Hello, everyone! So a few years ago, I had begun writing a sequel in my Legendary Chronicles series; life got a bit in the way, and I had abandoned it for quite a while. Over the last few weeks, I had been thinking about it, and I want to get some of it on here for you all to read. It's a bit all over the place because it connects to many different films and characters. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy!

Years had passed since the original kinship of heroes had vanquished a great collective of evil. After Father Time had passed on, granting his power to the restored Kozmotis Pitchiner, they soon realized that the separation of both space and time made uniting against new evils more difficult. Deciding to bridge the kinship closer for such purposes, Kozmotis used his newfound power to draw the line of time into a single sphere. Now, all periods of time up to that point existed together, bringing together all the heroes of the kinship to a singular present. Together, they grew. Together, they continued to triumph over evil, salvaging the innocent. The guardians, too, built upon their following to become the beacons of light that the children of the world needed to become beacons of light themselves.

However, Kozmotis, in the infancy of his establishment as the new father of time, did not foresee both sides of the consequence of his action. The past, as it had been, no longer was. The future, as those who knew it, would change as well. Time, and the history produced from it, would never be the same- for better, and for worse. Nevertheless, the kinship, and all whom followed in its stead, would embark on grand adventures through this new path that time had laid before them, engaging with treacheries and treasures along the way.

But if such was the case, then where could we possibly begin? How does a mighty tree begin its ascent to the skies? From a small seed, as all trees begin, that is how this story begins as well.

Emily glanced up for a moment as she tended to the soft grassy fields of the warren, her hands cupping over a small spot of Earth as she closed her eyes. She then drew her hands up, unfurling from them a large, vibrant flower more beautiful than the last she had unfurled. She glanced upon it reflectively, looking about the home she considered a paradise. As a soft breeze made her wild hair sway, she breathed in the sense of life she felt, feeling completely and purely at peace.

~North's Workshop~

Alice licked her finger, rolling her eyes as she rubbed a bit of chocolate off of Jack's face. "I told you to try to stay tidy and you go rummaging through Bunny's chocolate supply again."

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself..." Jack whined lightly.

"Well, you could have at least spared some for me, then..." Alice smirked, kissing him briefly before going up to a mirror to make sure she was neat and her dress free of wrinkles."

"So, did you give any children good advice today?" Jack asked.

"I certainly did. I influenced forty-three consciences, to be exact." Alice nodded.

"Jeez, that's five more than yesterday... you're getting good at this, Alice." Jack raised his brows.

"Comes with experience, I suppose... and if I'm going to be as efficient as North, Bunny and Tooth, I had better catch up quickly." Alice replied.

"Well... at least you're doing better than Wick. I think Halloween Town is a bit too much to handle on his own. He's also not the brightest bulb on the tree." Jack said.

"True, but he's trying his very best, the poor soul... it hasn't been easy for him. Hopefully he finds the assistance he seeks. Anyhow, we must make haste, I'm sure Hiccup and the Vikings have already arrived in Burgess." Alice said, she and Jack exiting their bedroom to approach the other guardians. "We're going to be heading out, do any of you need anything before we depart?"

"Oh, no, we're fine here! Have fun and give Eliza a hug for me!" Tooth beamed. "Oh! Baby Tooth, there's an incisor at sector eight!"

"Remind Gustav that he better stay on nice list!" North shouted as he was fixing something.

Alice laughed. "Alright, I'll give them all your well wishes."

As they turned to leave, Bunny was heard screaming from another room. "JACK! You bloody wombat, you ate ALL my chocolate?!"

"Oookay, let's go!" Jack said, quickly ushering Alice away as they took their leave.

~That evening, Burgess~

Gobber laughed heartily, wheezing a bit as he did so. The children of the small village of Burgess found him to be fascinating, to their parents' dismay. Hiccup and Merida hugged Gustav and Eliza before presenting them with a plaque carved out of wood in the Viking's native language. They happily accepted, Gustav hanging it in the small cottage.

"Thank you so much, it's lovely!" Eliza beamed. She had grown into a well-rounded young woman, and lived a content life with Gustav.

"Wow... five years already, I can't believe it." Hiccup smiled. "Merida and I have been married for eleven!"

"Time goes by quickly when enjoyed." Merida smiled. "So, do y'two have any plans? Sailing the world, exploring?"

"We often go out on the ocean to do day trips... Gustav is the better of us at catching fish." Eliza giggled.

"And she's the better of us at cooking them!" Gustav added, licking his lips and patting his belly.

