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"Harley's Inner Voice (Harleen Quinzel)"

Disclaimer: I don't own Batman or any of its characters

"Step back, Harley." Batman said as he walked toward the blonde harlequin and stood protectively in front of her, detonator in his hand. "This should blow that door wide open." Clicking the detonator, several small explosions rang out along the edges of the cell door. Smoke lingered around the frame as the cell door came crashing to the floor. "Harley, I want to make one thing clear..." The Dark Knight subtly reached for a canister of knockout gas when he spotted a figure emerging through the smoke. "We will try to take Poison Ivy peacefully...but if I have to, I WILL take her down."

"Don't worry, Bats." Harley said with a large smile, bouncing over towards the cell door, purposefully speaking louder so that Poison Ivy would hear her. "Red will be a good girl, she'll love seein' me!"

"Oh, is that Harley I hear?" A sultry and seductive voice spoke up from within the smoke. After a few moments, Poison Ivy herself stepped out of the cell. With a small smile, Ivy approached Harley, her hips swaying with every step. "Oh Harls, I knew you'd come to rescue-" However, Poison Ivy stopped mid-sentence when she spotted Batman standing a few feet away, a scowl on his face. "Harley, what is HE doing here?"

"Oh, I'm workin' with B-man now!" Harley proclaimed with a massive smile, before darting forward and pulling Ivy in for a tight hug. "We came to get you out of here, Red!"

"Are you serious..." Poison Ivy said in a skeptical tone as she frowned at the Dark Knight. "You have to be joking."

"This is no joke Pamela, we came here to get to you before Penguin and Two-Face did." Batman said, watching Poison Ivy's every movement as he approached, looking for any hostile attentions. "Normally I'd have you restrained by now, but I'm making an exception because of Harley. She trusts you...and I want to trust her and her judgment." Stopping just a few steps away, Batman glanced between Harley and Poison Ivy, his eyes narrowing slightly. "So, Pamela...can I trust Harley?"

"I'm still having trouble believing that Harley would ever work for a stick in the mud like you..." Poison Ivy replied as she crossed her arms underneath her chest, quirking an eyebrow. Glancing down, Ivy sighed lightly when she saw Harley looking up at her expectantly. With a small smile, Pamela patted Harley's head. "Yes...I'll behave...for now."

"YAY! Red and I get to hang out again!" Harley cheered, throwing her hands up into the air and jumping several times. "OH! We totally need to catch up! It's been forever since we last had some girl talk!"

"Harley, we're not here to arrange a playdate." Batman said as he gripped the blonde harlequin's shoulder, stopping her from bouncing around in excitement. Once Harley had calmed down a bit, the Dark Knight turned his attention back toward Poison Ivy. "We need to leave now before more of Penguin or Two-Face's thugs show up." Reaching toward the back of his utility belt, Batman pulled out a pair of advanced-looking hand restraints. Seeing the restraints, Poison Ivy rested her hands on her hips and scowled. "You may have agreed to come with us, but I still don't trust you. Until we get back to the Batcave, these restraints are staying on."

"There's no way-"

"Please Red!" Harley pleaded, gripping Poison Ivy's hands and locking eyes with her. Poison Ivy felt her resolve break instantly when she saw Harley's puppy dog look. "Do this for me!"

"Damn it Harls, you know I can't say no to you." Pamela groaned as she pinched the bridge of her nose, before shooting the Dark Knight an annoyed look. Glancing back down, Ivy saw that Harley was still staring up at her, the blonde harlequin's eyes practically shimmering. Releasing a heavy sigh, Poison Ivy held out her wrists. "Just do it before I change my damn mind."

"Thank you for cooperating." Batman said, placing the restraints on Poison Ivy and securing them. The Dark Knight stepped behind Pamela and placed his hand on her shoulder, gently guiding her toward the room's exit. "Come on Harley, we need to get back to the Batmobile."

"Okay! Let's go!" Harley exclaimed with a large smile as she skipped after her mentor and best friend, walking directly next to Poison Ivy. "Oh Red, I can't wait for you to meet everyone! We're gonna get along great! Especially with Frosty!"

"Gee, I can't wait." Pamela said, rolling her eyes as she allowed Batman to guide her through the trashed police department. However, something Harley had just said caught her attention. Turning her head, Poison Ivy quirked an eyebrow and gazed at Harley. "Wait...Frosty? Who's that? Are you talking about Killer Frost?"

