Hey guys, I'm finally back with a new chapter for this story. I apologize for the long wait for this update, but a lot of things have happened in my life lately and I just haven't had a lot of time or energy to do much writing. But I finally managed to get around to working on this story. This chapter will pick up where the last one left off, and will have Batman and Harley learning more about Penguin's master plan. I know this will disappoint many of you, but this story will likely be ending soon. Maybe 2-3 chapters after this one at most. I never planned for this story to be super long in the first place, and don't want to drag it out. Well, that's all I wanted to say, so let's get to the fic!



"Harley's Inner Voice (Harleen Quinzel)"

"Radio Communication"

"Two-Face Disfigured Side"

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"Well first things first, we just wanna confirm something." Harley said, standing across from Deadshot. "Have you been contacted by the Penguin recently?"

"Ah, that..." Floyd said with a wry smile as he leaned back, resting his arms on the back of the couch. "Yeah, Penguin got in touch with me. But I'm sure you already knew that."

"Did you accept whatever job he was offerin'?" Harley continued, her eyes narrowing slightly. "Whatever it is Cowboy, please tell me ya said no."

"Cool your jets, I didn't take the job, and that really pissed him off too." Deadshot replied with a light chuckle which caused Harley to breathe a sigh of relief. "He offered me a nice lump of cash, but I've got enough stashed away to be fine for a while...even when it runs out...I have no plans to jump back into a life of crime...I gotta look out for my daughter...me being in prison all the time, worrying her constantly...she doesn't deserve that."

"Well, that's good to hear." Harley said, finally feeling comfortable enough to take a seat on the couch opposite Deadshot. "Do you have any idea what Penguin is planning?"

"His big plans? No." Deadshot said as he shook his head. "The bastard was real tight-lipped about that. I do know that he's working with someone else, but I'm not sure who. But, the job he wanted me to do...he needed me to bust someone out of the Blüdhaven Police Department. Apparently, he wanted you to do the job, Miss Quinn...but you sort of fell off the grid. Now, he was REALLY pissed that you weren't returning his calls."

"Who did he want you to break out of Blüdhaven?" Batman asked, speaking up for the first time, already having an idea of who Penguin was targeting."Whoever it is, they must be important to Penguin's larger plans."

"Now that's the interesting thing..." Deadshot said as he leaned back forward, now looking directly at Harley, which caused her to quirk an eyebrow in confusion. "He wanted me to bust Poison Ivy out of there."

"WHAT!?" Harley exclaimed, shooting out of her seat and leaping across the table. Now standing Harley was standing in front of Deadshot, grabbing ahold of his shirt and pulling him close. "What the hell does that slimy, disgusting birdbrain want with Red?!"

"Whoa, whoa! Calm down there, Harley!" Deadshot growled as he roughly slapped away the blonde harlequin's hand. "Touch me again..." Reaching behind one of the pillows on the couch, Deadshot suddenly pulled out a handgun. Hovering the firearm just above the pillow, Deadshot glared fiercely at Harley. "And things might get violent."

"Harley, step back." Batman ordered, stepping in front of the blonde harlequin and using his arm to block her. "We don't want to cause any further commotion, there are children present."

"But B-man-"

"Enough. Don't make me regret allowing you to come with me." Batman said in a stern tone which stopped Harley dead in her tracks. Knowing that Batman wouldn't budge, Harley huffed in frustration and plopped back down onto the couch across from Deadshot, crossing her arms over her chest. Releasing a light sigh, Batman turned his attention back toward Deadshot. "Now, answer the question Lawton. What does Penguin want with Poison Ivy?"

"Didn't you hear what I said earlier, Penguin wouldn't tell me anything about his plans." Deadshot replied, hiding the handgun behind the pillow once again. "I have no fucking clue what the creep Penguin wants with Poison Ivy. But he obviously wants her to help with whatever he's planning."

"Hmmm..." Batman muttered as he activated the detective mode in his cowl, quickly scanning Deadshot to see if he was lying. "You're telling the truth."

"I told you, I'm done with that villain stuff." Deadshot said, before leaning forward and resting his elbows on his knees. "I want no part in any of this shit, so don't try dragging me back in."

"Damn it, looks like this was a dead end..." Harley cursed as she threw her head back, staring up at the ceiling. "What the hell do we do now?"

