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The next thing he knew, Keith had been plopped onto the couch with the rest of them, his posture tight and uncomfortable. "So, what exactly are we doing in here?"

Finally have gotten most of the goo off of him, Shiro explained, "Hunk is making us a new recipe."

"It's a surprise." Pidge clarified with a smirk.

"And!" Lance jumped in. "We're going to guess what it is once it's done."

Hunk opened his mouth and Lance quickly added "If you're game, of course."

Keith rolled his eyes, used to Lance's attempt to get under skin by now. After a moment he shrugged. "Okay."

Lance was about to speak when a loud clanging came through the hall. There was indistinguishable shouting and the Paladins all immediately jumped to their feet. The sounds got louder and louder until Allura burst through the doorway, breathing hard.

Keith was the first to speak. "Is there an intruder?" He regretted not having his knife, but he prepared to fight anyway.

Allura didn't answer his question. Instead, when she raised her face, it was filled with anger. "Are you aware how horrifying it to to wake up and find all of your rooms empty?! I thought someone had broken into the castle and taken you!"

Everyone looked rightfully ashamed, feeling bad for scaring her like that. Tentatively, Lance stepped forward, his arms up in a placating manner. "Relax Princess. This is a bonding exercise."

Shiro opened his mouth to scold Lance, but Allura beat him to it. "You're... training?" She looked around the room, noticing the messy rag and a few specks of goo across the furniture.

Before anyone could stop him, Lance jumped on his chance. "Yeah! This is how we do it on Earth."

Allura straightened her posture, suddenly slightly ashamed she had burst into the room. "Ah, I see. I apologise for disrup-"

"Relax. It's not an exercise for fighting." Pidge interrupted, rolling her eyes. She shrugged. "Honestly, it's not even an exercise. We're just chilling."

Allura glanced again at the goo splatters. "'Chilling'... I see." She did not see.

Taking a deep breath, she pushed her shoulders back and walked into the room fully. She sat down next to Keith, her back straight. "So, how exactly does one... "chill"?

Hunk, who had resumed his place in the kitchen set the batter into the oven and joined the others on the couch. "It's just relaxing. You know? Taking a breather." He stretched his arms above him and settled into the couch. "Alright. We've got about 30 minutes until the mystery goo is done."

Lance looked down at the pillows lying on the ground. "You know, those pillows would make a great pillow fort. Add some blankets with this couch and it'd be the perfect setup for a blanket fort.

Allura's forehead scrunched in confusion. "Pillow and... blanket fort?"

"You've never heard of blanket forts?" Pidge shouted, looking as if someone had just compared her to the backend of an sloth.

Allura shook her head slowly, unsure of how she had offended her.

"Well, we have a half varga. Time to learn!" Lance announced.

Pidge nodded vigorously. "Me and Matt are the BEST at this. We used to do it all the time and then just sit in there when we were working on projects. Wow, it's been forever..."

Sensing Pidge's change in mood, Shiro said. "It'd be fun to make one. You'll catch on quickly Princess."

Hunk smiled. "Yeah, piece of cake. You're just making a little fort from furniture and blankets and stuff.

Allura still looked slightly worried, but there was also a determination. "Let's do it."

Everyone looked to Keith, since he was the only who hadn't talked yet. "I, uh, I don't know how. I never did it as a kid so..."

Lance slung his arm around Keith's shoulder. "Good thing that we have experts here to teach you then." He smirked.

"Alright. So how do we do this?" Allura asked, taking a deep breath.

"First step in to gather chairs, blankets, pillows, and anything else we can use." Pidge said. Allura, Keith. You get blankets. Shiro, Lance? Let's go find some furniture." She gave her signature lopsided smile and took off down the hall.

Within a ten minutes, they had put together quite the pile of supplies.

"Alright. Next is the actual construction." Pidge said like she was giving the order to fire.

Noticing that Allura still seemed slightly uncomfortable, Hunk nudged her arm and gave her a smile. "That's the best part."

She returned the smile and joined as everyone started moving the furniture around.

Suddenly, a voice came through the speaker. "Princess, I haven't had any luck locating the paladins, and it seems that whoever took them has also taken our blankets. I'm going to check the main area and see what I can find. I have many theories of the blanket relation that I want to discuss with you."

Allura's face fell. "Oh no, Coran." She looked at the others lost. "I didn't tell him that I had found you." She let out a breath. "Well, I suppose he's coming down anyway. We may as well continue."

