' exterior." A faint blush spread across Harley's cheeks as she sat down on the edge of the tub. "That's kinda why I took on this little challenge of his...if he thinks I can hang with the big boys and be a hero...I really do want him to trust me...and I need to learn to trust his judgment."

"Oh, so the rest of them don't matter? You just want Batman to trust you?"

"S-Shut up!" Harley exclaimed, her face flushing bright red as she felt her heart start to pound in her chest. "It ain't like that! B-man has always gone easy on me, I just wanna pay him back is all!"

"I know we briefly discussed this during our ride in the Batmobile...but how do you really feel about Batman? Do you truly have any romantic feelings for him?"

"Do we really gotta talk about this right now?" Harley asked as she stepped into the bathtub, letting out a soft moan as she sank into the soothing water. She could already feel her aching muscles being relieved by the hot water. "I've had a long day and I just wanna relax."

"I suppose we could wait...but I feel like it might help to get some things off your chest...I might even be able to help you figure some things out."

"Ugh, Sure why not..." Harley said, before briefly dunking her head underneath the water to get her hair wet. Resurfacing, Harley wiped the suds from her eyes and pressed her back against the back of the tub. "If I'm being completely honest...I do like Bats...I don't know if it's full-blown love yet...but I do feel happy whenever I'm around him, even if we're arguing. I just want to get to know him better and spend more time with him."

"I know this may be a touchy subject for you...but what about the Joker...do you still have any feelings for him?"

"I..." Harley breathed out as she felt her entire body tense, racking her brain for the proper way to express her feelings. "I don't know...I definitely don't love him anymore, I do know that...now that I've really started to think about it, that bastard really did treat me like shit for years...but at the same time I did love him for such a long time...he was my everything...I was utterly obsessed with him...even if I do move on fall in love with someone else, I think a small part of me will still think about Joker and what could have been."

"Hmmm, that is understandable...I truly wish you could let the Joker go forever...but I'm happy to see that you're finally starting to leave him in the past."

"Yeah well, Bats was right about one thing...I really did need to start thinkin' about my future..." Harley said, before scooping up a handful of bubbles and blowing them out of her hands. "Because the way I was goin', I was gonna be spendin' the rest of my life wastin' away in a prison cell. Hell, if this hero thing don't work out, I can always try somethin' else. All I knows is, that I'm done with bein' a villain."

"Really? Well, that's good to hear...but are you sure you won't lapse back into a life of crime?"

"Nah, I'm done with all that bullshit..." Harley said as she sunk deeper into the water, a devious smirk spreading across her face. "But I'll always be a bad girl at heart, a little mischief every now and then hurt nobody."

"Well, that's a start I suppose...we just may be able to return to normal someday."

(Two Weeks Later: Batcave's Training Room)

"Oof!" Harley grunted, slamming into the hard mat with her arm pinned behind her back. For several seconds, Harley thrashed around and tried to free herself. After a few moments, she huffed and gave up. "Alright, alright! I give damn it!"

"You're getting much better Harley, but you still need some work." Frost said as she got off of Harley. Extending her a hand, Frost helped Harley back onto her feet. "You still get too excited during a fight and try to rush things. You need to calm down a bit, try to analyze your opponent's movements and find an opening to attack. When you find that opening, that's when you rush in and strike."

"I really am tryin'." Harley said, fixing her disheveled hair and tying it into a ponytail. "You're just too damn good Frosty, I can barely land a hit on ya!"

"Flattery isn't going to make me go easy you, Harley." Frost said with a smirk as she watched a frown spread across the blonde harlequin's face. "Why don't we take a break? We can pick back up in fifteen minutes."

"Not yet." Harley said as she cracked her knuckles, a determined look in her eyes. "I want one more shot at ya!"

"If that's what you want." Frost said, her smirk widening as she slid into her fighting stance. "Just don't come crying to me when I slam you into the mat again."

"Alright Harley, calm the hell down." Harley thought as she took a deep breath, trying to slow her racing heart. Clearing her mind, Harley slipped into her own fighting stance, one that Batman had taught her. "Remember what Frosty has been telling ya...don't rush in without thinking...analyze your opponent's movements...find an opening..."

"Are you gonna come after me, Harley?" Frost asked, tightly balling her fists. "Or am I coming to you?"

"I want you to attack me." Harley said as she beckoned Frost to come to her. "I have a feeling this time will be different."

