We stopped dancing, he's holding my hands and I'm smiling at him. He nods his head towards the door with a smile and I nod at him. He turns and we walk to the door, hand in hand. He looks back at me and I look in his eyes. I want to be alone with him. Dad walks up to us on that moment and his hand touches Kalecgos' shoulder. He quickly turns to see who did that and sees dad. We stop walking and look at him, I keep holding his hand with both my hands. "I know you weren't the one who got Anveena in trouble." Dad says as he look at Kalecgos. "Yeah." Kalecgos says with a little nod. "When I'm wrong, I say I'm wrong." Dad says with a little smile. He's still wondering about what creature Kalecgos is. Dad looks at me now, his smile turns into a proud now. I look at him. "You looked wonderful out there." He says. I smile happily and went to hug him. He weeps a little and closes his eyes as he hugs me tightly. Kalecgos smiles at both of us, he's happy that this situation is mend. Now he only hopes that dad will accept him one day, because he knows that dad isn't there yet to do so already. I let him go and look at Kalecgos again, so did dad. "Let's go dance again." I whisper, I take both his hands. "We've got all night." I add and he grins a little. Dad's watching our hands and sees how the magic entwines. "Can I ask you something?" Dad asks and looks at Kalecgos. "Yeah." Kalecgos answer, swallowing a bit. "What does it mean, with your hands? I saw it this morning as well, and your eyes too." Dad says, mom walks to us with a smile. She hugs me and then give Kalecgos a kiss on his cheek. Who's perplex and became a little shy, mom giggles about his reaction. "You want to tell him, Kalec?" I ask, he looks at me and looks down. Balacgos walks up to us and he hugs me and his cousin. "What's going on?" He asks, I quickly explain him what dad has been asking. Balacgos looks at dad with a smile. "Let me." He says. "Go back dancing." He adds, smiling at his cousin.

We walk back to the dance floor, where the staff members got to get the guests to dance as well. Not just a dance, but dirty dancing. Kalecgos smiles at me as we move, he lets me bow back, when I came back up, he lays his head back, coming back up, I bow back once more. "Now I had the time of my life." Kalecgos is play-backing with the song, my hand lay on his shoulder, my other arm is around his neck while I smile at him. "No, I never felt this way before." He lays his arms around me. "Yes, I swear." My hands went through his hair while I look at him. "It's so true and I owe it all to you." I giggle a bit as he presses me more against him when we stand still. We slowly start to kiss, his hand went through my hair and he lifts me up into the air and then puts me back down. We dance again, giving kisses from time to time.

After some time, it's quite late already, many couples are still dancing. We walk towards the door when we got hold up by dad again. "Will you bring her back home safely?" Dad asks as he look at Kalecgos. "Yes, sir." Kalecgos says. "I won't let anything happen to her." He has a serious look on his face now. Dad looks at him and smiles. "Don't eat her. Have fun, kids." Dad says, I giggle a bit and Kalecgos smiles now. My brothers came to me and grab me in a big hug, Derek looks at Kalecgos and smiles. He grabs Kalecgos into the hug as well, who's a little surprised but eventually he smiles as well. "Can we go now, please?" I ask, they let me go and grin. "Have a good night, sis." Derek says and gives me a kiss on my cheek. So did Tandred, they both shake hands with Kalecgos and walk away. I give mom a kiss on her cheek as well before we walk outside. Dad looks after us, mom grabs his arm. He looks at her and gives a little sigh. "You've come to terms I see." She says. "Yes. Though I must admit, thinking that our daughter is together with a dragon is kinda scary." He says and she chuckles. "Dragons are normally very gentle beings. So don't worry, she's in good hands." She lays her hand on his chest now. "I wonder what sort of dragon he is." Dad says. "A blue one." Mom answers. "Come, let's go." She says and they walk away.

We went to his lodge, to spent the night there. No one is going to stop us now. He locks the door behind him and turns the music box on. "Woow! What a groovy, boss summer this has been, cousins. This will go down in history as the best summer for me... hope you too. And girls, please remember that you promised to respect him in the morning. Ha! Have a good night." I giggle a little about the last part, Kalecgos chuckles. His hand twitches and some relaxing music starts to play. We did not sleep that night, that I can tell you.

The End