Turn 7:

Messenger from the IBSA


At the Honda Airport, which is located in Musashi, a white personal jet with the IBSA logo on one of its sides just landed, successfully stopping on the runway. A unit equipped with passenger stairs shortly came to the plane, attaching its stairs to the plane's door, which then opened.

A young teen with a fairly small height for her age walked out, opening her umbrella and shielding herself from the sun's rays. She was thirteen, had fair skin, brown eyes, long dark blue hair, and wore an orange star clip in her hair, a blue dress that reached her knees, a short-sleeved white jacket, and a yellow bow.

She started walking down the stairs, and a second person walked out of the plane, following her as a bodyguard. It was a young man with olive skin, twice as tall as the female, had grey eyes, black hair which is spiked up in the back, and wore a purple suit with black trims, a pink shirt underneath, and a white tie.

After the two went through the terminal and exited Honda Airport, they walked up to a familiar face standing beside a black limousine.

"Now I understand why you like traveling so much." the female smiled as she stopped beside the person. "Sitting in an office with a daily schedule always full is Hell compared to this."

"I have good tastes, Oichi."

"Are you implying my tastes are bad, Brother?" Oichi puffed her cheeks.

"Not necessarily." Hidetaka smiled. He turned to the male. "Nice seeing you again, Katsuie."

"Hidetaka-sama." Katsuie bowed his head in respect as a greeting. He opened the limo's backseat door, and the two Tenma siblings sat into it. Once Katsuie sat into the driver seat, he started the engine and they left the airport.

"How have been things back home?"

"The higher-ups stopped asking questions about you and don't bother trying to persuade you in returning to take your position as an executive," Oichi explained to her brother. "Apart from that, everything's the same. Requesting new cards from our lacking card designers, installing new Stadium's worldwide, picking up annoying phone calls, meetings- you know the drill."

"And people wonder why I left the IBSA." Hidetaka folded his arms.

"Your job is as important as mine, Brother. Yours is simply more exciting. " Oichi smiled. "That said, how's it going?"

"Yesterday, it started." Hidetaka eyed her. "But with you here, we're not falling behind."

"That's good to hear." Oichi giggled.

"If I may know, what are you talking about?" Katsuie raised an eyebrow, glancing at the two in the rear-view mirror's reflection for a second. Hidetaka has a job? He didn't know anything about it... and the way they're talking about it hints Oichi is involved, too.

"About Dairokuten Maou's actions." Oichi revealed.

"What!? You two are already on his tail?" Katsuie's eyes widen.

"Of course." Hidetaka smirked. "That's why Oichi came here incognito. If the higher-ups knew about it, word would have spread in the company. And we can't draw a line over the fact Dairokuten Maou could have a mole in IBSA."

"That's why you wanted to leave the H.Q. with no real reason, Oichi-sama." the man realized. As expected of the two siblings, nothing escapes their fangs and attention once they start a hunt. "What's your plan?"

The Shiraishi family served the Tenma's since ancient times, and Katsuie was no different. He was the three heirs' guardian since Oichi became nine, and the siblings knew him like the back of their hands and trusted him deeply, as did he. They had no problem in revealing this plan to him, Katsuie would never leak such information to anyone.

"Dairokuten Maou's plan consists in three steps." Oichi stated. "The first is to select a candidate that'll be gifted with striking power. The second is to have the herald take control over Musashi, the main battlefield of these days. With that victory, the herald will eventually conquer Japan, and that's when Dairokuten Maou will finish his plan by defeating the herald and taking over its position."

"I understand. That way he'll gain control over the triumphed lands." Katsuie nodded.

"Indeed. It's a carefully planned Main Step followed by a sure-kill Battle Step." she added.

"His candidates were the Province rulers, who want to unify the nation under their Colour." Hidetaka said. "Out of them, he chose Houryokuin Kanetsugu, the winner of the competition to decide who's the best. He sent out his lackeys to defeat the other Province rulers, and those Provinces fell under the Green Colour's control."

