Hello and welcome to the next Twin Clovers. Also, in case it wasn't said last chapter, yes, Maya's sword and shield were inspired by Jaune Arc's Corcea Mors. Now then onto the next adventure.

Asta was then shown to his room inside the base. Inside it was bed, a shelf overhead, small desk in the corner, a nightstand infront of the bed, and a bookshelf near the door. The room was slightly grimy and covered in cobwebs, the window boarded up in the lower right corner, covering a hole in the glass.

"Here it is. Your room." Magna said, standing behind Asta, who was speechless at the room. "Dank, huh? Not to mention impressively cramped and filthy." Magna laughs. "You should see mine, it's twice the si-." Magna attempts to gloat, but Asta turns around and sees the teen with stars in his eyes, waterfall tears down his face, and sparkles around him.

"Wait, you're actually happy?" Magna was shocked at what he was seeing. Asta then gets into his face. "This's the first time I've ever had a space of my own. Back at the church, everybody crammed into one room. We were all lined up like sardines!" Asta explained his excited reaction. The tears then began to come out like water from a firehose, with Asta using his arm to attempt to wipe them away.

The alabaster teen then began to clean the room. "So long, dust! Dirt 'n' grime, get outta here! See ya cobwebs." Asta said jovially. "Go on, scrub all you want. You're free until the next mission, anyway." Magna said turning away.

"Oh, one more thing, kid." Magna said, catching Asta's attention. "Yeah, what's up?" The teen asked the punk. "Make sure you take some time to write home." Magna told his junior. "The folks at the church deserve a letter. They're your family, right? So, they'll wanna know that you're okay." "Got it. Thanks." Asta said to Magna. "Don't go making anyone worry. That's what being a real man is all about." Magna then turns away. "Later. Just hit me up if you need anything." Magna then went to go to his room." "Will do. Thanks Magna." Asta bowed.

With Maya, in the girls' dormitories, Vanessa was showing her to her room, which was way nicer than Asta's, as well as larger. "Here we are." Vanessa called from the door. Inside was a nice four-poster bed, with nice covers and fluffy pillows, a decent size bookcase, and a nearly large closet, a room divider in the corner, and a large, undamaged window, though dust was all over.

"Sorry if it's not as grand as the one at the palace, but I hope it's okay." Vanessa apologized. "It's perfect." Maya said, surprising the half-naked woman. "Thanks. Now let's clean it up a bit." Maya then brought out her grimoire, opening to a specific page. "Holy Transparency Magic: Silent Servants." She casted, summoning invisible maids, their outlines glowing white, who began to clean up the room.

"Wow, cool spell. I can only tell they're there by looking for magic." Vanessa comments, seeing what they're doing, but not able to physically see the maids without magic. After a few minutes, the maids completed their task. "Thank you. That will be all. Till next time." Maya said, and they bowed and disappeared.

"Well, I'll let you get settled in. And make sure to write back to your family occasionally." Vanessa said, and headed to her room to turn in. "Will do. See you in the morning." Maya then walks to her desk to begin a letter to her family.

Back with Asta we see him doing the exact same thing, thinking over everything that has happened.

"This is my first castle, but it won't be my last. Someday, I'll live in the castle of the Wizard King, and maybe with Maya as well." Asta thought while writing, and turned his head to look out to the sky. "I won't lose. Got that, Yuno?" He finished his thought, thinking of his rival.

In the Golden Dawn headquarters, Klaus has just shown Yuno to his room, which was fit for royalty, filled with the finest furnishings, which Klaus despises having Yuno live in it.

"It's better than you deserve. A room like this is waisted on the likes of you." Klaus said annoyed. Yuno tenses at his tone. "Now, tomorrow I'll explain your duties as a Magic Knight." He said adjusting his glasses. "I have no real desire to be your tutor, but since it's on Captain Vangeance orders, I have no choice. Are you listening, boy?" Klaus asks him in annoyance.

"My name is Yuno." Yuno closes his eyes. Klaus only gives a noise of confusion. "My name is Yuno, Klaus. Not boy." Yuno responds with ice. "Enough." Klaus was quick to respond. "Watch your tone. I out-rank you, you are to address me as sir, got it?" "Yes sir." Yuno responds coldly. "Better. Don't be late tomorrow, or I'll be displeased." Klaus then walks out of the room.

Yuno then walks to his desk and places his hand on it, contemplating on his journey so far. He then looks to the sky. "This is where it begins. I won't lose, Asta." Yuno thought with determination, giving a fierce look to the moon.

The next morning, back at Hage Village, Sister Lily is seen drying out the sheets, Nash was chopping wood, and Aruru was being chased by Hollo.