"We'll see about that!" Frost said, before dashing forward and trying to hit Harley with a right hook. She was pleasantly surprised when Harley properly blocked her blow and tried to hit her with a sudden jab. Leaping back, Frost came to a skidding stop. Releasing a quick breath, Frost was happy to see that Harley hadn't rushed in blindly to attack her. "Good, good! You didn't rush in like a chicken with its head cut off this time. Let's see how long you can keep this up!"

Killer Frost sprinted towards Harley once again, trying to hit her with a flurry of attacks, constantly keeping up the pressure. But the blonde harlequin kept up with Frost the entire time, either block or deflecting all of her blows. As Harley endured Frost's onslaught, she studied her every movement, looking for any possible opening. After deflecting another punch, Harley saw something that caught her eye. When she deflected Frost's left hook, her foot shifted slightly and she lost her balance for a brief second. Quickly coming up with a plan, Harley bid her time until Frost threw another left hook. When the attack finally came, Harley was prepared and deflected the attack. In that split second when Frost was off-balance, Harley performed a sweeping kick, knocking the ice user off her feet. With a grunt, Frost crashed onto the mat. In an instant Harley had straddled Frost, her fist cocked back.

"Damn, that was a good move..." Frost said with a small smile as she chuckled and rested her head on the mat. "How'd you find that opening?"

"You briefly lost your balance every time Harley deflected your left hooks." A new voice spoke up from the other side of the training room. Both Frost and Harley were surprised to see that Batman had apparently been watching them. "Your training has been progressing very nicely Harley, and you've done an excellent job working with her Louise. You do need to work on that left hook though, it leaves you quite open for counterattacks."

"Yeah, yeah, I'll get right on it!" Frost said with a smirk, giving the dark knight a thumbs up. "This girl has some serious potential though, I have no doubt she'll be a great addition to the team!"

"Thanks, Frosty!" Harley said with a large smile as she hopped off Louise and helping her back onto her feet. After dusting herself off, Harley bounded over towards the Dark Knight. "So B-man, what brings ya over here?! Did ya come to see lil' old me?!"

"Actually yes." Batman said to Harley's surprise, before pulling out a small tablet and handing it to her. "You've held up your end of our deal, I'm questioning Lawton tonight and you're coming with me. That tablet has all the information we've gathered after two weeks of surveillance."

"A-Are you serious!?" Harley exclaimed as she stared down at the tablet, her face lighting up in excitement. "Oh my god! This is so awesome! My first real mission! What should I bring!? Will we need snacks!? What about my costume!? Should I sew a bat onto it now?!"

"About your costume..." Batman said, motioning for someone else to enter the room. Moments later, Alfred walked in, carrying what appeared to be a sketchbook. "I had Alfred draw up some redesigns, I hope you don't mind."

"What's wrong with my usual costume?" Harley asked in a mildly annoyed tone as she rested her hands on her hips. "I think it looks cute."

"That may be, but it's not particularly practical for crime-fighting." Alfred said, flipping towards a particular page in the sketchbook and holding it out towards Harley. "I studied your usual attire and I think I came up with something you'll like."

"We'll see about that..." Harley muttered as she took the sketchbook and scanned through Alfred's designs. As Harley looked through them her eyes slowly widened and a smile spread across her face. "You really designed these, Alfy?"

"Yes, Miss Harley." Alfred said, clasping his hands behind his back as he spared brief glances at Batman and Killer Frost. "It's something of a hobby."

"Well, I love it!" Harley exclaimed with a bright smile as she did a little jump and hugged the sketchbook against her chest. "First you can cook like a five-star chef, now you design a kickass new costume for me, is there anything you can't do, Alfy!?"

"I'm glad you like the design, Miss Harley." Alfred said, before performing a slight bow and making his way out of the room. "I should have it ready for you before you depart tonight."

"Oh, I'm so excited!" Harley proclaimed as she pumped her fist into the air. "My first mission with Bats! And I get to see Cowboy again!"

"I like your enthusiasm Harley, but you need to focus on why we're meeting with Deadshot." Batman said, immediately snapping Harley to attention, something she had learned to do over her past two weeks of training. "This isn't a playdate, we need to find out what Lawton knows about Penguin's plan, he's our only lead right now."

"Yeah, I hear ya B-man." Harley said with a light sigh as she shrugged her shoulders. "I'll be 100% focused during the mission."

