Jambo made breakfast for his family. Channel and Crystal both came down the stairs looking really unimpressed. He smiled at them.

"Its a big day today Crystal, the first dsy of year seven. My baby is in year seven", Jambo said.

"Not going", Crystal replied.

" if you dont go I will go get your mother and nobody wants to see Mercedes McQueen in a bad temper at seven am in the morning", Jambo replied.

"Is it like Chardonnay-Alesha when you run out of pancakes", Channel joked.

"Worse", Jambo replied.

Channel went upstairs to get ready for school, she couldn't wait to go back. Carla and Christabella came out of there room and looked at her. She smiled st them.

"Dads made breakfast", Chanel said.

The two girls went down stairs and Carla checked the post. She found a letter addressed to her and sighed. She sat on the sofa looking at the envelope. The oldest of the triplets Chardonnay-Alesha then made an appearance down stairs.

"Whats in the envelope", Chardonnay-Alesha asked.

" I've not opened it yet", Carla replied.

"Where's the fun in that. You've got post open it", Chardonnay-Aleshs replied.

Carla opened her letter and burst into tears. Jambo went over to his daughter and hugged her as Chardonnay-Alesha and Christabella just looked st one another. Crystal was sat at the table rolling her eyes. She eventually went upstairs and got ready for school.

"Carla", Jambo said.

"I got in. They accepted me. I'm starting University", Carla replied crying with happiness.

"Congratulations", Christabella replied.

" We're celebrating tonight at Nightingales", Jambo replied.

Channel and Crystal came down the stairs. Jambo looked at them. His eyes started to water as he looked at Crystal. He didnt know how his girls were all getting so grown up.

"I love you both so much", Jambo said.

Chanel and Crystal left the house and walked to school. When they arrived Crystal ran over to Leah, Charlie and Ella and Chanel went over to Ollie, Brooke, Imran and Juliet.

"Why is your little sister running around like that", Juliet asked laughing.

"Shut up. She has Asperger Syndrome which is a form of autism, shes getting used to the area", Chanel replied.

"Brooke's autistic and she's not running around like a loonitic", Juliet replied.

"I'm gonna hit you in a minute", Chanel replied.

"Please stop arguing", Brooke said.

Crystal came over to Chanel with worry in her eyes. With Leah, Ella and Charlie following her. Chanel smiled at her sister.

"It's so big here", Crystal said.