Hello, and welcome back to my other story, Twin Clovers. I'm surprised that this one caught attention, I guess I'm a better writer than I thought. Anyway let's continue. I plan on making this an Asta/Harem fic as well. For Maya's magic, just wait. Just so you know, this is more of a side project. My main focus will be Anti-Magic Swordsman. Now, onto the story.

Six months have passed since Asta and Yuno received their grimoires, and they are now training for the Magic Knights Entrance Exam.

Asta is inside his training area, inside the demon skeleton, training with his sword by striking one of the skeleton's ribs. Around him are tons of foliage growing on the bones, as well as several pieces of ancient buildings.

Asta takes one last swing, making it his thousandth, and pauses, breathing heavily, his body covered in sweat, scruffs of dirt, and new scars from his encounter with Revchi.

"Time for some mugoru leaf juice! This stuff may not enhance my powers, but it's a pretty healthy drink!" He said taking a swig of the green liquid. "So gross." He said, pausing in his drinking. "Time for another round!" He said, getting back to his drink. "Still gross." He stopped again. He then hers a noise that sounds like laughing. He turns around and sees a bird sitting on a rock making the noise.

"Hey, birdie. You want a swig?" Asta asks. The bid however turns away and flies off. "Guess not." Asta said at what happened. He then sits down and examines his grimoire. "Ever since I got my power, I've been able to channel it into my sword like it's second nature. Though, I can't figure out why my sword becomes blunt to anything but magic." Asta then stared at the clover on his grimoire. "Still, having this clover is pretty strange." He commented.

After the authorities came to lock away Revchi, Asta asked Drouot what his and Maya's grimoires meant. Although reluctant, he informed them that the white represented the angel, and the black meant the devil.

At first, they thought this was something to worry about, Maya worrying that she would have to fight Asta or something, but he reassured her that he felt like the same Asta he always was, calming her down.

"I guess it makes sense. The gods failed me in gifting me with magic power, so who else to turn to." Asta said, making his own conclusion. "Welp, no time to think on that. Back to training." Asta said grabbing his sword, and returning to slicing at the rib. "Yuno's probably training too. He won't get ahead of me!" He said as he took another swing.

Yuno was somewhere else, controlling the wind and slicing several stumps into firewood, and organizing them into stacks to carry. "That's enough for today." He said, wiping his brow, but then rethinks his decision. "Maybe a little more. After all, he's probably training too." He said walking to a large rock. "One-thousand one." He said, swinging his arm down, causing a slash of wind to crack the rock. He then thrusted his arm out, breaking the rock.

Back at Hage Village, Father Olji and Sister Lily were meeting with Drouot at the tower, discussing the two boys.

"Yuno, I'm sure will do fine, but was it wise to let Asta go?" Olji asks. "Well he wants to take it, so he should take it." Drouot responded. "We already lost some promising ones." He said, thinking of those other two who Revchi chained to a wall, both forgoing taking the exam after seeing what the ex-Magic Knight can do. Father Olji asks again if it's a wise idea to let Asta go, and Drouot gives him the same response as before. "I see the problem. You're gonna be lonely with Asta gone, aren't you?" He asked the priest.

"So sweet." Sister Lily commented.

"He's totally off the mark. It's just that if he's going to fail, then why take it in the first place. And the little ones. They'll miss him for sure. It's not about me, I'm thinking for the children." He tries to play it off.

Sister Lily and Drouot give him knowing looks, to which he tells them to stop it.

"Think of it this way. In all likelihood, Yuno will pass and Asta will not, so he'll have to come back home." Drouot said. And this perks up Father Olji.

"Was that book he obtained even a grimoire?" The father asks the caretaker. "I have no idea." Drouot answered, shocking Father Oli. "Since I can't tell I've decided to let the knights at the entrance exam decide what to do." Drouot explained.

"The black clover. Who would've thought?" The caretaker thought, noticing the clover on the cover.

As the sun was setting, Asta came running down the path to the church, his sword on his shoulder. "Training doesn't stop till I reach the church!" He yelled, running right pass Yuno, who was levitating the wood he chopped. For a few seconds, Yuno just watches him, but then starts to run after him.

The two then keep passing each other, picking up speed till they were neck and neck. They soon pass the church fence. "Who won?" Asta asked, as Recca, Nash, Aruru, and Hollo welcome them back. 'It was close, but Yuno was a bit faster." Nash answered him. "Seriously?! Well then first through the church doors wins." Asta said, beginning to walk to the doors, when he senses something. He looks down and sees wind swirling where he's about to step.

He tries to move away, but is too late as he's thrown into the air. Yuno walks into the church, smug about his win. "I didn't expect Yuno to do something so childish." Recca commented. Asta then landed in front of him, his sword impaling itself onto the ground. "You big cheater!" He shouts at his brother.

"Probably due to all that training they're doing. Looks like we've got firewood for years, though." Nash said, noticing the wood Yuno brought with him.

Late at night, the children are sleeping in their room. The younger ones in the middle, With Yuno and Asta on either side, Nash gets up and stares at Asta, still thinking his dream's impossible.

The next day, Asta and is training under the demon skeleton. Asta keeps swinging at the rib. Asta then notices someone walking in on him. "'Hey Nash, what's up." He said, turning to the younger male. "I'll never understand how you do that. Just thought I come and see an idiot do some stupid things." Nash said to Asta. "You're never gonna stop making fun of me, are you?" Asta asked, used to Nash's constant insults, returning to striking the rib.

"Not when you're still taking the knights exam. You don't even have any magic, so there's no way you'll pass." Nash said, while looking to the side. Asta stopped swinging and turned to Nash. "Don't count me out yet. Look." Asta said, and Nash turned to him, seeing him holding his grimoire.