"Good, you can relax until it's time to head out." Batman said, spinning around with a flourish of his cape and exiting the room. "I suggest you rest up, you've been training hard, but I'm proud you managed to stick with it...I know Frost and Nightwing were tough on you." With that Batman walked out of the training room, closing the door behind him.

"H-He's proud of me!" Harley exclaimed as her face flushed bright red, a small smile spreading across her face. "I can't remember the last time someone said they were proud of me." '

"Don't get used to that. Batman doesn't give out praise very often." Frost said with a light chuckle, resting a hand on Harley's shoulder. "Well, he told you rest up, so I guess your training is done for the day. So, why don't we get some lunch?"

"Sounds like a plan!" Harley said with a bright smile as she wrapped an arm around Frost's neck. "Gettin' my ass kicked really worked up my appetite!"

(That Night: Batcave's Hanger)

"You fuckin' outdid yourself, Alfy!" Harley gushed, bristling with excitement as she spun around and stared down at her new costume (It's literally her costume from Injustice 2). "The colors, the design, the accessories...it fits my style perfectly!"

"I'm pleased you like it, Miss Harley." Alfred said as he examined her outfit up an down, looking for any mistakes he may have made. Satisfied with his inspection, Alfred nodded his head. "And do please be careful on your mission."

"Nice work Alfred, you really outdid yourself this time." Batman said, walking up next to Harley and examining her costume. "Well, if you're ready Harley, we should be ready to go."

"Sure B-man, but there's one last thing before we head out." Harley said as she poked at the Dark Knight's utility belt. "Do I get any fancy gadgets or weapons? I feel left out."

"Of course." Batman said, pressing a few buttons on his wrist-mounted computer. A few moments later, a small hole in the floor opened and a table rose out of it. Stepping closer, Harley saw that the table was filled with various gadgets and weapons, all of them seemingly customized to her preferences. "Take whatever you'd like."

"Oooo, I'm like a kid in a candy store!" Harley exclaimed with a bright smile as she clapped her hands together. Scanning the table, Harley saw two things that instantly caught her eye. Her smile widening, Harley picked up her baseball bat and revolver. "Aw Bats, you really kept them?"

"I've actually made some slight adjustments." Batman said, tapping the bat with his knuckle, surprising Harley when it didn't sound like wood. "The designs on it are the same, but this bat is actually made of carbon fiber, which means it's very lightweight and quite strong."

"Huh, now that you mention it..." Harley muttered as she gave the bat a test swing, shocked at how easy it was to maneuver. "It's way lighter..." Giving the bat another once over, Harley quirked an eyebrow when she spotted a small button near the top of the grip. "Hey Bats, what's this button-" Harley stopped mid-sentence when she pressed the button. Instantly several sections along the top of the bat sprang out, electricity now crackling between them. "Holy hell! Did you make me a fuckin' stun bat!?"

"I figured your old bat could use a little upgrade." Batman said with a small smirk, before gesturing towards Harley's revolver. "As for that, not nearly as fancy. I merely added a laser sight for increased accuracy and swapped out the normal rounds for rubber bullets."

"Aw thanks B-man, you're too sweet!" Harley said with a bright smile as she stepped the bat onto her back and slid the revolver into her holster. "As for the rest of this stuff...hmm...I guess I'll take some of these..." Reaching down, Harley grabbed several grenades filled with knockout gas, strapping them along her belt. "And these..." Next, she swiped a handful of Batarangs. "And to top it all off...oh gotta have this!" Lastly, Harley grabbed her own Batclaw, sliding it onto the hip opposite her revolver. "Alright Bats, I'm ready to go!"

"Good, we'll take the Batmobile." Batman said, pressing a few buttons on his wrist which caused the Batmobile to roar to life. "Hopefully, we can resolve this all peacefully. After the incident at Arkham City, Lawton has been trying to stay clean for his daughter's sake."

"And if he is up to no good, I'll knock some sense into him." Harley said with a grin as she hopped into the Batmobile's passenger seat. "Why ain't we takin' the Batwing? Wouldn't that be a lot quicker."

"Don't wanna draw too much attention." Batman said, before dropping into the driver seat. "We're just going to talk to Lawton, no need to Ah announce our presence."

"Ah yes, because this thing is so inconspicuous..." Harley said with a chuckle, moments before the Batmobile took off.