A Spatial Magic portal opened just then, and emerging from it was an owl, and in its beak were two letters. It flies to Sister Lily and deposits them into her hands. "Thank you." She said, and the owl flew into the portal, which closed behind it.

Sister Lily reads who sent them, and brings her hand near her mouth, seeing that they're from Asta and Yuno. She calls everyone into the church, saying that the boys sent them letters.

Now inside, Father Olgi was reading Yuno's letter, and is experiencing utter joy. "I knew we wee right about you Yuno!" He said with tears nearly in his eyes. "The pride and joy of Hage, making it into the Magic Knights, not that I'm surprised." Olgi was wiping at his eyes. "Yuno can do anything!" Aruru said. "Yeah, anything." Hollo agreed.

"Everyone at the village will be so happy when they hear." The priest said while grabbing a broom. "What does Asta's say? I know he's been practicing his writing, but some o this is chicken-scratch." Recca commented on what she could see of Asta's letter. "Yeah, he ends up writing like a five-year old sometimes. So, does it say when he's coming back?" Nash asked Sister Lily, who was holding the letter.

"When he does get here, we'll have to cheer him up. Even Asta will have a hard time getting back up after this. Maybe a popotato potato party will cheer him up." Father Olgi said, thinking of how to get Asta's spirits back up. Sister Lily however, looked to them, with a contained surprised look on her face.

"Actually, he says that he got in." She said to everyone. No one moved for a moment, and then, "Huh?!" Father Olgi and Recca said, shocked at the news. The rest soon followed. "They both passed." Sister Lily continued. "What?!" Everyone said again, now fully aware of what she said.

"Seriously." Olgi and Nash said together. Sister Lily nodded, and Recca looked at the letter. "Oh wow. You're not kidding, are you?" She asks. "Really, He did it. I guess Asta won't be coming home then." Olgi then went outside, mounting the broom, with Hollo and Aruru with him. "Right. We'll go let everyone know about our Magic Knights." He said, making the broom levitate over the ground with his mana. "This will be the best news Hage has ever gotten."

"Amazing. He's gonna be a Magic Knight just like he said. He did it." Nash said, pumping his fists. "Asta, Yuno, good job. Just keep doing your best." Sister Lily said, wishing them luck.

Back at The Black Bulls hideout, Asta was waking up in his room, takes a quick look around, and sees his robe on the desk. "So, it's real, I wasn't dreaming." Asta said getting excited. He then got dressed, and checked out his robe, placing his hand on the insignia.

Asta then opened the door to his room and rushed out into the hall, "Right. Yeah, I'm ready to-." Only to run straight into a column that was in front of his way, cracking it from his impact. He then pried himself from it. "Hey, wait a sec, I'm pretty sure this column wasn't here yesterday." Asta said indignantly. "I'll ask about it later, I should find Maya." He then went to find her by sensing for her ki.

Asta then reached a hallway with several tripwires and traps in front of it. "What's all this, eh I'll ask someone 'bout it later." Asta then began to walk through it. The large smoke-spewing woman appeared from a door, and saw what he was about to do, and waved his hand out to warn him.

Asta was confused and just kept walking. "Huh, what's up Grey?" Asta asked about her hand motion, completely walking through the wires as if he never existed. Gray was motionless for a moment. "What's wrong?" Asta asked her. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Grey transformed, in the place of the large figure, was a woman of average height.

The woman has light blue hair in a bob cut with some hanging in the front. She wears a white sleeveless shirt and a pair of dark blue, high waisted pants that cinch just below her knees. The pants have five connected flowers on the waist with the middle flower being the largest and the ones on the side getting smaller. There are also three flower-shaped buttons vertically above the middle flower. In addition, she sports a brown belt, connected to a pouch, in which she carries her grimoire on her left side. She also wears a pair of dark blue slippers with flowers on the strap, similar to those on her pants.

"H-How? How did you get past the traps?! There supposed to activate when they sense any mana from an unauthorized male walking through them! SO, HOW DID YOU GET THROUGH?!" Grey was frantic now.

"Uh, I don't have any mana to sense, so maybe you need to update how your trap works. Also, you look great." Asta said in a slightly blank way, still off-guard from her outburst and her looks.

Grey then took notice of her appearance, and began to get nervous under Asta's gaze, and covers her face with her hands, trying to turn away. "D-D-Don't look at me!" Grey said filled with nerves. "Why?" Asta asks her. "Cause it's embarrassing!" She whines. "I'd rather die than show others my true form."

