My feet are cold…

That was my first thought when I woke up. I stared at the white ceiling from the hospital bed. Somehow I knew. The place definitely smelled like a hospital, with medicines and cleaning stuff. Was I in the room by myself? Nope. There was another bed in the other side of the room. A boy my age was there, surrounded by people who must be his friends, I presume. A boy and a girl. Still groggy, I wasn't able to understand what they were saying and I fell asleep again.

When I woke up, just the dark skinned girl was there, reading a literature magazine in a chair. Looks and brains? Wow.

She noticed me when I tried to lean forward.

-Oh! Are you awake? Let me help you. I'm so glad, I have to go tell the boys.

-Wait, do we… know each other?

-Yeah. Well, technically no, we don't know each other as in "know" each other but… wow, it's harder to explain than I expected.

-W-what am I doing here?

-Oh, that's a good starting point. You just got hit by a truck, just your legs, I think. You really saved my friend Benny's life back there. You pushed him out of the way just when the truck was going to hit him, but you got hurt instead. I'm so sorry for that. Benny should have been more careful. I'm Sarah, by the way. Sarah Fox.

-I'm Liam – I answered – Liam… Hemingway.

I got real scared. Why couldn't I remember my last name? I hope she doesn't realize I picked Hemingway out of the article about Ernest Hemingway she was reading. I had to change the topic quick.

-So… this Benny guy… was he the other patient in this room?

-Yeah, kind of. He ran into a street lamp when you pushed him.

-I'm sorry.

-Please don't be. He'd be deeply injured, or even dead if you hadn't.

She was really beautiful, but had this strange yellow eyes. She was also becoming more tense each second she was in this room. Did she smell something funny? Was it me?

-Oh, hi! Is he awake already? – said the other guy as he stepped into the room.

-Ethan, good timing, I need to go now. Can you watch him, please?

-Oh, I get it. Sure, go ahead.

He had a cute grin, kind of childlish, and short dark hair.

-I apologize – he said – Sarah feels kinda sick whenever there's blood near. Oh, Sarah is the name of that girl. Did I told you mine? It's Ethan Morgan.

-I'm Liam… (what was it again?) Hemingway, pleased to meet you.

-No, the pleasure is all mine. If it wasn't for you, my best friend… almost my brother, would have… Look, I owe you a big one.

-It's ok. I'm sorry I pushed him right into a street lamp.

-He's been worse, believe me. Like this time when he tried to do the kickflip and…

-Man, just what are you telling him!? – another voice complained.

Then the third person walked into the room. The boy in the bed. The one with the messy hair and beautiful eyes. We looked at each oher, and a silent pain crossed my chest.