"What's left is the third step..." Katsuie noted in worry. "How do you plan on stopping him at this hour?"

"When one loses, a battler questions their true worth. Can they learn something from that loss, and then grow?" Hidetaka narrowed his eyes. "The defeated Province rulers are questioning their worth as we speak, while Rekka Yukimura is trying to learn the art of Soul Burst to rise to the top once more."

"Our mission will be to help them develop and Level up." Oichi concluded. "This will be our Main Step to counter Dairokuten Maou. Oh, that said, Katsuie, would mind if we stop here? I would like to walk across town a little and have a memorable time."

"As you wish." Katsuie nodded.

Stopping the limo in a nearby parking lot, the three started walking amidst the buildings and several pedestrians, passing numerous kids and youths, who played Battle Spirits or talked about it, and card shops filled with battlers.

"As expected from the town of Musashi." Oichi giggled. "Battle Spirits it's at the height of popularity. Oh!"

"Kacchumushi attacks!"

"Shinobikogane blocks!"

"Ah, in that case, you might want to use Wind Release Technique." Oichi interrupted the battle by taking a card out of the second kid's hand, revealing the said card to both, who blinked in surprise. "Magic Cards are made to help in a pinch."

The two kids glanced at her but saw Katsuie towering over them, prompting them to cry out in surprise.

"Aww... geez, Katsuie." Oichi whined at him. He returned the card to a kid with a smile. "I'm sorry if he startled you. Well, let's get going."

"Right." Katsuie said and Hidetaka nodded, the three returning to their walk.

With or without the kids' shouts that caught others' attention, everyone who they passed gave shocked expressions at the giant Katsuie, who towered over everything.

"I came here for an incognito mission, but having you with me stands out." Oichi pointed out at the man. "I thought I'd get a Refresh Step, with the demons away."

"If anything were to happen to you, it would be a crisis back home." Katsuie reminded her. "I must protect you so no incident occurs. That is my purpose. Please, be patient."

"Yeah, yeah." Oichi sighed. "On another subject, a lot of Green decks are being used."

"It was likely the effect of Houryokuin's victory and popularity." Hidetaka said, holding the umbrella for his sister and over the two's head. "It's natural for society to admire someone strong."

"That's enlightening." Oichi smiled. "Returning to our prior discussion, you said Rekka Yukimura wants to learn Soul Burst."

"Yeah." Hidetaka nodded. "Yesterday night, a friend of his revealed a Catalyst in her possession that Yukimura can use to defeat Houryokuin. Since then he, his friends, and I are searching for a card with Soul Burst he could add to his deck."

"Hmm, that's interesting." Oichi giggled.

Moments later after she said that, the three wandered into a large park and stumbled into the very people they were discussing.

"My! This card is..." Oichi took what Yukimura was holding without advance, startling him. "I never thought I'd see one here! What unexpected good luck. It's like Core Boost from the void."

"Hidetaka?" Yukimura spoke in surprise, noticing his rival with the two.

"Why was I never lucky enough to encounter Muramasa-san until now?" Oichi blushed and caressed the card with her cheek. "I certainly want to add this to my collection."

"Oichi, don't take other people's card without permission." Hidetaka scolded her, earning a confused glance. "Ask them first."

"Huh?" Oichi blinked. "I wasn't doing anything wrong with the card. I was simply admiring it."

"But on the wrong level." Hidetaka took the card out of her hand. "Come on, this card is extremely important to Yukimura."

"Yukimura-san? That would be you?" his sister turned to the youth, leaning close to his face.

"Umm... who are you?" Yukimura asked in confusion.

"Ah, how rude of me." she straightened out. "I'm Tenma Ichi." she bowed with her head.

"Tenma?" Yukimura glanced between the two siblings. "Tenma... wait, you two are-!"

"Yeah." Hidetaka gestured to the female. "She's my little sister."

"Ehhh!?" the others gasped.