Valka approached then, congratulating the couple. "I am very happy for you both... look at you, you've grown so beautifully!" She smiled, brushing a stray hair out of Eliza's face before hugging her. "So, should we be expecting wee ones in the near future?"

"Mom..." Hiccup whined, rolling his eyes.

Eliza's smile faded a bit, clearing her throat. Gustav frowned a bit at her, about to say something when Alice and Jack arrived. "Jack, Alice!" Eliza beamed, hurrying over to hug them both tightly. After they parted, Jack shook Gustav's hand, the two of them talking a bit as Alice and Eliza chatted.

When it was sundown, they all gathered behind the cottage, lighting a small fire pit to keep them warm as they had a great feast. Though Eliza joined Gustav in speaking to and thanking guests, despite the smile on her face, Alice could tell something was off. After the celebrating, the Vikings set up tents outside while a few guests remained in the cottage. Alice wandered about quietly to see Eliza sitting in the small living room, staring out the window.

"Does someone still have a bit too much excitement?" Alice asked, Eliza glancing over at her and smiling lightly as she approached.

"Perhaps a little... I was just thinking about the last five years..." Eliza replied as Alice sat beside her.

"Do you regret it?" Alice asked.

"Gustav? Oh no, not at all. He's... he's so supportive, if I could sum him up in a single word." Eliza replied, bowing her head a bit to look at her hands folded in her lap.

Alice looked at her for a few moments, tilting her head. "Eliza, what is troubling you? Did Gustav do something?"

"No, no, it's not him at all, it's... it's me... don't fret over it, it's... it's out of anyone's control." Eliza replied.

Alice frowned, taking Eliza's hands into hers. "If there is something wrong, I would like you to tell me. You know it pains me to see you upset."

Eliza took in a deep breath. "Well... you know that... Gustav and I wish to have a family."

"Yes, you've been saying that for a couple years now." Alice replied. "Is Gustav objecting to it?"

"No, quite the contrary... he wants a family also." Eliza exhaled sharply. "We've been trying for many months now, with no results. So... last month, he and I went to see a physician." As Eliza said this, Alice frowned more, knowing where this story was going as she gave Eliza's hands a gentle squeeze. Eliza hung her head, tears welling in her eyes as Alice gently drew her into a hug. "... I am 'simply barren,' he said... Alice, we are so lost... we both wish to have children, but it is impossible now..."

"Shh..." Alice pet her hair lightly, but her own heart sunk at the depressing news. "... darling, I am so sorry. I wish there was some way to help console you."

"W- Well..." Eliza spoke after a few moments of silence. "... I had been thinking of a... solution, of sorts... but I don't know if you would want to go through with it."

"Don't be afraid, you can ask anything of me." Alice replied.

Eliza cleared her throat. "Gustav and I had been discussing the prospect of... well, Jack is our closest blood relation, and... perhaps if... being I cannot bear Gustav children... that perhaps..."

Alice had gotten the jest of what Eliza was asking, stopping her. "I will speak with Jack about the subject first thing tomorrow." She smiled lightly. "It's a bit unorthodox, but if it will make your life more wholesome... then I'll do what I can."

Alice walked Eliza to her bedroom, the two sharing another warm hug before bidding each other goodnight. Alice exhaled slowly, knowing the conversation she would have in the morning would not be an easy one.

~The Following Morning, Wonderland~

Jack sputtered as the milk he had been drinking dribbled down his chin. He slapped a napkin to his face, coughing into it as he wiped up the mess. He and Alice were sitting in their cottage in Tundraful, Alice wanting to discuss this alone with him after bidding Eliza, Gustav, and the other Vikings farewell. When he finally regained his composure, he glanced over with widened eyes to see Alice staring at him flatly.

"You cannot be serious." Jack spoke.

"Actually I am, at least one of us is at the moment." Alice replied.

"Are you crazy?! Alice, first of all- okay, neither of us are even CLOSE to being ready to be parents! And where in the heck did this even come from? You can't just bring something like this up out of the blue! 'Hey, good morning, oh and by the way, I want to start a family, have a kid or two!'" Jack exclaimed.

"Will you listen for one moment?" Alice sighed, rubbing her temples. "The child would not be for us."

Jack shook his head, totally confused. "W- Wait, what? Can you explain, please?"

"Certainly." Alice's expression softened then as she sighed. "Jack... Eliza confessed something dreadful last night. She's infertile. She cannot bear children."

