This story is with characters from the game World of Warcraft - who I do not own - based on the movie Dirty Dancing - which I do not own either.
So, basically, I wrote the movie but instead of the original characters from the movie, it's with characters from World of Warcraft.

Dirty Dancing: Warcraft Edition

"Hi everybody! This is your cousin Auric. Whoa! Our summer romances are in full bloom, and everybody's in love! So cousins, here's a great song from the Dolly Dotters."
The voice came from the music box that is installed in the carriage, it's something new but all the more enjoyable to have during a trip.

That was the summer of year 10, when everybody called me Jai and it didn't occur to me to mind. That was before King Terenas was killed, before the Elite Tauren Chieftains came, when I couldn't wait to join the Kirin Tor, and I thought I'd never find a guy as great as my dad. That was the summer we went to Sunstrider's Retreat, all the way up on Sunstrider's Isle, not far from the beautiful city of Silvermoon where the High Elves welcome everyone. I loved going to the city and I visited it many times before, with my father. But the Retreat we went to, that was the first time we went there, the Retreat is for the rich families, nobles and royalty and since my father, Daelin Proudmoore, has saved the owner and king of the High Elves from dying, dad was invited to spent the summer holiday there with his family.

I sit with mom and dad in the carriage while my two brothers, Derek and Tandred, are riding on their horses. We went per boat to the east side of the city, where a carriage was waiting for us to bring us to the Retreat. I'm reading my book of spells, my dream is to become a Mage and go to Dalaran. Dalaran, the city of the Kirin Tor, the Mages rule there and it's the best place to learn and become a Mage. "Why don't you just try to enjoy the holiday, Jai." Mom looks at me. "You're always studying." I look up from the book and see her smile. "Maybe you will find someone there." I roll my eyes, looking back in the book. "Our girl will change the world Kath, mark my words." Dad says, I look at him now with a smile. "Why did you never tried with Arthas?" Mom smiles and I scowled, my smile dropped "He's such a wonderful young man." I closed the book and give a deep sigh while I thought about him. "He acts like a stuck up spoiled brat, mom." I give a deep frustrated sigh again.

Arthas Menethil, son of king Terenas Menethil, ruler of Lordaeron. Arthas is destined to become king too and I know my parents are all too keen on having me becoming a queen, it would be so much better for our land; Kul Tiras, and for the collaboration between the two nations. He's handsome, very much so, with his long blonde hair and his piercing blue eyes, very masculine because of his training in fighting. He wants to become a Paladin, he's the same age as me, and as my parents wanted, I tried but he's not interested while I was interested in him.

"I can't believe that, Jai." Dad smiles. "He always comes across as a perfect eligible young man, good manners too." I look at mom who is still smiling at me and then I look outside, seeing the beautiful and enchanting landscape of Eversong Woods. "He's not interested in me or in having a relationship." I look back at mom. "He's way too busy with his training and his horse Invincible, that he's training." I see mom smiling again and she cups my face with her hands. "Just like you are studying hard to become an apprentice of Antonidas." She says, I smile at her now. "I know that's your wish Jai." She gives me a kiss on my forehead. "But for this holiday." Dad smiles at me as well, I smile back at him. "We want you to enjoy and have fun. Even with someone." Dad chuckles a bit. "If you find someone." Dad ends mom's sentence and she chuckles as she looks at him now, letting my face go. I take a deep breath and look outside again. I see the huge main building from the Retreat and a lot of small lodges around the lake and near the sea. "Mom, dad." Derek says as he walks with his horse next to the carriage, he looks inside with a smile. "We are here, but Tandred and I will go to the stables for the horses and then we'll have a look around." Dad smiles at his son and gives him a nod. "Make sure you two are at the restaurant for dinner, don't be late." Mom warns him and Derek only gives her a smile. I watch how they gallop away from the carriage. I see a lot of people walking around. All sorts of races as well, Dwarves, Night Elves, Tauren, High Elves and even several Gnomes and they normally do not come above the ground quickly. I never saw one in real and I smile as I see how they are giggling and talking.

The carriage stops and the coachman jumps off to open the door. "Daelin!" I look around for who said that. "Daelin!" Dad looks at the person and begins to smile widely. "Dath'remar!" Dad says and shakes hands with Dath'remar. "Daelin, after all these years. I finally got you up on my island." I see it's a High Elf, a handsome guy is standing next to him. "How's the blood pressure, Dath'remar?" Dad asks and they both smile. "Please do call me Dath, my friend." Dath'remar looks at me and mom with a smile. "I want you ladies to know." As he shakes hands with mom and then with me. "If it weren't for this man." And he points at dad. "I'd be standing here dead." Mom smiles as she looks at dad, but my eyes were on the guy next to Dath'remar again. Dath'remar looks at the guy. "Balac get the trunks." He snaps his fingers. "Right away, sir." Balacgos quickly walks to the back of the carriage and I followed him. Mom smiling at me while dad is introducing her to Dath'remar. "I kept the best lodge for you and your family." Dath'remar smiles as he lays his hand on mom's shoulder. "That's very kind, Dath." Mom says. "Hey, thanks a lot." Balacgos smiles at me as I help him getting a trunk down "You want a job here?" He asks, making me giggle. "I just want to help you." I smile at him. "You wanna see some magic?" He stands straight and I became curious. "Watch." I look at him and see his hand making a twist and then the trunks got off the carriage by themselves and they keep hovering above the ground. "Wooow." I awed as I watch him using magic to stack the trunks. "Balac, only magic for work." Dath'remar warns him while pointing at him. "Sorry, sir." I look from Balacgos to Dath'remar and back and I'm wondering how he's treating his employees. "I need to get back to work." I only give him a nod, he smiles and walks away. I watch how the trunks are following him. "There's a merengue class in the gazebo in the next few minutes." Dath'remar smiles, then he looks at me. "The greatest teacher. Used to be a Rockette." He says and looks at dad again. "It's his first real vacation in ten years, Dath. Take it easy." Mom says but she's smiling at him. "Three weeks here, it'll feel like a year." He looks at mom with a grin, mom chuckles a bit. I turn around to watch how people are getting guided to their lodge or the games that are going on at the play-field. Balacgos comes back and guides us to our lodges, he gives dad the keys. "Here Jai, you have the one on the left side." Dad gives me the key, I look at it. "A room all by yourself, your brothers are sharing a room at the other side." I look back at dad and he smiles, I went into my room to unpack my trunks. I needed a moment alone.