Long ago, an ancient demon was threatening the Clover Kingdom, almost ravaging it completely. Almost everything was lost until a lone mage step upped to defeat it. After his victory, He was hailed as the Wizard King, his story becoming legend. In a remote village, there is one thing that sets it apart from others. On the outskirts of the village, there was a gigantic skull, looking as if it belongs to a demon. On top of the skull stood a statue of a man, wearing a crown and holding a scepter. This man was the very first Wizard King, known for having the very demon his statue stands on.

This village's name is Hage Village. One thing about the people who live here is that they can use magic. Each person can use a single affinity of magic, and can be adept in a specific style. One distinct landmark is the village church, where local orphans reside with the Father and the Sister. As the people were farming. They manage to hear loud grunting coming from the church. "He's at it again." One of the people say.

At the church we see someone chopping down firewood with rapid succession. This person was a teen of slightly short stature, having green eyes, ash-blonde/alabaster hair, with a strand sticking up and bangs. He is wearing a white shirt, blue waistcoat, of which the sleeves went down to his elbows, blue pants that extend down to his knees, and shoes that are white around the toes, and blue around the rest, which extend to above his ankles. He also where's a black headband with a red four-point star, the horizontal line longer than the vertical one, slightly towards the left side of his head, bangs going over it. In his hands was an axe he was using to chop firewood. This person's name was Asta.

"Asta, are you done yet?"

"Almost. I'll be there in a minute, Sister Lily." Asta answers the nun who lives with them. He soon finishes chopping the wood. Asta then walks to the front of the church and sees the other children with the Sister, and she is about to place clothes on the clothesline to dry when a rush of wind comes and picks up the clothes she holds, whirls it around, and then folds it back into a separate basket. Asta then turns and sees another teen of average height with a lean build, amber eyes, and messy black hair.

His outfit consists of a pitch-black shirt with a high collar and long sleeves. The sleeves have brown leather that cover the wrists and upper arms. He wears light brown pants that are cut below his knees and, around his waist, a pair of brown belts that cross each other. Additionally, he wears a pair of dark-colored socks and a pair of boots. He also possesses a necklace made of a gold-colored chain and a blue stone, which has a gold-colored cross and four-pointed stars at each corner. This was his brother figure, Yuno, the one who controlled the wind. "Hey Yuno." Asta said. "Asta." Yuno said back.

"It's almost time, huh." Sister Lily said. "Soon you'll turn fifteen and then you'll get your grimoires, become Magic Knights, and help the kingdom." "Yeah." Asta says with a small smile, while Yuno nods. "Yeah right." One of the younger orphans, Nash, said. "Yuno will definitely become a Magic Knight, but Asta will likely never even get a grimoire." He said, much to Asta's annoyance. "And I can't wait to prove you wrong." Asta retorts back. "But in this world, magic is everything, and you're the one person who can't use magic." Nash said, stating the one fact that can get on his nerves. "Then I'll just have to prove magic isn't everything!" Asta yells then runs away toward the demon's skull in the distance.

"That was a little harsh, Nash." Yuno said, looking towards the younger one. "But it's not unlikely, I mean not everyone can get into the Magic Knights, so we have to be prepared if Asta has to return." The Father said, having walked out during the commotion. "Don't doubt Asta. He's more than you think. He'll be home by dinner." Yuno said to everyone. Sister Lily then thinks back to how they were when younger, and how he changed after bringing home a beat up Asta.

Inside the hollow demon skull, Asta is seen doing single handed pushups. Around him seem to be trees and ruins covered in foliage, possibly belonging to an ancient civilization, having long ago died out.

"Nine hundred and ninety-nine, one thousand!" Asta said, pushing himself upright at the last one. He then starts doing arms thrust motions. "I'll prove that you don't need traditional magic to make it in this world." He said, looking determined, remembering something from his past.

It was many years ago. Bandits had attack Hage Village, but before anyone could be seriously injured, a few members of the Magic Knights appeared and defeated them. Before they left, however, Asta approached them.