"That's kinda extreme. You look fine. People probably stare at you because they think you look great. It's okay to be embarrassed, but you can't let that hang you up every time." Asta said to Grey, getting her to look at his face, and sees him giving her a calm smile. "By the way, how old are you anyway?" He asked her. "T-Twenty-four." She answered with a stutter. "Seriously?! Then you look more amazing than great!" Asta commented.

"Anyway, I got to find Maya. See ya. Also, your magic still works, and Vanessa's on her way." Asta said as he went down the hall, and Grey realized that he was right, and that the spell only dispersed because she lost focus, not her mana being drained. She ponders on something for a moment, and then transforms back into Vanessa, and true to Asta's word, the real Vanessa came walking down.

"How did he know?" Grey thought, and the stroked up a conversation with Vanessa.

"Well, that was a thing." Asta was now in front of a door to a room he knew to be Maya's due to sensing her ki, knocked, and began to open it up. "Maya, you up ye-." Asta was rendered speechless at the sight before him. In front of him was Maya, who was in the middle of changing, and currently only wearing a pair of white and black lace bra and panties.

The two stared at each other for a moment, until a fiery blush grows on their faces, and Maya lets out a squeal of surprise. "I'M SORRY!" Asta yelled and slammed the door, and waited outside, trying to remove his blush.

A few minutes later Maya walks out of the room, a blush still visible on her cheeks. "Sorry about that." Asta apologized again. "It's okay. Though I wished it was in a more intimate way." Maya whispered the last part. "What's that?" Asta asked. "I asked how'd you get passed the traps?" Maya tried to divert him.

The two began walking to find one of the older members. "They're supposed to detect mana, and I don't have any, remember? You should've seen Grey's reaction. She got so freaked out, she lost focused and dispelled her transformation." Asta told her. "Whoa. What did she look like?" A little shorter than Luck with blue hair, and gray eyes." The boy informed.

"Hey newbies. How's it going?" Magna asked walking up to them. "I'm good, thanks. Though I got to ask, what's with the column that's right outside my room?" Asta asks his superior, gaining Maya's attention as well. "What about it?" Magna asked for more info. "Well, I'm pretty sure it wasn't there yesterday." Asta said while scratching his head. "Probably because it wasn't." Magna answered.

"That's nothing. This whole building shifts around all the time." The punk continued. "It does?!" Asta and Maya gapped at him. "Yeah. Eh, you'll get used to it. Yami jokes that it's caused by a ghost who wanders the base." Magna dismissed nonchalantly. "I thought this place felt weird." Asta said. "Ghost?" Maya asked with a slight shiver.

"Welp, c'mon Rasta, let's go. You too, princess." Magna said, waving them on. "It's just Maya" The aforementioned royal corrected. "Right, Thanks Mister Shades." Asta quipped in response to Magna's nickname for him, getting a giggle from Maya. "What?! No, it's Sir, twerp." Magna corrected. "Right! Got it Sir Twerp." Asta quipped again, irking Magna more. "D-D-Drop the 'twerp'." Magna said, Maya laughing hard now.

The three then find themselves in a large room, inside were rows of wooden tables, paintings were lining the walls, and to the side was an opening, which lead to the kitchen, so the food could be placed for easy access. At one of the tables, Charmy was seen eating a cake.

"This is the Dining Hall." Magna said, making his voice slightly deeper for dramatic flair. "Ooh." Asta said. "Eh, what 'cha two think? Ridiculously huge, ain't it?" Magna asks them. "No kidding, it's enormous." Asta commented. "It's like the one at our holiday houses." Maya added.

The group was now inside a room with a large bath. The fountains, which are in the shape of fanged bull heads, were pouring out steaming water. Gordon was also in the bath. "This is the communal bath." Magna said, acting as if the heat of the water was nothing. "Ow, ow, ow, ow." Asta groaned, the heat more than he's used too. "Can't get water this hot back home." Maya commented, the heat a little much for her too, wearing a towel to keep her modesty.

"It's so hot." Asta said. "Maybe for a normal person, but this heat should be nothing for a Black Bull. What's wrong, you wanna get out already?" Magna mocked in a babying tone. "No way. I can stay in, I'm not done yet." Asta groaned. "Sorry but I'd rather not be steaming red." Maya got up and went to get changed. "Wouldn't mind adding a little cold water, but it's sure nice hanging out with you guys like this." Gordon whispers from his spot.

They now stood in front of the hallway leading too the girl's dormitories, the traps still there. Magna and Asta were still in towels from the bath, steam coming off of them, their clothes over their shoulders. Maya however was already dressed in her outfit, not so subtly checking out Asta's body.