"Yeah! We're best friends now! Well, you're still my best friend, Red! But she's my best friend too!" Harley explained with a goofy grin as she flashed Ivy a peace sign. "Turns out she didn't die on that suicide mission to Arkham Asylum! She's actually workin' with Bats now too!"

"Good god, could this day get any crazier? First, I'm freed from jail by Batman of all people. Then, I find out my insane best friend is working with the caped moody bastard. Now, I learn that Killer Frost is still alive and is also working with the same moody bastard." Pamela ranted, scoffing as she carefully stepped over a pair of unconscious police officers. "What's next, I'm going to start dating Kite Man or something?"

"Yes, this is quite an unusual situation." Batman said as he guided Poison Ivy out of the police department's front door, hearing sirens drawing closer. Tapping a few buttons on his wrist computer, Batman remotely brought the Batmobile to them. Pamela let out an impressed whistle as she watched the high-tech vehicle come to a skidding stop a few feet in front of her. "But that should tell you how important this mission is. I normally wouldn't do anything like this, but I need to stop whatever Penguin is planning...and whatever his plan is, he needed you for it."

"Ah, I see, stealing me away before old bird boy could get grimy his hands on me, clever..." Poison Ivy said with a smirk, watching as the back of the Batmobile opened up, revealing a small compartment for holding captive criminals. Before the Dark Knight could say a word, Pamela willingly walked forward and sat down in the compartment, a pair of bars lowering to keep her in place. "As weird as this whole situation is...I am grateful for one thing...I always hated working with Penguin, so thanks for keeping me away from him."

"Well, get comfy Red! We'll be back at the Batcave in no time!" Harley exclaimed as she waved enthusiastically with both hands, watching as the door to the compartment closed. Once Poison Ivy was safely secured in the back of the Batmobile, Harley clapped her hands together. "Alrighty! That was easy! The plan went off without a hitch!"

"I must admit, I'm surprised. I was expecting some...difficulties...but Pamela did come along willingly. Thank you for that, Harley. You did well for your first mission out in the field." Batman said, causing a blush to spread across the blonde harlequin's face. The Dark Knight hopped into the Batmobile's front seat, with Harley following close behind him. Once both their seatbelts were fastened, the Batmobile's engine roared to life. "Let's get back to the Batcave. We'll see what info we can get out of Pamela tomorrow."

"Where will Red be staying'?" Harley asked as she leaned back in her seat, clasping her hands behind her head. "Is she gonna have a fancy room like me?"

"You're...a special case, Harley." Batman replied, stepping on the gas as he tightened his grip on the steering wheel. "I have a special holding area set up for Pamela. It's not as...fancy...as yours, but she will be comfortable. I'll even allow you to spend some time with her...and catch up."

"Oh, thanks B-man! That sounds awesome!" Harley cheered as she playfully smacked the Dark Knight's shoulder. Whipping around in her seat, Harley looked toward the compartment Poison Ivy was in. "Hey, Red! You doin' alright in there!?"

"I'm just peachy..." Pamela's muffled and unenthusiastic response traveled through the thin wall separating her from the rest of the vehicle. "Now can we hurry up and get to this Batcave place...I have to pee."

"Oh geez...Red was never good about holding it in during car rides..." Harley muttered, turning back around and looking at the Dark Knight. "Hey Bats...you wouldn't happen to have installed a bathroom or anything like that back there, would ya?"

"No." Batman replied as he reached up and pressed a small red button on the steering wheel, causing the Batmobile to rocket forward at an incredible speed as the turbo was activated. Harley's eyes widened in surprise as she was pushed back into her seat. "I just cleaned the Batmobile yesterday, I won't have it getting dirty again so soon."

(Two Hours Later: Inside the Batcave)

"Man, I've never seen B-man drive like that. He scared the hell out of me with some of those turns." Harley thought, releasing a light sigh as she stood outside Poison Ivy's holding cell. After returning to the Batcave, Poison Ivy was released from her restraints and put in her own room, which was conveniently right next to Harley's. True to his word, Batman said that Ivy's questioning would begin the following day, before walking off to discuss the situation with Oracle and the rest of the team. With a bright smile returning to her face, Harley reached up and knocked on the cell's door. "Hey, Red! I came to see ya!"

"Oh Harls, come on in!" Pamela's voice called out from within the holding cell. Reaching out, Harley punched in the code to Ivy's cell and opened the door. Stepping in the room, Harley closed the behind her, making sure that it was sealed once again. Scanning around the cell, Harley noticed that it was sparsely furnished, but was comfortable enough. Poison Ivy had a decent looking bed, her own bathroom with a shower, and she even had a TV. Pamela was currently sitting on the edge of the bed, with a towel wrapped around her damp hair, flipping through the channels on the television. Noticing Harley walk into the room, Pamela patted the bed next to her. "Take a load off. If I didn't know that I was in the Batcave right now, I'd think that I was staying in a motel or something."