"So, you want to be a Magic knight, huh?" Said a large burly man wearing brown pants, a white tank top, and a black robe that goes down to his chest, with a symbol resembling a bull skull. On his waist was a katana. Standing next to him was a red-haired woman wearing a long red robe, which had an emblem with a lion on it. "That's pretty ambitious, but are you sure you can do it, I mean, you don't have any magic." The man finishes. He and the woman were talking to a younger Asta who was staring them down with conviction. "I want to prove that social status or magic power isn't what determines your path in life. I will become a Magic Knight, and then someday, I'll be the Wizard King!" Asta shouts at them, causing them to smirk. "Well then, make sure that you look within yourself to see the path you take next." The woman said looking amazed at the young orphan's determination. "Keep going, and surpass your limits to achieve the impossible." The man said, giving Asta a pat on his shoulder.

After that, the sword-wielder then taught Asta his technique to predict his opponent's moves, the ability to read Ki. The woman taught him hand-to-hand combat techniques since Asta will be reliant on physical attacks. Since then, he then trained harder than he ever did, not wanting to disappoint them.

Asta then looked towards the sky. "And then, I'll make everyone see that anything is possible." He said smiling. Asta then sensed someone was here, but didn't reveal that he knew who it was, and instead went back to training, doing some sit ups.

The next day, Yuno and Asta of them approached the tower located in the village with other teens coming in.

"Pretty big, huh, Yuno." Asta asks his brother. "Yep." Yuno answers. Just then they heard another voice. "Asta?" The voice asks in wonder. The two turn around to see a blonde haired, silver eyed girl in a white regal looking dress, and wearing a necklace with a clover on it, one half colored black, the other white, the gem half's being the inversion.

"Asta is that you?" She asks again. "Maya?" Asta asks in amazement. The girl the smiles and run towards him, bringing him into a hug. "It is you! I can't believe it!" She shouts in joy. "It's good to see you too." Asta says back with a soft smile on his face.

After the three of them walk inside they see the tower master, Drouot, beginning the ceremony. "Never once has anyone from here become the Wizard King, nor has anyone ever achieve greatness in the magic knights. I do wish that someone from here will become the wizard king. I'm serious here!" He shouts, causing those present to sweat-drop. "And now let's commence, the awarding of the grimoires!"

After several people got their grimoires, People commenting on them and each other's, mentioning their plans for their future, a voice is heard. Uh, hello, my grimoire hasn't appeared yet." Someone shouted, causing everyone to turn and see Asta with his hands out in the air. Drouot is silent for a moment, and then begins talking. "Uh, try again next year." He said, causing Asta to gawk in shock at that. The others then began to laugh at him, while the rest from the church look on in shock that Asta hadn't received a grimoire. 'Asta.' Maya thought sadly, worried how he may feel.

Then, a bright light then appeared, and it was revealed to be a grimoire, but was unique among them as it was a four-leaf clover, the same kind wielded by the first Wizard King. The grimoire then floated towards Yuno "That hick got the four-leaf?!" Was one of the questions asked around. "I'll become the Wizard King!" Yuno shouted.

Following that another light appeared, this one being white, and brighter than Yuno's. Soon a white grimoire appeared in front of Maya, this one having a five-leaf clover on it. "What type of clover is this?" She asks in wonderment. Asta notices the clover as well, asking the same question himself. She then takes hold of it, and for a few seconds, an image of an angel appeared in a white light around her, disappearing as soon as it appeared, invisible to everyone but Asta, Yuno. Others looked towards her, confused as they never seen any like hers, but Dorout sees it, but chooses to remain silent. Everyone began to cheer for Yuno, saying that he's the hope for the village. Two people, however, were unable to believe that an orphan got the most powerful grimoire known.

"Yuno!" Asta shouted walking towards his brother. "Just you wait, I'll catch up. After all, I'm your rival!" He shouts. Everyone looks on in shock at his declaration. The soon began to laugh at him, not believing that someone without magic declared the hot-shot his rival. Yuno than walks past him. "Not happening." He said to Asta, shocking him. "Unless you manage to catch up, you just have to settle for second place." He finishes, perking Asta up a bit. The others were shocked that he acknowledges the short orphan. As everyone begins to leave, Sister Lily, along with Maya, look towards Asta, wondering if he'll be okay. Towards the back of the crowd, a strange person in a cloak looks on. "To think," He began. "That someone so great would appear in this backwater town." He finishes.

