A/N: Written for the PMMM Flash Bingo, #146 - spiffy (this part)

not every talking animal is a friend
2. Henry

Kyubey looks even cuter in Suzie's Pwincess Pwettypants collection.

Henry isn't fooled. Kyubey might look sweet and innocent but losing Jeri was enough to expose its true colours. Henry isn't fooled anymore… but he is stuck. He's already contracted and now it's a vicious cycle of fight witches and familiars or become a witch and he can't leave his family.

He especially can't leave Suzie alone with Kyubey, because there's only one reason Kyubey would entertain the Pwincess Pwettypants treatment. He wants something from her. More specifically, he wants to Contract with her.

Too bad destroying the body won't do anything. Rika's crushed enough Kyubey shells for them all to know it's useless. Begging won't change anything either – and that's probably the only time he's seen Takato look so broken, holding Jeri's lifeless shell…

He can't let Suzie contract. It's bad enough they're suffering: he and the friends he's made. And in part it is their own faults, but Kyubey's the one who dangled golden fruit in their faces without telling them of the poison within. And Suzie… Suzie's even younger, even more impressionable. And more importantly, she's his little sister. He can't tell her, but he has to protect her.

Kyubey smiles innocently as though that will change anything. It won't. Henry won't be fooled. He might have failed keeping Kyubey away from his sister entirely, but he wasn't going to let it pull anything while he's around to stop it.

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