"Over there is where the women's rooms are. If a guy goes in, the trap magic will kill them. "Wow, that's some serious security. Understandable, but a little overkill, also, also not completely full proof." Asta said. "Yeah." Maya said, knowing what he's talking about. "What do you mean?" Magna asked them. "Nothing!" The teens shout.

The three were now down a hall. "And here is," Magna said reaching for a door. "Magna, wait!" Asta said, knowing who's in there. "The bathroom." The punk finished, and then was mortified at what he saw. Inside the bathroom was Captain Yami, still using it. "You're dead." He said in a calm tone, but the three knew he was the opposite. "We're really sorry!" They shout while running away. "I tried to warn you." Asta said to Magna.

The three were now in an underground area of the base, standing in front of a large caged off area, inside of which were humongous beasts, all trying in vain to get out. "Whoa, what's in there?" Asta asked nervously. "That's the beast room." Magna said with slight glee. "Uh, why is this here, exactly?" Maya asked the punk. "It's Yami's little hobby. And Asta." He said to the short teen. "Yeah," Asta asked, sensing that Magna's up to something. "What's up?"

Magna placed his hands on Asta's shoulder. "I've decided to put you in charge of our furry friends." Magna said, making Asta panicked. "What?!" The teen said. "This job is an honor to have, you know." Magna tried to play it off. "Hate to give it up, but you know." The punk then handed Asta a set of tongs that were holding a slab of raw meat. "They get fed in the morning and the evening." He said as Asta inched closer to the cage. "Go on, give it a shot."

"Um, okay. At least he's not making Maya do this." Asta then held the tongs out to the cage. "Nice little beasties. Here you go, eat up." He held the meat closer to the cage, and a beast reached out to take a bite out of the male teen. Asta however sensed it coming and crouched down at the last second to avoid being caught.

"What the heck?!" Asta yelled as they left the room. "We're you trying to kill me?!" Asta yelled at Magna. "Relax. You managed to get out alright. "Magna." Maya said in a warning tone, making the aforementioned punk tense up in fear.

The group continued the tour. "The Black Bulls Library." Magna showed them a room lined with bookshelves, a few tables in the center area. "Looks like I can find some good reads in here!" Asta said. "Maybe even something from long ago." Maya added.

They then went into a room lined with what appeared to be various torture equipment. "And this beauty here's the rec room. You can have lots of fun in here." Magna said. "Say what now?! This looks more like a torture chamber!" Asta said, not believing Magna's claim. "Agreed, this looks very paiful." Maya said as well.

The time was now early evening, and Asta and Magna were now running around through the halls while laughing. He and Maya had sensed something off in the base, and Asta let Maya go check it out. "What's the matter, newbie, can't keep up?" Magna said to Asta. "Oh, please. This is nothing, just wait." Asta laughed back.

Magna unexpectedly stopped however, causing Asta to smck right into him. "Hey, a little warning next time, huh?" Asta said to him, and looked to where Magna was looking. Walking in from outside was a girl of slender build, the same age as Asta and Maya, taller than the former by an inch or so.

She had pink eyes, silver-colored hair styled in pigtails, bangs over her forehead. Additionally, she wears a pair of purple stud earrings with a cross flory fitchy shape and a silver bracelet on her left wrist.

She wears a sleeveless, backless, short purple dress covered by a silver-colored blazer. The blazer has a backless design with sleeves attached at the back that extend slightly beyond her elbows with gold-colored cuffs. The blazer also has a pair of House Silva pins attached to it around her collarbone area. Additionally, it has frilly edges and a rounded tailcoat that extends down to her knees.

Furthermore, the blazer extends up to her neck where it has frilly edges and is held together by a gold locket. She wears a brown leather belt that supports her pouch, which has a similar color and gold ornaments at its corners, where she puts her grimoire. She also wears a pair of silver-colored leg warmers with a gold-colored cuff at both ends and a pair of sandals.

Draped on her shoulders was the robe of the Black Bulls.

"Who's she?" Asta asked, then noticed her attire. 'Those are royal clothes. Looks like she's of the Silva House. And a Black Bulls' robe, so she must be,' Magna took his then answered his question. "Well, what do ya know, it's your fellow rookie." Magna said. "She's our other new member."

"Huh, glad I'm not alone." Asta then turned to the girl, and stuck out his hand. "How's it going? I'm Asta from Hage Village. Let's give it our all." He said to her. The girl looked at his hand, and coldly slapped his hand away, to the boy's shock.

"Don't speak so casually to me. You're just a little insect of a commoner, with barley any mana." She said with venom. 'Insect?' Asta thought miffily. "Yeesh, commoner?" Magna voiced his annoyance. "I am Noelle Silva, of the royal House Silva." The girl revealed.