(Fifteen Minutes Later: Just Outside Floyd Lawton's Apartment Building)

"Lawton's apartment is on the top floor, room 705." Batman said, using his detective vision to scan through the building. He and Harley were currently on the roof of the building adjacent to Deadshot's apartment building. Fortunately for them, most of the apartments on Deadshot's floor were currently, meaning they wouldn't cause too much of a commotion. "Lawton is in his room...no other occupants...our best plan of action is to swing onto the roof, then access the building from there."

"Sounds like a plan." Harley said as she nodded her head and pulled out her Batclaw. "I'll let you lead the way B-man."

"Okay, stay right behind me then." Batman said, standing on the edge of the roof and firing his Batclaw. It safely hooked onto the edge of the apartment's roof. A split second later Batman felt the tug of the line and was zipping across the street, now on top of the apartment. Once he unattached his Batclaw, Batman motioned for Harley to follow him.

"You can do this..." Harley breathed out as she stood on the edge of the rooftop. "You've been training hard the past two weeks...you know how this thing works...it's like riding a bike...you never forget how to do it." Taking aim, Harley fired out her Batclaw's line, watching as it gripped the apartment's roof. A split second later, she felt the line's tug and was sent flying across the road. It took everything Harley had in her not to scream in terror as she raced towards the opposite rooftop. But with a little help from Batman, she had safely made it across. Now on the apartment's roof, Harley took a deep breath to calm her racing heart. "Holy shit...that's gonna take some getting used to..."

"Well Harley, you wanted to talk Lawton out of being apart of Penguin's plan..." Batman said, pointing towards a doorway on the opposite end of the rooftop. "He's one floor below us, so starting now you're the leader of this mission." Harley's face lit up in a mixture of nervous excitement and she eagerly nodded her head. "I'll be assessing you, so what's our next move?"

"Obviously it's to get into the building..." Harley said as she made her way towards the door Batman had pointed out. Testing the knob, she wasn't surprised when it was locked. Stepping back, Harley noticed that the door was electronically locked. "Okay Bats, give me your hacking thingamajig."

"Oh, when did you learn how to do this?" Batman asked in an amused tone, handing Harley his Remote Hacking Device.

"Birdboy and Babs taught me." Harley explained as she opened the device and began to scan through various passcodes, attempting to find the correct one. "They showed me in-between sparring sessions with Frosty and Batknight."

"Barbra taught you?" Batman asked in a slightly surprised tone, stroking his chin. "Maybe she warmed up to you faster than I thought."

"It wasn't her idea." Harley said with a huff as the hacking device beeped and flashed green, indicating that Harley had found the correct code. "Birdboy kinda roped her into it and she wasn't exactly thrilled...although it wasn't that bad...she's a damn good teacher, that's for sure..." Inputting the passcode, the door clicked open. "I'm still workin' on getting Babs to trust me...that one's gonna take a while..."

"Don't give up, I'm sure you'll get through to her eventually." Batman said in a sympathetic tone, placing a comforting hand on Harley's shoulder. "Now, let's keep going."

"Right!" Harley said as her mood brightened considerably, before swinging the door open. However, when Harley went to step into the building, she was stopped by someone blocking her path. Standing right in front of her appeared to be the building's janitor, an unlit cigarette in his mouth, and lighter in his hand. The blonde harlequin immediately froze, unsure of what to do next. "U-Uh hey there...nice night isn't it?"

"What the hell are you doing up here?" The janitor asked in a suspicious tone, stepping closer towards Harley. "This door is supposed to be locked and no one in this building has the code to unlock it." Leaning in, the janitor examined Harley from head to toe. After a few moments, his eyes suddenly widened and he backed away from her. "W-Wait a sec! Y-You're Harley Quinn! What the hell are you doing here?! Stay back or else I'll call the cops!"

"Hold on! I'm not here for anythin' bad!" Harley exclaimed as she spun around and showed off the bat-symbol on the back of her leather jacket. "I'm one of the good guys now!"

"Are you fuckin-" The janitor stopped mid-sentence, finally noticing the Dark Knight standing a few feet behind Harley. "Oh...Oh shit, you weren't kidding..."

"We're just here to question someone who lives in this building. We'll be gone as soon as we're done." Batman said as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Now go enjoy your smoke break."

