What really started my card game career wasn't Yu-Gi-Oh, but Battle Spirits instead! Being the catalyst, not writing a Battle Spirits fanfiction would be horrible. So here I am!

In the Battle Spirits series, Burning Soul is one of my top favorites, that's why I decided to play around with the said series. Since there already is a ginormous amount of Battle Spirits cards which aren't used in the anime, OC cards aren't likely to appear.

In case any of the readers aren't familiar with the game, it's enough if you go and watch the first episode of Burning Soul where the basics are explained.


But before that...

Disclaimer: I don't own Battle Spirits Burning Soul, its characters, or any of its cards. Only my OCs.

Turn 1:

Mixed Deck User: Tenma Hidetaka


"Nega-Typhon, attack!"

An eleven-year-old boy shouted with a goofy smile, turning a Battle Spirits card sideways to the left. He had ruby-red eyes, short and choppy black taupe hair, and wore a green hoodie over a dark-blue shirt and khaki pants.

"Awww! Take it from the life..."

A younger voice whined. It owned to a ten-year-old girl with brown eyes, long dark-blue hair, and wore an orange star clip in her hair, a cute blue dress with a yellow bow. She had her cheeks puffed as she moved a small, light-blue gem on a game mat.

"No fair!" she folded her arms in frustration, trying to hide her head between her shoulders to hide a blush. "I almost won..."

"Battle Spirits is a game. You can win but lose as well. You can't help it, Oichi."

A third voice chuckled. The talk was another boy, this one twelve-year-old, with ocean-blue eyes, shoulder-length brown hair, with a small portion of it tied in a ponytail, and wore a red jacket with white fur over a yellow shirt and jeans.

The addressed girl, Oichi, pointed her tongue out at him, prompting the boy to laugh. He turned to the other male, an exasperated expression on his face. Nonetheless, he smiled.

"You could go easy on your little sister, Hidetaka."

Hidetaka pouted. "That would be no fun, Nobu-niisan!"

"How do you know if you don't try it?" the one called-Nobu asked.

"I just know it." Hidetaka stated with a determined look. "In a good fight, neither side holds back anything! You taught me this, Nobu-niisan!"

"I know, I know." Nobu raised his hands in defeat. "But, if that's the case, why do you always ask me to go easy on you before a fight?"

"E-Eh!?" it was Hidetaka's turn to blush. "T-That's...!"

"There's no way you can defeat Nobu!" Oichi told as she stood up, looking at her taller brother. "Nobu, go! Defeat him for me!"

"As the princess wishes." Nobu laughed and extracted his Deck from its holder.

"W-Wait!" Hidetaka exclaimed, waving his hands in defense. His sister laughed in victory, while Nobu chuckled at his siblings' rivalry.


Two red eyes slowly opened from a long sleep, their owner yawning as they stood up in a sitting position. It was a fourteen-year-old Hidetaka, now wearing a black hoodie with white trims over a blue shirt with the initials of Battle Spirits, "BS", on it and jeans. His hair was a little longer as well, reaching his shoulders.

Hidetaka scratched the back of his head and stiffed another yawn. He must have fallen asleep while watching a battle in Musashi's Stadium where the 3D virtual battles are taken place.

Tenma Hidetaka was the older brother of Tenma Ichi, or as she's called in the family, Oichi, who's the youngest executive in the International Battle Spirits Association, which controls Battle Spirits nationwide. They were the ones to invent the 3D battle system.

After the disappearance of Hidetaka's older brother, Tenma Nobunaga, or as he calls him, Nobu-niisan, he should have been IBSA's executive. But he declined, saying it wasn't his problem. After all, he had the whole world to travel and discover many battlers like himself! He can't just sit in a chair inside an office all day long.

Oichi is more than enough to order IBSA around. His sister was an excellent leader, which Hidetaka can't deny.

The young teen gasped as he almost fell backwards by his fatigue, and he rubbed his eyes to wake himself up. Well, if he came to see Musashi's battlers for himself, he better stay awake!

"Hey, did you hear what happened!?"

"Yeah! Apparently, a novice requested a match with Homura Toshiie!"

Hidetaka's eyes narrowed in an instant after hearing those whispers of two youths some feet away from him. Toshi is the person being talked about in Musashi, and he uses a Red Deck. He and another Green battler are the champions in each half of Musashi.

For a novice to challenge a champion... is he out of his right mind?

"Guys!" a new voice shouted, a boy who ran up to the group. "An elite guard of Homura's gang will fight the novice!"

Toshi is the leader of his Homura gang that formed shortly after he became a champion. Its components are other battlers who respect and admire Toshiie, nothing, nothing less.

True to the boy's words, the gang entered the Stadium, followed by another youth. He and a gang member walked to the Stadium's center, using the standard battler machines already there to lift into the air and start the fight.

While that started, Hidetaka stood up and walked to a group of kids that he noticed to enter after the gang arrived.

"Oi, you three." he called out, prompting the three to look at him. "Do you guys now that guy?" Hidetaka asked, pointing at the 'novice'.

"Um, yes..." a boy with brown-colored hair muttered. "His name is Sasuke, and is our friend..."