Later in the forest, the day having turned towards the evening hours, the sun nearly setting in the horizon, Asta is seen hanging on a tree upside down by his legs, a dazed look on his face. 'I knew it was unlikely, but I didn't think my lack of magic would prevent me from getting a grimoire. I guess I can't do it.' Asta thought. He remained silent for a moment until, "LIKE HELL I'M GIVING UP!" He shouts, straightening up on the branch. "Don't underestimate me, fate! I'm going to do it! No matter how long it takes, I'll get a grimoire, and become a Magic Knight!" Asta shouts into the sky, his determination reignited.

Yuno and Maya were seen standing at the tower, talking between themselves. "So, you believe Asta will make it?" Maya asks. "Of course. No one deserves to be a Magic Knight more than him." He answers, when he notices others closing in.

"Whoa, isn't that too far?" One of the two people from the ceremony said to his friend. "We were supposed to be the stars of the show! Then this nobody comes in. A mangy commoner, and he got the four leaf!" He then brought out his grimoire. "I'm gonna burn that book till it's nothing but ash!" He said, unleashing a flame spell. Yuno is quick to put up a defense. He twirled his hand and caused a torrent of wind to surge around him and Maya, protecting them.

When the flames dispersed, the two were unharmed, the instigators shocked at Yuno's skill. "He defended against my flames without using his grimoire." The fire user said, then tried to get his friend to attack. Just then, chains burst from the walls and trapped them.

They screamed loud enough for Asta to hear in the woods, turning his head to look where the noise came from. Someone began to walk towards Yuno and Maya. "Don't bother trying to escape my Magic Binding Iron Chain spell is designed to restrict magic and the movements of those captured." The man who cast the spell is a tall man with a lean build, having a burn mark on the left side of his face. He was wearing a black full body suit, and a brown cloak.

"Who the heck are you?" Yuno asks the man. "Until a few weeks ago, I was a Magic Knight. Revchi of Chain Magic, I was pretty famous. But now, I'm just like any old thief." He said with a cocky smile. Only a unique person gets chosen by the four-leaf grimoire, but a black-market collector would pay handsomely for this, as well as a pretty thing like you." He said, placing his hand on Maya when he said the last part.

"Even though you received the four-leaf clovers, you're still young chicks who has yet to learn to fly. How sad that your story will end before it even begins." Revchi said smugly. Yuno gives him a hard stare, while Maya looks scared. 'Asta.' She thought with fear. Suddenly, someone shouts.

"Hold it!" Asta yells jumping from the trees, but fails to catch himself on the wall and slams into it, then falls to the ground crumpled into a mess. The other three look at him, confused at the display. "What do you think you're doing?! That's Yuno's grimoire! You dirty rotten thief!" Asta yells after standing up. "You're that boy, the sad little brat who didn't get a grimoire." Revchi said with a chuckle. "Heard of me huh? Yeah, I'm that pathetic little brat. A grimoire is precious to anyone who receives them. Give it back now, you jerk!" He yells.

Revchi only chuckles at him. "The world's full of people who do cruel things, and they're often overlooked. But it looks like you'll die before you can see that world." The scarred man said. Yuno has a look of realization on his face. "Asta, get out of here!" He yells at his adoptive brother. Asta doesn't listen and begins to advance on the thief. "Like I'm gonna run away from a disgrace like him." He shouts.

Revchi launches a counter attack. "A weak boy like you is no match for me. He said", launching chains at Asta. Asta was quick to dodge them. But then, the chains wrapped around him. "I'm not done yet!" He shouts, trying to move towards Revchi.

"No. You're done." The thief said. His grimoire flipping towards a certain page. Asta senses the incoming attack, but can't dodge it. "Dance of the Pitless Viper!" Revchi shouts. The chains soon lash out at Asta, attacking him. 'What a blow. So, this is the power of mage from outside the town. I can't defeat him with just strength training.' Asta thought while falling to the ground. "Asta!" Maya shouts, worried for the boy. Yuno stairs at his brother, worried as well.