"If you don't mind me making a suggestion...you guys should nab Poison Ivy before Penguin does." Deadshot said, causing Harley to instantly perk back up. "No offense to the Blüdhaven Police Department, but I doubt they'll be able to stop Penguin if he really wants Poison Ivy, he'll hire some serious muscle to bust her out. And with Harley working with you now Batman, I'm sure Poison Ivy would be a bit more willing to cooperate."

"That's actually a great idea, Bats!" Harley exclaimed as she hopped out of her seat and dashed over to Batman's side. "If we manage to snatch Red before that gross birdbrain does, we can keep her safe and make sure he can't use her in whatever he's planning!"

"That could work..." Batman muttered, his eyes narrowing slightly as he stroked his chin. "Blüdhaven's police department doesn't have the manpower or resources to hold Poison Ivy and stop an assault from Penguin."

"I'd make a decision quickly if I were you guys..." Deadshot said as he glanced between Harley and Batman, seeing the conflicted look in the Dark Knight's eyes. "When Penguin contacted me, he made it seem like he wanted to do this job soon. So, with me turning down his offer, he's probably scrambling to round up a crew to bust Poison Ivy out."

"Bats, we have to do this! We can't let-" Harley was stopped when Batman suddenly held up his hand, appearing to receive a transmission. With a pout, Harley rested her hands on her hips. "Hmph! Would ya stop ignoring me!?"

"Go ahead, Oracle." Batman said, pressing a hand to the communicator in his ear. "What do you have for me?"

"I've got a bunch of distress calls coming in from Blüdhaven PD! I tapped into their security feeds to see what's going on, they're under attack by a bunch of Penguin and Two-Face's men!"

"How many are there?" Batman asked as he began to make his way towards the door. "Have they breached the building yet?"

"I don't have an exact amount, but there is at least 50 plus, and they're being led by Two-Face himself. And they haven't entered the building yet, but it won't take them long, they're packing some heavy firepower."

"B-man! What the hell is going on?!" Harley exclaimed, quickly following after the Dark Knight and tugging on his cape. "Hey! Talk to me!"

"Penguin and Two-Face's men are attacking Blüdhaven PD." Batman explained as he threw open the door to Deadshot's apartment. "We need to get back to the Batmobile and get to Blüdhaven fast. Poison Ivy cannot fall into Penguin's hands."

"So we are going to save, Red!?" Harley beamed, her eyes lighting up with joy as she hopped into the air. "Yay! I get to see Red again and fuck with that creepy birdbrain!"

"Thank you for the information Lawton, I won't forget your cooperation." Batman said as he stopped in the doorway and glanced back at Deadshot. "I hope everything you said about taking care of your daughter and staying out of crime was true. Hopefully, our paths won't cross again."

"It was great talking to you, Batman." Deadshot said in a sarcastic tone, following the Dark Knight towards the door. With a smirk, Deadshot leaned against his front door. "And I mean this when I say it, I sincerely hope I never see you again."

"See ya around, Cowboy!" Harley cheered with a large smile, waving to her one-time lover and Suicide Squad companion. "It was nice seein' ya again!"

"Hold up one sec, Harley." Deadshot said as he reached out and grabbed the blonde harlequin's hand. "For what it's worth, I do want you and Batman to stop whatever Penguin's planning. My daughter won't be safe with lunatics like that running around unchecked."

"Don't worry, Cowboy..." Harley said, reaching up and gently squeezing Deadshot's shoulder. "We'll put a stop to whatever Penguin is schemin'!"

"Now, that is reassuring to hear." Deadshot said with a smile as he gestured down the hallway. "You should probably get going because it looks like Batman is about to leave you behind!"

"Oh shit, he totally would too!" Harley exclaimed, before sprinting down the hall after the Dark Knight. "Wait for me, B-man! Don't you dare leave without me!"

"Daddy, did they leave?" Lawton's daughter asked as she suddenly appeared behind him. Leaning past him, she gazed in the direction Batman and Harley had went. "How do you know Batman?"

"He and I...are old acquaintances..." Deadshot replied, smiling down at his daughter and patting her on her head. "Now, why don't you go get your friends and we'll make those cookies."

(Thirty Minutes Later: Outside the Blüdhaven Police Department)

"We're here." Batman said as he slammed on the brakes, sliding the Batmobile into a skidding stop. Throwing open the top, Batman and Harley both hopped out. As the Dark Knight approached the police station, he saw that the front doors were blown open, and dozens of thugs and police officers were scattered on the ground outside the entrance. Crouching down, Batman quickly scanned several of the fallen officers and criminals. "Hmmm..."