"I heard he's a novice." Hidetaka added. "Is that true?"

"Y-Yes." another male with glasses nodded. "He's new to the game."

"We tried stopping him!" a chubby male said. "But he didn't listen..."

Hidetaka turned his attention back to the fight. This Sasuke is in for a tough battler, he thought, seeing how many misplays he made. Instead of powering up his Spirits by using Cores he kept them at low Levels, making them easy prey, instead of being more aggressive he kept blocking with his Spirits, causing them to be destroyed...

The red-eyed battler wasn't surprised when Sasuke was overpowered and defeated. The gang member, Nagayori by what he heard, then took Sasuke's deck, saying he was ten years too young to be a battler.

This annoyed Hidetaka: a deck is-

"Wait a minute!" an energetic voice exclaimed. A youth, maybe one year younger than Hidetaka himself, jumped down from the audience onto the field, walking up to Nagayori. "A deck is a battler's life. If you take away that life, you don't qualify as a battler!" he shouted.

That's...That's exactly what Hidetaka was about to think! His eyes focused on the youth wondering who he was.

When Hidetaka was young, one time, he pulled an act on her sister by hiding her deck. Nobu-niisan scolded him, saying a deck is a battler's life, and if you take it away, you aren't qualified as a battler yourself. Hidetaka immediately gave Oichi's deck back with timid apologies, promising he won't do it again.

How did this youth know his brother's exact words?

"Who are you, punk!?" Nagayori asked annoyed, wondering the same thing as Hidetaka.

"You mean me?" the youth pointed at himself with his thumb. "My name is Rekka Yukimura! The man who rules the Battle Spirits world!"

"...Eh?" Hidetaka blinked twice. "The Battle Spirits world? Is he...serious...?"

"You punk... heh, you're funny." Nagayori scoffed with a smile. "Can't you do something else besides insulting me with your big mouth?"

"You want to try me?" Yukimura questioned. "But if I win, give back the deck you stole!" he shouted, reaching under his jacket to extract his Deck Case. "Come! Dragon of the roaring sky!" the eyes of the miniature dragon-head on the Case flashed red and a red beam was fired from it towards the sky.

Moments later, the alarm at the Stadium's entrance went off as a machine flew inside, taking a different form before levitating behind Yukimura.

"What is that!?" the chubby asked in awe and confusion.

"That's an S-Class battler private machine." Hidetaka replied, his eyes widening a little. "That Rekka Yukimura...is an S-Class battler?"

"Amazing..." the brown-haired breathed out.

A lot of questions roamed Hidetaka's head as he shifted his attention back to Yukimura. "Could he be..." he thought in surprise.

"But I never heard of an S-Class battler named Yukimura." the chubby pointed out.

"Same here." the one with glasses and the brown-haired nodded.

After Sasuke joined the group, the fight started. Nagayori was being cautious after seeing the battle machine, as a small pink-haired girl pointed out, who was an ally of Yukimura, Hidetaka presumed.

Even after losing his some Life Cores, the red-haired youth didn't seem disturbed, in fact, he became more fired-up, confusing Nagayori. By using the Soul Core perfectly and with the help of the True Clash attacking effect, Yukimura was able to easily defeated Nagayori by using Sengoku-Gurendragon.

As promised, Sasuke's deck was handed back to Yukimura. That's when Homura Toshiie appeared, challenging Yukimura to a match. By using his Key Spirit, Sengoku-Tiger, Toshi was able to destroy Yukimura's Sengoku-Gurendragon and corner him. However, that's when Samurai Dragon made its debut, and thanks to its effect, Yukimura won!

"Alright!" the three kids cheered.

"He defeated Toshi..." Sasuke breathed out. "Cool... he's really cool!"

"To think Homura Toshiie would lose to a never-seen S-Class battler that uses Red just like him..." Hidetaka thought. He narrowed his eyes. "My theory about Rekka Yukimura might be true. If that's the case..."

"Toshiie is as strong as the rumors say." the little girl commented. "Yukimura won this time, but it was dangerous."

"Homura Toshiie, you're strong!" Yukimura told to his defeated opponent.

"A loss is a loss." Toshi sighed. "Looks like there's someone who can beat me in a battle between Red." he lowered his battle machine and jumped off. "You really are something! But this isn't over. Next time, I'll be the winner!" Toshi vowed before walking off.

"Sure!" Yukimura nodded. "I want to have lots of heated battles with you, Toshiie!"

"Call me Toshi." he said, startling Yukimura. "So you're Rekka Yukimura? I won't forget it."

And with that, together with his gang, he left.

"They're just sore losers." the brown-haired boy said with a cocky expression.

"The match is already over." the chubby one added.

"Nope, not yet." Yukimura told, moving his battle machine in their direction. He jumped off and stood beside them. "I still haven't defeated his Sengoku-Tiger. It's not a true victory unless I defeat his Key Spirit."

"I suppose." the little girl nodded.