The others cheered in agreement.

Everyone seemed to fall into a system. Hunk and Pidge oversaw the infrastructure, Keith, Shiro, Allura worked on adding blankets, and Lance was in charge of the decorations and furnishing.

The fort had nearly been built by the time Coran's voice echoed through the hall. "Princess! I know what must have happened! Someone used yelmores to sneak into the castle and then took the blankets to hide the paladins in once they had shrunk them too! Although why they'd need so many..." Coran trialed off, seeing the fort and the Paladins around it. "Oh. Well, hello there."

Allura pursed her lips. "I apologise for not informing you Coran. I got distracted." She turned toward the almost-finished fort. "These Earthen customs are quite fun. You really must join us."

Coran looked intrigued, picking up a blanket. "Well, if you insist. How do you do this?"

Lance lifted his hands for emphasis. "Well, it's a careful art, but-"

"You put the blankets over the furniture so it makes a cave." Keith said flatly.

Lance glared at Keith. "I was getting there."

With the help of Coran, things went even faster and soon a cave of tunnels and different chambers sat in the middle of the room. The paladins and Alteans, looked at their work with pride. "Well, that was quite satisfying." Coran said, moving to take it down.

There was a sea of protests from the paladins and Coran paused confused. "You... don't take it down?"

"Not immediately." Shiro said. "It's kind of a place to hangout."

A ring sounded through the air and Hunk hurried into the kitchen. A delicious smell filled the room and Hunk announced. "It's done!"

The others started cheering, coming to gather around the goo concoction. Hunk quickly served everyone a small portion to try.

"I'll go first!" Lance cried, eagerly taking a spoonful. His eyes went wide and he hummed in delight. "This is delicious, Hunk! What'd you put in it?" Before Hunk could reply, Lance quickly amended "Actually, I don't want to know. But... it tastes like... Fudge?"

Hunk smiled. "Should I say yes or no, or do you all want to try first?"

"I want to try first!" Pidge said immediately. Taking her own mouthful, she grinned. "I know what it is. I'll go last."

Keith was up next and, savoring the taste on his tongue, he smiled. "This really is great, Hunk."

Hunk grinned his thanks and Lance nudged Keith's arm. "So? What's your guess?"

Keith looked started. "Oh, uh, I really don't know. Cake?"

Hunk smiled, "Shiro?"

Shiro took a bite and considered for a moment. "It reminds me of those double chocolate cookies from Subway."

There was ripple of agreement through the other paladins.

Allura ate some next, and her eyes shot open. "This tastes exactly like glofern! Coran you must try it."

He did, and he nodded vigorously. "You're right. I didn't know you had glofern on Earth."

"We don't. What's that?" Keith asked.

"Well, it's a combination of many ingredients including spratles and frazzle wips. It-"

Everyone wore a blank look and Keith held up his hand. "Forget I asked. So Hunk, you gonna tell us what it is?"

"Wait!" Cried Pidge. I haven't guess yet. It's brownies, isn't it?"

Hunk grinned and nodded. "Pidge wins!"

There was a wave of realisation and Pidge whooped, taking a victory bite. "You know, we should eat this in out pillow fort." She said through the food.

"That sounds like a fantastic idea!" Coran announced, immediately grabbing his goo and racing to the entrance.

The others followed with their own bowls. It was slightly tight, but no one seemed to mind.

They ate for a bit in comfortable silence, enjoying their food, before Shiro spoke up. "This is super good. Thank you, Hunk."

Everyone nodded in agreement. "Delicious." Lance added.

Allura finished swallowed and then said, "While your Earthly traditions are quite strange, they're also quite enjoyable. Perhaps you should share more sometime."

Keith shrugged. "I don't have many traditions personally, but it'd be cool to learn about yours."

Pidge jumped up excitedly. "Oh, the Holts have TONS of crazy traditions and stuff! We're like a cult." She grinned mischievously.

"And my family has lots of traditions too! Gosh, I miss them." Lance wore a sad smile, but still held his enthusiasm.

"Well," Shiro said. "That decides it. Besides, it's team building."

Everyone laughed and relaxed into the small area. They may have been strangers when they first joined Voltron, but they had grown close. And now, with knees touching, crumbs falling, and smiles glowing, it was undeniable. They were family.

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