"Yeah, B-man gave me a similar treatment with my room..." Harley said with a smirk as she sat down next to Poison Ivy, before spreading her arms out and falling back onto the bed. "But it's a bit nicer than this."

"Well, you are his new sidekick. He's gotta treat you right." Ivy said in a teasing tone, earning her playful slap to back from Harley. After chuckling to herself, Pamela stopped surfing through channels and set the remote down. "I still can barely believe it...how the hell did you end up working with Batman? I just can't wrap my head around it. I thought you hated Batman."

"Oh, trust me, I did! But man, listen to this, it's a freakin' wild story!" Harley exclaimed as she bolted back upright and wrapped an arm around Pamela's shoulders. "A little over two weeks ago, I mindin' my own damn business, just tryin' to get Joker's old gang back together. So, I get back to my apartment and like a damn Jedi, I can just sense that something's off."

"I've felt something like that before." Pamela said with a small, rubbing the back of her neck. "Kinda like the hair on the back of your neck is standing up and your entire body is on edge."

"Yeah! Just like that! It was so weird!" Harley proclaimed as she enthusiastically patted Ivy's back. "Well, when I turned around, guess who was standing in front of my window."

"Oh god, was he doing the thing where he's silhouetted by the moonlight?" Pamela asked, causing both women to burst out laughing. After a few moments, Pamela caught her breath and wiped a tear from her eye. "Bats really does loving being overly dramatic like that."

"Tell me about it." Harley said with a snort as she stared down at her lap, twiddling her thumbs. "After I noticed B-man was in my apartment, we start talkin'...it's the weirdest damn thing Red...he didn't try to restrain me or slam me through a freakin' table...he just came to talk. He wanted to try and talk me out of reformin' Joker's gang."

"Heh, I'm sure that went over well..." Poison Ivy scoffed, before reaching up and flicking Harley's cheek. "Knowing how thick-headed you are."

"Yeah, I wasn't havin' any of it at first...even tried to get the jump on him a few times." Harley continued as she rubbed the small red mark on her cheek. "But we kept talkin' and the things he was sayin' really started to make a lot of sense...and he helped open my eyes to some things that I'm sure were obvious to everyone else."

"Ah, I think I know where this story is heading." Poison Ivy said, reaching out and wrapping one of her arms around Harley's shoulders, pulling the blonde harlequin closer. "You finally realized what a piece of shit Joker was and that you're too good for him. Honey, I'm so proud of you. The sooner you forget that bastard, the better."

"I was in denial for so long, Red...I can't believe I never noticed that prick never really love me...I'm just lucky Bats was there to knock some sense into me." Harley said as she began to rub her arm, a blush spreading across her face. When Harley spoke next, her voice was barely above a whisper. "He's always been there for me...but I guess I never noticed that either."

"Wait a second..." Ivy muttered, carefully reading Harley's body language and analyzing everything she had said up until this point. Harley was usually an unpredictable wild card, but Ivy prided herself in being able to read the blonde harlequin quite well. Something during their conversation had stuck out to Pamela, and that was how excited Harley got whenever she talked about Batman. Harley's flushed face only seemed to confirm Ivy's sneaking suspicions. With her eyes wide open, Ivy stared at Harley in shock. "Oh. My. God. You're in love with Batman!"

"H-Huh!? What?! N-No! Y-You've got it...you don't...I mean, it's not like..." Harley stammered uncontrollably as her entire face burned bright red, waving her arms around frantically. However, the blonde harlequin knew there was fooling her best friend when she saw the knowing look in the redhead's eyes. Releasing a heavy sigh, Harley slumped forward, hiding her face in her hands. "Ugh...was it really that obvious?"

"Harls, we've been friends for years, I know how to pick up on your little ticks. Like how you twiddle your thumbs when you're embarrassed." Ivy explained, scooting a little closer to Harley and patting her thigh. "So...you really have a thing for Batman?"

"Yeah, I think so..." Harley replied, her voice muffled as she still hid her face, not wanting Ivy to see how flushed her cheeks were. "When Bats came to my apartment...and we started talkin'...and I mean really deep and personal stuff...somethin' sorta just clicked in my head. B-man...he's always been looking out for me...and he's always takin' it easy on me, instead of beatin' my face in." Lifting her head back up, Harley released a heavy sigh. "When I really think about it, I've probably had a thing for Bats for years. His mysterious, broodin' demeanor was the polar opposite of Joker's and that must have caught my attention."