After moving to the small shelter near their area and explaining who Oichi was to the others, why she's here, and why Hidetaka wasn't an IBSA executive, Kanna addressed Oichi with a question.

"It's about this." Kanna showed Muramasa-Dragon. "I'm sure there must be a Red Soul Burst card somewhere suitable for Muramasa-Dragon."

"That's right! There is one, right?" Yukimura took the card and walked up to her. "Where do I need to go to find it? Tell me."

"Get back, you boor!" Katsuie shoved him back, getting too close to the IBSA executive.

"Please! I absolutely need that card!" Yukimura added.

"It seems so. The Red Soul Burst you're searching for does currently exist, of course." Oichi said, making the others delighted. "However, there are as many Battle Spirits cards as there are stars, and Soul Burst is rare among them. Even as an IBSA executive, I don't know where to find them in this wide country. But... Katsuie."

"Right." the man extracted a case from his suit, handing it to her.

"Thank you. I actually happen to have one with me." Oichi extracted a card from it. "See?"

"No way!" Kanna exclaimed in shock, slowly walking towards the card. "That's it! That's truly a Red Soul Burst made for Muramasa-Dragon!"

Hidetaka chuckled, knowing this wasn't luck but his sister's skill to collect rare cards with which she can't leave the house. However, since she came here on a mission, it was obvious she would bring them along.


"It's like an attraction." Oichi hugged the card before Yukimura could touch it. "It must be fate for those two cards to meet on this earth. OK then. If you truly desire this card, I shall give it to you."

"Really!?" Yukimura gasped.

"Alright!" the kids cheered.

"But..." Oichi started.


"I can't just do it so unconditionally. I know! Battlers should battle after all, so why don't you have a battle with Brother. If you can make an impressive victory... I would be glad to give you this Soul Burst. But on the other hand... if you lose, then how about you give me your Muramasa-san?"

"No way! Muramasa-Dragon!?" Yuya gasped.

"Against Hidetaka...!?" Sasuke muttered.

"In that case, the conditions are equal." Yukimura noted.

"This took a turn for the better." Hidetaka smirked, not expecting this condition himself. "What do you say, rival? We haven't had our rematch and a heated battle yet."

"Yeah. If a battle decides it, then it's no problem!" Yukimura nodded.

"OK, it's settled!" Oichi clapped her hands together with a mischevious smile.

Moving to the park's large field, and Hidetaka extracted his Deck Case from the inside of his hoodie that had a miniature fox head from which nine black accents emerged and washed over the case's snow-white parts.

"Appear, Nine-tailed black fox!" a purple beam launched from it, vanishing in the sky.

"As Yukimura mentioned, he's an S-Class battler." Kanna noted.

Yukimura blew his jacket back a little, and extracted his Deck Case, pointing it at the sky. "Come! Dragon of the roaring sky!"

Moments later, their battle machines descended from above them. Hidetaka's machine changed its appearance, resembling Toshiie's machine somewhat, but with a fox head instead of a tiger's, and erupting from its back were nine tail-appendages to which propellers were attached. It was mainly colored black with some white accents.

A crowd formed around them, having caught a glance of Yukimura's battle machine coming to this area and knowing he's going to battle. The two battlers jumped backwards and onto their respective platforms.

"Gate Open! Release!" they shouted in unison, summoning a battlefield around them.

Hidetaka: 5 Life Cores


Yukimura: 5 Life Cores

"Go, Yukimura!" Yuya shouted.

"You definitely can't lose!" Sasuke reminded him.

"Now, let's see Hidetaka's strength with our own eyes." Kanna said.

"Let's go! Ore no turn!" Yukimura drew his new card. "I summon two War Lizards at once! Turn End!"

The two lizards with miniature swords attached to their tails appeared on his field, each giving a battle cry.

