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2. Final

He was sitting on the back seat of the car, talking amiable with the gang until they finally reached the airport. They had been adamant on leaving him alone as it was his final day at San Fransokyo.

When he had just arrived to visit his cousin, he thought that maybe he was only going to spend his days wandering on the streets as a regular tourist. He didn't expect to be accepted so easily by them, much less that they would want to spend time with him.

He couldn't help but feel at home. Everyone has been so nice to him. He didn't really want to leave but he already promised his family that he would only be here for a few months.

"We're finally here." Haru breathed out, stepping outside of the vehicle, everyone followed through. He grimaced, looking as people came and went around the busy airport. He hated crowds.

Approaching the back of the car, Wasabi stopped him before he was about to take his luggage, Fred rushing past him and snagged them before he could protest. "We will get them. It looks like Gogo wants to tell you something." He said, motioning to where she was standing next to Honey.

Thanking them, he turned to face his cousin and grinned playfully. "You will miss me?"

She snorted. "Miss you? I'll be relieved. My kitchen will be safe after you are gone." She said remembering the huge bags of candy and cookies that plagued the cabinets. "I can't believe how you are able to consume so much sugar without gaining weight."

"Oh, I do gain weight I just burn them quickly I guess."

Gogo stared at him unimpressed before muttering. "Lucky bastard."

Haru jokingly cried out indignantly before hugging her.

Gogo tugged on his locks, which now were already past his shoulders. "Cut your damn hair." She spoke, just loud enough so only he could hear.

He only laughed and smiled sweetly, hiding how irritated he was. He hated people tugging on his hair and she clearly knew that. "I don't tell you to stop munching on gum, so kindly buzz off."

Pulling away, she grinned at him. "Oh, and it seems you didn't burn all the fat." She continued when Haru stared confused at her. "Your ass is getting bigger."

Haru sputtered indignantly. "Oi! You-!"

Honey decided to interrupt before they started fighting. "Hope you have a safe trip!"

"Yeah! You better come back sometime!" Fred exclaimed, luggage in hand.

"Thank you." He smiled, taking it from him. "I'm glad I could meet you, guys. I know we have only known each other for only a few months and it may sound strange, but that's how I feel."

"You all make a great team." He spoke, smiling too innocently.

Everything went still.

Did he know?

The same question was on everyone's mind as they stood frozen on the spot.

"Hiro!" Haru called, getting their attention.

They could see a figure running towards them.

They had told Hiro about his departure but he hadn't seemed interested into coming, so they left it. It seemed he had changed him mind.

Approaching the running figure, he met him halfway. "I thought you wouldn't come!" He exclaimed, worried at his appearance.

"I-" He wheezed, leaning his hands on his knees. "I came running."

"I can tell." Haru acknowledged, before insistently pulling him towards a bench. "Please, sit down."

"Baymax is here too." He added perplexed, when he noticed the white inflatable bot coming towards him.

"Y-yeah, he came along." Hiro spoke, when he regained his breath. "So you are leaving?"

Haru nodded. "I have to return. My family is waiting and there are some matters I need to attend to."

"Oh, uh, have a safe trip."

Haru smiled and nodded. "Oh, before I go." He started and quickly pulled him into a hug. Hiro stood still before slowly returning the gesture. After a few moments Haru finally let go and Hiro pulled away, finding it weird that he didn't want to let go and his face flushed at the thought.

"Remember to be careful next time."

Hiro blinked. "Eh?"

"The almost crashing into a building the other day?" Haru added playfully. "That was a close call."

"You knew?" Hiro sputtered.

Haru just raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms. "You guys disappear for hours and then there is a group of five-or should I say six-" He added, glancing at Baymax, who was chasing a butterfly. He blinked before turning towards Hiro again. "heroes all around the news? Did you really think I wouldn't find out?"

"Look," He sighed, "I'm not angry. Of course, I'd wish you would've told me in the first place, but I understand the importance of keeping it a secret." He spoke, placing a hand on Hiro's shoulder. "I know you are smart enough to know what you are doing, but I mean it, be careful. Okay?"

He was stumped that he found himself nodding in agreement before a thought occurred to him. "Wait- Do they know that you know?" He blinked at his phrasing.

Haru just laughed amused at it all. "Nope. And let it be, it's much funnier that way." He remembered all of the times he had been saved by them in his stay. Being the magnet of trouble that he was, in the last month, he had been saved at least once by each one of them. It really wasn't his fault.

"Seeing all of you showing your prowess and then pretend that it had nothing to do with you." He chuckled. "If I didn't know better I would say that you all were trying to show off."

Hiro paled.

"Haru! Your flight!"

"Alright! Thanks!" He called and turned towards him. "It's time."

Hiro stuttered, saved by the bell. "Yeah…"

"Baymax. Take care of him for me, okay?"

'I'm a healthcare companion. It's my duty to ensure the safety of others.'

Haru looked at him amusedly. Taking the handle of his luggage he made sure he had everything before turning towards Hiro once more. "If," He started. "if I ever come back, I promise that you'll be the first to know."

"I'll hold you on to that!"

Haru laughed and called back. "When did I break a promise?"

"He will come back." Said Gogo, standing next to Hiro, looking towards the line of soon to be boarding passengers.

"He usually comes every year. I'm pretty sure he does it only to annoy me." She grumbled, crossing her arms. "I swear his ass is getting bigger." She murmured, looking as he was boarding the plane.

Honey squeaked, scandalized. "Gogo, you can't say those things! That's rude! He is your cousin."

"As you already said, he is my cousin. I'm entitled to."

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