'So, I was right, she is of the Silva house. But if that's true, then why didn't her brother let her in the Silver Eagles?' Asta thought, wondering why the girl's here. "Seems you understand." Noelle said to Asta, thinking he's amazed at her, not prepared of his next move.

"Who are you calling an insect?!" He shouts at her, surprising Noelle. "We joined the knights at the same time, didn't we?! So, what if you're royalty?!" Asta yelled at her. "Yeah, Asta you tell her!" Magna encourages his junior, a metaphorical sign pointing to him that had the word, "commoner", written on it. "Being royal doesn't matter here!"

"It does, very much so." She replied, regaining her stone-cold expression. "Says who?!" The two males said. "Foolish commoners." Noelle said, closing her eyes. She then raises her right hand at the two, and a surge of mana forms in it, the magic having a blue glow to it. "The difference in our magic power should get the point across." Noelle threatened.

Asta and Magna took a step back in surprise, not expecting the development. "Hold on a minute." Asta said to here, bust Noelle wasn't listening. A sphere of water began to form in her hand, and Asta was wondering if he should use his power to nullify it. He then gets a feeling due to his ki sensing. 'Wait, can she not…?' Asta thought

"Don't forget your place again." Noelle said, and released the sphere. Asta however, still held his ground. His hunch payed off, cause at the last second, the sphere changed course, slaming Magna into the wall, much to Asta's confusion. "Huh?" Asta couldn't help but ask.

Noelle just turned her head away in a snobby manner. "What were you thinking? Entitled brat." Magna growled as he got up from the floor into a knee position, soaking wet from the attack. "I see you got more guts than sense. You just attacked a senior member!" His voice began to rise.

'it's not my fault you were there. I didn't tell you to stand there. That was your choice." Noelle said as she looked down on him. Asta just stared at the scene before him, wondering why Noelle's acting like this. "What kind of crazy are you?! I'm your superior here." Magna said to the girl.

"That's nice, but I'm royalty." She said in a noncaring manner. "Yeah? We'll I don't care if your royalty or the sister of the Silver Eagles Captain!" The last detail caught Asta's attention. 'So, I was right, she's Nozel's sister.' "Yami's the only one I know who would take someone as crazy as you, so I would show a little gratitude. I was holding off cause, you're a woman, but I think it's time for your baptism." Magna said, now willing to do the initiation ceremony with her.

Noelle then reached for her robe, and removed it from her shoulders, and throws it to the ground in front of Asta's feet, much to his shock. "Don't bother. I quit this stupid squad." She said, and began to walk away. "Where're you going?!" Magna called after her. "Leaving before the filth of the Black Bulls has a chance to rub off on me." She said to him, not noticing Asta picking up her robe.

"Everyone knows you're the worst of the worst squads. It's hardly a place for royalty like me." Noelle said, and continued walking away. "How dare you! Get back here and apologize to the robe, and Yami!" Magna yelled, and kept yelling for her to apologize as Noelle walked away. "I gave everything to get this robe, and she just threw it away." Asta said while looking at the robe in his hands. He then looks towards Noelle. "What the hell happened to her?" Asta said, feeling great turmoil from her.

After the ordeal with Noelle, Asta began looking for Maya, wondering what the thing they sensed earlier was. After wandering the halls for a bit, he then senses something with Maya. "Is she okay? I have to get there." Asta began running through the halls, making left and right turns until he saw her. "Maya!" He called to her.

The girl saw her crush approaching. "There you are. Check this out. It's like this door wouldn't show when magna was giving us a tour." She said him. "Think this is where the ghost lives?" Asta asked. "I'm really hoping no." She shivered. Asta then grabbed the doorknob and opened it slowly. They look inside the room and see it's completely empty except for a bed.

"Huh. Guess it was nothing." Asta said, and Maya let out a sigh she didn't know she was holding, hiding behind the male teen.


Asta and Maya freeze, their hearts starting to beat at a rapid pace. They slowly turned around and see a figure a little way down the hall. The two teens' fear skyrockets, and they each let out a scream.

After which making sure Maya was behind him securely, Asta drew his sword and readied a stance, waiting to see what the ghost will do.

After a bit, Asta notices something. This supposed ghost was giving off a ki signature, as well as mana, the latter of which was incredibly low. The entity was also moving at a slow pace.

"Wait, this guy's alive?" Asta asked out loud, making Maya look up and notice the same thing. The person then reached the teens, allowing them to get a better look at the "ghost".

The individual in question was a pale young man who was taller than the two by a few inches, wearing a white shirt and pants, and long untidy white hair.

"Who are you?" Asta asked the man. "Myyyyyyy naaaaaaame issssss," The person droned in a slow tone. 'Man is this guy slow! But I can tell it's not his fault.' Asta thought about this man's speed. "Henry." The man finished.