Hidetaka's eyes widen at Yukimura's words. Once again, he used Nobu-niisan's words! When he first started playing Battle Spirits and his brother was his teacher, he told a true victory should be obtained after the battlers' Key Spirits clash and one rises victorious. Hidetaka always feels the same: unless the opponent's Key Spirit is destroyed, a victory is bitter and hollow.

"There's no mistaking it." Hidetaka stared at Yukimura, who gave Sasuke his deck back. "He's the boy who Nobu-niisan befriended before departing... since that's the case, fighting him would be a great opportunity I can't miss."

"Yukimura, I-"

"Please, take me as your disciple, Yukimura!" Sasuke shouted over Hidetaka.

"Huh?" the red-haired youth blinked.

"Please, Yukimura!" Sasuke pleaded.

"I-I didn't come to Musashi in order to find a disciple..." Yukimura explained.

"I want to be stronger!" Sasuke exclaimed, startling him. "Please, take me as your disciple!"

"M-Maybe another time!" was the last thing Yukimura said before quickly running off, holding the little girl's hand and dragging her along.

"Wait!" Sasuke shouted, running after them.

"O-Oi..." Hidetaka muttered in shock, seeing them flee from the Stadium. "Great. Now I have to go after them." he scoffed in irritation, lazily walking in the direction Yukimura ran off to.


"What was that? Toshiie was defeated!?"

Several youths flinched at those words. They were all wearing the same time of clothing, a yellow shirt under a white long-sleeved jacket that had black trims and a set of angelic wings drawn on its back. Some of them had the jacket zipped up, others not, and they all had different hair, eye color, and shirts and pants.

In front of them stood a young girl, about fourteen-year-old, with bright pink eyes, very long yellow hair that reached her back and tied into two long strands with wing-shaped clips. She wore the same jacket as the youths, but her angelic wings had a much more majestic appearance, and it had blue trims instead of black. She also wore a black shirt with a purple-brown collar, a red skirt held up by a brown belt with a silver buckle and ring connecting to two straps going over her torso while her thighs are covered by biker shorts and she wears all brown boots.

She was Tenshi Yoshiko an S-Class battler who uses a Yellow Deck, also called "the angel princess of the skies", and rules the Echizen Province of Japan. One of her gang's member nodded to her previous question.

"Y-Yes, princess!"

"This must be a sign." Yoshiko said, turning to look at the clear sky. She closed her eyes as a gentle breeze picked up, slightly raising her hair. Quickly as it came, it vanished, and Yoshiko looked back at her gang. "A sign for us to follow! Tomorrow, we shall depart to Musashi!"

Her gang's members cried out in agreement, throwing their fists into the air...


"I see. So Toshiie was finally taken down."

A youth about sixteen-years-old commented with a sly smile. He had short, wide, purple eyebrows and indigo eyes, and his hair was two-toned, being uniformly black with violet underneath and fringes extending to frame his face. He wore a simple short-sleeved coat colored purple with pink trims over a black long-sleeved shirt and pants of the same color. He wore sandals made of wood with white socks.

His name was Susuida Yurin, an S-Class battler who uses a Purple Deck and rules the Izumo Province of Japan. He was sitting in his training room in a meditation pose and had his eyes closed.

"Yes." one of his gang's member said within the shadows of the barely lit room. His gang's outfit was similar to Yurin's, however, their faces were covered by a demon-like mask and their coat didn't have pink trims.

"That's perfect, then." Yurin nodded. "We've been waiting in the shadows for this chance. Our time to act has arrived."

The member nodded and seemingly disappeared into the shadows...


"To think Homura Toshiie would taste defeated... by a fellow Red user to boot..."

Were the words of a fourteen-year-old male who was staring at a village from atop a hill. He had a thin body size with pale skin and grey hair, the front layer was a lighter grey than the back, arranged in a simple style, flicking upwards at the ends. He had orange eyes and wore rather casual clothes, a gray sweater under a large hooded red and dark-blue sweatshirt, white pants that end just above his ankles, and brown shoes, along with a long red scarf wrapped around his shoulders.

He was Hogo Nagayoshi, an S-Class battler who uses a White Deck and rules the Settsu and Awa Provinces of Japan. His gang wore different clothes with different styles, but all of them wore the same sweatshirt as Nagayoshi.

"What do we do, leader?"

"In this era of conflict, we have one choice..." Nagayoshi told. "Tomorrow... we'll go to Musashi and see ourselves what's happening there."

"Understood, leader!" they exclaimed in unison...


Yukimura let loose of a silent sigh, looking out not to wake up Sasuke and Kanna, who have fallen asleep a long time ago.

Coming to Musashi was a good choice, Yukimura thought as he collected the cards of his deck. He already fought Toshiie and had a lot of fun in the said heated battle. He can't wait to meet other battlers as strong as Toshiie!

If he recalled right, Kanna mentioned something about other S-Class battlers who, like Toshiie, rule the Provinces of Japan. There was a ruler of each card color that existed in the Battle Spirits world, them being Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, and White.

"Who knows what type of battlers they are!?" Yukimura thought excited. Each color was unique from others and had different playing styles. Yukimura's deck revolves around heated battles by using the True Clash ability and such, but the Red color also uses destructive abilities to gain the advantage, like the deck Toshiie uses.

