Jambo looked at Tallulah as she came down the stairs with her mum Chardonnay-Alesha. It was her first day of nursery. Jambo smiled at her as she ran to play with her dolls.

"How did this day come", Chardonnay-Alesha asked.

"She's so grown up", Jambo said.

" I remember fourteen year old me crying in pain when I was in labour, now shes starting nursery and school next year. Its so scary", Chardonnay-Alesha replied.

"But she's grown into a beautiful little girl", Jambo replied.

"Is Christabella taking Talia to nursrey", Chardonnay-Alesha asked.

"Yes", Jambo replied.

Tallulah walked over to her mum and Chardonnay-Alesha put her daughters afro hair into bunches as she waited for her sister and niece to come down the stairs. Christabella came down with Talia who's blonde hair was in a ponytail. Both girls left with there daughters.

" how did this day come", Jambo asked himself.

It was weird his baby had started high school and his granddaughters were starting nursery. Grace saw Chardonnay,-Alesha and Christabella and joined them with Curtis. Once they all arrived Maxine was stood in tears watching as Minnie was interacting with other children. Sinead dropped Hannah off and smiled.

"So thats Hannah Hay-O'Connor, Talia McQueen, Tallulah McQueen, Minnie Minniver and Curtis Royle", The Nursery teacher said.

Grace, Sinead, Chardonnay-Alesha and Christabella stood there smiling. The parents left and Chardonnay-Alesha walked home while Christabella had other ideas. She walked into price slice and up to the counter.

"Just a minute, I dropped all the coins on the floor whilst arguing with myself", Simone said.

Christabella helped Simone pick up the coins and put them back into the till. She then back round the other side of the counter.

"How can I help", Simone asked.

"Have you got any jobs going", Christabella asked.

Simone smiled and gave Christabella a trial. Back at home Jambo watched as a tearful Chardonnay-Alesha came through the door. He got up and gave her a hug. Chardonnay-Alesha hugged her dad back.

"Tallulah will be fine. Its crazy as I still remember you three starting nursery and me getting a call to say you'd hit a boy because he said boys were better than girls. Too think my triplets are now eighteen,", Jambo said.

Chardonnay-Alesha laughed a little. He put his jacket on and smiled at his daughter. She sat on the sofa and Jambo opened their door.

"Just off to price slice", Jambo said.

He left and walked to the shop. He was shocked to see Christabella behind the counter behind the till. He smiled st her and Simone looked up and smiled. He brought a bird watching magazine.

"New hobby dad", Christabella asked.

"Its for your youngest sister, she's become obsessed with bird watching. In fact yesterday I caught her piegon watching, you think thats weird the day before she clapped everytime a seagull squarked", Jambo said.

"Fair enough", Christabella replied.

"You're birthday is thirty first of august right", Simone asked.

"Yeah", Christabella replied.

Jambo went home to find his oldest daughter Chardonnay-Alesha had set the kareoke machine up as was pretending Henry the hoover was her boyfriend for the duet.

"You're the one that I want", Chardonnay-Alesha sang Jacky while passing the microphone to the hoover.

Jambo laughed as she turned the kareoke machine and the television off. She then turned to look at him.

"No I wasn't pretending Henry the hoover was my boyfriend", Chardonnay-Alesha said.

"You should become a comedian you know, your actually funny in a talented way", Jambo replied.

Chardonnay-Alesha smiled.