"So, are you the supposed ghost, and this's your room?" Maya asked, having slowly moved herself from behind Asta. "Yeeeeees toooo booooooth." Henry answered them. The pale man started to wobble, and the teens were quick to catch him. "Whoa there. Let's get you to your bed." Asta said, and he and Maya lead Henry to his bed.

After they got Henry in there, Asta then decided to ask what's his story. Henry went on to explain that he was born with an unknown illness that required him to siphon the mana of others to keep living. His parents disappeared years ago, and months after, Yami found him in his bed, near death, asking if he could make his house into his base for the squad. Henry told him that he would soon pass in a few days, so he could have it then.

However, Yami wasn't going to allow that, saying it'd be off-putting to have a base someone died in, and a bad omen, and told Henry was going to have to live. Yami said that the place will be filled with others filled with plenty of mana, so he'll be able to stay alive without hurting someone. And when Yami left, he said that it's unavoidable for Henry to be a member of the squad, placing a robe in the room.

"So, you're like one of the original members of the Black Bulls." Maya summarized. "You're a pretty great guy." Asta commented. "Thaaaank yoooouuuu. Yoooouuuu shooouuuld gooo before your mana is sucked awaaaay. It's also tiiiiiime for dinner" He said, worried he'll drain them too much. "Not possible. I don't have mana." Asta said, surprising the pale young man. "And I have too much to feel any weaker." Maya added, making Henry even more surprised.

"But you're right. We should get something to eat. Talk to you again sometime?" Asta asked as he and Maya reached the door. "Thaaaaaat would beeeeee nice." Henry said, happy to be able to talk to some of his fellow members. "See you later." Maya said, with Asta giving a thumbs up, before they closed the door, and left the dining hall. As they left, Henry had a smile on his face, glad at having been able to talk to some of his squad mates.

Down in the dining hall, Asta was thinking on what happened with Noelle with Maya looking at him, wondering what's eating him. The other Bulls were there as well, enjoying their meals.

"What's got you thinking so hard?" Maya asked her friend. "Just something that happened earlier. I met the other new member, and it didn't go well." Asta said to her. "What's her name?" She asked. "Maybe you know her. Her names Noelle Silva, of the royal family." Asta told Maya, shocking her. "So, you know her?" Asta asked rhetorically. "Yeah, she was who I went to talk to during the exam. I guess Nozel put her in this squad," Maya informed and began to think.

"Why did he do that?" Asta asked the girl. "Not my place to say." She said. "Fine. Hey, Miss Grey, could you pass the gravy?" Asta asked, and the shadowed form handed him the dressing. The others however heard them, and went silent, freezing in their movements to stare at them, Charmy having even stopped eating. A dropped pin could've been heard in the silence.

"Uh, what?" Asta asked. "Is something wrong?" Maya added. "Grey's a girl?! How'd you figure that out?!" Charmy finally broke the silence. "Uh, yeah. Wait, you've always been transformed, and everyone just assumed?" Asta asked Grey, who let out a shew of confirmation. "As for how I figured it out, I sensed her ki." Asta answered them, confusing them more. "Isn't that ki thing something Captain Yami always talks about? How do you know about it?" Vanessa asked. "Because I taught it to him." The man in question answered.

The other members looked to him. "How's that, now? I thought you didn't know him before the exam." Gauche asked his captain, looking up from his sister's picture. "We met him around when I first became a captain. I had to stop some bandits from raiding his village, and after that, he came up to me. The brat said he wanted to be the Wizard King, even though he had no magic. After impressing me, I taught him how to read ki. And here we are a few years later." Yami said to the squad.

The other Black Bulls look on at their boss, and then to one of their newest recruits, who was smiling while rubbing his head. "Speaking of which, if you had no magic, then how'd you get that grimoire?" Magna asked the boy. "Too be honest, I'm wondering that as well. Though I'm not exactly powerless." Asta said to them, having a wistful look on his face.

"Right, you got that big sword! Hey, why don't you fight me with it!" Luck called over. "No. To both." "Aw!" Luck said. "My sword can cut and deflect magic, but that's not my power. It's more of a focusing device, like Vanessa's wand." Asta said, catching everyone's rapt attention. "My power is nullification. I can erase the mana in the area, or the spells anyone casts." Asta informed, and everyone but Maya, Yami, and Grey due to her current form being expressionless, was gaping at the teen.