War Lizard: 1 Core / LV 1 / 1000 BP / 1 Red Symbol

War Lizard: 2 Cores + 1 Soul Core / LV 2 / 3000 BP / 1 Red Symbol

Yukimura - Reserve: 30 Cores + 10 Soul Core

"Next is Hidetaka-sama's turn." Katsuie told, and Oichi watched on with a smile.

The fox's eyes lit up. "Watashi no turn." Hidetaka declared on cue. "Core Step. Draw Step."

Hidetaka - Reserve: 34 Cores + 1 Soul Core

"Main Step. I summon Bone-Dile and Soulhorse at Level 2!"

Upon those words, the ground cracked into two as the alligator made entirely of bones with amethyst crystals emerged, its crimson eyes glowing with hunger. Then, the purple horse with flaming swords instead of hoofs appeared.

Bone-Dile: 1 Soul Core / LV 1 / 2000 BP / 1 Purple Symbol

Soulhorse: 2 Cores / LV 2 / 2000 BP / 1 Purple Symbol

Hidetaka - Reserve: 40 Cores + 10 Soul Core / Trash: 02 Cores

"So he's a Purple user?" Takuma adjusted his glasses.

"No, there's more to it." Kanna said. "Bone-Dile's effect makes it gain two White Symbols during his Main Step and Soulhorse is also treated as a Red Spirit. That's a mixed Colour deck."

"He controls three different Colours!?" Sasuke gasped.

"Burst set!" Hidetaka placed a card face-down. "I end my turn, over to you."

"He's being more cautious than last time." Yukimura noted. "Ore no turn! Core Step. Draw Step."

Yukimura - Reserve: 01 Core

"Main Step! Using War Lizard's Cores, I summon Jinraidragon!"

The lizard at Level 2 remained with one Core as the dragon wearing armour appeared with a roar.

Jinraidragon: 1 Soul Core / LV 1 / 3000 BP / 1 Red Symbol

Yukimura - Trash: 01 Cores

Last time, he used Jinraidragon's True Clash to his advantage by sacrificing a Spirit. His field is set up with the same pattern... but I'll have to pierce through this like I always do and get that Soul Burst! "You can be the first to show off, but I won't fall back! Attack Step!" Yukimura smirked. "Do it, Jinraidragon! It's effect when attacking: it gains 3000 BP, and with the Soul Core's power, True Clash!"

The dragon was surrounded in a crimson aura as its BP rose to 6000. It roared and ran forward.

"Block it, Soulhorse."

Following Hidetaka's words, his own Spirit ran forward but was easily bisected by Jinraidragon's blade and exploded.

"Because my Spirit was destroyed by the opponent, my Burst activates!" Hidetaka slammed his hand on the board, causing his face-down card to flip up. "The Demon Blade Murasame's Burst effect: I move three Cores from a War Lizard to the Reserve!"

"What!?" Yukimura's eyes widen as one of his War Lizards vanished.

"That's Core removal." Kanna pointed out. "It's a special strategy of purple..."

"The Burst's effect isn't over yet!" Hidetaka smirked. "After its first effect is activated, The Demon Blade Murasame is summoned to my field at no cost! Appear with the chorus of chattering teeth, o wicked sword!"

A dense, black fog materialized on his field, before vanishing with a loud screech to reveal a demonic sword in its place.

The DemonBlade Murasame: 1 Core / LV 1 / 5000 BP / 1 Purple Symbol

"A cost 5 Spirit without paying for it!?" Yuya exclaimed.

"No, that's not a Spirit..."

"It's a Brave!" Yukimura finished instead of Kanna. "I end my turn..."

"Oh my... he went serious already?" Oichi giggled. "This will be fun."

"In our last fight, I was quite the letdown." Hidetaka said. "Therefore, don't expect me to hold back anything. Core Step. Draw Step. Refresh Step."

Hidetaka - Reserve: 124 Cores / Trash: 20 Cores

"Main Step! Six heads breathing darkness, one head unleashing death, appear now!" he slammed a card onto his board. "Shōkan: Nega-Typhon!"