Yukimura's trail of thoughts was broken as he suddenly shivered. Did the temperature just drop or something? Not just that, but he got a weird feeling like somebody is watching him from the shadow...

The red-haired youth stood up and walked to the entrance, opening the door to the outside world. Yukimura was immediately greeted with the sight of an older teen standing some feet away from the door.

His eyes widen a little. "...I saw you before." he remembered. "You were there at Stadium with Sasuke's friends."

"I'm not that Sasuke's friend. My name Hidetaka." the other teen presented himself. "I saw your battles today and I was wondering..." Hidetaka extracted his Deck Case, revealing he was an S-Class battler as well. "Could we have a match, Rekka Yukimura?"

"Hidetaka, huh? I never heard of an S-Class battler with that name." Yukimura narrowed his eyes. "Why not?" he suddenly smirked. "I never turn down a challenge!"

Hidetaka smirked as well and he started walking away. "Follow me, then."

Yukimura closed the door before following the other youth, who was leading him to Musashi's large and main park. Once they arrived there, they took some distance.

"Sorry for the location, but I don't like it when a crowd watches my fights," Hidetaka explained. "If you're okay with this, then let's start."

"Sure!" Yukimura nodded before he blinked. "But...why do you want to fight me?"

"What do you call them?" Hidetaka asked. "Heated battles?" he shrugged. "In any case, I do like heated battles as well. A lot. From the moment I came to Musashi, I didn't fight somebody who could entertain me. However, I believe you are the battler I'm searching for."

"Oh, in that case, we have the same goal." Yukimura said. "I love heated battles as well!" he blew his jacket back a little, and extracted his Deck Case, pointing it at the sky. "Let's fight, Hidetaka! Come! Dragon of the roaring sky!"

The darkness shadowed Hidetaka's wide grin as he extracted his Deck Case from the inside of his hoodie. Unlike Yukimura's which has a dragon head, his had a miniature fox-like head from which nine black accents emerged and washed over the case's snow-white parts. "Appear, Nine-tailed black fox!"

A red and purple beam launched from their cases, vanishing in the sky. Moments later, their battle machines descended from above them. Hidetaka's machine changed its appearance, resembling Toshiie's machine somewhat, but with a fox head instead of a tiger's, and erupting from its back were nine tail-appendages to which propellers were attached. It was mainly colored black with some white accents.

The two battlers jumped backwards and onto their battle machines, and shouted in unison.

"Gate Open! Release!"

A large rectangular-shaped battlefield formed around them and they took more distance between them. They placed their decks on their boards' Deck Zone, drew their initial hands, and placed Cores to the Reserve and Life.

Yukimura: 5 Life Cores


Hidetaka: 5 Life Cores

"I'll take the first turn!" Yukimura announced as he drew a card. "I summon two War Lizards, one of which is at Level 2!"

As he placed the cards on his board with all the Cores from his Reserve, two small lizards materialized on Yukimura's field. They had an orange-colored body with a vanilla neck and belly, wide green eyes, a miniature sword attached to their tales, and wore blue armor.

War Lizard: 1 Core / LV 1 / 1000 BP / 1 Red Symbol

War Lizard: 2 Cores + 1 Soul Core / LV 2 / 3000 BP / 1 Red Symbol

Yukimura - Reserve: 30 Cores + 10 Soul Core

"Since I went first, I can't attack. Turn End!" Yukimura concluded. "Let's see what type of fight you'll show me, Hidetaka!" he thought, his eyes burning with excitement.

The fox's eyes of the machine lit up. "Watashi no turn." Hidetaka declared on cue. "Core Step."

Hidetaka - Reserve: 34 Cores + 1 Soul Core

"Draw Step. Main Step." Hidetaka said, placing two cards from his on the board. "I summon two Swordolls, one at Level 2."

After his words, two Spirits formed on his field. They were two humanoid monsters made of bones with swords instead of hands, a head with a beak and two horns, and wore dark-purple armor on their chests. They brandished their swords in a menacing manner at their enemy.

Swordoll: 1 Core / LV 1 / 1000 BP / 1 Purple Symbol

Swordoll: 2 Cores + 1 Soul Core / LV 2 / 3000 BP / 1 Purple Symbol

Hidetaka - Reserve: 40 Cores + 10 Soul Core / Trash: 01 Cores

"So he's a Purple battler..." Yukimura whispered to himself.

"Burst Set!" Hidetaka shouted, slamming down a card on his board face-down.

"A Burst!?" Yukimura thought in surprise. "A Burst can be activated when various conditions are fulfilled, they are like counter cards. However, what type of Burst is set, what effect it has, and when it will activate, is only known by the one who set it."

Nonetheless, he smiled. "Bursts can bring some pressure to the opponent." Yukimura said. "You're already trying to corner me mentally, yes?"

"Who knows." Hidetaka smirked. "Attack Step! Go, the Swordoll at Level 2 attacks!" he shouted, turning his card to the left. At the same time, the card on his field turned sideways as well, and Swordoll shrieked before running forwards.