"That's impossible! No one has that kind of power!" Magna said, not believing him. "Anyone here have a spell made of solid material? I only use my sword for when there's nothing in the spell I can touch." Asta said, edging them to test his claim. Suddenly, Asta had his arms and legs trapped in place by thread, tied by his wrists and ankles. "Thread Magic: Dancing Doll." Vanessa said, being the one to cast the spell. "Now let's see if you can put your money where your mouth is." She said haughtily.

Asta just smirked at her. "One, I'm from a poor village and haven't been paid yet. And two, you're on." Asta then focused his power, and the others felt the cold he gives off from their spots. Asta then wrestles his arms and legs from his bindings, completely breaking them, along with the threads disappearing due to his power. "Proof enough for you?" The teen smirked at the lush, who gained a bit of a blush, which Maya saw, and slightly glowered.

"Whoa, that was awesome! We have to fight now!" Luck said, wanting to fight Asta even more now. "Maybe when I need help training, I'll give you a call. Though Maya's magic is way better She can use more than one magic at once." Asta said, making Maya blush at his compliment, the others giving her praise as well. Everyone resumed eating, having pleasant conversations with each other.

It was now early in the morning, the sunlight now starting to peak over the horizon, and Asta was wandering outside in the woods around the base.

"How'd I even get out here? I was just looking for the bathroom." Asta groaned as he walked around, having had to make use of a tree earlier. The teen then sensed something coming at him and looked up. The object was too fast for him to dodge, and he was blown away from the impact of the sphere of water. "Geez. What the heck was that thing?!" Asta whined, having been soaked from the water, a crater with a small puddle in front of him.

Asta made his way through the woods towards where the attack came from, and after moving through some bushes, he sees something surprising. Before him was Noelle, surrounded by similar craters like the one from before, and further down was a tree with a target painted on it.

Noelle creates another sphere, and fires it at the target, only for it to veer it onto the right, right at Asta, who this time was prepared, and dispelled it by bringing his hands up, and split the attack apart, the impact dispersing the ground around him.

Noelle is breathing heavily, and looking angry. "Why won't it work?" She said annoyed. The silver haired girl created more balls of water, and firing them at the target, all missing. "Why can't I ever hit, what I'm aiming at?!" Noelle wailed between shots.

She then slouches with panting breaths, hands on her knees. "Everything they said about me, it's all true." She laments despairingly, remembering something.

"Didn't you hear? The Silva's youngest child has no control over her power."

"Oh no. And someone like that was born into the royal family?"

"That sad grimoire of yours is practically paper thin. Are you sure your royalty?"

"You will never be a member of my squad." Nozel had said to her. "There is no room in the Silver Eagles for a disgrace like you. And a mistake. Why wasn't it you who died instead of our mother?"

"What an abject failure."

Noelle clenches her fists. "I am not a failure!" She says. "Somehow, I will make you accept me!" She yells and begins another volley of water spheres at the tree. Each shot missed the target, veering of at the last second.

"Poor Noelle. Maya was right. I guess even royals don't have it easy." Asta said quietly from his spot. Unfortunately, a familiar bird decided to fly away at that moment, causing Noelle to look over there and see him. Asta took that as his cue to get up.

"Hey." He said, holding his arm up. "The little insect. How long have you been there?" She asked him. 'Here it comes. The mocking." Noelle thought dejectedly. "Are you," Asta began. Noelle then began remembering the insults of the other royals. She began to despair, catching Asta's attention. "No!" She shouted, raising her hands, and form a magic attack.

She fired it, but it stood in place, confusing the teens. The sphere began to grow, entrapping Noelle In it. "Oh man. Not good." Asta said with worry.

Back at the base, the others were just getting up. Inside the living room, Luck was reading a book, when a surge of lighting appeared on his neck, causing him to look up with an open-mouthed smile.

Yami was walking down the hall. "Dump taking. Guess it's time for a nap." He said, but then feels something, through mana instead of ki. "What the heck is that?" Yami looked out the window.

Outside, the sphere grew to tremendous size, torrents of water surging off of it, Noelle holding her breath at the center of it. In the forest, Asta was running away from one of the torrents. The other Bulls are waking out, trying to see what's going on.

"My goodness." Vanessa said.

"Whoa, cool." Luck cheers.

"That's an insane amount of magic." Gordon mutters.

"Shew." Grey spewed some smoke.

"That's magic power gone out of control." Gauche said. "And a whole hell of a lot of it." Magna added. "We're, gonna, have to, do something."

Noelle continues to struggle, trying to gain control while holding her breath.

"What's going on?" Maya said, walking out after the rest. She then looks up and sees what's happening. "Noelle!" She screams, worried for her friend.

Yami donned a thoughtful look. "So attacking that thing with magic is out. She'll get hurt if we do that." He then looked to Finral. "Why not use your Spatial Magic to pull her out?"

