Book One: Young And Old, Back and Bold (complete)

Summary: Nico is de-aged and sent back in time, becoming part of the wizarding world while he's still young. Will Hecate's plan work despite his lack of memories? For the sake of this story, Percy Jackson takes place during the same timeframe that Harry Potter does (canon pairings)

Book Two: Old and Young, Inside Out (complete)

Summary: Sequel to Young and Old, Back and Bold. Nico's second year of school begins with some demands from the demigod world. (canon pairings)

Book Three: Lives Collide, Harm(fully)(lessly) (complete)

Summary: sequel to Old and Young, Inside Out. Nico is starting his third year at Hogwarts, but Voldemort is no longer the only threat to his peace. (Canon pairings)

Book Four: Worlds Collide Harm(fully)(lessly) (in progress)

Summary: sequel to Lives Collide Harm(fully)(lessly). Will and Annabeth are finally putting their plan into action to peacefully coexist with the wizards.