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Pairing: Harry/Hiro (pre-slash)

Characters age: Harry is 17-Hiro is 16

Made using the tables of 100-prompts livejournal.

1. First Kiss

"Did you really have to get ice cream right now?" Hiro asked exasperated.

"Hey, don't stare at me like that! I'm hungry!" Harry huffed before taking a spoonful of his recently acquired chocolate ice cream, letting out a little moan at the taste. "It's not my fault; I was going to get something to eat when you called."

"Wait, haven't you eaten yet?"

Harry shook his head in denial before taking a seat on one of the tables beneath a parasol, Padfoot sitting next to him longingly eyeing his ice cream. "I thought it was something important so I came as soon as I could. And it's kinda your fault, you never told me why you called me." He added after a second thought.

He is right, y'know.

Hiro flushed at being called on his unthoughtfulness and, begrudgingly, took the seat across from him, crossing his arms and watched him eat in silence.

Staring at him, he couldn't help thinking back on their first encounter four months ago.

At that time there has been a raid at the marketplace, a group of girls that called themselves The Fujitas wreaked havoc terrorizing everyone. The team tried to stop them but they only avoided their advances and managed to get to them.

Every news media was quickly overflowing with theories of who this strange man with the fox mask was. Everyone was losing their minds thinking how he managed to transform such an object into feathers. There was a theory stating that he was either an illusionist or a magician.

The fox mask only managed to add more craziness to the theories. Making them think that he was a real kitsune who managed to disguise as a normal person, living inadvertently amongst them.

And in all, everyone was pretty much excited of San Fransokyo's newest hero.

Trying to hunt him down had been impossible and they only managed to meet him in person because he had chosen so.

Since then Harry has been a recent addition to their team. He was easy to get along with and quickly became closer to everyone.

"I'll tell you later, this is not the place." Hiro told him, receiving a nod in response.

The loudness of some girl sitting on the next table brought their attention. "C'mon you have to tell me!" She gushed to her friend. "Did you finally kiss him? How was it?"

"Laura, be quiet!"

"Just tell me! You know how my parents don't want me having a boyfriend; I have to live those kinds of experiences through you." She pouted. "Be a good friend."

"It was-" Her friend paused to bring suspense. "Perfect!"

They then continued chatting between squeals of excitement and gossipy whispers.

He simply tuned them out.

A perfect first kiss. He snorted. How could she say that it was perfect if it was her first? It's not like there was anything she could compare it to.

People always said that their first kiss was as perfect as it could be. He thought that they were just biased in their affections.

Turning his gaze towards his companion and he blinked, confused at the sad smile he was bearing, his expression one of longing as he watched the girls chatting happily.

"You okay?" He asked quietly, startling him.

"Ah, yes. Sorry, I just spaced out." Harry mumbled, ashamed at being caught watching.

He wanted to ask but decided against it.

"Alright, do finish your ice cream. We have to get going."

The walk to the lab was awkward. He felt Harry's gaze on his back from time to time but he didn't know how to break the tension.

As soon as they got there he made a bee-line to his lab and towards the holo-screen while Harry lingered at the entrance, curiously looking around. As dogs weren't allowed at the lab, Padfoot was left waiting at the entrance.

"Harry," Hiro started, not looking up from the screen, "have you ever kissed someone?"

Startled, Harry almost pulled down at the solder he had been playing with. "What kind of question is that?!" He exclaimed, red-faced. "A-and why would you care?"

"Just curious." Hiro mumbled, eyes glued to the screen, doing his to best to avoid looking at him.

An awkward silence followed.

The ticking of the wall clock along with the hum of the holo-screen was the only sound in the room.

Tired of it all, he sighed and took a seat at a desk. "Yes, I did."


"I did kiss someone. Or should I say, someone kissed me?" He paused to think. "Either way, I think that may be the same thing." He blushed.


"Why-" Harry cleared his throat, "why were you asking that? And don't tell me it was just out of curiosity." He added just when Hiro was about to open his mouth.

"Was it-" Hiro trailed off not knowing how to phrase his question. "Was it as 'perfect' as everyone says?"

Harry looked at him for a moment. Hiro seemed so uncomfortable talking about this, that for once, he resembled his age. He even looked kinda cute, he smiled a little. "It wasn't nice at all. In fact, it was really awkward." He laughed, smiling crookedly.

Hiro glanced at him. "So… you didn't like that other person?"

"I did like her, but as a little sister." He explained. "She was the sister of my best friend. I told her I only saw her as a little sister and she got mad." He left out the fact that she had told everyone that they were dating and planned to marry. He grimaced remembering how he was the subject of Ron's anger for months, thinking that he was only playing with his sister. He quickly shook his head. "Anyway, that happened years ago."

"And," Hiro trailed off avoiding his gaze, "have you kissed anyone else?"