"Please, be reasonable." Finral said as he took a couple steps forward. "I can't get close to that." "Yeah, okay." Yami relented. "Man, if there were only someone around here who could cancel out magic." Yami said knowingly.

Just then, the water torrents surge, and knock Asta into the air, sent right back to the others screaming. Yami lifts his arm, and catches the boy. "You picked the right time to drop in, kid." Yami said with a smile.

"See that?" Yami asked while pointing at the water sphere. "Do something about it." He told the teen. "Do something?!" Asta asked, then got a determined look. "I'm gonna need a boost." He said, looking at his captain. Yami then gives a smirk. "Glad to see you're not giving me excuses. You know what I always say." Yami then channels his mana, reinforcing his strength as his body gained a dark violet glow.

"Dig deep," Yami began reading his throw. "And push past your limits!" Asta finished as he was thrown at the water sphere.

As he approached it, Asta drew his broadsword from his grimoire, and swung it at the sphere, depleting the mana as he cut it. The water sphere dispersed and Asta still had momentum when he swung, so he threw his sword back to the others. When it impailed into the ground, it nearly hit Finral, causing him to fall back. "Hey! Watch it, Asta!"

Asta moved in and wrapped his arms around Noelle, who opened her eyes and saw him. The two began falling and Asta realized he had no plan to land. 'I'm dead.' The teen thought with a deadpan. He then right himself in the arir, and prepared to take the landing, hoping it will work.

Out of nowhere, a whirlwind of air swirled around the two, and slowed their decent. "Heavenly Wind Magic: Anemoi's Tower." Maya said, having opened her grimoire, and caught them with her spell. Once the two landed, Asta set Noelle down. "YEAH! I DIDN'T DIE!" Asta yelled.

Yami laughed at the kid's display. "That was so fun to watch! More! More!" Luck said. "Really? Now I'm all wet." Vanessa said annoyed. "Thanks for the catch Maya." Asta said walking up to her. "You're not dying on me anytime soon" She winked at him. Asta noticed something. 'Is she trying to flirt with me?' Asta asked internally.

"You'll pulled it off, kid. Nice job." Yami praised him. "All thanks to your words." Asta thanked his captain. He then turned to the silver-haired girl. "Hey, Noelle."

Noelle opened her eyes, afraid at what he'll say, remembering her brother's words. 'Here it comes. The mocking.' She thought sniffling. "You know," Asta began in a calm tone. "You've got some crazy magic power! I mean it's freaking amazing!" Asta praised her, making the girl raise her head slightly in surprise, and then looked to the boy.

"Really. I'm totally jealous. I wasn't born with any magic, and had no powers until six months ago. All you need is some training, and you'll be strong. Maybe unstoppable." Asta continued to praise her. Noelle looked at the teen, a small blush on her cheeks, and then rises to her feet.

"Little In-. Um, Asta." Noelle corrected. "Man. If I'm not used to training all the time, I'd be screwed trying to keep up with you." Asta said to her. "Wait, is that all? You ran away because you can't control your magic power?" Magna asked her. "Should've said something earlier, you royal failure."

"I mean c'mon. This is the Black Bulls. We're a whole squad of failures." The punk said. Vanessa then chuckled a bit, and raised her wand. Noelle looked up and saw that she was manipulating her robe to place it on her. "So what if you have a weakness or three? Doesn't matter to us, you big dummy." Magna continued. Noelle thought on his words and looked to everyone, Asta moving to grab his sword.

"Anyway, we're glad you're alright. Oh, and I know this place that makes killer pasta, you wanna check it out with me sometime." Finral attempted to flirt, only for Asta to smack him by the cross guard.

"Forget about pasta. You should try some of this." Charmy said to her, emphasizing the dish in her hands.

"That was quite the show you put on. I happen to be extremely gifted in controlling my magic power, so I can teach you. And give you some womanly advice." Vanessa offered, the latter in a hinting manner.

"I'll tell you all about what an angel my sister is." Gauche said.

"Let's become great friends." Gordon muttered.

"Shew." Grey puffed.

"See Noelle." Maya said, making Noelle look at her in slight surprise, realizing she's the other new member. "Not everyone is heartless. There'll always be someone to accept you, no matter what." She said to her.

Noelle had tears brimming in her eyes, finally being accepted by someone after so long. Asta herld his hand out to her. "Now come on. We'll do our best together." Asta said. Noelle looked at his face, and saw a large toothy grin on his face. She then reached out and grasped his hand, Asta doing the same. The boy then pulled to her feet. "I'm looking forward to working with you." She said, looking forward to what the future holds.

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