"You've put up a good fight. Since you worked so hard, I'll tell you a secret of mine. These chains can sense the magic power of those they're wrapped around." Revchi said to him, placing his foot on his shoulder, staring down on him condescendingly. "And you don't have a single drop of magic." He reveals to Asta, shocking him to his core. "It's no wonder you can't use magic. You were probably just born that way." The thief said.

"What the heck? Heh, then no matter how hard I try, I can't use magic?" Asta thought, stunned by the revelation. "I never thought someone like you existed. I can't help but pity you. I'm not sure what your friends, the great genius and the royal angel, see in you." "Maybe Yuno and Maya are so great that they were chosen by the four-leaf, and something far greater. I'm probably just in their way.' Asta thought, becoming more depressed.

"In this world, you won't be able to make it anywhere. You should just give up. You were born a loser." Revchi said to the boy. "He's right. No matter how hard I try, I can't do everything. So, maybe I should just give-." Asta thinks, but is soon interrupted.

"Hey!" Yuno said and Maya shouted. "Who are you calling a loser?" Yuno said, remembering back to when Asta helped him and how they first met Maya.

Back when the two were walking home, they got separated and Yuno was looking for Asta. While walking, he ran into a royal child, who revealed her named to be Maya, looking for her caretaker, and they decided to help each other find who they were looking for. While looking a drunk man came out and saw the two walking, he sees their necklaces and then swoops in, knocking them down, and grabs them.

"Give them back!" Yuno and Maya shouted. "I'm just gonna exchange them for cash. Besides, these items are too nice for orphans to have." He said, not knowing Maya was a royal. "In this world, magic is everything. Do you want to have a magic duel with me?" He said, creating ice in his hands. The children began to cry, both were too scared to do anything.

Just then, Asta came in and rushed past them, running up to the man and tackled him. "That belongs to Yuno and that girl! Give them back!" He shouts. The drunk then smacked Asta to the ground, causing Yuno and Maya to worry, but Asta got back up and tackled the man again. Asta was beaten down several times, but didn't back down once, and after being pushed down one last time, the man then gives up and tosses the necklaces back to them.

The two then move towards Asta, who's lying on the ground. "Thanks, Asta." Yuno said. "Why did you do that? You don't even know me." Maya asks. "You needed help, what other reason did I need?" Asta said, looking up at her. Maya then blushed, having never had someone do that for her. She never forgot the kindness Asta showed that day, and will pay him back someday. "Magic is everything in this world, huh?" Asta asks out loud.

"Then I'll become someone great, and prove that people like us can be anything we want! I'll become the Wizard King!" he said, smiling at the two. Yuno stared at Asta in amazement. "Me too." The other orphan said. "I'll become the wizard king too." He said to his brother. "Seriously? Well then..."

"Asta gave me courage to move forward when I was too scared to even move. No matter how much I excelled, Asta was right there behind me. Because Asta never gave up, I..." Yuno thought. "Because Asta helped me, I trained to become stronger, and help those who needed it." Maya thought alongside Yuno

"Asta is no loser." They say. "He's my rival!" Yuno shouts. "And he's my hero!" Maya follows. Asta's eyes widen at their declaration, his willpower reignited. 'They're right! I can't give up now. I'll let them down, and disappoint the first to support me!' Asta thought to himself, remembering the Magic Knights who helped his home.

He then remembered their words, and thinks about what they taught him. He senses everyone's Ki around him, including his own, but he then noticed something else. Along with their Ki, he senses an energy flowing inside the other three. "What is that?" Asta asked, having never sensed anything like it.

"Wait, is that their mana?" Asta thinks, having never noticed it before. Yuno had a green aura that had felt like it was flying free, symbolizing the wind. Maya's felt like a protective authority, ever-changing to defend against everything that'll harm what she cares for. Revchi's mana felt constricting, waiting to strike, representing his chains. "What's going on? Why can I see it now?" Asta then felt something strange. He felt a cold and black presence within himself. He focuses on that and realizes something. "Is this, my power?" Asta asks in wonder.