"He does have a certain appeal, I will give him that..." Pamela said as she crossed her arms underneath her chest. Seeing the shocked look Harley shot her way, Ivy couldn't help but chuckle. "Oh please Harls, don't give me that look, I'm not gonna steal the 'Dark Knight' away from you. He's really not my type." Seeing Harley relax, Pamela released a light sigh. "So, I assume you haven't said anything to him yet."

"Are you freakin' kiddin' me, Red?!" Harley blurted out, hopping off the bed and whipping around to face Ivy. "B-man and I have been enemies for years, I've been a part of his team for less than a month...it's gotten better, but I can tell he still doesn't fully trust me yet. The last thing I want to do is rush things with him...especially with how fuckin' awful things were with Joker."

"I see what you're getting at..." Pamela mused as she stroked her chin, crossing her legs. "But it couldn't hurt to at least talk to him about it...try to find out how he feels as well. Then, you two can decide however fast or slow you want to take things...if you even want to pursue a romantic relationship at all." Seeing Harley pause for a moment and ponder what she'd just heard, caused a small smile to spread across Ivy's face. "Look Harls, I'm not gonna tell you what to do or how to live your life...but I will say, you were never like this with Joker. You were never nervous about telling him your feeling or worried about how he'd feel. It's like you're a damn school girl crushing on her upperclassman. Harley...I think you really do love Batman and I would hate for you to miss an opportunity to find happiness."

"That's...I..." Harley muttered, before walking over and plopping back down on the bed next to Ivy as she released a heavy sigh. "Maybe you're right Red...it would at least lift a weight off my chest."

"Just talk to him, Harls." Pamela said with a smile as she gently rubbed the blonde harlequin's back. "You'll never find out how he feels if you don't ask."

"Ya know...you're right!" Harley exclaimed, a large grin spreading across her face as a wave of confidence flowed through her body. Springing off the bed once again, Harley quickly spun around and pulled her best friend in for a tight hug. "Thanks for the talk, Red! I feel so much better!" Dashing toward the door, Harley paused in the doorway and energetically waved back to the redhead. "I'm gonna go talk to him right now! I'll fill you in on what happened tomorrow! Wish me luck!"

"Go get'em, girl." Pamela said as she gave the blonde harlequin a thumbs up, watching as she darted out of the cell. Breathing out through her nose, Ivy laid back on her bed and stared up at the ceiling. "God, I hope this works out for her. I don't think she can handle another heartbreak."

(Five Minutes Later: Inner Batcave)

"You got this, Harley...just talk to him...find out how he feels about ya." Harley thought, slowly making her way toward the Batcomputer, where she knew the Dark Knight likely was. "Oh fuck me, I'm so damn nervous."

"God, would you calm the hell down. You're just talking to the guy. If he doesn't love you back, you'll just have to make him fall for you. Just take a breath and be yourself, I know everything will work out great."

"You're right...I got this..." Harley thought as she paused for a moment and took a deep breath, clutching a hand over her racing heart. After inhaling and exhaling a few more times, Harley slapped her cheeks and continued her search for Batman. As the blonde harlequin neared the Batcomputer, a smile spread across her face when she could hear the clacking of keys. However, she slowed down a bit when she heard two people talking. "Is Bats talkin' to Babs or Birdboy?" Poking her head around a corner, Harley quirked an eyebrow when she saw Killer Frost was sitting on the counter next to the Dark Knight. "Frosty? Must be goin' over a mission or somethin'."

Not wanting to interrupt their conversation, Harley decided to patiently wait for them to finish. But being the naturally curious person that she was, Harley couldn't stop herself from listening in. Leaning against a wall around the corner, the blonde harlequin strained her ears to hear everything that was being said.

"So, how'd your mission with Harley go?" Louise asked, watching as the Dark Knight fervently typed information into the Batcomputer. "I hope she wasn't too much of a handful."

"She did an excellent job and is showing great promise." Batman replied without looking away from the monitor, his compliments causing a faint blush to spread across the hidden harlequin's face. "If she keeps this up, I'm sure she'll be ready to start going on solo missions soon...maybe a few more months."

"That's good to hear. She's been taking her training seriously and is trying hard to learn everything we're teaching her." Louise said with a smile, nodding her head and crossing her arms underneath her chest. "So...I have to ask...when are you going to reveal your real identity to her? She's been with us for over a month now...and aside from being a little irritating at times, she's been trustworthy."

