Such a Shame

I don't own Repo! or any of its characters or the rights to the song Such a Shame by Black Stone Cherry although I highly recommend you give them a listen ;)

Another late night on 14th and main

Should daddy's little girl be out this late

She takes off her clothes and closes her eyes

Tears start to fall as she looks at her life

How did I end up here? She asked herself as she felt the herself being pushed against the wall as the man holding her there reach for his belt and smirked. "First times free" she remembered a voice whispering to her long ago and from them the itching under her skin had never quite gone away for long enough. Her knees hit the concrete with a sharp thud and a shard of pain as she was pushed to the floor roughly. But she barely noticed, she had taken her mind away to another place and was thinking about how her life had gone so wrong since that night at the opera house. She had looked for Graverobber for days after, needing numb the pain she was feeling from the withdrawal and the grief. He was nowhere to be found, she had taken to sleeping in her mother's crypt the house having been torched in the wake of her father's death, she suspected the Largos had a hand in it but she couldn't be sure.

Credits bounced off the floor and she waited for the footsteps to fade away before scrambling to pick them up and disappearing into the maze of alleyways towards where she knew she'd find her cure.

It wasn't her fault that you weren't around

To keep her away from the things that she found

God only knows what else could go wrong

Somebody come take this little girl home

He watched her weaving her way through the other patrons of Addicts Alley seeking anyone willing to give her a hit.
"How did you end up here Kid?" he asked himself as if he didn't already know her story, everyone had seen the Genetic Opera on the screens dotted around the city and everyone had seen her cradle her dying father and walk away bathed in blood. It had broken his small stone heart the day she found him and begged him for a way out, a way out that he had refused to supply and still refused to supply to her. He had watched her for weeks selling herself to pay for her high and each time more and more of the Kid disappeared and someone else emerged. He had offered her an alternative, offered her somewhere to stay and help finding a stable job but she had turned and walked away the condition of needing to get clean too much of a price to pay. She never spoke to him again after that night and often made sure she got her fix when he was around.

They found her body face down dead in the rain

Such a shame

Such a pretty face, never should have felt this pain

Who's to blame...such a shame

Pain ripped through him as he entered the alley hearing the murmurs of the crowd that had gathered around the lifeless junkie she had become. Her pockets had already been rifled and her coat and boots had been taken, a mark left around her neck from the chain that had been so roughly snatched. Blood pooled around her head, small rivulets running from her nose and mouth, bruises marred her perfect body. The crowd parted as he got closer and dispersed as he picked her small frame up and carried her to the crypt, covering her with his coat to preserve her dignity. The lid of the tomb opened with ease and her body was laid to rest with the mother she had never known, stolen flowers marked her passing not that anyone in the world would know or care...except him.

If anyone did they would have seen written in the dust "I didn't know I'd love you so much...but I do"