Using all Cores from his Reserve, Hidetaka summoned the mechanical hydra to his field, whose eyes flashed pink in unison before it gave a resounding roar.

"That Spirit already!?" Yukimura gritted his teeth. "Tch, this is bad..."

"I activate Nega-Typhon's effect when summoned: Rush!" Hidetaka shouted. "With a Purple Symbol, I can draw one card!"

"Rush?" Takuma inquired.

"Rush is a special effect that, when combined with different Symbols, can be achieved," Kanna explained. "That must be the reason why he uses a mixed deck, to easily achieve Rush."

"And now, The Demon Blade Murasame, Nega-Typhon, become a Brave Spirit!"

Following those words, the hydra's tail coiled around the blade, taking hold of it and pointing it at the enemy in a menacing manner. The entire crowd was shocked by this move, except Oichi and Katsuie.

Nega-Typhon: 23 Cores (added from Murasame) / LV 12 / 5000600011000 BP / Braved with: T.D.B. Murasame / 1 White + 1 Purple Symbol

"It's a Brave Spirit!" Sasuke's eyes widen.

"BP 11000..." Taichi muttered.

"Attack Step!" Hidetaka cried out. "Nega-Typhon, brave attack! At the same time, Murasame's Flash effect: I send War Lizard's Core over to Jinraidragon, and draw one card!"

With no Cores, War Lizard vanished without traces.

"I have no choice but to take from the life...!" Yukimura grunted.

Two Life Cores appeared in front of his battle machine, and Nega-Typhon bisected both with its sword.

Yukimura - Life: 53 / Reserve: 24 Cores

"He has no blockers! He can't defend!" Yuya whined.

"Bone-Dile, take another life!" Hidetaka turned its card to the left, and his Spirit ran up to the Life Core and destroyed it with its tail.

Yukimura - Life: 32 / Reserve: 45 Cores

"The boor has two lives left." Katsuie remarked. "And with the braved Nega-Typhon, Hidetaka-sama's defense is at its best. Not to mention, if he takes another attack by the Brave Spirit, it's over."

"Let's see how Yukimura-san will escape this pinch." Oichi said.

"You're incredibly strong, Hidetaka. But I can afford to lose! I'll get that Soul Burst!" Yukimura proclaimed. "Ore no turn!"

Jinraidragon was refreshed.

Yukimura - Reserve: 567 Core / Trash: 10 Cores

"Main Step! I summon War Lizard and Mushadraco with an additional Core!"

Another lizard accompanied by the bipedal dragon with crimson armour and a spear appeared.

War Lizard: 1 Core / LV 1 / 1000 BP / 1 Red Symbol

Mushadraco: 2 Cores / LV 1 / 3000 BP / 1 Red Symbol

"Why would he add a Core?" Taichi inquired. "He can't Level up that way."

"Increasing the Core of Spirits in advance is the only way to oppose Core removal." Kanna pointed out.

"The effect of Mushadraco upon summon activates!" Yukimura stated as the dragon roared. "I reveal the top four cards of my deck and add one Spirit in the 'War Dragon' family to my hand. The remaining cards are discarded."

Four cards appeared in front of his battle machine, revealing Burst Wall, The Sengoku Dragon Souldragon, Jinraidragon, and Flame Sword Strike.

"It's Souldragon!" Sasuke cheered.

"I add Souldragon to my hand, the rest are discarded!" Yukimura told. "Next, I use Jinraidragon's Soul Core to activate the Magic Card Soul Draw; I draw a total of three cards from my deck!"

"Alright! He's ready to attack!" Yuya shouted.

"I end my turn."

"Eh!? Why!?" Takuma exclaimed.

"Nega-Typhon has an effect that allows it to refresh itself when an opposing Spirit attacks by moving a Core from the void to a Purple Spirit," Kanna explained. "With 11000, none of Yukimura's Spirits can run over it."

"It can refresh at any attack...?" Sasuke's eyes widen.

