Banjo and Kazooie decided to invite Billy Hatcher to their humble home in Spiral Mountain after the three of them were not invited to partake in a bunch of races with the SEGA All Stars. Banjo and Kazooie were used to Billy's egg shenanigans, but they didn't think he would be this obsessed, with the white shelled boy collecting all the various eggs populating the grassy meadow as they were heading back home.

Banjo adjusted his yellow shorts as he scratched his head. "Whoa... this kid really is obsessed with eggs."

Kazooie shook her head as she moved her right wing around, sticking out of Banjo's backpack. "You think he would learn to just have a normal relationship with it. Not get so... attached."

"I agree Kazooie, but he did seem a bit more upset than us when he wasn't invited." Banjo said as he shrugged.

Kazooie rolled her eyes. "Pah, it's not like anyone remembers any of us. I'm sure he's gotten over it."

Banjo and Kazooie then turned around to see Billy rolling a giant egg up the actual spiral mountain, with Billy cheering as he rolled off the edge, making a big splat all over the grass as he laughed, sliding away within the yolk into the moat.