"Are they...alive?" Harley asked in a somewhat uneasy tone, noticing that some of the officers were lying in pools of blood. "Things ain't looking good here, Bats."

"Most of them are dead, but a few are still alive...barely." Batman said as he stood back up, quickly turning his communicator back on. "Oracle, we need medical assistance down to Blüdhaven PD right away, there are officers down. Harley and I are about to head inside and stop Penguin and Two-Face's men. Then we'll secure Poison Ivy."

"I've already contacted medical services, they should be there shortly. And you better hurry, a group of Two-Face's guys are nearing Poison Ivy's holding cell. I'm sending you the station's blueprints and patching you into their security feeds now."

"If I'm reading these blueprints correctly..." Batman said, watching a live feed of Two-Face's men gathered outside a large locked door. "They're directly outside the room where Poison Ivy is being held." The Dark Knight's eyes narrowed slightly when Two-Face himself suddenly appeared on the feed, flanked by two of his goons carrying a box full of explosives. After barking a few orders, the thugs began to plant the explosives around the doorway. "We need to move, Harley."

"Alright B-man, I'm right behind ya!" Harley exclaimed as she quickly dashed over toward the Dark Knight's side. "So, what's the plan?"

"We'll split up and try to pick off as many of them as we can." Batman explained, throwing up a projection of the building's blueprints. When Batman pointed to a specific spot towards the center of the building, the schematic zoomed in. "This is where Two-Face and most of his men are, but there are others scattered throughout the station. We have maybe twenty minutes before they blow through those doors and get to Poison Ivy." With a flick of his wrist, the blueprint spun around, showing an underground motor pool where the station's patrol cars were kept. "This is where you'll enter from, it'll likely have the least amount of resistance. I'll head in through the roof and work my way down. Then, we'll converge on Two-Face and get Poison Ivy out of here."

"O-Okay! We got this..." Harley said in a shaky tone, tightly balling her fists to stop her hands from trembling. "I got this..."

"Harley, just remember all your training. You've been preparing for a situation like this." Batman said as he placed a comforting hand on the blonde harlequin's shoulder, giving it a light squeeze. "You can do this."

"Oh, isn't he sweet."

"Yeah...I can do this!" Harley said with a small smile, taking a deep breath to calm herself. "Thanks for that, Bats."

"While you're in there, try to save any officers they may have captured. I'm sure they took some hostages." Batman said as he pulled out his Batclaw, firing a line at the roof. Once the line was secured, the Dark Knight spared one last look back at Harley. "If you need any help, don't hesitate to contact me."

"Will do, B-man! Let's kick some ass!" Harley cheered, performing a quick salute as she watched Batman zip towards the police station's roof. Following the Dark Knight's instructions, Harley made her way around the building, soon finding the entrance to the motor pool. The blonde harlequin wasn't surprised to see that the shutter to underground garage was closed. However, a smirk soon spread across her face when she spotted the electronic control panel on the wall next to her. Cracking her knuckles, Harley pulled out the Remote Hacking Device she had 'forgotten' to return to Batman and approached the panel. "Alright, let's get to work."

(Five Minutes Later: Blüdhaven PD Basement)

"Jesus Christ, that garage was creepy as hell with all the lights off..." Harley muttered to herself as she opened a door and stepped into the station's dimly-lit basement. "If I read those blueprints right, this should be where the armory and firing range are." The blonde harlequin didn't have a fancy wrist computer like Batman, but Oracle had hooked her up with a custom high-tech phone that shared many of the abilities of the Dark Knight's own device. Pulling out the phone, Harley looked at building schematics Oracle had sent her, looking for a way to get to the first floor. However, before Harley left the basement she wanted to check one thing. Reaching a T-shaped intersection, Harley soon found the room she was looking for. Harley breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that the armory appeared to be still sealed up tight. "Good, they haven't hit the armory yet. The last thing we need is for those bastards to get MORE guns."

However, Harley's relief was cut short when she heard voices coming from the hallway she was just in. When Harley peeked around the corner, she almost yelped in surprise when she spotted four of Penguin's thugs approaching, their flashlights lighting up the entire hallway. Quickly regaining her composure, Harley's eyes narrowed slightly when she saw that the thugs had taken one of the officers hostage. The blonde harlequin knew that taking on four gun-toting criminals at once was suicide, especially when they had a hostage with them. Remembering the lessons Batman and his team had hammered into her, Harley looked for any place to hide and ambush the thugs. Looking to her left, Harley spotted a ventilation shaft. Without a second thought, Harley pulled off the vent's grate and slipped inside, being careful to quietly put the covering back in place. As the thugs grew closer, Harley could hear them talking.

