Pairing: Harry/Hiro (Established Relationship)

Characters age: Harry: 24-Hiro:21

WARNING: Mentions of sex (nothing explicit, it's just a domestic fluff with lots of heavy kissing and innuendos, just to be safe)

Made using the tables of 100-prompts livejournal.

14. Daybreak

The warmth of the sun rays slipping through the curtains reached towards the bed until they finally rested on Harry's face making him scrunch his face as he woke. Moaning slightly as he stretched languidly, he basked for a moment in the combined warmth of the bed and sunlight as he laid there, eyes still closed.

He simply loved the first hours in the morning and knowing that he didn't have any matters that would require his immediate attention only made it better.

Letting out a big yawn he finally opened his eyes and turned to his left towards his sleeping boyfriend, whose hair was sticking in every direction in a manner that reminded him of his own hair time ago. His own rat nest was now long gone as years ago he finally decided on letting his hair grow. He thought that the messy hair fitted Hiro better anyway, with that scientist-slash-robotics genius persona, luckily he wasn't a crazy evil genius. He would kick his ass if he resulted to that. He already had his fair share of crazy bastards that wanted to take over the world.

So, yeah, he was completely smitten with the younger man, but it was at these moments on the first hours of daybreak that he quickly became endeared with him.

It was hard not to, he thought as he remembered how Hiro tended to slowly drag himself out of bed only to start bumping into things left and right.

Who would had thought that Hiro couldn't operate without his morning cup of coffee? A fact that he found both funny and endearing as he hated it's taste and used to load the coffee with a big amount of sugar and milk.

Harry then started to wake early everyday just to savour these moments.

"Stop staring, it's creepy," a hoarse voice spoke, interrupting the quietness.

Chuckling softly, Harry just reached out a hand to brush some of his boyfriend's hair from his face. "Good morning." He greeted quietly, knowing that Hiro wouldn't appreciate any loud noises at this hour, and received a groan in return.

He glanced towards the digital clock resting on the nightstand. "Five fifteen," he grumbled, "why the hell are you awake at this hour?"

Without a word Harry climbed on top of the younger man, successfully straddling him before leaning forwards, pressing their lips together in a lingering kiss.

"Now, that is a good morning." Hiro whispered as soon as he regained his breath. His hands resting on his boyfriend's hips as he looked at him.

Grinning, Harry slowly caressed his chest, grin widening as Hiro shivered at the touch. "What do you say if we just stay here all day?"

"Well, I would say that you are trying to seduce me." Hiro huffed playfully receiving a thoughtful hum in response, "Does it, now? I just asked if you wanted to spend the day here, nothing more. Now, if that's what you have in mind…" Harry spoke on top of him as he pressed light kisses on Hiro's neck, reveling on the sight of the love bites from last night scattered across the skin.

"I doubt the guys would appreciate that. I'm pretty sure they might be coming over later today." He said, caressing Harry's sides in a circular motion making him let out a light hum.

"Then we only have two choices left. One, we tell them to sod off, or two, we make the most of the morning."

Smirking, Hiro challenged with a raised eyebrow, "How many hours do you think we have?"

The glint on Harry's eyes left Hiro without a doubt that he would definitely enjoy this morning.

"Plenty," Harry murmured, before he surged forwards to press his lips against his boyfriend's. Instantly reaching out, Hiro grabbed onto his waist pressing him closer and moaning as he felt Harry's .

He gasped, cursing under his breath before he grabbed the back of his head, kissing him passionately, bodies flushed together.

Pulling away, he panted heavily, their breaths mingling, only to have his lips captured again in a slow but passionate kiss.

Trying to gain control of the kiss, Hiro rolled his hips to turn their positions without realizing that they were dangerously close to the edge of the bed. Legs tangled on the bed sheets, Harry lost his balance and swayed until he landed on the ground with an ouch.

"Oh God, I'm so sorry!" Shocked, Hiro exclaimed red-faced as he looked towards his boyfriend laying on the ground, limbs tangled on the bed sheets.

"That wasn't what I expected," Harry chuckled, rubbing onto his backside before his eyes widened as he heard a familiar sound of inflating. Sharing a look with Hiro in resignation, his shoulders dropped waiting for the upcoming words.

"I was alerted for the need of medical attention when someone said, 'ouch'." Came from the Nurse-bot, Baymax as he appeared next to the bed.

"Yeah, that might be me," Harry mumbled from his place on the ground as he tried to detangle from the bed sheets.

"Baymax, you don't really need to be here." Hiro hissed before turning towards his boyfriend again, helping him out of the sheets. "I'm really sorry, I should have been more careful. Are you alright?"

"Don't worry, I'm fine. I just wasn't expecting to fall."

Staring at the younger man, Baymax piped in, "Hiro, there are some strange marks on the skin of your neck."

Hiro choked up, quickly trying to cover his neck. "Oh, yeah, uh, it's just a mosquito bite." He blurted out ignoring Harry's snort next to him.

"Hiro, those are teeth marks. Mosquitos doesn't have any teeth." Baymax stated while Harry only groaned exasperatedly in the background.

"Are you seriously trying to fool him? A medical robot?" Harry asked shaking his head unimpressed, making sure he had the sheets around him he stood up and took a seat next to Hiro on the bed before he let out a sigh facing the nurse bot. "Baymax, that's not a mosquito bite, I made that and no, it wasn't as a way to harm him. I'm certain that he left more on my entire body that I can count. We were having sex, you see." He deadpanned.

"Harry, what the hell-?" Hiro exclaimed mortified while Baymax only blurted a soft 'oh' in return.

"Being a sexual being is not something to be ashamed of." Baymax stated as a matter of fact.

"Unbelievable." Hiro groaned covering his face in embarrassment.

"You are a legal adult and experiencing intimacy with a loved one is perfectly fine as long as there is due consent on both parts." He went on with a raised hand as he continued to point out the need of a healthy relationship-slash-sex-life, completely ignoring Hiro's predicament.

"Oh God, stop-!"

"But even so, having safe intercourse is important, so as to prevent any-"

"Okay!" Hiro quickly exclaimed, interrupting him, "Baymax, really, we are alright-"

"I can't deactivate until you say that you are satisfied with your care." Baymax stated as he looked at him, head tilted to the side.

"We are satisfied with our care!" Hiro hastily exclaimed.

"I'm sorry but only the person who actually alerted me can deactivate me."

"Baymax," Harry spoke, clearly trying to contain his laugher, "I'm very, very, satisfied with my care. Thank you." And as soon he said the words Baymax returned to his charging station and deflated.

Staring at the small container Harry giggled, "I can't believe Baymax just gave us a sex talk."

"Please, I'm trying to repress that from my mind." Hiro groaned, still covering his face in his hands, "I feel like you two are actually ganging up on me."

"I don't think he has the capability of a sense of humor but I won't be surprised if he has one." Harry laughed wrapping his arms around his flustered boyfriend.

After composing himself, he spoke again, "So," he started trying to seem nonchalant, "we still have a few hours to go. Are you up for it?"

Without a word, Hiro rose from the bed before lifting his boyfriend and carrying him towards the shower.

Harry laughing the entire time.

AN: This was entertaining to write. I got a kick out of writing the Baymax bit xD

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