While Asta is thinking, Revchi looks towards the two, finding it hilarious that they have faith in Asta, but is soon drawn to something else. He looks down to see Asta grabbing his leg, squeezing it tightly, letting the power he found flow into his hand. "Not yet!" He mutters. Then raises his voice. "Get off of me!" Asta shouts. Revchi is shocked at this, and takes a step back, wondering what that feeling was. "Sorry about that display, Yuno, Maya." Asta said, staggering the feet. Yuno and Maya look towards him, noticing an ominous air coming from him. "Give me a sec. I'll destroy this guy!" He shouts.

Suddenly, a black glow with red and violet accents appeared to flare from him, shocking those present. Following that, something came flying out of the building's wall. The object soon stops in front of Asta, revealing itself to be a tattered, dirty-looking grimoire. On its cover was a black five-leaf clover. Revchi walks backwards, shocked at the scene before him, while Asta stares at the book.

"Is that, a grimoire?" He asks, unable to believe he received one, and notices the clover on it. "Five leaves. Just like Maya's." "I knew it." Yuno said, he and Maya smiling at the development. "Asta not getting a grimoire? There's no way that's possible." Maya agrees, staring with proud and adoring eyes at the boy who helped her.

The grimoire soon opened its pages, and from them rises a long broadsword, where it impales itself into the ground after completely exiting the book. The sword itself was covered in dirt and is almost as long as Asta, just short of a head.

The leaves of the clover symbolize faith, hope and love.

Revchi stares at what is happening. "What is that sword?! And that glow?! His magic?!" He thinks, shocked at the sight before him. He takes several steps back, dropping Yuno and Maya's grimoires.

Within the fourth leaf dwells good luck.

"That's impossible. He had no magic! What is that grimoire?" Revchi asks. He then widens his eyes at what happened next.

And inside the fifth leaf, there lives two powers, long since forgotten by all but a few.

As Asta takes a hold of the sword, his shadow soon changed shape, growing larger. The shadow grabbed the fallen grimoires with a surge of wind, and they moved towards their rightful owners. When Maya grabbed hers, her shadow changed into an angel, its hands grazing Asta's shadow.

Inside the white clover, lives an angel. And inside the black clover…

Asta's shadow then towered over everyone, revealing itself to have taken the form of a horned demon with large wings, its hands outstretched as if holding up Asta's grimoire.

There lives the devil.

Asta lifts the sword out of the ground, surprised at its weight. "It's heavy. Looks like all that training finally paid off." He said. Asta then gets a feeling and decides to send his new power through the blade. Revchi shivers at the sight. "But I checked, and you didn't have any magic! How did you get that grimoire, and that sword?! What kind of freak of nature are you?!" He shouts.

Asta just gives him a cold look. Revchi launches chains at the boy in front of him. Asta however sensed the attack coming and was quick to counterattack. He begins to advance towards Revchi, and swings his sword towards the chains and it somehow cuts them down and causes them to disappear. "He nullified my magic?! How is that possible?!" The thief questions.

Asta was thought to have no magic power whatsoever, but in reality, he held something far greater. Asta was born with a unique energy which allowed him to wield the black clover, the grimoire of Anti-Magic, allowing him to completely nullify magical energy in the area.

"Even without traditional magic power, I'll still become the Wizard King!" Asta shouts moving his sword in position. "My magic is never giving up!" He yells swinging his sword at Revchi, making him fly into the wall, near the top. With the former Magic Knight unconscious, the chains around Maya and Yuno disappear. Asta pants after that, then begins to smile. "I always figured that with no magic, I could train my body, and it proved to be useful." He said.

Maya then looks towards him, blushing in admiration, only for Asta to begin to shout in joy. "All right! I don't know how, but I got a grimoire! It's a little beat up, but I'll treat it with care!" He shouts, rubbing it on his face. "And I can finally have powers! This is the best day ever!" Asta finishes punching his arms in the air. "Asta!" Maya then crashes into him in a hug. "Thank you!" She said, happy for her friend. Yuno walked towards them. "Looks like you saved me again. I'll repay you someday." He said finally in front of his foster brother.

"Remember our promise?" Yuno then asks. "Never stopped thinking about it." Asta responds with a smirk. They then bring their fists together, smiling at each other. "We'll fight to see who'll become the Wizard King, no matter what!" They said in unison, the sun setting over the demon's skeleton in the distance. Maya looks towards them, specifically Asta, and vows to herself to protect him as well.

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