"Soon...I'll tell her soon. She really proved herself tonight and after what happened tonight, I think you're right...I can trust her." Batman added as he stopped typing and pushed away from the keyboard. "Harley's really been turning herself around these past few weeks. I'm proud of all the progress she's made and it seems like the rest of the team is starting to warm up to her."

"Yeah, I've noticed Dick stopped giving her dirty looks." Louise said with a smile, hopping off the counter and sauntering up to the Dark Knight. Stopping next to his chair, a teasing smirk spread across Frost's face as she spun Batman around to face her. Reaching out, Louise ran a hand across the Dark Knight's chest. "Speaking of Harley, I'm sure you've noticed that she's got a little crush on you...or maybe something even more than that."

Harley nearly leaped out of hiding when she heard this, but she used all her willpower to hold back and keep herself hidden. With her face burning bright red, Harley scooted closer to the edge of the wall and poked her head out. Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw how close Frost was to Batman, intimately touching his chest. The Dark Knight didn't seem to mind Frost's touch, not pushing her away.

"What the hell is Frosty doin'!?" Harley thought as her mind began to race, her heart thundering in her chest. "Why's she bein' all touchy-feely with B-man!"

"Yes, I've noticed." Batman said, locking eyes with Louise as she got even closer and sat on his lap. "Are you jealous?"

"Maybe a little." Louise replied with a smirk as she leaned in, her face only a few inches away from the Dark Knight's. Harley's eyes were glued onto the scene, she couldn't look away even if she wanted to. "Harley is pretty sexy and is a blast to hang around with...and she does have a good heart. Plus, I see those looks you give her when you think no one is watching." For a brief moment, Louise saw Batman's composure break as his eyes widened in surprise. After releasing a light sigh, Louise smiled and gently caressed Batman's cheek. "Look, I know that you feel somewhat responsible for what happened to Harley...I get that, but perhaps your feelings for her go beyond simple guilt. From what I've heard, you've always looked out for her and had her best interests in mind."

"Hmmm..." Batman hummed, mulling over everything Louise had said. He wasn't quite sure what his exact feelings for Harley were yet, but he knew that she wasn't just another member of his team. Maybe he did have some underlying feelings for her that he was ignoring. "You could be right..." Reaching up, Batman cupped Frost's cheek. "I know that I pretend to be a playboy...but I'm still quite inexperienced when it comes to love, but I've had you here to guide me."

"Hey, I owe you my life...and you've helped me more than you could possibly imagine...so you can't blame me for falling for you, hard." Louise said with a smile before she closed the distance and captured the Dark Knight's lips in a passionate kiss. Harley normally wouldn't be able to keep quiet any longer, but she wasn't there to witness the liplock. The blonde harlequin had bolted back toward her room as soon as she saw Frost sit in Batman's lap, unable to watch any more. When Louise and Batman eventually broke their kiss, she had a faint blush dusting across her face. "That was amazing as usual."

"Yes, I enjoyed it too." Batman said somewhat stiffly, causing Frost to giggle at his awkwardness. "But what should we do about Harley?"

"If you and Harley both have feelings for each other..." Louise said with half-lidded eyes as she kissed Bruce's cheek, leaning in closer to whisper in his ear. "Maybe we could let her join us? She is really cute, plus she and I get along really well. I get the feeling that she'd be willing to give it a try."

"Are you sure?" Batman asked, locking eyes with Louise once again. Reaching down, Bruce grasped one of Louise's hands. "You don't have to do that Louise...I'm happy just with you."

"Oh, aren't you sweet." Frost said with a smile as she gave the Dark Knight a brief kiss. "I know that I don't have to...but I kind of want to, it could be fun!" Hopping off Batman's lap, Frost ran her hand across his cheek. "Now let's head to bed, I need you to warm me up."

"I'll be there in a moment..." Batman said, turning his chair back toward the Batcomputer and typing once again. "I just need to finish up a few more things."

"Sure thing." Frost said as she sensually dragged her hand across Batman's chest, walking toward his bedroom. Pausing for a moment, Louise turned back and winked at the Dark Knight. "Don't keep me waiting."

"Hmmm..." Batman muttered, turning his head away from the computer screen and watching as Frost left. His eyes were fixated on the considerable sway of her hips. Glancing back at the screen, the Dark Knight released a light sigh and turned the computer off. Pushing out his chair, Batman quickly followed after Frost. "It can wait until tomorrow."

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