"That's how you plan to defend?" Hidetaka asked. He then smirked. "I hope it can help you defend until you bring out Souldragon. This time, I want to fight your Key Spirit. Watashi no turn!"

Hidetaka - Reserve: 013 Cores / Trash: 02 Cores

"Main Step! I activate the Magic Card Dream Bubble to return Jinraidragon to your hand!"

The Spirit vanished after those words.

"I summon The Wondering Armor to my field!" the ghost with a red eye clad in purple armour appeared, Hidetaka using all Cores from his Reserve. "Through its effect when summoned, I draw a card!"

The Wondering Armor: 1 Cores / LV 1 / 2000 BP / 1 Purple Symbol

"I set a Burst! Attack Step!" Hidetaka shouted. "Defend against it if you can! Nega-Typhon, brave attack! At the same time, Murasame's Flash effect: I send War Lizard's Core over to Mushadraco, and draw one card!"

With no Cores, War Lizard vanished, and Mushadraco rose to Level 2 with three Cores.

"This is bad! He has one blocker left!" Takuma shouted.

"Flash Timing: Magic, Flame Sword Strike!" Yukimura exclaimed. "I use two of Mushadraco's Cores to ensure the cost! With its effect, I destroy two opposing Spirits with 3000 or less BP!"

"What!?" Hidetaka gasped as Bone-Dile and The Wondering Armor exploded in flames.

"For the attack, Mushadraco will block!"

Following that order, the dragon caught the sword's attack with its spear but was crushed under the Brave Spirit's power in no time.

"He made it!" Kanna smiled.

"Tch, I end my turn." Hidetaka frowned. "But the leading actor of this fight remains me. Yukimura, if you can't overcome this power, even if you had a Soul Burst you couldn't use it properly. You aren't this weak of a battler!"

"Yeah, I know. I'd never give up, and I surely won't do now!" Yukimura shouted, placing his fingers on top of his deck. Hidetaka's pressuring me and cheering for me at the same time. I get his message, but to defeat his Brave Spirit, Souldragon won't be enough... "Ore no turn!"

Yukimura - Reserve: 129 Cores + 01 Soul Core / Trash: 70 Cores + 10 Soul Core

He grinned at his new card. "Main Step! I summon two Mushadaryu's and re-summon Jinraidragon at Level 3!"

Two velociraptors with blue scales and crimson armour, accompanied by the infamous dragon, materialized on his field with their respective roars.

Mushadaryu: 1 Core / LV 1 / 3000 BP / 1 Red Symbol - (x2)

Jinraidragon: 4 Cores / LV 3 / 5000 BP / 1 Red Symbol

"Then I cast: Magic, Conflagration Slash!" he played the drawn card, using up his remaining Core and Soul Core from the Reserve. "Through its effect, I destroy the braved Demon Blade Murasame!"

As the Magic Card appeared on his field, a twister of flames erupted from it and enveloped the sword, causing it to explode and return Nega-Typhon's BP to 6000.

"Oh my..." Oichi said in surprise and blinked twice.

"He destroyed Murasame!" Katsuie gasped.

"And because I used the Soul Core to pay for its cost, Conflagration Slash's additional effect activates! An opposing Spirit with 7000 or less BP is destroyed; it'll be you, Nega-Typhon!"

"What!?" Hidetaka gritted his teeth as the same twister destroyed his hydra.

"Alright!" the kids cheered.

"That was an excellent way to defeat it, Yukimura!" Kanna nodded with a smile.

"First, you destroy it through battle, and now with an effect... Interesting. I'll show you more of my own power as a reward! When my Spirit is destroyed by the opponent, my Burst activates!" Hidetaka slammed his hand on the board, causing his face-down card to flip up. "Jinraidragon returns to your hand!"

The stated Spirit vanished in white light.

"Then, I summon The Clever Machine Musha Itekaze at no cost! Appear, the hunter with a rebellious soul!"