"I've got me and a grimoire, and I've got something just as good as magic. So, I'll definitely get into the Magic Knights. And then, I'll become the Wizard-." "No, you won't!" Nash interrupts him. Asta gives him a questioning look.

"You're poor like the rest of us. A cast-offed orphan. We don't get to have dreams." He trembled, his voice laced with sadness. "Nash." Asta said, and walked to the younger orphan and placed his hands on his shoulder.

"No giving up! You hear me?!" Asta yells in his ear. "We can dream as much as we like!" Nash put his hands over his ears due to Asta's yelling. "You're wrong! We can't do anything." He continues to despair. "We can. Look." Asta said turning away an raising a fist. "I'm following mine."

Asta grabbed his sword. "Even if you're a poor orphan, you can become great like anyone else. You can be anything you want, make your dreams come true, and make the people you care about happy." He said to Nash. "That's exactly what I'm trying to prove, and so is Yuno." Asta said, bringing his sword back, preparing to swing.

Nash still wasn't convinced. "I'll join the Magic Knights, and become the Wizard King! Watch!" Asta yelled, swinging his sword at the rib, slicing through it, causing it to break into pieces. Nash looks on at Asta as he looks back at Nash, smiling at him as a ray of sunlight shines on him.

Later, Asta and Yuno are walking back to the church and when they got through the gate, a white portal, with a blue and yellow glow appeared, causing Yuno and Asta to be on guard. Stepping out of the portal was Maya, who came by for a visit. "Hey guys." She said with a cheery smile. "Maya!" Said Asta, happy to see his friend. Yuno gives a nod as a greeting,

"What brings you here?" Yuno asked her. "I heard this was your last night before you head out, so I thought I'd come by and see you off." She answered. "But how'd you make that portal?" He asked. "Well my magic allows me to use other magic affinities that I've seen. Those portals were because of Spatial Magic I saw one of my cousins use. It allows me to control physical space." Maya answered. "So cool!" Asta said with stars in her eyes.

The two then went inside the church, and later at night, they are sat all around the table, a feast prepared for Asta and Yuno's departure. "Father went all around, getting all the popotatoes he could find." Sister Lily said. "Oh, father." Asta said with praise, stars in his eyes. "Don't give me that look. It's not just for you. Honestly, I did it for Yuno." He said. "Father." Asta groaned at that. "Well, Yuno just mike make it into the Magic Knights. You on the other hand…" "Father!" Asta stood up at that.

"Listen, it's a tough exam. There's no shame in failing Asta." The priest said as he placed his hands on Asta's shoulders. "I mean, it's not like anyone expects you to pass or anything." Father Olji said, giving Asta a strange look. "I can't even tell if you're cheering me on or putting me down!" Asta tried to contain his rage.

"No matter what, you'll always have a place here, alright?" The priest said to Asta. "No matter what, this is your home. Even if it is a crumbling dump, it's still your home" He said to the teen, using Asta's own words.

"Don't you forget it." Recca added. "Were gonna miss you when your gone. Yuno too." Aruru said. "Yeah! Cause we're family." Hollo said as well. "That's so sweet." Maya said to them."

"You're gonna say all that to Yuno too right? How he can come back?" Asta said, a little perturbed at how Yuno's not being given the same lecture. "Yes, well, he'll be fine." Father Olji said with a small sweat-drop. "Hey now! I'll be alright too. I'm gonna be the Wizard King! And even if Yuno beats me, which is a very big if, I'll still be the strongest Magic Knight ever. And when I come back, I fix this church up." He said.

The father looks annoyed at that. "Well if it's so shoddy, then-." "And not because I think it's run down. I mean, it kind of is, but I'll fix it up, because you guys deserve better." Asta said, getting everyone to look at him.

Asta looks at both Father Olji and Sister Lily. "You two have looked after all of us. You fed us, clothed us, even gave us a roof over our heads. Fixing this place up is gonna be my way of repaying you for all you've done." Asta said to them. They looked at the short teen in shock and awe at what he said. The other children look at him as well, surprised at his statement. Yuno and Maya only look at him with smiles, thinking that through all the muscle, Asta has one big heart.

"Well then, even though it's unlikely, good luck." Father Olji finally said to Asta, who smiled at the man who raised him. Sister Lily also smiled at them as well.

"Now then, let's dig in!" The nun said. "We've got all kinds of popotatoe dishes, battered, roasted, fried, sautéed, and steamed too. We've also got popotatoe juice and special flan. Maya even helped out in making them." She said, making the guest of the meal blush. "Thank you, Maya." The younger children say. "Yeah, thanks." Asta said to her, Yuno nodding at her as well. "It was no big deal." She said through her embarrassment.

As everyone takes some of the food, they all thought it was amazing. "Wow this is so good!" Aruru and Hollo said, with everybody agreeing. "Thank you." Maya said. "I call dibs on this one." Asta said as he reached for some of the food. "Don't hog it all for yourself, you big pig." Recca joked. "Man, this is so good. You'll make a man happy to marry you." Asta said to Maya, loving her food, causing her to blush. All in all, the teens' last night was fun and enjoyable event.

Morning came and the two were about to leave, Maya having already left, wishing them well and saying she'll see them in a week. The two wearing grimoire holsters on their waists, Yuno's on his right, Asta's on his left. They also had bags dull of their stuff, Yuno's in a shoulder bag, Asta's in a duffle, draped over his shoulder.

"Take care boys." Father Olji wished them. "You two will write us, right?" Recca asked. "Of course." Yuno answered, both teens giving them smiles. "I hope you guys have fun." Aruru said with a smile. "But come back soon, okay?" Hollo asked. "Asta will be back soon enough. Don't you worry about that." Nash said, closing his eyes and holding his arms behind his head. "C'mon Nash, you're not fooling me." Asta said, reading Nash's Ki.