"So, why the hell are we down here again?"

"The boss wanted us to raid the armory and grab whatever we can."

"Okay, that I understand. But why the hell do we need this shithead?" Harley balled her fists in anger when she heard one of the thugs punch their captive officer, causing him to sputter and gasp in pain. "Why didn't we ice him like the rest of those pigs?"

"Cause apparently this armory has some fancy shmancy lock with a retina scanner. So, we need one of these pricks alive to get the door open."

"Why don't we just kill him and pull his eye out? Ya know, like in the movies and shit?"

"Jesus man, that is fucking disgusting. And I don't know about you, but I ain't touching someone's eye, that's just gross."

"Besides, we don't even know if that will work. You said it yourself, that shit only happens in movies."

"Good lord, will you three shut up already!? If it makes you feel any better, we'll kill this bastard after we get the door open! Does that work!?"

"Works for me."

"I'm cool with that."

"I was just tossing out a suggestion, you don't have to yell man."

"For the love of god, don't just rush in there and take them head-on."

"I know, I need to take these guys out fast and quietly." Harley whispered to herself, reaching up and pulling down her goggles. "Let's-" Harley stopped mid-sentence and her eyes widened in shock when her vision suddenly changed. She could now clearly see an x-ray of the four thugs through the wall, including their stress levels and vital functions. The blonde harlequin was momentarily floored by the bombardment of information she was receiving. "Holy fuckin' shit..." Harley was stupefied as she easily tracked all four thug's movements through the walls. "Was Bats usin' this tech every time he fought against us? C'mon this is just plain cheatin' man."

"Holy crap, this is cheating."

"I'll get this son of a bitch to open the door, you three do a sweep down here and make sure there aren't any more rats hiding."

"Oh, they're makin' this too easy..." Harley said with a smirk as she picked out her first target. Slowly creeping towards another entrance into the vent, Harley quietly removed its covering. Harley quickly hugged the wall and made her way towards the first thug. Using the detective mode built into her goggles, she waited until the thug separated from his partners. Crouching down to reduce how much noise she made, Harley closed the distance between her and the thug. Once Harley was close enough she sprang into action, clamping a hand over the thug's mouth and dragging him into a nearby room. Harley wrestled the thug to the ground, tightening her hold on his neck and cutting off his air supply. After a few more moments, the thug went slack in Harley's arms, her detective mode confirming that he was unconscious. Quickly springing back onto her feet, Harley used a pair of zip-ties to bind the thug's hands and feet. Once Harley was finished she let out a light sigh, brushing some hair out of her eyes. "One down, three to go."

Harley stepped out into the hallway once again, quietly closing the door behind her. Selecting her next target, Harley slipped into another vent and used it to sneak in closer to him. Harley went to a covering slightly ahead of the thug and waited for him to draw closer. Once the criminal was directly in front of the grate, Harley sprang out and tackled him to the ground. Straddling the thug, Harley hit him with three swift punches to the face, knocking him unconscious.

"Hey! What the hell was that!?"

"Go check out that noise! This bastard is trying to stall us!"

"Oh shit!" Harley hissed as she rapidly began to scan for places to hide. The vent was a no-go because the grate had been violently torn from the wall and would take too long to replace convincingly. With no rooms to duck into, Harley began to panic as she saw the third thug was drawing closer. Looking up overhead, an idea popped into the blonde harlequin's head when she spotted a pipe used for the sprinkler system. With her gymnastic experience, Harley leaped up and kicked off the wall, giving her some extra height. Reaching out, Harley grabbed onto the pipe and wrapped herself around it, getting as close to the ceiling as she could. The blonde harlequin held her breath when she saw the thug enter her hallway, his flashlight shining directly beneath her.

"H-Hey man...i-is everything...o-oh shit! We have a man down over here!"

As the thug crouched down to inspect his unconscious partner, Harley slowly lowered herself a bit. Harley was still hanging onto the pipe but was now dangling her legs down. Then, like a snake napping its prey, Harley's legs lunged forward and wrapped themselves around the thug's neck. Showcasing her impressive leg strength, Harley lifted the tug off the floor, further preventing airflow. The thug pounded and slapped Harley's legs in an attempt to free himself, but she wouldn't release him.