Jack fell silent then, his whole demeanor changing as he furrowed his brows. He had been pacing around, slowly sinking in his chair as he allowed this information to sink in. "She... can't have kids?"

"No, Jack. She cannot." Alice replied.

He ran a hand through his hair, sighing. "No wonder she hasn't been bringing it up... poor Eliza..."

"Now listen closely. This brings me to why I posed my first question to you and you had a conniption fit. She made a suggestion that, because you are her blood brother, that adopting a child birthed from us would be the closest thing to having her own. I know this is a big decision to make... but it would bring Eliza great happiness." Alice said.

Jack bit his lip in thought; this WAS a big decision. He realized, however, that the outcome of the choice he would make then and there would either ensure his sister's happiness, or destroy it forever. He sighed, glancing over at Alice with a hint of unease. "Okay... let's do it."

Alice blinked a bit, surprised by his sudden turnaround. "Well, alright then." She got up, heading towards the bedroom.

Jack was suddenly reeling, hopping out of his feet as he widened his eyes. "Woah, wait a minute- I'm not- you mean right NOW?!"

Alice sighed. "Jack, winter is coming in only a few short months, you're going to be out and about doing your job. North is far too busy, and so is Tooth and Sandy. We barely see Wick anymore because he is trying to establish Halloween Town. Who is going to help me through this process while you're away?"

Jack sighed. "Alice, Bunny can-"

"Bunny has his own obligations and his own wife to look after. The only reason he's in the workshop now is because he's making chocolates... half of which you ate yesterday afternoon; so you have no right to ask him for any favors." Alice cut him off.

Jack sighed lightly. "I guess you're right..." He bit his lip, looking up at her. "... so... are you really ready for this?"

Alice smirked. "You should be overjoyed, goodness knows you never hesitate to express your heart's desires each night... or rather the desires of some other part." She snickered when Jack blushed. "And do believe me, it's rather enjoyable, but I must admit that it's frustrating that you don't just express it fully already."

"Well... I mean... after what you went through before... you know, in Rutledge... with Bumby... I didn't know if... I thought you might not feel comfortable... I didn't want to scare you off." Jack said.

Alice raised a brow. "Twice I have fought off a raving Queen of tentacles, a deranged Dollmaker, all of their enemies and more, lived through death on multiple occasions, and you are suggesting that I would be afraid of mating? I think you need to put some things in perspective, Jack."

"Listen, I may have lived three hundred years all the way into 'modern' times, but I would like to think I'm somewhat of a gentleman... this isn't some little thing we're talking about here, it's... it's supposed to be... mutual. Something you can't take back once it's done." Jack said.

Alice's expression softened, going over to sit by him. "I suppose you have a point... and I can see why my past may have been the foundation to your hesitation." She glanced over at him. "But... there's no reason for it now..." She smirked lightly, a smile growing on Jack's face in response.

Without warning, Alice squeaked a bit when Jack suddenly scooped her up, laughing as he carried her down the small hallway. The more the thought of finally doing something so intimate with the woman he loved, the more excited he became; in more ways than one. He gently laid her on the bed, pressing his lips to hers as they kissed deeply. Jack was ready to seal the physical bond between them, and Alice was more than willing to oblige. When they broke their kiss, Alice licked her lips before playfully reaching up to pull Jack's hood on his head. The ice guardian rolled his eyes, snickering as he resolved to pull the sweatshirt over his head, tossing it to the side. Alice sat up, her spine tingling when Jack reached behind her to begin undoing her dress, exhaling cool air onto her neck. When he finished, she gently shrugged out of it, her lustful gaze locking with his. Eventually, they were completely bare; Jack gently brushed some hair out of Alice's face as she rested her head back.

"Well, this is it…" Jack said quietly.

"You say that as if you are about to perform some perilous act." Alice raised a brow.

Jack chuckled lightly. "Who knows… you are full of surprises, that's for sure…"

When their desire washed away their insecurities, it would be the first moment of an entire night of new explorations between them, savoring each and every instant.

~Several Months Later, The Warren~

Gustav unfolded a checkered blanket, opening it up and spreading it evenly on the soft grass. All of the guardians, Eliza and her Viking husband were spending the day in the Warren, a nice relief for the pair from the brutal winter. Jack apologized beforehand, seeming a bit stressed and withdrawn as of late. Emily and Alice had been speaking for quite some time, and everyone gathered for a small picnic a short time later. Alice cleared her throat as they all had something to eat, Wick even having joined them for the day.

"Boy Alice, I sure do love your sandwiches!" Wick beamed.