"Y-Yeah...sure thing..." The janitor said, walking passed Harley and Batman, lighting his cigarette. "Oh man, the guys down at the bar aren't gonna believe this."

"Holy Jesus...that could have gone way worse..." Harley said as she breathed a sigh of relief, stepping into the building, with Batman a few steps behind her. Reaching the seventh floor, Harley quickly found Deadshot's room. "Alright, let's get this show on the road." Reaching out, Harley knocked on the door several times. "Hey there Cowboy, can ya open up for us?"

"Oh Christ, I know that voice..." Lawton said in an annoyed tone from behind the door. After the sounds of locks clicking stopped, the door swung open and Deadshot stood in the door, dressed in a white tank top and lounge pants. "What the hell do you want Qu-" Lawton stopped when he saw Batman standing behind Harley. "What's this now? New costume, fancy gadgets...you working with the Bat or something?"

"Yeah actually..." Harley replied with a nervous smile, rubbing the back of her head. "After the Joker died...I did some re-evaluatin'...figured I'd give the whole hero thing a try."

"Well isn't that nice." Deadshot said with a fake before he went to close to the door. "I've been a good boy since I left Arkham, so you can-" The door was stopped when Harley stuck her foot out and blocked it. Frowning, Deadshot shot the blonde harlequin an annoyed glare. "Could you please move your damn foot? I haven't done anything wrong, so you both can leave."

"What's the rush Cowboy?" Harley asked, leaning in closer with a teasing smile on her face. "You seem real eager to get us out of here. Are you trying to hide something from us?"

"No...it's just..."

"Daddy, who's there?" Floyd's eyes widened when he heard his daughter's voice. "Are you in trouble or something?"

"No, of course not, sweetie." Lawton said with a bright smile as he turned to face his daughter. "These people are daddy's friends...and they were just leaving..."

"Oh okay then..." His daughter said, before spinning around and dashing out of sight. "We're making cookies later, remember!"

"Got it!" Deadshot said with a chuckle as he turned his attention back towards Harley and Batman. "As you can see my daughter is here, and she's having a sleepover with some friends...so could you both please go?"

"Please Cowboy, this is really important." Harley pleaded, giving the ex-assassin her best puppy-dog eyes. "We just need to ask ya a few questions, then we're gone."

"Fine." Lawton said with a heavy sigh as he stepped aside and allowed Harley and Batman to entire his apartment. "I'll answer your damn questions, but please just keep it down. I don't need my daughter to overhear us." Leading Batman and Harley into his living, Deadshot plopped down on his couch. "So, ask away."

"Well first things first, we just wanna confirm something." Harley said, standing across from Deadshot. "Have you been contacted by the Penguin recently?"

"Ah, that..." Floyd said with a wry smile as he leaned back, resting his arms on the back of the couch. "Yeah Penguin got in touch with me. But I'm sure you already knew that."

"Did you accept whatever job he was offerin'?" Harley continued, her eyes narrowing slightly. "Whatever it is Cowboy, please tell me ya said no."

"Cool your jets, I didn't take the job, really pissed him off too." Deadshot replied with a light chuckle which caused Harley to breathe a sigh of relief. "He offered me a nice lump of cash, but I've got enough stashed away to be fine for a while...even when it runs out...I have no plans to jump back into a life of crime...I gotta look out for my daughter...me being in prison all the time, worrying her constantly...she doesn't deserve that."

"Well, that's good to hear." Harley said, finally getting comfortable and taking a seat on the couch opposite Deadshot. "Do you have any idea what Penguin is planning?"

"His big plans, no." Deadshot said as he shook his head. "The bastard was real tight-lipped about that. I do know that he's working with someone else, but I'm not sure who. But, the job he wanted me to do...he needed me to bust someone out of the Blüdhaven Police Department. Apparently he wanted you to do the job, Miss Quinn...but you sort of fell off the grid. He was really pissed that you weren't returning his calls."

"Who did he want you to break out of Blüdhaven?" Batman asked, speaking up for the first time, already having an idea of who Penguin was targeting.

"Now that's the interesting thing..." Deadshot said as he leaned back forward, now looking directly at Harley, which caused her to quirk an eyebrow in confusion. "He wanted me to bust Poison Ivy out of there."

"WHAT!?" Harley exclaimed, shooting out of her seat and grabbing Deadshot by his shirt. "What the hell does that slimy, disgusting birdbrain want with Red?!"

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