Change of seasons

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Chapter 1: Surprising supermarket encounters

I turned my head and there I saw him. Standing in the isle where I needed to go next to get bread. The man I once sworn to love, but never really loved with all my heart.

Although I had always hoped for him to become the love of my life, he never could have been. And now I know that I could've never loved him as much as he had loved me.

In this moment he tilted his head up and looked me right in the eyes. A small hesitant smile grew on his face. I was unsure what to do, but I couldn't run away when Jesse started to approach me.

I reminded myself that it was Christmas time and I should be nice to him after all. I shifted a little uneasy in my winter coat and closed it around me, while crossing my arms in front of my body.

"Hay," he said hesitantly, as if unsure if it was okay to talk to me.

In all honestyhonesty, I couldn't even answer this question to myself... I feel like all the feelings I once held for this man have been ambushed and washed away a long time ago.

There is nothing I feel for him now, nothing, not even a real liking, besides knowing him for some years now. I just start to feel annoyed by his mere presence and the way he always cracks his knuckles, the way he is doing it right now.

I feel nothing but anger towards him, or so I thought.

"How are you?" he said, taking me out of my train of thoughts.

I hesitated for a moment, unsure of what to tell him. It wasn't any of his business anymore, so should I tell him what was really going on, or just that I'm good?

"I'm fine," was all I said. "What about you?" I asked, even though I didn't really wanted to know, but I guess that is just how small talk works; talking about easy topics, asking questions you don't even want to know the answers to.

"The past two years haven't been easy..." he looked so worn out that I couldn't stop my mouth and heard myself ask the next question. "Is it that bad? What's wrong?"

He looked ashamed and hopeful at the same time.

"At work things are pretty rough since you've left, and I feel so guilty for everything that I've put you through. The way I treated you, this hot and cold behavior, the on and offs I've put you through... And then... When I asked you if you wanted to meet up again all these month ago, I hoped we might could start seeing each other again... start all over, a reset for our relationship. I know it could've been something big, something good and that I wasted it, threw it away for nothing. If I've known all this then, I would've decided different and maybe feel better now and actually be happy."

For a moment we both looked at each other. Suddenly Jesse's smile grew wider and I saw some hope raise on his face as he continued rambling and I feared his next words.

But I was too surprised and caught off guard to start talking and try to stop him. So he continued and I dreaded what came next.

"And... I don't know, but maybe... I mean, I don't want to be rude, but maybe we can do it now? Start all over? I mean, the fact that we meet here at this supermarket, at this time of the year, after all this time, it has to mean something... Maybe the universe is showing us that we owe it to each other to give our relationship another try... Just if you want to, of course. After everything I've done to you I know I needed to accept every decision you make... "

He lets his last words trail off. I was too shocked to say anything and Jesse just stared at me expectantly.

When I caught myself again and wanted to open my mouth, I wasn't capable of saying much. I let my arms fall to my side and started to talk," Jesse, I-" That's when Dimitri came to stand behind Jesse and looked a pair of baby shoes in his hands.

"Roza, look what I've found. I know it's still a while since our baby will be born, but they are just so cute and I promised Mama to-" Dimitri stopped midsentence when he pulled his head up and saw the look on my face and the man standing in front of me.

"Is everything alright honey?" he asked and with he look at Jesse he added, "And you are...?"

Jesse seemed to register me completely just now, as Dimitri put his arm around me, and as Jesse looked down at my slightly swollen bump, but then he looked up and met the face of the irritated, tall Russian standing there and hugging me from behind.

"This is Jesse, an old friend of mine, honey." I turned my gaze to Jesse again, just in time to see him close his mouth, which had stood wide open, then he looked up at me and I saw the hurt mixed with anger in his eyes as I spoke my next words and Dimitri rested his arms around me to place his hands on my baby bump.

"Jesse, this is Dimitri... my boyfriend..." Jesse's disappointed look hurt me, even though I never thought I could feel sorry for him after everything that had happened between us all these years ago.

Dimitri stretched out his hand for Jesse to shake it, who took his hand and tried to look everywhere but at me, my baby bump of Dimitri's other hand still resting on it.

Now I felt sorry for him and blaming me and my happiness for it, something I've never thought I would feel again, after everything that had happened in the past. But it seems like even after all this time, this man can still make me feel responsible for anything that happens to him.

Jesse turned his head to look at us again and I could see hatred fill his eyes and an old well known frown formed on his face. This definitely brought back memories, but no pleasent ones for sure.

If looks could kill, we would be drop dead by the looks Jesse gave us. Oh my, this is going to be an interesting Christmas time this year, with Jesse being back and me being happy with someone else...