"But listen," Nash began, catching Asta's attention. "If by some chance, some very small one, you actually manage to join the Magic Knights," Nash said becoming more energized as he went. "Yeah, what?" Asta asked him. "Then I'll start believing dreams really can become true! That I can be anything I want! And Maybe be a Magic Knight, too. Or, you know, whatever." Nash finished, turning away from the older teen. "I'll be waiting." Asta said with a smile.

"Alright, Asta, let's go." Yuno said, beginning to walk away. "Do you always have to be a jerk all the time, lady killer? We may be rivals, but that doesn't mean we can't be friends." Asta said next to Yuno, who just walked further ahead. "Yuno." He said when he was ignored. "See ya! Whish us luck!" Asta called back waving to the rest.

"Good luck! Have a safe trip!" They all say, with Nash grumbling out 'so long'. Sister Lily reflects on how far they've grown, thinking on how Asta has always had his boundless energy. She then thinks on how Asta changed Yuno, from the insecure child into the strong, determined teen, ever since that night he brought back an injured Asta. "Good luck you two." She says, proud of how far they went.

A week has passed since Yuno an Asta left Hage village, and have reached the capital, and are now walking through the castle town of Kikka, located in the common realm, near the noble region, heading towards an arena in the center of town, where the exam will be held.

"Wow! Awesome! Check out all these swords and stuff!" Asta said, looking in the window of a shop, but then notices the price. "How mu...!" Asta blanches, Unable to understand how expensive the stuff is. "This place is a far-cry from the village, huh?" Yuno asked.

Asta then noticed something up ahead. "So up there's where the Wizard King lives?" Asta said, staring up at the capital. "Probably the country's king as well." Yuno added. "Soon that castle will be mine!" Asta said determined. "You mean my castle." Yuno corrected. "Nah, but I'll let you live with me." Asta retorted. "If you're lucky, I'll let you live with me." Yuno smirked at him.

The two then here crying and look to see a family heading home from shopping. "Reminds me of everyone back home. Bet it's so boring without us there." Asta reminisces. "We can agree on that" Yuno cracks, only for a voice to follow. "Asta! Yuno!" The voice shouts, causing the brothers to look towards where it came from, and see Maya walking towards them.

Maya was wearing a more casual outfit, the maroon skirt going to above her knees, and having a white shirt sleeve shirt, and wearing black knee high boots. Another thing the two noticed was the sword strapped to her hip. "Maya! How've you been?" Asta asked as she caught up with them. "Great!" She said cheerily. Now that she's right next to them, Asta notices that she put on a little muscle. Not too much to be obvious, but enough to be noticeable. "Have you been working out?" He asked. "Maybe." Maya replied with a wink. "The exam should be just ahead." Yuno said walking past them. "Hey wait up!" Asta called after him, with Maya right behind him.

The trio are then seen in a line waiting to be assigned numbers for the exam.

"Next." the mage said, causing Yuno to walk towards him. "Name's Yuno, from Hage." The boy answers. The mage asks for his grimoire and Yuno shows it. The man is surprised to see that it's the four-leaf clover. "You're number 164." The mage said. "Next." He called.

Asta then walks forward to register himself. "Asta from Hage." He said, and presents his grimoire. "You sure that's a grimoire?" The mage said, noticing its tattered appearance. "Of course it is! Look at the cover!" Asta said, shoving it in the man's face. After that, the man moves the grimoire out of his face. "All right! You're number 165." He said, trying to get him out of his face. "Thanks!" Asta yelled, and moved out of the way, and waited for Maya.

"Name?" The attendant asks. "Maya Jasmine Kira. I'm from the capital." She answered, shocking him and the others around who heard. "What's with all the hoopla?" Asta asked. "You don't know?! She's the princess of the kingdom!" Another person answered Asta, causing him to gawk in disbelief. "She's the what?!" He shouts, having not known that about his friend.

The man at the counter then asks for her grimoire and is once again shocked as he sees the white leaf on the cover. "You're number 166." She tells her. "Thank you." She said cheerily, and walks into the arena. "Why didn't you tell me you're the princess?! Or that your middle name's Jasmine?!" Asta asked her as she walked towards him. "You never asked." Maya answered cheekily, and then dashes ahead of him.

Inside everyone gathers, waiting for the exam to begin, birds began to swarm some of the people there. "I'm getting nervous." One examinee said, exhaling outward. "What's with these birds?!" Another examinee asked, said birds pecking at him.

"There the famous Anti-birds of the exam venue. They peck at you more when you have low magic power." Another test taker answered the question, they then notice Yuno coming in, and not a bird to be near him. "Check it out! Not a single bird's going near him.

"Oh it's him! The one from the boonies who got the four leaf clover." Another examinee said, shocking others present. Maya then comes running in after Yuno. "Yuno! Wait up!" She said coming to a stop near him.

With her appearance, the others there began talking about her, "It's her! The girl who got the five leaf!" "No way!" "She looks so hot!" The others conversed.

"Heh, heh, heh. This is where it begins Yuno. From here on out, we're on our way to become the Wizard King!" Asta said walking inside with everyone else. Yuno and Maya turned to look at him, and are stunned at the display, Maya more visibly than Yuno. They see Asta covered with Anti-birds. "Now you'll see the results of my training-ng-ng, OOOWWW!" He yells in pain as a bird pulls at his cheek.

"What's with these birds?!" Asta shouts, trying to get the birds off of him, and begins running around the stadium to get away from them, Yuno having a blank look on his face, while Maya has a different idea. "Asta, give me one!" She shouts, wanting one of the birds to be on her, and chases after him. 'Why are they chasing Asta? Is his power undetectable by magic?' Yuno thinks to himself, having felt the power his foster brother holds.

