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Clawdeen didn't know what to do. She was so confused at how she was supposed to tell Toralei that she was her mate. She then shook away the thought as she knew that she had important things to do like packing for Scaris. She knew that she had to help Toralei pack for Scaris as the werecat probably didn't know what to bring. She wanted Howleen and Twyla to come along as she wanted to help them with their new relationship develop even further as Clawdeen knew that a change of pace was needed for the two teenage ghouls. Clawdeen wanted to help Frankie pack up her bag as she knew that Frankie would just one bag and she wondered if Toralei would bring just one bag as well. As she thought about this, Howleen and Twyla was talking to Toralei about their relationship.


Skelita was conversing with Jinafire and Moanatella Ghostier was still having a riot at Skelita not being able to recognize Jinafire having the hots for her. Dear Lord, this is rich! She thought as she wondered how the hell did Skelita went through growing up not recognizing that other ghouls and mansters would end up liking her. She then decided that it was great for the young skeleton ghoul to be so naive as it meant that Jinafire was going to be super protective of the ghoul. Moanatella Ghostier was wondering if it would be in her best benefit to mess with Jinafire now, but she quickly decided not to, as she would have plenty of chances to mess with Jinafire and Skelita later on.

Besides, she knew how protective a species can get when they have a mate and she knew that making Jinafire angry would cloud her rational thoughts and she didn't want that yet as she knew that Jinafire would fight her just to protect Skelita. Moanatella Ghostier was simply enjoying the two ghouls talking to each other. She knew that she could easily ruin the moment, but she wasn't going to ruin it as what they were doing weren't getting in the way of her plan.

After a while of just watching the two young ghouls, Moanatella Ghostier just disappeared off somewhere else. She was done with watching Jinafire trying to charm her mate. She knew that Jinafire would charm her eventually.


Headless Headmistress Bloodgood was holding her head after Clawdeen had accidentally pulled it off of her body. "Sorry, Headmistress Bloodgood. I guess my excitement was a bit too much." Clawdeen apologized to the old ghoul, but she waved it off, knowing that Clawdeen's excitement was justified. She knew that Clawdeen was excited about learning from Moanatella Ghostier and she was excited for her.

"It's fine. I can see why you're excited. Moanatella Ghostier is a great fashion designer." Headmistress Bloodgood tells Clawdeen, who smiled at the older ghoul. Headmistress Bloodgood smiled back at the young fashion teenager. "I can see you being a famous fashion designer, one day, as well. Your ability to create new fabulous designs are amazing!" The headless horsewoman praised her student as she made Clawdeen's spirits soar even higher.

"You are so understanding, Headmistress Bloodgood." Clawdeen spoke to the ghoul as the ghoul smiled at her. Her head was still being held by Clawdeen, but the ghoul didn't mind as she was currently helping Clawdeen with her confidence.

"Of course! You are one of my students, after all. You are taking Toralei, right?" She asked with an knowing grin. Clawdeen's face flushed with embarrassment.

"Was it that easy to tell?" She asked the mistress of Monster High, who was happy that Clawdeen wasn't going to reject the werecat.

"No, but since I do see you and her hang out more frequently nowadays, I figured something was up." She was honest with her answer to Clawdeen and the young ghoul sighed.

"To tell you the truth, I am trying to confess to her as she is my mate and I have l-liked her a lot ever since we got to know each other more." Clawdeen tells Headmistress Bloodgood, who was shocked at the personal information that Clawdeen laid out on her, but as she thought about it, she could remember seeing Clawdeen standing up for Toralei when she was being talked about by the other mansters and ghouls that knew how mean and rude Toralei was, but Clawdeen knew the truth.

Toralei doesn't mean to be rude, but because other ghouls like to make their own assumptions before knowing her, Toralei merely reacts in an act of anger and jealously.

"Ghouls do like to give her a hard time before knowing her, don't they?" Headmistress Bloodgood asked Clawdeen.

"That's true. I don't know why, though. Toralei is nice and sweet, but mansters and ghouls doesn't take the time to get to know her." Clawdeen felt bad for Toralei because of this fact.

"Has Toralei been bullied recently?" A scary expression was on Headmistress Bloodgood's face as Clawdeen watched her facial expression change after hearing Clawdeen's words about Toralei.


Moanatella Ghostier was glaring at her prisoner. The manster was a Scarisian gargoyle named Garrott DeRoque, who was locked into a cell into the catacombs. He had lost all hope of being found by anyone rather than Madame Ghostier. He then glared at the ghoul, who smirked at him. "Don't look so anxious, Garrott. You make money for me, so get to work." She hissed at him. Garrott kept his glare trained on her, not moving nor responding. "Listen to me, Garrott, your little girlfriend is coming to Scaris, I expect as I have another apprentice coming over." Her unheard threat made Garrott very worried about Rochelle and her friend, unknown to him, she had a crew with her, which would mean that Moanatella Ghostier had more victims and Garrott didn't want Rochelle or her friends to be harmed by the evil ghoul.