"No." He replied honestly, still confused at all of his questions.

"What?!" Hiro exclaimed taken aback at his bluntness. "You are kidding me!"

"I'm only saying the truth. Why is it so shocking for you?" He asked. "I didn't have the time to date while I was in England and when I graduated I just kept busy working and didn't think that having a relationship was that important."

"But you are-!" Hiro stopped abruptly and covered his mouth.

"I am what?"

"Forget it!"

"No, I wouldn't. Why are you asking these things?" Harry questioned, genuinely curious and then brightened suddenly. "Is there someone you are interested in?"

Hiro didn't need to say anything. His face said everything he needed to know.

"You are!" Harry beamed. "Who is it? Is it someone from here?"

"You could say that." Hiro didn't knew what to tell him.

Staring at his companion, he thought that it would be his chance to test his theory.

Confused at what caused his intense stare he looked worriedly over his shoulder, thinking that there may be something behind him but he only saw Baymax standing next to the wall. As soon as he noticed his stare he simply raised his arm as a greeting.

Harry just returned the gesture with a bemused smile before turning towards Hiro again. "What's wrong?"

"You," he grumbled.

"Wha-" he startled but before he could utter a word Hiro hastily pressed their lips together, bumping noses and clinking their teeth in his precipitation.

The pressure on his lips barely lasted a second before Hiro pulled away, freaking out at his own actions.

Covering his mouth with a shaking hand, Harry couldn't believe what just happened. "Why did you-?" This was bad. His heart was beating too fast and he could feel the magic pricking at his skin wanting to lash out at what caused such stress on its user.

"I-I'm so, so, sorry. I wasn't thinking-"

He wasn't- He didn't mean it. It was only a mistake.

It echoed in his mind over and over. Harry felt the tears prickling at the corners of his eyes. "I have to go."

"Harry- Wait!"

Not wanting to listen to another word, he belted towards the entrance as fast as he could. Wanting to get away before he hurt anyone.

If he had just controlled himself in the first place, then now he wouldn't be looking for him around San Fransokyo like crazy.

Hiro was passing through the bridge on Baymax' back when he got the idea that maybe he had decided to leave the city. He had magic, isn't it? Maybe he just teleported himself… he was ready to tear his hair off when Baymax' voice pulled him out of his thoughts.

'I found him. There.'

He found him sitting a bench at the park, staring emotionlessly at the fountain.

Hiro quickly dismounted and approached him.

Harry only bowed his head ashamed, he knew they were there.

"Can we talk?" Hiro asked quietly, taking off the visor but leaving the helmet on.

Not receiving an answer, he sighed, taking a seat next to him. "I'm sorry for doing that without asking your permission."

"You were supposed to do it with someone you liked." Harry murmured, not looking at him. "Why? Why did you do that?"

He decided to be completely honest knowing that avoiding the truth would only make more troubles. Nervous, he gulped and worked up his courage. "Because I like you."

"Me?" Harry asked, wide eyed. "You really like me?"

Hiro sputtered, face red. "I don't say these things just because!"

"It's not that I don't trust you. It's only that I don't trust myself."

"Because where I came from, everyone I knew wanted to get close to me because of my name. They only saw me as a way to make them famous." He mumbled, shaking his head at the memories. "Even some of my so called 'friends' were close to me for the fame it would bring them."

"Years passed and the attention only increased. People said that they loved me but I barely knew them. I couldn't bear it anymore so I left."

"I'm sorry." Hiro said quietly. "I know what's like when people expect things from you."

"So you understand that it isn't easy to trust anyone."

Hiro stood quickly, moving in front of him. "I will prove myself!" He stated, determined to show he was genuine on his feelings. "I will show you that I'm completely serious about this!" He exclaimed and after he regained his breath he faltered, all the bravery he had was now gone. "If- if you'd let me."

He seemed so spirited at that moment that Harry couldn't help but chuckle. "How could I say no to that?"

"You'll give me a chance?"

Harry smiled and nodded slightly. "But I can't promise anything." He stared down at his hands before he muttered. "Just… give me time."

"I want to do this right."

Hiro nodded quickly.

"It's late. You need to go back before someone sees you." Harry stood and moving next to him, he lightly pressed their lips together for a few seconds before pulling away, smiling softly at his dumbfounded expression and gently pressed the side of Hiro's helmet with a finger to close the visor again before taking some steps away and turned around apparating with a crack.

Silence reigned at the park. Entranced, Hiro was left standing on the same spot until Baymax helpfully piped in.

'Your heart rate and temperature has increased at an alarming rate.'

AN: Just to clarify, in here Padfoot is just a normal dog. He was a stray that got hit by a car; Harry healed him and after he grew fond of, he finally adopted him.

This was supposed to be short...

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