"Wow, get a load of this guy!'" "Even for someone from the boonies, that's a bit much." The other examinees said, looking at Asta move around.

"C'mon, Asta! Give me a bird." Maya said, wanting one of them. Asta then began to get annoyed. "Back. Off!" Asta shouted, looking at the birds, his pupils becoming slits momentarily. The birds are spooked by him, feeling an ominous aura coming from him. They flew away quickly, except for one, which looked different than the others.

"Aw. You made them go away." Maya whined, approaching Asta.

"Did you see that?" An applicant asks.

"The birds just flew away after looking at him." Another applicant said.

"Finally, they're gone. What the heck kind of birds were they?" Asta said in relief and asked Maya. "Anti-birds. They gather around people with ow magic." Maya answered him. Asta then turned to start walking, but then bumped into someone. "Sorry. Didn't see you the-" Asta began to apologize, but took notice of who he bumped into him. 'Huh?' Asta thought, taking in the man's appearance.

The man was tall with a very muscular build. He has black eyes and black hair of medium length that is messily combed backward. Additionally, he sports a stubble mustache and beard. His attire is very simple and consists only of a white A-shirt and black trousers. The trousers have an extra layer of tan leather that covers his outer thighs and down to his knees. The trousers are only supported by a belt around his waist. The man wears another pair of belts, one of which he uses to carry his grimoire. He also wears black high boots that cover most of his calves.

Draped on top of his shoulders a black banner with a squad's insignia on it. He wears it over his right shoulder and it is attached by two strings to his left shoulder. The banner also has tattered edges, seeming to have been ripped off from a bigger banner. On what remained of the right side of his robe sat the symbol of a knight squad, a bull skull with a star in the forehead, outlined in gold. He was also smoking a cigarette.

"You got a death wish, boy?" The man asks Asta with a glare.

"Who the hell is this guy?!" Asta screamed internally, with Maya sharing his thoughts. "The look in his eye, it's the look of a killer. His neck is thick. He's no ordinary mage. He's gigantic. Is he really our age?" Asta thought. "Hold it. Don't judge someone by how they look." "Just be friendly." He muttered. "Wow, you look like you've been through a lot for a fifteen-year old." Asta said, causing the others around to sweat drop in silence. Asta then feels something grab his head. He looks to see it is the brute who grabbed him.

"Guess you are ready to die." The man said beginning to squeeze his head. "So I was right. He's a knight already. Wait a minute, his Ki, it can't be." Asta thought, getting a feeling he recognizes from his past.

"There you are. What are you doing down here sir?" Someone one said approaching the man, along with another. Thy were both wearing the same robe, which were similar to the muscular man's albeit in tact. The robe was black in color and only covers his torso. It had gold trimmings around the edges and the hood. Additionally, it also has a gold button to hold the robe together, which positioned at the right-hand side while at the left-hand side sports the squad's insignia.

The one who asked the larger man what he was doing was a slender young man of average height and build. He has "droopy" eyes, and somewhat unruly dirty blond hair. His outfit is fairly simple. On top of a white under shirt, he wears a light green, loose-fitting tunic with long sleeves and long tails at the back. He also wears dark trousers and a green pair of wide, knee-high boots that lace up the front. He was wearing a mantle similar to the muscular man, and his grimoire holder is on his left hip. He also wear a pair of green earrings.

"I'm about to break this guy's neck." The burly man said, causing Asta to be more frantic. "Hey, isn't that who I think that is." An applicant asked. "It is. It's Finral Roulacase. He wields the rare spatial type magic." A female applicant answered. "And who's this lovely lady." Finral asked the girl. "A womanizer who spends more time flirting than doing his job." Someone added to Finral's description.

"And that's Gordon Agrippa." Gordon is a slender, young man with pale skin and short black hair that is slicked back. He wears black eye-shadow in large circles around his red eyes. He also wears black lipstick and nail polish. His attire consists of a dark grey jacket red trimming and red cuffs. His pants are a matching grey and are tucked into knee-high black boots. He wears a black belt over his jacket and a black pouch for his grimoire hangs on his left hip. Over this he wears a robe like the others. His dark grey peaked cap has a black band and bill and a badge like the one his robe.

"He's a Hex Magic expert. He's said to have communication issues. Plus, he's scary-looking." The applicant stated about the other.

The larger man then began to squeeze Asta's head tighter causing him to groan. ""Hey now, stop. That won't do. A squad captain can't go and kill an examinee."Finral tried to stop the man. "Why are you even down here at all?" "I went to take a dump and got lost." The man answered.

"Squad captain, then that guy must be..." An applicant began in fear. "Yami Sukehiro, the God of Destruction!" He said in terror.

"Ten. Nine. Eight." Yami began to count down. "What are you counting down for?" Asta asks. "The end of your little life." Yami answers, causing Asta to freak out.

"Yami, the captain of the Black Bulls? They say they do more harm than good." An examinee said. "They say there isn't a single member who doesn't have a screw loose." Another examinee added. The others hope not to be on their squad, dreading what the others are like after seeing just those three.

Asta finally had enough, and grabbed Yami's arm. He began to channel his power, causing the air around him to whirl, which the captain notices. 'What the heck, I know he's doing something, But I can't sense what.' Yami thought. "Let me go!" Asta shouts using his strength to try and pry the man's arm off of him. Yami began to count faster, until someone intervened.

