Ethan's POV

-Wow – Liam said after swallowing – This is the best lasagna I've ever eaten, Mrs. Weir.

-That's for sure – Benny said, looking pleased with himself – Grandma's cooking is the best one here in Whitechapel.

It was Evelyn Weir's birthday today, and since it wasn't bingo night, she had decided to invite us all for dinner.

-But really – complimented Sarah – not even my mother's can compare to this.

-I'm so glad you all enjoy it – Benny's grandma smiled – I like to see that young ones still appreciate a home-cooked meal. Besides, this is a night too special to spend by ourselves.

-Yeah, that's right – I said – How old…?

Sarah kicked me under the table. I guess you can't ask a woman's age like that.

-No, no – she chuckled – I'm not talking about that. You see, each four years, four months and four days, a shooting star parade can be seen from Whitechapel.

We all listened with attention. Years ago, Benny and I would yawn at her stories, but then we learnt that she was a priestess of earth, and knew things no one else knew. She was some kind of supernatural enciclopedia, so we knew what was coming. Liam listened too, since he knew now about Benny's grandma.

-You see, this fenomenon is said to be magical. The stars falling tonight are actually particles of light, a gift from a dimension where everything is pure. It lasts four nights, and it's also said that no evil creature can attack during this short period of time. It's a gift of good and peace.

-How beautiful – Sarah smiled – It's a pity I have to babysit tonight.

-That's fine, dear. You still have three nights left – she then looked at me – I presume you're accompanying her?

I blushed and lowered my gaze. How did she know? Did Benny tell her? I swear one of those days, I'm going to kill him. But it's fine. I was hoping I could spend some time with Sarah. In a night like this one, it'd be just perfect.

-Yeah, I… I have to go too. I promised Jane I'd watch some Tinkerbell movie with her.

-It's going to be a great night for you, then – Benny laughed – How about you, Liam? Would you like spending the night here? You can use one of my pajamas. Is that ok, grandma?

-Yes, of course – she smiled - Benny's friends are more than welcome to stay.

I then noticed what Benny was doing. If Sarah and I left, Liam would feel like leaving too, and I couldn't get to be alone with Sarah. Thanks, dude. I owe you one. Liam looked taken aback, it's natural since he wasn't expecting it. But his reaction was kind of… peculiar. He smiled and nodded, but hid his hands behind his back, I saw they were trembling. No need to be nervous, Liam. Benny doesn't bite.

-Come, I'll show you my room, Liam – Benny said, and put an arm around Liam's shoulder.

-Okay – he said, and they headed upstairs.

Sarah and I said goodnight to Benny's grandma and stepped out of the house. The night was perfect.

-So… - I said – Are you babysitting the Millers today?


-That's good.

That's not good. This is leading nowhere, I have to find a topic or else…

-Hey, look! – Sarah pointed – the star rain is starting.

-Yeah – I said – So beautiful.

-You're not even looking at the sky.

-I wasn't talking about the stars.