"Will you can it, you gumby? Alice is trying to say something." Bunny snapped.

"Is everything alright, Alice?" Tooth asked.

"Yes... before anyone is alarmed, everything is perfectly fine." She glanced over at Emily, who smiled knowingly and gave her a small nod. Alice then sat up a bit, taking in a deep breath. "I'm with child."

Bunny choked on what he was eating, Sandy rolling his eyes as he pat the Pooka's back.

"Rimsky-Korsikov! This is wonderful, Alice!" North went over to hug her.

"North." Tooth stopped him, shaking her head.

"Oh, yes, right. Very sensitive." He chuckled nervously. "But still, congratulations to you both!" He beamed, deciding to give one of his spine-breaking hugs to Jack.

"Thanks North..." Jack wheezed, rubbing his back once he was placed down. "It's been a bit nerve wracking.

Eliza wiped away happy tears, she and Alice sharing a hug. "I can't wait to see our child's beautiful face."

"Wait, what?" Bunny asked, having recovered from earlier. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Alice went to answer, but Eliza did instead. "I should probably explain this to you all." She told them about their situation, Tooth frowning and hugging the young woman. "I-... Gustav and I... are eternally grateful for what Alice and Jack are doing for us. We can have a family of our own... the dream is not lost."

"There is one more thing I should probably add, however." Alice said, straightening up once again. "Eliza, I believe you will be happy to learn your family will be a bit larger than expected. I'm carrying twins."

It was Jack's turn to choke now, his eyes widening. "T- Twins?! When did you find out about this? When were you going to tell me?!"

"I'm telling you now, silly boy." Alice chuckled, laughing at Bunny staring at them with his mouth agape.

When this fact sunk in, Jack raised his brows, nodding to himself. "Well, looks like maybe I nabbed some of Bunny's Pooka instincts." He wiggled his brows, earning a glare from the Easter guardian.

"Oh, rack off you bloody show pony!" Bunny snapped.

"Bunnymund, this is not a competition." Emily spoke. "They are doing this to provide children to loved ones who cannot have their own. Do not diminish the kindness in their actions."

Bunny sighed, rubbing the back of his ear. "I guess you're right..."

Eliza dabbed her face with a tissue, Gustav hugging her close. "Twins... can you believe it? We are so blessed." Eliza smiled.

"I'm going to teach them how to ride Fanghook!" Gustav exclaimed. "And how to fish!"

"And I shall read them stories each day." Eliza smiled.

As the two dreamt aloud, Alice stood to her feet, Jack helping her. "I would like to take a walk..."

Jack kept an arm around Alice's waist as they wandered about the Warren. "Everything okay?"

"Yes. But Jack, with my condition, I won't be able to fulfill my duties as a guardian... I'm going to need help." Alice replied.

"Well, I would volunteer... but I'm not the most trustworthy when it comes to influencing people's consciences." Jack chuckled.

"Quite right. I need to search... I'm taking a trip to Italy tomorrow, I will keep an eye out for anyone who may offer me assistance." She said.

"Okay... you sure you can handle it?" Jack asked.

"I'm only a few months along, I should be alright." Alice replied, kissing Jack briefly before going back towards the rest of the group.

~Later That Day, Italy~

Alice wandered the streets, searching for someone to aid her while helping the children there. She had just finished helping a small girl seeking advice, when she heard whispering voices from an alleyway. She narrowed her eyes a bit, bursting into butterflies and reappearing closer to press her back against the wall, listening in.

"This will be great, John! With this lucky cricket here, we'll finally have that little pinch of help to get us a great score!" A seedy looking cat said to a fox that appeared sly at best.

"Yes... I can't believe that sap actually fell for our trick! Now, we'll keep this on our person, and all the luck from prior generations and future ones alike shall be ours." John spoke.

Alice gritted her teeth. "A cage is no place for a cricket, or any good creature. I cannot just walk away." She said to herself, hatching an idea.

The cat and fox were taken off guard when a cluster of butterflies suddenly appeared, making the two stare at it in amazement.

"Gideon... Gideon, would you look at that! It's an omen!" He looked down at the cricket in the cage. "We must follow it!" John said, motioning for the cat to follow him.

Alice led them to a darker alleyway, disappearing as she turned the corner. She flew out of their sight, above and behind them where she materialized, sneaking up behind Gideon and plucking the cage from his belt. She then burst into butterflies as they looked around aimlessly, getting back to the main road where she sighed with relief.