"Yami, Let my friend go!" Maya shouts at the man, making the captain notice her. "Oh, this is your friend? Sorry, your highness." Yami said, dropping Asta. "Congratulations, you get another shot at life. Don't waste it." He said and began to walk away, as fireworks were launched into the air, signaling the start of the exam. "Yeah, and you wanna know what I'm gonna do with it." Asta said, catching the man's attention. "I'm gonna surpass my limits! Right here, right now!" He shouts confusing the others, but Yami soon has a look recognition on his face, seeing a resemblance to a kid he met. Yami then smirks at him and turns away. "Can't wait to see how you do it." Yami said back to him.

"So he does remember." Asta said smirking. "Was he always that intense?" He asked, focusing on their recent encounter. "You okay?" Maya asks him, worried for her crush. "Yeah." He answered. Yuno then walked towards the two. "So I guess you know the captains as well?" Asta asks rhetorically, Maya only smiling in response

Everyone's attention is brought to the stands as a group of people enter the stands at the top, the anti-birds flying away at their presence.

The first person is a slender man with fair skin, narrow blue eyes, and small eyebrows. He has pale, silver-white hair worn in a very distinctive style that is occasionally remarked upon by other characters. Kept long and straight at the lower back, the top and upper side portions of his hair are heavily styled and swept back into long spiky fringe. His long bangs are styled into a braid that hangs between his eyes and down to the tip of the nose, where a small pendant is attached.

He wears a loose fitting shirt with a high collar that is kept closed at the top by a gold band, but is left open below to expose his collar bone. He also wears loose pants, with tight bands just below the knee, and flimsy sandals. In addition, he's wearing the typical robe of his order consisting of a short, fur mantle with longer, frilled panels that hang down to the elbow. Like other orders, their squad insignia, an Eagle with its wings spread out, cawing in the air, a scroll clasped in its talons, the same shape of his pendant in the center, placed on the left hand side. His mantle also has an attached robe that is long enough to reach nearly to his feet. His grimoire case is positioned on his left hip.

"That's Nozel Silva, Captain of the Silver Eagles. He uses Mercury Magic, being able to control a liquid metal." Maya explained as Nozel sit down. "A real Magic Knight Captain. Weird hair style. How does he see with that thing?" Asta asked, causing Maya to chuckle.

Next sat down a tall man with purple eyes and long, straight vermillion hair. His hair is neatly combed to the back while leaving his long fringe combed to the left in a wavy hairstyle. One of his notable features is the red markings around his eyes. Another one is a diamond-shaped mark of similar color on the center of his forehead. Additionally, he also wears a pair of red earrings.

His attire consists of a light-colored tunic in which, covered by a dark blue shirt with long sleeves and high collar. The shirt is decorated with gold-colored fabric with vertical stripes design on its edges, collars and along the sleeves. In order to keep the shirt together, he wears a purple sash around his waist. Moreover, he wears light-colored trousers and high boots with similar design as his jacket. On top of his attire, he wears a red robe that covers his entire body.

His squad robe has similar color as his personal robe. The robe has gold intricate designs at the lower front edge and complemented with a scarf of similar red color. Additionally, a pair of gold-colored ropes are protruding from between the scarf and the robe at the front and a purple stone is decorating each end. Lastly, the squad's insignia, a golden lion with a long red mane, wearing a crown and breathing fire, is located at the center back of the robe.

"That's Fuegoleon Vermillion, Captain of the Crimson Lion Kings. Like his name suggests, he's an expert in fire magic, along with his siblings." Maya informed the two. "Wow." Asta responded.

Next came a tall, lean man with gold eyes and loose, medium-length black hair. On the left side of his face, he has a thin, red scar or birthmark running from his forehead down to his chin, passing over his left eye and ends at the left side of his mouth.

He was wearing a small tea green sleeveless shirt that left his abdomen exposed. Black pants with parts that are tea green, His grimoire pouch goes to rest under his back.

His squad robe was a green robe that went to the bottom of his torso, with its insignia being a golden mantis over a background looking like a leaf on the left and side.

"Jack the Ripper, Captain of the Green Praying Mantis. He looks creepy, but he's nice. He uses Severing Magic, " Maya informed. "What's a praying mantis?" Asta asked her. "That long green bug that sometimes has its fore limbs in a praying like position." She answered. "He's able to slice anything with the blades made by his Severing Magic." Maya continued. "Wow that's awesome!" Asta said excitedly. "Praying mantis, though? Who'd want to be named after a bug?" Someone asked.

Next sat a woman with blue eyes and long blond hair that is braided. She is seen normally wearing armor decorated with gold feather decal. Her squad robe is a light blue shade, pined together by a pin with her squad insignia, a golden rose with thorn covered vines on it, the insignia also located on the back of the robe.

"That's Charlotte Roselei, Captain of the Blue Rose Knights. She uses Brier Magic, controlling thorn covered plants, preferably the kind with roses. Also, she's said to be the most beautiful woman in the knights." Maya said "Eh. She's got nothing on you." Asta said without thinking, causing Maya to blush, as well as himself when he realized what he said. The two turn their attention back to the captains to get past that.

Next came a tall obese man, wearing armor with gold detailing, black pants with brown covering from below the hips, and black boots that go to under his knees, and wears a purple cape. He was also wearing a purple mask

His squad robe draped over his shoulders into two separate parts, joined by a fur like collar, with its insignia, a long purple serpent like fish, on the left hand side.

"That guy's Gueldre Poizot, Captain of the Purple Orcas. Not one of my favorites." Maya said. "Seriously?" Asta asks. "He just gives me the creeps. But his Transparency Magic is powerful. Allowing him to erase his presence, like turning invisible to everything, but also intangible to magic attacks."