"Take it from the life!" Yukimura exclaimed as a giant Core appeared in front of his machine. Swordoll leaped into the air and swung its swords at the Core, breaking it apart and sending Yukimura back a little.

Yukimura - Life: 54 / Reserve: 01 Cores

"With this, I end my turn." Hidetaka concluded.

"Alright! Ore no turn!" Yukimura announced. "Core Step!"

Yukimura - Reserve: 12 Cores

"Draw Step! Main Step!" Yukimura shouted, placing down a card on his board. "I summon Jinraidragon at Level 1!"

By using the Cores in his Reserve, a dragon with black scales, orange neck and wing-membranes, and wearing old-looking armor, appeared on the red-haired teen's field, roaring at the enemy.

Jinraidragon: 1 Cores / LV 1 / 3000 BP / 1 Red Symbol

Yukimura - Reserve: 20 Cores / Trash: 01 Cores

"It appeared." Hidetaka muttered. "Jinraidragon..."

"Then, I switch War Lizard's Soul Core with Jinraidragon's Core!" Yukimura stated as the two cores were switching. "And now, Attack Step! Do it, Jinraidragon! It's effect when attacking: it gains 3000 BP, and with the Soul Core's power, True Clash!"

As he turned the Spirits card to the right, the black-scaled dragon was surrounded in a crimson aura as its BP rose to 6000. It roared and dived forward.

Everybody turns their cards to the right nowadays, but Hidetaka likes to turn them to the left instead. It reminds him of all those times when he fought Oichi and Nobu-niisan when he was still new to the game and couldn't distinguish left from right. Old habits die hard.

"Block it, Swordoll."

Following Hidetaka's words, the Level 1 Swordoll nodded and stepped forward, crossing its swords in defense. It was no use because, by using the sword attached to its tail, Jinraidragon deflected them and pierced Swordoll's chest with the sword on its head, causing the Purple Spirit to explode.

"I was waiting for this moment!" Hidetaka abruptly stated. "Because my Spirit was destroyed by the opponent, my Burst activates!" he slammed his hand on the board, causing his face-down card to flip up. "Double Blaster! Through its effect, I draw two cards!"

"That was a Red card." Yukimura noted, his eyes widening a little. "He uses Purple and Red? A mixed deck... interesting!" he grinned. "My attack isn't over yet! Go, War Lizard!"

The Level 1 War Lizard started running towards the other field.

"Take it from the life!" Hidetaka declared as a giant Core appeared and was destroyed by War Lizard's attack, which jumped into the air and headbutted the core.

Hidetaka - Life: 54 / Reserve: 12 Cores

"Turn End!" Yukimura concluded. "His earlier Burst was crafty." he thought. "He must have seen my fight against Toshi and knew about Jinraidragon's True Clash effect. So he let me destroy his Spirit to draw two new cards in return. Hidetaka... he's not an S-Class battler for nothing."

"Watashi no turn." Hidetaka said. "Core Step. Draw Step." Hidetaka drew his fifth card. "Refresh Step."

The red-eyes battler added a Core to his Reserve and turned Swordoll's card back straight and moved the Cores from his Trash to the Reserve.

Hidetaka - Reserve: 234 Cores / Trash: 10 Cores

"Main Step. I summon Bone-Dile to my field at Level 2."

Upon those words, the ground cracked into two as an alligator made entirely of bones emerged. It had several amethyst crystals attached to its body, and its crimson eyes stared hungrily at the enemy.

Bone-Dile: 3 Cores / LV 2 / 3000 BP / 1 Purple Symbol

Hidetaka - Reserve: 40 Cores / Trash: 01 Cores

"Burst Set!" Hidetaka told, placing another face-down on his board. "Attack Step!" he cried out, turning his cards sideways. "Swordoll, Bone-Dile, do it!"

"He's leaving no blockers...?" Yukimura's eyes widen a bit. "War Lizard will block Swordoll's attack! While for Bone-Dile... take it from the life!"

Following its command, the Level 2 War Lizard jumped onto Swordoll, startling it. Each Spirit pierced the other's back by using their sword, and they exploded in unison. Bone-Dile leaped out of the smoke seconds later, destroying a Core that protected Yukimura.

Yukimura - Life: 43 / Reserve: 34 Cores

"Turn End."

"Ore no turn!" Yukimura said on cue. "Core Step! Draw Step!" after drawing, he nodded to himself. "Alright! You came at a good timing. Refresh Step!"

War Lizard and Jinraidragon stood back up, ready to battle once again.

Yukimura - Reserve: 456 Cores / Trash: 10 Cores

Yukimura smirked and slammed his new card on the board. "I summon! Samurai-Dragon at Level 2!"

As the card appeared on his field, a twister of flames erupted from it. Moments later, the flames turned to beautiful cherry blossoms and revealed a blue-scaled dragon with long blue hair tied in a ponytail and wearing samurai clothes.

Samurai-Dragon: 2 Cores / LV 2 / 6000 BP / 1 Red Symbol

Yukimura - Reserve: 61 Cores / Trash: 03 Cores

"Next, I add one Core to Jinraidragon!" Yukimura stated, using up all the Cores in his Reserve. "Attack Step! Jinraidragon, go! Attack!"