"Just go to sleep damn it..." Harley said through grit teeth, lifting the thug a bit higher, the muscles in her legs straining. The thug gave Harley's legs a few more weak slaps, before eventually going slack in her grasp. With an exhausted grunt, Harley dropped the grunt, landing on the ground next to him. "God damn, all those leg exercises with Frosty really paid off. Now, there's just one more..." Quickly whipping around, Harley saw that the last thug had shoved the officer to the ground and was slowly making his way towards her position. With a devious smirk, Harley grabbed the bat off her back. "Alright ya bastard, it's time ta dance."

"What the hell is going on you guys!? Why isn't anyone answering me!? I'm really starting to freak out here!"

"You better freak out, cause I'm your worst fuckin' nightmare!" Harley exclaimed as she leaped out in front of the thug, startling him enough to make him stumble backward. Before the thug could recompose himself, Harley activated the stun function of her bat, causing it to crackle to life with electricity. Jabbing the bat forward, Harley hit the thug in the stomach, causing him to scream in pain as electricity coursed through his bad. Harley then pulled the bat back, grabbing the dazed thug's shoulders and flipping over him. Now behind the thug, Harley hit him square in the back with a devastating strike. The thug immediately crashed to the ground, his body convulsing slightly. When Harley saw that the thug was unconscious, she deactivated her bat and pulled up her goggles. With a vibrant smile, Harley kissed her bat, enjoying the slight tingling sensation. "Holy shit, you are the best thing ever!"

"U-Uh, hello...is someone there? Are Penguin's goons gone?"

"Yep, it's all safe now!" Harley cheered, skipping down the hall back towards the captured officer. However, when the officer saw who his savior was, his eyes widened in shock and he quickly backed away from her. Slightly offended, Harley pouted and rested her hands on her hips. "Hey now, that's rude! I just busted my ass saving ya!"

"Y-You're freaking Harley Quinn! What the hell are you doing here?! Don't tell me you're here for Poison Ivy too!?"

"Yes and no..." Harley replied as she walked over and pulled the frightened officer back onto his feet, even dusting him off a bit. "Before you freak out anymore..." Spinning around, Harley showed the officer the bat insignia on her back. "I'm workin' with Bats now, so you can calm down."

"Are you kidding me? Okay sure...I guess I can buy that...then why are you here?"

"Why do you think?" Harley asked in an annoyed tone, flicking the officer on the forehead. "We heard Penguin and Two-Face's guys were attackin' your police station, so of course we'd come help."

"But doesn't Batman normally operate in Gotham? Usually, Nightwing handles things in Blüdhaven."

"Well, Bats and I knew that Penguin and Two-Face were comin' here to bust Red out." Harley explained as she released a light sigh. "So, we came here to make sure that they don't take her."

"So you two are going to help us secure Ivy? Oh, that's such a relief."

"Again...yes and no." Harley said, causing the officer to quirk an eyebrow in confusion. "Yes, we're goin' to help secure Red...but we'll also be takin' her with us."

"Huh!? You can't do that! She's a dangerous criminal! She needs to be locked away in a secure cell!"

"Yeah, it looks like she was real 'secure' here..." Harley said in a mocking tone as she turned slightly and gestured toward one of Penguin's unconscious thugs. "These pricks are only a few minutes away from bustin' into Red's cell and making her help in whatever insane plan Penguin has been brewin'." Stepping forward, Harley shot the officer a frustrated look and poked him in the chest. "Trust me when I say this buddy, Red will be a lot more secure with B-man. Plus, Red and I are besties! If I explain things to her, I'm sure she'll be a good girl!"

"You do have a point, we weren't prepared for a full-on assault...and holding a prisoner like Ivy, even it's just temporary, draws too much heat onto us."

"Good, I'm glad we understand each other!" Harley cheered with a large smile as she walked over and roughly patted the officer on the back. "No get the hell out of here, Bats and I can handle the rest of these bastards! You should head out through the garage and make your way back towards the front entrance, medical teams should be here soon."

"Okay, and thanks for helping me back there, you really saved my ass."

"Don't mention it." Harley said, before walking down the hall and waving to the officer. Eventually, the blonde harlequin found the stairwell leading up the main floor. "Alright, let's link back up with B-man and go save Red."