Another woman came next, this one being young looking, lilac-haired, fair skinned, and of slightly below average height. She was wearing a pointed witches' style hat with a garland of natural flowers as a wreath at the hat's base. Her outer cloak, which reaches to just below her torso, is clasped by a flower-shaped brooch. The cloak layers so that her insignia, which is that of a peacock with 9 variegated eyes visible throughout the symbol, is on the cloak of her cape. As for shoes, they are pointed and colored in contrast with a deeper shade of her squad's color.

Even though the squad's color is coral, the shade looks to be a mix of lavender and cerise.

"Dorothy Unsworth, Captain of the Coral Peacock."

"Is she sleepwalking?" Asta asked.

"I've never seen her not sleep." Maya informed.

"How'd she become a captain?"

"She's probably got some incredible magic, though I don't know what it is."

Next was a young man with spiky, aqua-colored hair in a messy mound atop his head.

He wears a light-colored shirt under a dark blue vest that is held closed by a belt. His dark blue pants end halfway down his shins, and his shoes are white slippers. Over this, he wears a long, white coat open with two pairs of large, turquoise diamonds on the front and on the sleeves. His squad robes has a dark blue tassel of diamonds hanging from the front clasp. The insignia was a picture of a dear with large antlers, with two drops, one on either side of them.

"Rill Boismortier, Captain of the Aqua Deer. He uses Painting Magic, allowing him to make anything he paints real, so long as he uses his brush and palette to channel his magic." Maya said. "So, he could use any element?" Asta asked. "Basically."

"Isn't he a bit young to be a captain?"

"A bit. He's nineteen." Maya said.

"Seriously?! Just four years older than us? Ha! Then I'll be the Wizard King in no time!" Asta said with determination.

"Then look up there. That's the person who's currently next in line for it." Maya points him out.

Finally, a man of average height and a lean build. He has purple eyes. William wears a helmet that is made up of a large gold piece covering his right eye and a smaller blue piece covering his left eye. The helmet has white and red patches of fur on the back edge and two white feathers on the left side. He wears a double-breasted and long-sleeved shirt with a high collar. The shirt itself consists of two different colors, as it is white at the sides and blue in the middle. Gold trimmings and buttons can be seen on the blue portion of the front of the shirt. The sleeves are mostly made of white fabric, except for the wrist area where they are made of a yellowish fabric. The shirt extends below William's waist and he wears a dark belt on top of it. He also wears white pants and a pair of high black boots.

The man also wears a squad robe, which covers his torso and is gold in color. It has a blue-colored fur around the border of the hood and a pair of red ropes, which come from the left shoulder and connect to the gold-colored button on the right shoulder. Furthermore, at the left-hand side is positioned the squad's insignia, which is a sun with a face rising over the horizon of a castle. Underneath his robe, he wears a long red cloak.

"That's Captain William Vangeance, captain of the Golden Dawn. He's supposed to be the greatest Magic Knight." Maya informed, catching Asta and Yuno's rapt attention.

"I've heard he has his men's complete trust, and that he's the one who took the head of an enemy general in a battle that happened a while ago. His World Tree Magic allows him to create trees of any magnitude." She continued.

Everyone began getting excited, wishing to be chosen for the Golden Dawn or Silver Eagles. But others remember that only royals or elite nobles get into those squads.

Asta then noticed a woman standing next to Fuegoleon with a smaller male. She was woman with blue eyes and long, wavy vermilion colored hair. Like Fuegoleon, she has red markings around her eyes, but also has one sharp, pronounced canine tooth.

Her attire consists of a light-colored tunic, covered by a long, dark-colored shirt with long sleeves and high collar. The shirt is decorated with fabric with vertical stripes design on its edges and collar and along the sleeves, which she keeps rolled up to her elbows. In order to keep the shirt together, she wears a sash around her waist. She wears light-colored trousers. On top of her attire, she wears a red robe that covers her entire body.

As a member of the Crimson Lion Kings squad, she wears the squad's signature robe that only covers her torso. The robe has intricate designs at the lower front edge and is complemented with a scarf. A pair of ropes are protruding from between the scarf and the robe at the front and a stone is decorating each end. Lastly, the squad's insignia is located at the center back of the robe.

"Hey, who's that woman standing next to him?" Asta asks Maya. "Oh, that's Mereoleona, his older sister. You know, she was supposed to be the captain but refused the offer. Most of the time she travels around testing her strength, so it's weird for her to be here." She answered her crush. Asta looks at her a little more "She's here too. Now I can prove myself to the both of them." Asta though with determination.

Yami then came and took his seat to the left of Fuegoleon, Gordon and Finral behind him, as well as the other captains having members of their squads showing up.

"Let's get this over with. The sooner it starts, the sooner we can go home." Yami yawned, bored.

"I agree. Why do I even have to be here? The woman next to Fuegoleon asked.

"This exam will decide these youths' future. Don't take it so lightly." William said jovially.

"You take it seriously for all of us. Also, I saw the princess here as well." Yami remarks, catching the others attention.

"So, her family allowed her to take the exam?" Novel asked. His interest peaked. "Probably needed some persuading." Yami said. He then notices Asta next to Maya. "Hey, Sissy-leon." He said, getting the attention of Mereoleona.

"What?" She grunted, irritated at his nickname for her. "Look down there, next to the princess." He told her. When she looked, she saw Asta staring right at her, causing her to raise her brow in confusion.

"Who's the kid?" She asked. "Remember those bandits we had to take out in the sticks?" Yami asked her. After thinking on it, she then remembers something.

"So, the runt's finally here to prove himself, eh?" She asks with a smirk, looking right at Asta, causing him to give a look of determination right back at her.

"You know that boy?" Her brother asked her. "Not well. We talked with him a few years back. Let's see what he's got." Mereoleona said.

Each of the squad captains has the power of over a hundred mages combined.

