Hecate watched as the son of Hades walked into his cabin, the heavy door shutting behind him. The camp had been peaceful since the Giant War, but that didn't mean that the world was safe from destruction.

Wizards and witches. Myths to some, legends to others. A mistake to most of the gods. They let Hecate keep her pet world, but made sure to make it known that she should never have made it to begin with.

But she did. And one Halloween night, one wizard murdered the parents of the boy she had picked, the Boy Who Lived. One Halloween night, through the thunder and lightning, a prophecy was continued. The evil wizard disappeared, but he'd be back. And she knew what could happen if the Boy Who Lived didn't survive.

As Camp Half-Blood fell into darkness, Hecate made her move. A move that had been allowed by Hades only minutes before. Keep his boy alive, he demanded. Keep him alive if you want him to do this task.

So she made a plan, a plan that even a son of Hades couldn't mess up. A plan that would keep Harry Potter alive.

She appeared to the boy as soon as he closed the door, her green eyes lighting up her face. As soon as he saw who she was, he bowed before her. "Lady Hecate."

"Son of Hades, I have a quest for you." she looked down at him, tried to convince herself that she had made the right choice. "Have you ever heard of wizards?"

Deaged, back in time. Nico didn't know why he agreed.

Maybe it was because his father agreed to the quest, maybe it was still that goal to please Hades. But he left everything he ever knew behind. Hazel, Will. He had finally been happy...

Had he? Time had gone by, but Nico was still who he always had been. Campers were still afraid. He was the kid that killed Bryce Lawrence, he was the kid that dragged a soul out of a demigod.

He was the kid with a dead mother and a dead sister. A technical orphan. A demigod who had gone through too much for one of his kind.


He wanted to forget. He wanted the nightmares gone, he wanted to start over. He wanted a normal life.

And this may, it turned out, be the only way. The right way, the safer way. This way, no one could be mad at him. No one could hate him.