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Every time more guest arrived I had to answer questions about my face.

But for now they just got the short version, that my crazy ex boyfriend showed up and got mad and took it out on me.

The evening went well, dinner was delicious and everyone couldn't wait to have the gender revealed.

"So now, I guess it is time for your big announcement." Ivan said. "I want to know if I'm right again and ready to get your money, Ivashkov."

With one last glance at Dimitri I turned towards our family and friends and revealed the winner of the bet.

"We are having a-"

Chapter 8: What a wonderful life!

Flash forward

5 years later

"Max Belikov, get yourself down here instantly, or you won't get to see your car toys until next year." I screamed upstairs to wait for my child, again.

"Mom, I'm here," the splitting image of Dimitri walked down the stair, rolling his eyes.

"We are going to be late and you know how aunt Sonja gets when we are to late to her daughters birthday party." I helped him get into his jacket.

It is now almost five years ago that I gave birth to this wonderful boy.

Maxim Belikov. Max.

He is the love of my life, just as his sister Yekaterina Belikova. Kat. She was born three years ago and just walked into the room.

Or more like she was carried into the room, since she was in her papa's arms.

"How is my sweet little princess?" I cooed over Kat, kissing her nose.

She giggled happily. She was more like Dimitri, quiet and even though she was only barely 3 she chose her words carefully.

Max on the other hand was more like me and could talk all day long.

"And how is my wife and our new baby?" Dimitri leaned in to kiss me and stroke my swollen bump.

I was pregnant again. This time we wanted to wait until the birth to find out the gender.

Although we already had a name. Misha. It was an unisex name and like our other kids' names, easy to pronounce, even for Americans.

So we had to wait another few months, much to our family and friend's dismay, who, again, took bets on who guessed the gender right.

The first time, Ivan was right, but the second time it were Adrian and Christian who guessed it right.

Yeah, the Christian, also known as Lissa's husband, that's right.

After what happened with Jesse, I started therapy and Dimitri, as the wonderful husband he is, supported me with everything.

When I was done with the therapy and I decided to try and get in contact with them again, he was there for me.

I knew I've been unfair to Lissa and Christian when I cut off every ties in college because of Jesse.

So I visited them, shortly after I had Maxim.

The three of us stood at their door step and at first it was awkward seeing her again.

But after I explained everything, it was like we've never been apart. She told me all about her life and I told her how I've been over the last couple of years.

Jesse was in prison and wouldn't get out for a very, very long time. After I reported him, other women came and reported him as well. Apparently he did the same things to them, he did to me. But not as intense and not very such a long period of time.

However now we're all living such a happy life, which was just the chaotic stressing time it has always been, but wonderful nevertheless. With two kids and the third on the way I was always busy. But I wouldn't change it for the world.

Ivan and Viktoria married two years ago and she gave birth to her first daughter Alexandra some months ago.

Karolina had her second daughter, Zoya, a year after I gave birth to Maxim.

And Sonja followed two years ago with her daughter Katya.

During all of this, I also met Eddie again, a good friend I had in high school. He is now in a happy relationship, but they decided not to have kids, and instead being awesome godparents to Yekaterina.

But not everything had been so happy over the last few years.

First I got my best friend Mason back, just to lose him, due to a helicopter crash in Iraq. The only comforting thoughts about this were that he died during his duty, protect others, doing what he loved.

As if that hadn't been enough, Yeva died, shortly after I gave birth to Yekaterina.

This was the hardest for Dimitri. He was so close to her and her opinion was so important to him. Losing her almost crushed him, but me and his kids helped him.

It took some time for him to get over this loss and after he helped me out of all my miseries and the depression I got after giving birth and after losing Mason, I had my chance to help him get through this.

All this. All theses past events made us only grow stronger. And it made me more and more grateful for how life gifted me with this great family and all of my great friends who became family.

Looking back at my college time, I never would have guessed that my life could turn out like this.

Again I am more than thankful that my life changed for the better.

It constantly changes, just like the seasons, the are better times and times that are worst.

But all in all, life is just that, a change of seasons and in the end it matters nothing as long as we have a great support system.

My support system was the best one could ask for.

I would never trade my extended family for anything.

And I'm grateful to have them, I love them so much.