"Luckily that went well... Jack would not appreciate me being so risky in this state." Alice said to herself, holding up the cage. She opened the small door, the cricket hopping into her hand. "And what may your name be?"

"Oh, I can't thank you enough for freeing me from those dastardly evildoers! I thought I would be trapped in that cage forever!" The cricket exclaimed gratefully.

"You're quite welcome; I take offense to malicious actions such as those, I simply won't stand for it." Alice said. "You are free to go where you please."

"Oh, I would miss, but I must repay you somehow! A good act like this can't be taken lightly!" The cricket exclaimed. "Please miss, is there something I can offer in return for saving me?"

Alice pondered for a moment, a smile growing. "Perhaps there is." She replied. "I am tasked with giving good advice to children to help them become well rounded adults... but due to certain circumstances, my efficiency won't be up to par for some time. I could use a little help. What is your name?"

"O- Oh, where are my manners?" The small cricket took off his top hat, bowing politely. "My name is Jiminy, Jiminy Cricket."

"A pleasure. My name is Alice Liddell, I am one of several Guardians of Childhood." She replied.

Jiminy gasped. "A guardian! Goodness, I thought they were only a myth! You're real... this is amazing! You must be the blue fairy, then!"

Alice tilted her head. "The blue fairy?"

"Yes, children speak of a blue fairy that comes in the night when they've lost one of their teeth." Jiminy replied.

"Oh... no, you've mistaken me for Toothiana. She collects the teeth and leaves small gifts behind. I will give her word of the children's admiration however, it will make her day." Alice chuckled.

"Well... you certainly reminded me of one when you turned into those beautiful butterflies..." Jiminy smiled. "So, how is it that I can help?"

"You seem like a sound minded little fellow, I was hoping that you could help me give advice to children and help guide them." Alice said.

"I would be honored!" Jiminy beamed. He thought of something then. "If I may ask, though... I don't know if you can, there is one small request I have..."

"Of course." Alice nodded.

Jiminy told Alice of a puppet maker he had been watching for some time in town. The man lived alone, only his puppets, a kitten, and a goldfish to offer him company. There had been one puppet in particular he had been working quite diligently on, and each night, he would wish to the stars and the moon that he could be real. Alice tapped her chin, exhaling slowly. When she thought she could muster something, the cricket directed her to where the man, Geppeto, lived. Observing him, Alice saw him to be a kind, gentle man with a good heart, and determined him deserving of what he wished. She decided that she would wait until nightfall, and then try to grant the wish he so desperately wanted fulfilled.

"I can't thank you enough for this, Alice." Jiminy smiled that night.

"Alright, I will make a bargain with you. I will give life to the puppet, bringing happiness to the puppet maker. In return, I shall give you your first assignment; you shall look after the boy and set him on the path to a good future. It will be a test to see how you can size up." They both chuckled at the joke. "If you do well, you can help me with the other children of the world. Is that fair?"

"Oh, very much so!" Jiminy chirped. "Maybe I am a lucky cricket, I must be to have found someone as kind as you."

Alice smiled softly, entering the house quietly and exhaling sharply. She closed her eyes, concentrating on giving life to the puppet Jiminy had pointed out to her. After a few moments, she opened her eyes, exhaling with relief when she saw the puppet blinking his wooden eyes, looking at his hands and around him in astonishment.

"I'm... alive?" The puppet asked.

"It would seem you are." Alice smiled. "And what might your name be?"

My name is Pinocchio... that's what my father calls me." He responded. "Are you an angel?"

"Not quite." Alice giggled. "But I have granted a wish for someone very kind... so remember to treat your 'father' as such."

Pinocchio looked down at himself. "Will I ever become a real boy?"

"Hm... perhaps. However, you must prove yourself to be a good child. If you show yourself to be brave, truthful, and unselfish, I will try my very best to do so for you." She motioned to Jiminy then. "He is a dear friend of mine, and he will be watching over you. He shall take note of your progress in my stead. Heed his word carefully." Alice smiled. "Jiminy, I must take my leave... remember our promise."

"I will, Alice. Thank you for all of your help." Jiminy said as he tipped his hat. Alice gave him a nod, bursting into butterflies and whisking out the window into the clear night sky. As the cricket watched, he smiled to himself. "Yes... she definitely is a blue fairy."

So as you can see, there are already references and connections being made... if you have watched as many films as I did growing up, and even now, you may be able to understand them all! What do you think so far? I hope you enjoyed, and thank you for reading! See you next time!