"Take it from the life!" Hidetaka replied without hesitation.

The black-scaled dragon roared as it beat its wing, taking to the skies and headbutting the Core which protected Hidetaka.

Hidetaka - Life: 43 / Reserve: 23 Cores + 1 Soul Core

"Alright! Now I-"

"Because my Life decreased, my Burst activates!" Hidetaka abruptly declared, shocking his opponent. "Ultimate Wall! After the end of this battle, your Attack Step is forced to end!"

A massive wall of ice appeared in front of Yukimura's field, stopping his Spirits from advancing.

"What!?" Yukimura gasped and gritted his teeth. "I end my turn..."

"At the beginning of your turn, you said Samurai-Dragon came at a good timing." Hidetaka pointed out. "Seeing I didn't leave any blockers, that means you must have another card with True Clash in your hand, which would be useless at the moment. That's why you waited for Samurai-Dragon. Thanks to its effect, you could've refreshed it and attack for game, right?"

Yukimura glanced at his hand, seeing Sengoku-Gurendragon, which in this case, as his opponent said, wouldn't be of much use.

"Just from the words I carelessly said, he was able to guess the situation?" he thought as sweat ran down his cheek. "Hidetaka... what an opponent..."

"Watashi no turn." Hidetaka broke his thoughts. "Core Step. Draw Step. Refresh Step."

Bone-Dile shook its head as it woke up from a long sleep, its eyes burning red in the night.

Hidetaka - Reserve: 345 Cores + 1 Soul Core / Trash: 10 Cores

"Main Step! During my Main Step, Bone-Dile gains two White Symbols!" Hidetaka explained as on Bone-Dile's card two diamond gems materialized and glowed. He took a card from his hand and raised it into the air.

"Six heads breathing darkness, one head unleashing death, appear now!" he chanted before slamming the card on his board. "I summon: Nega-Typhon at Level 2."

The shadows produced by the moon's light seemed to concentrate in front of Hidetaka, taking the form of a new Spirit: it had a long serpentine body made of metal with golden trims and orange circuits. Two arms with clawed hands emerged from its body, just under its chest from which six heads sprouted, along with its main head. All of its pink-glowing eyes focused on the enemy before giving a loud roar.

Nega-Typhon: 2 Cores + 1 Soul Core / LV 2 / 6000 BP / 1 White Symbol

Hidetaka - Reserve: 51 Cores + 10 Soul Core / Trash: 02 Cores

"Purple and Red and White?" Yukimura took a step back. "He uses three colors..."

"I activate Nega-Typhon's effect when summoned: Rush!" Hidetaka said. "Rush is a special effect that, when combined with different color spirits, can be achieved. In this case, because I control a Purple symbol, I can draw one card!"

"That must be the reason why he uses a mixed deck." Yukimura thought. "To activate Rush."

"Burst Set! Attack Step!" Hidetaka announced. "Nega-Typhon, attack! At the same time, Flash Timing!" he said, revealing a card from his hand. "Magic: Dream Nebula! To pay the cost, I take two Cores from Bone-Dile and one from my Reserve!"

"A Magic at this timing!?" Yukimura gasped.

Bone-Dile: 31 Cores / LV 21 / 30002000 BP / 1 Purple Symbol

Hidetaka - Reserve: 10 Cores / Trash: 25 Cores

"Through Dream Nebula's effect, an opposing Spirit returns to the hand!" Hidetaka stated. "Get lost, Samurai-Dragon!"

The red-haired battler gritted his teeth and picked up his card, causing the dragon on his field to roar in agony before it vanished.

"Then, Rush activated!" Hidetaka went on. "Because I control one Purple symbol, I can move one Core from an opposing Spirit to the Reserve! I choose War Lizard, bringing it to 0 Cores. Spirits with 0 Cores cannot exist on the field, so War Lizard is depleted!"

The Spirit in question became shocked as its only Core vanished, causing him to disappear as well.

"And because I control two Purple symbols, I can draw one card!" Hidetaka said. "Due to its effect, Nega-Typhon, at Level 2 and 3, can be treated as a Purple Spirit as well."

Yukimura frowned. "Take it from the life!"

The serpent fired a beam from each of its extra head, shattering the Core that protected the Red battler, causing him to cry out as his machine was thrown back.

Yukimura - Life: 32 / Reserve: 34 Cores

"Bone-Dile attacks as well!"

Seeing his only Spirit, Jinraidragon was exhausted, Yukimura had to brace himself as the alligator destroyed another of his Life Cores.

Yukimura - Life: 21 / Reserve: 45 Cores

"Turn End!" the black-haired battler concluded.

"He left himself wide open again, even knowing I have Samurai-Dragon in my hand..." Yukimura thought. "Does he have another Magic in his hand? Or maybe..."

He grinned. "This fight is very good, Hidetaka. It's on the same level as Toshi's fight!"

"Just like then, you were in a pinch." the other pointed out. "Do you perhaps want to point out how you turned around the tides and won, and that you'll do the same now?"

"Got it in one." Yukimura nodded. "Ore no turn! Core Step! Draw Step! Refresh Step!"