"What about the Wizard King?" Asta asked Maya, having stopped looking at Mereoleona and began looking around.

"It's not that he wouldn't love to be here. He probably got stuck with a bunch of work." She said to him. "It's still a miracle in itself that they got all the captains together enough."

"Attention, examinees." William said, catching everyone's full attention.

"Thank you for waiting. I will be officiating this year's exam." He continues grabbing his grimoire and opening it to a specific page.

"World Tree Magic: Magic Tree, Descend" William said, causing a glow to appear. Soon after dark clouds began to gather, a large gust of wind following, causing everyone to put their arms up. Just then, large tree roots began to descend from the sky, shocking those present.

"Surprise, surprise. Amazing as usual." Funeral commented at William's magic.

The roots began to create brooms and then hand them to each examinee.

'Right now, this man is the closest to becoming the Wizard King!' Asta and Yuno thought in unison.

"You'll all be given a series of tests, with us captains serving as judges. Once those are complete, we will decide among you who will join our squads." William informed them. "If chosen, you're in. If more than one squad chooses you, you're free to decide which one of them to join. However, if you are not chosen, you will be deemed unfit for the Magic Knights." He continues.

'That won't happen. I will be chosen.' Asta thought determined.

"Your first test, use the brooms you've been given to fly." William said.

Some of the applicants began to become slightly nervous, having not done that before.

"A mage who can control his or her magic power can do it on instinct alone. It's our most basic way of travel." William stated. "If you can't fly a broom then you aren't worth our time."

Some applicants began to look more nervous at that.

"Enough talk. Begin!" William said, causing the others to begin trying to use them. Soon people manage to get into the air, some higher than others, and some having trouble keeping stable on the broom. Yuno however is having no trouble, flying higher than the others while standing straight on the broom, and began to maneuver easily. Maya manages to do the same. Flying even higher than Yuno, catching the others attention.

"Looks like we have some promising candidates." Charlotte said. Looking at those who manage to reach the second floor and higher. The others then look towards Asta and see him lying on his broomstick like a bed while he reads his grimoire, trying to make sense of the writing the pages that form his sword. In reality he was channeling a small bit of mana around him into the broom to make it float at a barely noticeable height.

"What's with that one?" Fuegoleon asks. "No matter how low his magic is, he should be able to lift off, but he's still of the ground." He said.

"Oh, he's off the ground alright." Yami said, causing the others to look at him. "Earlier I ran into him on my way up here, and I got a feel of his power. Strange thing was, it didn't feel like magic at all. He's probably not using all his power, not wanting to show what he can do right off the bat." He said blowing smoked from his mouth, shocking the others that Asta has something that wasn't mana. "Smart kid." He commented. The other captains look at Asta a little more, before returning their attention to the rest. Mereoleona looks a little longer at Asta, wondering what he'll do next.

"I can't believe this kid!" One applicant shouted.

"Yep, there's the first casualty." Another said.

"Why is he even here?" Said another.

"Ha Ha! You're a funny guy." Said someone coming to Asta, making him look up from his grimoire

The person is a teenager with a lean build and medium-length blond hair. His hair is combed backward and held together with a black hairband, leaving only several strands left hanging in front of his forehead.

His attire consists of a grey shirt with a dark grey vest with a wide V-shaped collar on top of it. He also wears white trousers and a pair of black high boots that have a pair of tan belts on each of them. In addition, He is wearing a tan belt that is connected to a pouch that he uses to carry his grimoire. The pouch is placed on his left-hand side. On top of everything, he wears a magenta coat with long sleeves and black horizontal stripes around the forearms.

"My name's Sekke. Nice to meet ya!" He said, introducing himself.

"Asta." He said back.

"This is pretty easy. Don't try so hard and you'll get it." Sekke said while lifting off on his own broom, thinking Asta is still on the ground.

"Thanks, nice to know." Asta says to him.

Just help me stand out more, you loser." Sekke thought snidely, believing Asta has little to no magic power.

"He must think I'm weak because I look like I'm still on the ground." Asta thought, catching the look in Sekke's eye. "Okay, I'll play along, for now anyway." He thought.

The second test was a test of strength. Each applicant must hit a small brick wall with a magical attack. Sekke shot a small piece of metal, causing a large hole to appear in the center. Asta instead picked up a stone on the ground, and flicked it at the wall, causing it to break into pieces, and have the stone imbedded into the stadium wall behind it, thanks to his natural physical abilities. This catches everyone's attention, including the captains.

"Eh, lucky break." Asta said sheepishly.

Next was a test of control. The examinees were required to hit a fast moving target that flew in the air. Sekke hit the outer ring. Asta however, using his ki sensing abilities, manage to hit the bullseye with a stone, shocking everyone but Yuno and Maya.

'He's using his enhanced strength and intuition to his advantage.' Yuno thought with a smirk.

'So cool!' Maya thought excitedly, blushing at how Asta's advancing.

The next test was a test of creation. The applicants were supposed to create anything they want from there magic. Sekke made a small statue of himself. 'Let's see if Yuno's explanation helped.' Asta said, remembering his time training.

Back at Hage, Asta was trying to figure out how to manipulate mana. But no matter how hard he tried he couldn't figure it out.

"Argh! This is impossible!" Asta shouts to the sky.

"Maybe the problem is that you're trying to pull magic from somewhere where it's not." A voice said, causing Asta to turn around and see Yuno.

"What do you mean?" Asta asks him.

"When this power of yours first showed up, I couldn't tell what it was because I was looking for mana signs, but you don't have mana remember." He said.

"So, what should I do?" Asta asked.

"Try looking somewhere else for mana." Was all Yuno said, and walked away.

