"I'm sorry Ava, but there is little information on Peter Castle," Coulson repeated calmly. "He goes to Midtown High as a sophomore. Is fifteen years old. And excels in math and science. He is not a part of any clubs or after school organizations."

"What about his family? They've got to be in school records at least."

"Information like that is usually confidential."

"I could say I heard it around. I just don't want to waste any time."

"Consider it a training exercise." Coulson remained the same simple stoic as he delivered the line.

Ava scowled and left the room at the dismissal. Coulson sighed and looked back at the pulled information. Truly there was little on Peter Castle. Even medical records seemed nonexistent save for recent immunization shots. If the information they pulled was to be believed, he appeared out of thin air only a few years ago. Well, that and what appeared to be a birth certificate for September 30th.

Peter Castle was an enigmatic boy he wished to question. His mannerisms, his lack of existence being traced, and sharing the same name as a person of interest for SHIELD. Coulson glanced at a SHIELD file for Frank Castle, assumed vigilante killer.

As of late, different men were being found dead all around New York. The paper dubbed him a serial killer under the title of Queen's King killer. All the known victims were men. Many were accused pedophiles. Some were suspected. Others were found to have unpleasant secrets on their hard drives.

Not that the public was made aware. The last thing they wanted was for people to back the vigilante and cover for him. They couldn't have the public making a hero out of him.

Not when he was killing people.

Peter whistled casually as he walked down the street. It was a mild distraction from rampant thoughts and memories he had thought were long since buried for his one emotional sanity. His long coat waved in the early spring wind whipping the back of his legs with fabric with each step. It wasn't typical student attire. It made people look at him twice. But who would really believe half the things he could do when he dressed how he did.

His father had been incredibly supportive of his newfound abilities. He was even supportive of his decision to take to the streets. Quietly of course. He wasn't quite ready to fight injustices like his father did. Or, like Ayala hoped for him so many years ago.

It was kind of funny to think about. Dealing with new found animal abilities when he was supposed to be trained for the talisman of the tiger to gain the large cat's instincts and prowess. Would he have been a Tiger-Spider of sorts?

It was an overwhelming thought to say the least, considering how fresh his powers were. He still couldn't help his random bouts of strength or the stickiness of palms. Nor the random buzzing that would come around certain individuals like the new students. Well not the small kid, Sam was it?

He didn't once aggrivate the buzzing. But he was a bit annoying.

He decided to try and figure out the buzzing later and instead focus on people watching instead. Within the streets if New York, so much was overlooked, so much unnoticed. But when someone knew what to look for, he became useful. The crimes people chose not to notice. An abusive spouse, negected children, petty theft and the like. Not things he saw everyday, but sadly often enough to know how to tell his dad to check it out. Sometimes it was nothing, often enough to worry and listen to his gut though. His rather simple appearance and non flashy clothes made him easily hidden in plain sight, in perfect view of all the people of New York.

Thankfully, people were dull or kind, rude at worst but nothing raising a red flag to his dad. So his arrival home was nothing more than simple greeting all things considered.

"Hey dad."

"Peter. How was school?" Frank asked as he was cleaning some of the smaller pieces of his favored gun.

"Nothing remarkable. A bit of homework and a test or two in a few days but such is life. You dad?"

"Simply peachy."

Peter accepted the answer. Often times it was better not to ask for details. Just accept that he would hear something about it on the news if his father was involved.

"So what are we doing for dinner?"

"Pasta. Some chicken too. You really do need more meat on your bones," Frank said with a half amused smile. Peter rolled his eyes.

"I think I eat plenty," Peter jokingly responded, gesturing at his skinny physique. Frank chuckled at Peter's goofy act.

"Once you're done with yout homework, are you up for any training?"

Peter stood at attention and gave an air of seriousness.

"Of course dad."

"You don't have to be a vigilante Peter. It's not an easy life."

"When idle men standby and do nothing, it is no better than the ones they witness commiting the crime."

"It doesn't mean you have to be the fighter on the front line. Not every man is born to be a soldier."

"No man is born to do nothing," Peter stated. Frank sighed and stood from the table. He ruffled Peter's hair in a playful and gentle manner.

"You're a good boy Peter. Now get your homework done."

Peter sat at the table, across the table from the gun component. He pulled out his homework and worked in relative silence with his father putting his gun back together in a familiar and meticulous rhythm.

A bit surprised to find how many people want to have Ava and Peter together. However, this story is about them being siblings. Not lovers.

Also, Chilean Tiger Spiders are a thing too. Predator based, long legged, and are spitting spiders. Rather terrifying little buggers.