(Two Minutes Later: Blüdhaven PD First Floor)

"I'm gettin' close now..." Harley muttered as she slowly crept forward, closely following the building's blueprints. It didn't take the blonde harlequin long to find her intended rendevous point with Batman. But there was a slight problem with their meeting place, a pair of Two-Face's men stationed outside the doorway. "Damn, I have to take those two out quietly or else they'll alert the others."

However, before Harley could even start brainstorming a way to deal with both thugs, she spotted Batman at then of the hallway opposite her. Locking eyes with the Dark Knight, she saw him quietly gesture towards his Batclaw. Harley caught on to his plan immediately, a devious smirk spreading across her face. Pulling out her own Batclaw, Harley saw Batman hold up three fingers to signal a countdown. Once the count reached zero, and the Dark Knight closed his fist, both of them fired their Batclaws simultaneously.

"Jesus, how long is gonna take those idiots to blow open a GAH!"

"Frank! What heWHOA!"

"Time for you to take a nap." Harley mocked in a cheerful tone, yanking the thug towards her and knocking him off his feet. In a split second, the criminal was front of her, slightly disorientated by the sudden motion. Crouching down, Harley grappled the thug into a tight headlock. At the other end of the hallway, Harley could see Batman doing the same with his thug. After a few more moments, both criminals gave a few last gasping breaths before falling unconscious. With a bounce in her step, Harley approached the Dark Knight. "Hey B-man, long time no see."

"Good work, Harley." Batman said as he activated the detective mode in his cowl to scout the next room. "Did you run into any trouble on your way here?"

"Took out four of Penguin's goons tryin' to bust into the armory. Apparently, that was a side gig he wanted them to do." Harley replied with a grin, feeling a bit of pride as she puffed out her chest. "Even managed to save a cop they took hostage. He should be out front waitin' for the medical teams to arrive."

"Excellent, looks like all your training paid off." Batman praised as he deactivated his cowl and turned to face the blonde harlequin. "Two-Face is in the next room, along with twenty of his men. Only six of them are armed with guns, one of them being Two-Face himself. The rest have various melee weapons, such as knives and batons. They're nearly through the door leading into Poison Ivy's cell, so we need to act now..." The Dark Knight paused for a moment, slightly confusing the blonde harlequin. "It's time to see if you've really been paying attention to my lessons, Harley...what's our next course of action?"

"H-Huh..." Harley muttered, staring at the Dark Knight in complete shock. "You want me to decide what we do next?"

"Yes, if you ever want to start working solo, I need to know that I can trust your judgment under pressure." Batman explained as he crossed his arms over his chest. "I face situations like this all the time, Harley. You need to be able to formulate plans on the fly."

"Okay...okay..." Harley said, taking several deep breaths to calm herself. The blonde harlequin's face scrunched slightly as she thought of possible plans of attack. Scanning around for possible entry points into the room, an idea began to formulate in Harley's mind when she spotted a vent at her feet. Pulling down her goggles, Harley used her detective mode to track where the vent led. A smirk crept across her face when she saw that the vent did indeed go into the room where Two-Face was. Not only that, the disfigured bastard was standing right on top of one of its grates. With a snap of her fingers, Harley whipped around to face the Dark Knight. "I've got it, Bats! This plan'll knock your socks off!"

"Don't screw this up, really think this one through."

"Let's hear it then." Batman said in a slightly amused tone as he quirked an eyebrow. "I must admit that I'm intrigued to hear what you came up with."

"First, we'll use this vent to get into the room undetected..." Harley explained, using her finger to track the vent's path into the next room. "That ugly freak Two-Face is standin' right over one of the grates. We'll hit the bastard with a surprised attack and take him out first. With the head honcho down, the rest of those clowns in there will panic and start pissin' their pants. Next, we'll need to focus on the guys with guns, they'll be the biggest threats. That'll be easy though, cause we'll use your fancy-ass smoke pellets to disorient them and pick them off one-by-one. After that, we just need to mop up the rest of the trash and secure Red." Practically bouncing with excitement, Harley flashed the Dark Knight a beaming smile. "So, how's that for a plan!?"

"Lacking a bit on the finer details, but not bad." Batman said as he stroked his chin, before kneeling down and opening the grate beneath them. "Let's get going."

"Yay! B-man liked my plan!" Harley cheered, hopping down into the vent. "We're coming, Red!"

"Keep it down, Harley." Batman chastised as he followed the blonde harlequin down into the ventilation system. "We don't want to alert them that we're coming."