Flying out of a blizzard was a humanoid robot with wings and holding a menacing rifle in its hands.

The CleverMachineMusha Itekaze: 3 Cores + 1 Soul Core / LV 3 / 8000 BP / 1 White Symbol

"Another Burst summon!" Yuya groaned.

"With the Soul Core's power, Itekaze raises the BP of all Spirits with two or more Colours I control by 3000," Hidetaka explained as his new Spirit's power rose to 11000 BP.

"This time his Spirit has 11000 BP without being braved!" Sasuke's eyes widen.

"I re-summon Jinraidragon at Level 2 and end my turn..." Yukimura gritted his teeth.

"Watashi no turn!"

Hidetaka - Reserve: 124 Cores / Trash: 20 Cores

"Main Step! I summon two The Gun Soldier Tanegashima's to my field!"

Beside Itekaze, two smaller robots materialized, each holding their respective guns.

The GunSoldier Tanegashima: 1 Core / LV 1 / 3000 BP / 1 White Symbol - (x2)

"Then I cast: Magic, Dream Nebula!" Hidetaka exclaimed, using his remaining Cores from the Reserve. "Jinraidragon returns to your hand again! And since Itekaze can be treated as a Red and Purple Spirit, Dream Nebula's Rush activates! One Core from a Mushadaryu moves to the Reserve!"

The two Spirits vanished after those words.

"The boor has one blocker, and Hidetaka-sama has two attackers." Katsuie smirked. "This is the end."

"Attack Step! Tanegashima number one, attack!"

"Take it from the life!" Yukimura declared. "Flash Timing: Magic, Fire Wall! I destroy Mushadaryu to end the Attack Step after this battle!"

After his Life Core was shot down by the small soldier, his last Spirit was enveloped by a wall of flames that stopped any remaining attack from getting through.

Yukimura - Life: 21 / Reserve: 23 Cores

"He took the attack to increase his Cores." Kanna noted his plan. "Good. On his next turn, he has more Cores to work with."

"Heh, not bad, rival." Hidetaka praised his opponent. "Turn End."

"You, too." Yukimura smirked back. "Ore no turn!"

Yukimura - Reserve: 3411 Cores + 01 Soul Core / Trash: 70 Cores + 10 Soul Core

"Main Step! I summon a new Mushadaryu, OosodePtera, Jinraidragon, and then The Sengoku Dragon Souldragon at Level 2!"

His legendary Key Spirit appeared on the field after the others were summoned. He used up his entire Reserve for them.

Mushadaryu: 1 Core / LV 1 / 3000 BP / 1 Red Symbol

Jinraidragon: 1 Core / LV 1 / 3000 BP / 1 Red Symbol

OosodePtera: 1 Core / LV 1 / 1000 BP / 1 Red Symbol

The Sengoku Dragon Souldragon: 2 Cores + 1 Soul Core / LV 2 / 10000 BP / 1 Red Symbol

"I see! Yukimura was preparing for this lineup!" Sasuke realized.

"So he took the attack to make sure he gained enough Cores!" Takuma shouted.

"Hidetaka, I thank you for the help and amazing battle, but I am going to get the Soul Burst, so I can't lose here!" Yukimura stated before slamming a card face-down. "Burst set!"

"A Burst...?" Hidetaka's eyes widen. "That card must be...!"

"Ah. It seems we're reaching the climax." Oichi giggled.

"Attack Step!" the Red user announced. "Go, Souldragon! Its effect when attacking: Consecutive Blade, activated! By sending Souldragon's Soul Core to the Trash, the opponent has to block with two Spirits if possible! A simultaneous battle!"

After throwing the Soul Core to the Trash, Souldragon roared as Itekaze and Tanegashima gained a crimson outline and their cards were exhausted. Seconds later, the two Spirits launched forward to battle Souldragon.

"But Souldragon has less BP!" Taichi pointed out. "Damn!"

"No, this is good!" Kanna said. "If his set Burst is what I think it is... then he has a chance!"