Jinraidragon roared as it stood back up.

Yukimura - Reserve: 569 Cores / Trash: 30 Cores

"Main Step! I summon a new War Lizard at Level 2!" Yukimura said. "Then, I re-summon Samurai Dragon to my field!"

Another small lizard appeared, and seconds later, Samurai-Dragon emerged from a storm of cherry blossoms.

War Lizard: 3 Cores / LV 2 / 3000 BP / 1 Red Symbol

Samurai-Dragon: 2 Cores / LV 2 / 6000 BP / 1 Red Symbol

Yukimura - Reserve: 961 Cores / Trash: 03 Cores

"Attack Step!" Yukimura yelled. "Go, Jinraidragon!"

Due to its effect, its power rose to 6000 BP and it gained a crimson aura. The moment Jinraidragon moved forward, the eyes of Nega-Typhon flashed pink.

"The effect of Nega-Typhon activates!" Hidetaka declared. "When an opposing Spirit attacks, I can place one Core from the Void to a Purple Spirit I control and refresh Nega-Typhon! Since it can be treated as one, I place a Core on itself!"

Nega-Typhon: 23 Cores + 1 Soul Core / LV 23 / 60007000 BP / 1 White Symbol

"Block!" the long-haired teen commanded his Spirit. "I won this battle!"

"No, not yet!" Yukimura said. "Flash Timing! Magic: Soul Aura! This turn, all my Spirits gain 3000 BP, and those with a Soul Core gain another 3000 BP!"

"Nan-dato!?" Hidetaka gasped as the entire field of his opponent obtained a red glow.

Yukimura - Reserve: 10 Cores / Trash: 34 Cores

"With this, Jinraidragon has 10000 BP!" Yukimura pointed out as his dragon swung its sword at Nega-Typhon, cutting its head off and prompting it to explode.

"No way..." Hidetaka wheezed out, shocked by his Spirits destruction.

"Leaving yourself wide open again made me think your Spirit had a nasty effect in store," Yukimura explained. "I used Jinraidragon and Soul Aura to test that theory, and I was right! Now, you're wide open, Hidetaka! Attack, Samurai-Dragon!"

The dragon swung its blade to the side, creating a crescent-shaped slash which cut in half the opponent's Life Core.

Hidetaka - Life: 32 / Reserve: 34 Cores + 1 Soul Core

"Because my Life decreased...my Burst activates!" Hidetaka intoned, slamming his hand on the board and flipping his face-down up. "Burst Wall! I move one Core from the Void to my Life! Then, by paying the cost, I activate its Flash Effect: your Attack Step is forced to end!"

Another wall of ice erupted from the ground, stopping the red-haired teen in his tracks.

Hidetaka - Life: 23 / Reserve: 40 Cores + 1 Soul Core / Trash: 59 Cores

"He had another Wall set..." Yukimura clicked his tongue in annoyance. "In that case, I end my turn."

Hidetaka was silent for a long time. Out of nowhere, his shoulders started shaking and he laughed, confusing his opponent.

"Amazing!" he grinned wide. "I can't remember the last time somebody was able to destroy Nega-Typhon this easily! You are truly something out of this world, Rekka Yukimura!"

"Watashi no turn!" he declared. "Core Step! Draw Step!" his eyes widen in excitement at what he got. "Bingo... Refresh Step!"

His Bone-Dile stood back up at attention.

Hidetaka - Reserve: 0110 Cores + 1 Soul Core / Trash: 90 Cores

"He seems more vigorous now..." Yukimura noted. He narrowed his eyes. "What did he just draw? Could it be... his Key Spirit?"

"I summon The Wondering Armor to my field!" Hidetaka shouted. "Through its effect when summoned, I draw a card!"

A purple fog materialized on his field, from which a humanoid Spirit clad in old-looking armor, a sword, and a single red eye emerged and gave a battle cry.

The Wondering Armor: 1 Cores / LV 1 / 2000 BP / 1 Purple Symbol

Hidetaka - Reserve: 108 Cores + 1 Soul Core / Trash: 01 Cores

He then took a card from his hand and raised it into the air. "Now, appear-!"


The fight was suddenly stopped by the sound of a ringing phone. Hidetaka blinked before placing the card back into his hand and taking his phone out of his pocket.

"Sorry, this is an important one." he waved his hand and picked it up. "Hello?"

"Seriously..." Yukimura sweatdropped. He didn't have any problems with the sudden halt, but doesn't the guy know it's kinda rude to answer a phone mid-match? Oh well.

"I'll see you then." Hidetaka said to the person on the other end. The call was over and he placed the phone away. "Now, where were we...?" he asked, looking at his hand. "Ah, yes. Now, appear Soulhorse. Then, I raise all my Spirits to their highest Levels."

Yukimura watched in confusion as a purple-colored horse with legal armor and flaming swords instead of hoofs appeared, and all of the enemy Spirits rose with power.