"Sorry..." Harley whispered, crawling towards where Two-Face and his men were. "I'm just pumped up."

"Don't get too excited. You'll start making mistakes if you're too jumpy." Batman explained as he followed closely behind Harley. "Just stay calm and we'll be fine."

"Okay, this is the spot..." Harley whispered, pointing up toward the grate above her head. "Old Monster Face is right above us."

"HEY! What the hell is taking so long!?" Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face, asked in an annoyed tone as he anxiously tapped his foot. "If you idiots don't hurry the fuck up, I'll cut your damn hands off!"

"We're going as fast as we can boss!"

"Yeah, if we aren't precise with these explosives we might blow the whole damn building up, or turn Poison Ivy into mush."

"I didn't ask for your input." Two-Face said, his brow twitching in irritation. "Just get this god damn door open! NOW!"

"Boss, we may have a problem. The teams sent upstairs and down into the basement haven't checked in, and they aren't responding to their radios."

"Those were all Penguin's boys, right?" Two-Face asked which earned him a nod from his henchman. After a few moments of mulling it over, Two-Face shrugged his shoulders. "Well fuck 'em! We were paid to get Ivy out of here, not babysit Penguin's boys!"

"I've heard enough...we take them out on the counted of three." Batman growled, grabbing a handful of smoke pellets from a pouch on his belt. "3...2..."

"Wait! Wait! Wait!" Harley hissed as she frantically waved her hands in a panic. "Are we goin' on 1 or go?!"

"Ugh, you can't be serious..." Batman muttered underneath his breath, pinching the bridge of his nose. Taking a moment to regain his composure, the Dark Knight locked eyes with Harley. "We attack on go."

"Got it." Harley said with a smile as she gave the Dark Knight the 'ok' signal. "Let's do this."

"3...2...1..." Batman said, reaching up and resting his hand on the grate, ready to spring out in an instant. "GO!"

"What the fu-" Two-Face was cut off when Harley suddenly leaped out of the went underneath him, her bat crackling with electricity. The last thing Harvey Dent saw before he was knocked unconscious, was the maniacal smile on Harley Quinn's face. Using the momentum from launching out of the vent, Harley with Two-Face in the chin with her bat, lifting him off the ground. A split second later, Batman leaped out after Harley, slamming into Two-Face's legs. Harvey Dent's entire world went dark as he toppled through the air, electricity coursing down his body. With a loud thud, Two-Face slammed into the ground, his legs twitching slightly.

"H-Holy hell! They took out the boss!"

"What the fuck do we do now!?"

"Shoot them you idiots, we have guns!"

"Harley now!" Batman exclaimed, throwing out several smoke pellets, each of landing near the thugs with guns. As soon as the pellets hit the ground, their smoke began to plume out. In no time half the room was filled with smoke, the thugs sputtering and coughing. Dashing through the smoke, Batman grabbed one of the thug's faces and slammed his head into the ground. "Take them all out fast!"

"I'm on it!" Harley cheered as she pulled down her goggles, immediately being able to see through the smoke. The blonde harlequin's smile widened as she charged towards a disorientated thug. Lunging towards the criminal, Harley yanked the gun from his hands, before hitting him in the stomach with several rapid punches. When the thug hunched over in pain, Harley wrapped her arm around his neck. Harley began to cackle as she suddenly dropped to the ground, slamming the thug's head into the ground. Getting back onto her feet, Harley dusted herself off, seeing that there was still one more armed thug stumbling around in the smoke. "Oh yeah, usin' this stuff is totally cheatin'."

"Damn, we are so badass!"

Without missing a beat, Harley raced towards the thug and slid between his legs. Harley suddenly sprang up behind the goon, grabbing him in a chokehold. The muscles in Harley's arms flexed and strained as she fought to keep her hold on the thug. Harley runted in exertion as the thug wildly thrashed around, trying to free himself. When the thug blindly fired a few shots from his weapon, Harley tightened her hold on him. After a few more moments, the thug's body went limp and Harley gently lowered him to the ground. Seeing that the smoke was starting to dissipate, Harley lifted up her goggles.

"Good work, Harley." Batman said, dropping the last armed thug to the ground and tossing his gun away. "Now, let's mop up the rest."