Tanegashima fired a bullet from its gun, and in response, Souldragon threw its spear towards it, hitting the bullet and shattering it. The spear pierced Tanegashima and destroyed it, flying into the Life Core that appeared to protect Hidetaka.

Hidetaka - Life: 54 / Reserve: 12 Cores

While it wasn't looking, Itekaze fired a bullet from its own gun at the dragon, who deflected it by using the unsheathed katana. Itekaze tried to hit the dragon with its shots, but Souldragon easily dodged them until reaching the opposing Spirit. Itekaze blocked the katana by using its rifle as a shield, and before the dragon could overpower it, two segments of its wings detached and pierced Souldragon's body, causing it to explode.

"This is what I was waiting for!" Yukimura shouted. "Burst activate! General Transmigration!"

The ground cracked open with flames as Souldragon emerged from it, its eyes glowing brightly.

"This time it's Yukimura's Burst!" Yuya cheered. "Souldragon was revived!"

"Hoh? Interesting, rival." Hidetaka whispered. "You've mastered that deck perfectly."

Yukimura was surrounded by flames as he gave a battle cry. "My soul is burning!" he exclaimed, clenching his fists. "Burn, my Spirits! All out attack!"

Hidetaka watched with a pleased grin as his opponent's four Spirits destroyed his remaining Lives.

Hidetaka - Life: 43210

Winner: Yukimura!

"Alright! I did it!" the victor cried out in delight, the crowd cheering as well while the battlefield vanished with the cards. The crowd left the location, discussing the heated battle, as the sunset came, and Oichi walked up to Yukimura and handed him his prize.

"The card I promised you."

"Thank you." Yukimura smiled, taking it. "I'll put it to good use."

"Now you can fight on equal terms with Kanetsugu." Hidetaka said. "Thanks for the great fight. Your Key Spirit... next time, I'll make sure to destroy it with my own Key."

"Eh...?" Yukimura blinked. "I thought Itekaze was..."

"No, like Nega-Typhon, Itekaze's the thunder before the storm." he revealed, shocking the others, except Katsuie and his sister.

"Well then, everyone..." Hidetaka opened the umbrella upon Oichi's words and held it for her. "Take care."

With that, the three took their leave. Once they were at a safe distance...

"Oh, Brother. You may not have won, but that was quite thrilling." Oichi assured him.

"If he lost now, that would have been all there was to him, is what I think." Katsuie spoke.

"I concur." Hidetaka nodded. "But, Oichi, why did you ask for a battle? I don't have anything against it, but it confuses me."

"Our goal is to help him, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun while doing so." she smiled. "From now on, things will be fun. Let's decide which Province ruler we each help, shall we?"

"Of course." her brother nodded. "Gunjou, Tenshi, Susuida, and Hogo; they're four and we're two. We shall take two each."

"Tenshi and Susuida may be yours." Oichi said. "Katsuie and I will take Gunjou and Hogo. Are you ready, Katsuie?"

"At any time, Oichi-sama." he answered politely.

"Then let's get this rebellion started." Hidetaka grinned.

While Hidetaka and Oichi aren't alike in appearance, they share two things in common: the desire to feel excitement through battles and create effective strategies to destroy their foes. Writing them is a treat because of this.

I replaced the anime's Yukimura vs. Katsuie with this chapter's battle due to four reasons:

1) I didn't like Katsuie's deck that much since it's a re-use of old animations put together to form a deck. That's why I plan in changing it in the story the next time he fights.

2) Hidetaka didn't fight since Chapter 1 and he's this story's main OC!

3) It makes more sense for Oichi to choose his brother, which is stronger than Katsuie and is Yukimura's rival, to fight, therefore making this even more exciting.

4) I really wanted to showcase more of Hidetaka's power, and what better way than vs. Yukimura?

As you read, the siblings' plan is to help the rulers, and you can bet they'll make this exciting for themselves and you, readers.

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