"Look somewhere else?" Asta said out loud, thinking on what he meant. He thinks on it and then gets a feeling. Suddenly he opens his eyes. "That's it!" He said in realization.

"Here goes." Asta begins to focus like he did with the broom, only putting a little more effort into it. His hands began to emit a black aura with a red and violet glow, with surges of it moving into the air. Wind soon began moving around him, turning black as it began to take a shape, and between his hands formed a knife made of air.

"Not bad. But I will do better." Asta thought, glad he pulled it off. Yuno and Maya looked towards him and have varied reactions. Yuno has a smirk on his face as he saw Asta figures out his advice, and Maya was stunned that Asta created something at all.

The captains also saw this and were surprised, Yami and Mereoleona more so than the others. "Just what is this kid's power?" The two thought simultaneously.

The next test had each of the contestants channel there power into a seed to make it grow. Both Sekke and Asta did well, Asta growing his out more than Sekke.

"And now the final test. You will pair up with another and engage in single combat. You are allowed to use your grimoire and any attack spells you've learned." William informed.

"Now's my chance to fight with Yuno." Asta thought, beginning to look for him.

"Asta, how about you and I give it a go?!" Sekke asked the boy.

"Now's the time where I show you the difference between you and me." He thought. "Alright, let's go."

"Any Magic Knight worth his salt can defend himself and his people. You'll be fighting until your opponent surrenders or is knocked unconscious. We have a healing mage on standby, so fight like your life depends on it." Fuegoleon said to them. "Will the first pair step forward."

Asta and Sekke step into the middle of the arena, witch catches Yami and Mereoleona's attention. "Don't hold back." Asta said to him. Sekke just responds by placing his hand on Asta's shoulder.

"That guy chose the weakest one here to fight?" One person said.

"You don't have to try anymore, you little slum rat. You've got almost no magic, so you have no reason being here. I'll get into the Magic Knights and half-ass it for the both of us. You can just go back to whatever hole you crawled out of and stay there for the rest of your life." He said, causing Asta's anger to skyrocket.

"Begin!" Fuegoleon shouted. Sekke then grabbed his grimoire.

"No holding back! Let's go Asta! Bronze Creation Magic: Sekke's Magnum Cannonball!" Sekke shouts, casting a spell.

The spell causes a sphere to form around Sekke. Random peaked were located around it, and the casing had an intricate pattern on its sides.

"How do you like my magic, captains? I used my magic to create a shield around me, so your attacks will bounce right off, and when you're tired out, I'll attack you and steal the spotlight!" Sekke thought.

"For a guy just taking the test, that's some seriously impressive magic." Finral comments on Sekke's magic.

"Looks weird though, like a big spiny pill bug." Yami said, with Mereoleona agreeing. "Alright kid, this is your last chance, show me what you can really do." Yami thought while looking at Asta, whose hair is shadowing his eyes.

"Looks like it's over. There's no way that hick's gonna break through that." Said one applicant.

"Dammit, I wanted to fight him, and check out his grimoire." Another applicant said. "Why's it so worn out?" He said with a laugh.

"He can't even use normal magic." Another said.

"Stupid slum rat."

"No one wants you in their squad." The insults kept coming.

"Now now, I need you to fight with your all, so I can look good." Sekke thought. "Don't hold back, ya hear! Ha Ha!" He laughs.

"Hey." Asta said, catching his and the others attention, along with the captains and their squad members. "Wanna see something cool?" He asks, confusing everyone there.

Asta takes a deep breath and focuses his power into the mana around him, causing a surge of magic power to happen, the black aura appearing around him. Sekke goes pale as he feels the full pressure of his power. The others around them are shocked and unable to believe that Asta is causing this. The captains were amazed at his display of power, with Yami and Mereoleona grinning at the development.

Sekke began to feel his whole-body tremble with fear as he looks at Asta, whose eyes gained a red hue around the pupil, which became a slit. Behind him rose an image of a demon, which leered and smiled in a sinister fashion at him, only the captains, Mereoleona, Yuno, and Maya see. Suddenly, the pressure dissipates, and it felt like Asta had no magic like before.

"Wanna know the cool part?" Asta asked, causing Sekke to shiver at the answer. "That wasn't caused by magic." He said, completely stunning everyone there into shocked silence.

"Not magic? So that's why I couldn't sense what he was doing earlier." Yami thought, he and Mereoleona eager to see what he'll do next.

"You all heard how the princess got the white clover, and all know what it means right? So take a guess what mine is." Asta said, lifting his grimoire up. Most are unable to guess what he means, but the captains see it and are stunned at what they see. A black five-lead clover in the center of the book.

"Get ready, cause I won't hold back!" Asta said. With a burst of inhuman speed, Asta advances on Sekke, Drawing his sword from his grimoire.

"He's quick, and if he's not using Magic, then that means..." William began to think.

"His physical abilities are off the charts!" Yami and Mereoleona both finish William's thought

Asta begins to swing his sword down on Sekke's spell.

"Huh?" Sekke asked. Suddenly Asta's sword sliced through his spell, erasing it and slams it into Sekke, driving him into the ground, cracks appearing, and the ground becoming uneven in areas.

"Gah, ugh." Sekke mutters, foaming at the mouth, completely knocked out.

"What just ... happened?" An applicant said, stunned at the display.

"I'm not joining the Magic Knights just so I can have some fun. I've got a much bigger goal. I'm gonna be the Wizard King!" Asta said with determination, slinging his sword on his shoulder.

"That grimoire..." William thought while looking at the tattered book.

"Oh? He he." Yami chuckles at Asta's declaration, Mereoleona doing the same.

"Asta, the only one who will defeat you, is me." Yuno thought while staring at his rival.

"You show 'em, Asta." Maya thought, smiling at her crush, proud of his victory.

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