"No need to tell me twice." Harley said with a smirk as she drew her revolver, cocking back the hammer. Before any of the remaining thugs could even react, Harley fired off six rapid shots. Each of the rubber bullets found its mark, hitting a different thug in the face. Each of the six thugs was knocked off their feet by the force of the rubber bullets, all of them falling unconscious. Blowing away some lingering smoke from the end of the barrel, Harley spun the revolver on her index finger before sliding it back into her holster. "This is too easy." Spinning around, Harley prepared to jump in and help Batman. "Bats, I'll-" The blonde harlequin stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the Dark Knight already standing in the center of eight unconscious thugs. "Holy shit, B-man...you're fuckin' nuts."

"How did we ever think we'd beat this guy?"

"That's all of them..." Batman said, pulling out his explosive gel spray and walking towards Poison Ivy's cell. "Let's secure Poison Ivy and get out of here, more of Penguin's men might show up."

"Yay! I can't wait to see Red again!" Harley cheered with a massive smile as she skipped towards the Dark Knight. "I have to tell her-"

"Harley, look out!" Batman exclaimed, diving towards the blonde harlequin and shielding with his body. A split second later, three gunshots rang out. Batman grunted in pain as each of the bullets struck him in the back. Growling in anger, the Dark Knight spun around, spotting a thug who had gotten back up and grabbed one of the discarded guns. Unfolding three Batarangs, the Dark Knight threw all of them at the thug. Each of the Batarangs hit the thug, knocking him out for good. Releasing a light sigh, Batman turned his attention back towards the blonde harlequin. "Are you okay, Harley?"

"Am I okay?!" Harley yelled in a panic as she bolted onto her feet. "Are you okay, Bats!? You just took three shots to the back!"

"I'm fine..." Batman said, slowly standing back up and rolling his shoulders. Harley's eyes widened when she saw three bullets pop out of the Dark Knight's back. "My suit is made of bulletproof materials...those shots hurt but I don't have any serious injuries."

"Jesus H. Christ, B-man..." Harley said practically on the verge of tears as she took a deep breath to calm herself. "Don't scare me like that."

"Let's just finish our job." Batman said, taking out his explosive gel once again and activating the detective mode in his cowl. Spotting the cell door's weak points, Batman quickly applied the gel. "We need to get out of here fast."

"Bats, you saved my damn life..." Harley thought as she clutched a hand over her racing heart, a faint blush spreading across her face. "But wait..." Reaching up, Harley tugged on her vest. "Isn't my outfit made from the same bulletproof materials..." Harley stared at the Dark Knight, feeling tears sting her eyes once again. "He really does care about me?"

"Maybe it's time you finally tell him how you feel?"

"Maybe it is..." Harley thought, watching as Batman stood up and stepped away from the cell door. "After we get Red out of here...I'll do it then."

"Step back, Harley." Batman said as he walked toward the blonde harlequin, detonator in his hand. "This should blow that door wide open." Clicking the detonator, several small explosions rang out along the edges of the cell door. Smoke lingered around the frame as the cell door came crashing to the floor. "Harley, I want to make one thing clear..." The Dark Knight subtly reached for a canister of knockout gas when he spotted a figure emerging through the smoke. "We will try to take Poison Ivy peacefully...but if I have to, I WILL take her down."

"Don't worry, Bats." Harley said with a large smile, bouncing over towards the cell door, purposefully speaking louder so that Poison Ivy would hear her. "Red will be a good girl, she'll love seein' me!"

"Oh, is that Harley I hear?" A sultry and seductive voice spoke up from within the smoke. After a few moments, Poison Ivy herself stepped out of the cell. With a small smile, Ivy approached Harley, her hips swaying with every step. "Oh Harls, knew you'd come to rescue-" However, Poison Ivy stopped mid-sentence when she spotted Batman standing a few feet away. "Harley, what is HE doing here?"

"Oh, I'm workin' with B-man now!" Harley proclaimed with a massive smile, before darting forward and pulling Ivy in for a tight hug. "We came to get you out of here, Red!"

"Are you serious..." Poison Ivy said in a skeptical tone as she frowned at the Dark Knight. "You have to be joking."

And done! Well, Batman and Harley have put a wrench in Penguin's plans and managed to secure Poison Ivy. The next chapter will pick up where this one left off and will continue Batman and Harley's attempts to stop whatever Penguin is planning. I'll be updating my Akame ga Kill fic next, so just please be patient and a new chapter will be out eventually. Remember to follow/favorite, PLEASE REVIEW (I NEED YOUR FEEDBACK), check out my profile and other stories if you haven't already, and PM me any ideas you might have for my stories. So until next time, I'm outta here!