Bone-Dile: 12 Cores + 1 Soul Core/ LV 12 / 20003000 BP / 1 Purple Symbol

The Wondering Armor: 13 Cores / LV 12 / 20003000 BP / 1 Purple Symbol

Soulhorse: 2 Cores / LV 2 / 2000 BP / 1 Purple Symbol

Hidetaka - Reserve: 83 Cores + 10 Soul Core

"Turn End."

"That's it?" the red-haired teen thought. "His energetic-self vanished as well... what did he talk with the person on the phone? Did that ruin his momentum...?"

"Either way, it's my turn!" he said out loud. "Core Step! Draw Step! Refresh Step!"

Jinraidragon roared as it was refreshed.

Yukimura - Reserve: 015 Cores / Trash: 40 Cores

"Main Step! Okay, everything is ready. I'll finish it this turn! By using Jinraidragon's Soul Core, I summon this!" he slammed a card onto his board. "Sengoku-Gurendragon at Level 2!"

A large tornado of flames erupted from the ground, which contained the newly summoned dragon. Gurendragon roared, causing the flames to vanish and reveal its powerful form.

Sengoku-Gurendragon: 2 Cores + 1 Soul Core / LV 2 / 7000 BP / 1 Red Symbol

Yukimura - Reserve: 50 Cores / Trash: 03 Cores

"Go, Gurendragon! Attack!" Yukimura addressed his dragon. "And with its effect, it gains 5000 BP, and True Clash activates!"

"Wondering Armor will block!" Hidetaka said as his warrior stepped forward, just for it to be bisected by Sengoku-Gurendragon's blades.

"Because it destroyed a blocking opposing Spirit, Gurendragon's Level 2 and 3 effect activates!" Yukimura stated. "With the Soul Core's power, one opposing Life is destroyed!"

A Life Core materialized in front of Hidetaka's machine, which was easily destroyed by the dragon's blades.

Hidetaka - Life: 32 / Reserve: 34 Cores

"Then, Jinraidragon is next!" Yukimura said as his other dragon flew forward.

"Take it from the life!" Hidetaka declared, another Life Core being destroyed.

Hidetaka - Life: 21 / Reserve: 45 Cores

"War Lizard!"

"Block it, Bone-Dile!"

Following their words, the alligator grabbed the approaching lizard in its mouth, eating it and causing it to explode between its teeth. The explosion caused Bone-Dile to perish as well.

"Samurai-Dragon, attack!"

"Soulhorse, block!"

With a swift swing of its sword, Samurai-Dragon bisected the Hellish horse and made it explode.

"Flash Timing!" Yukimura smirked. "Awaken! I move Sengoku-Gurendragon's Soul Core to Samurai-Dragon, raising it to Level 3! Then, because I added the Soul Core with this effect, Samurai-Dragon gains 5000 BP and is refreshed!"

The blue-scaled dragon roared as a crimson aura enveloped its body. At the same time, even Yukimura was surrounded by flames as he gave a battle cry.

Samurai-Dragon: 3 Cores + 01 Soul Core / LV 23 / 60001300 BP / 1 Red Symbol

"My soul is burning!" he exclaimed, clenching his fists. "Burn, Samurai-Dragon! Finish this!"

With one last roar, the dragon leaped forward and cut into pieces the last Life Core of the opponent, who was surrounded by the light made by the Core's destruction.

Hidetaka - Life: 10

Winner: Yukimura!

The battlefield vanished as the fight was over, and Yukimura jumped down his machine and walked up to his opponent, who was on the ground in a sitting position.

"It was an amazing fight, Hidetaka!" Yukimura helped the other youth to his feet. "We should fight again someday!"

"Yeah..." Hidetaka nodded, scratching the back of his head. "Maybe next time we could have our Key Spirits clash."

"Eh? Wasn't Nega-Typhon your Key Spirit?" he asked, obtaining a shake of the other's head. "But what did you draw in your last turn? You looked very excited to use it before the phone call."

"Oh, that? It was a bluff." Hidetaka chuckled. He turned around and started walking away, waving his hand at the other battler. "I have to go now. Take care, Rekka Yukimura!"

"Likewise! I hope our next fight will be even more heated!" Yukimura nodded.

As Hidetaka vanished in the night's darkness, the red-haired teen glanced up at the glowing moon. "A bluff, huh? After the phone call, he didn't pick up the same card he was about to play, though... Hidetaka... just what fighter are you?"


- Tenma Hidetaka is based on Oda Hidetaka (? - July 14, 1555), a Sengoku period warrior in 16th century Japan. His mother also gave birth to three of his older brothers: Oda Nobunaga, Oda Nobuyuki, and Oda Nobukane.

- Tenshi Yoshiko is based on Asakura Yoshikage (October 12, 1533 – September 16, 1573), a Japanese daimyō of the Sengoku period who ruled a part of Echizen Province.

- Susuida Yurin is based on Amago Yoshihisa (1540 – October 14, 1610), a Japanese daimyōof Izumo Province. As a monk, Yoshihisa changed his name to Yurin.

- Hogo Nagayoshi is based on Miyoshi Nagayoshi (March 10, 1522 – August 10, 1564), eldest son of Miyoshi Motonaga and a Japanese samurai and daimyō who was lord of the Miyoshi clan during the Sengoku period.

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