"uh,where am I why do I feel like crap I said

""Hokage,Minato you're awake amd well said a bunch of people how I barely know.

"Who are you guys I said

"Minato don't you regonize us. said people who look like ninjas

"No sorry ,but you guys look familiar I said

"Maybe he has amnesia Third said 1 guy to the old man

"Ahem, by any chance are you the third hokage cause I overheard that guy says you're the third and you guys saud hokage and minato when I woke up so am I this minato guy or hokage I asked the old man

"Yes, I'm the third actually the the third hokage and you're the fourth hokage amd you're named is Minato Namikaze. And my name is Hiruzen sarutobi. said hiruzen

"Ok, and you guys are? I asked

"We are the Hokage Guard Squadron sir.

"Ok I said (ok I woke up as Minato and base on the bandages the body of Minato somehow survive the attack of Kurama and Obito which means I currently habe a half of Kurama with me, wait doesn't minato have a kid named Naruto)

"So where is my son I know he survived the attack and I think i have only some form of amnesia but not complete amnesia so I can get back to work and take care of the aftermath. I said

"minato, naruto is with some of the anbu right now. said hiruzen

"Ok, and how long was I out. I said

"only about a day or so Hokage. said one of the guards

"Ok its time for a meeting with everyone so we can start to rebuild and reorganize ourselves right now I demamded.

"Yes sir

"And I'm hungry so may you get someone to bring in food. I said

everyone began leaving and the only ones left were a few anbu.

I began checking myself for Chakra and to try amd contact the kyuubi.

30 mins later a man came with a bowl of ramen.

"Thank you I think Teuchi right I said

"Yes, hokage and sorry for your lost. Teuchi said

"ok?, and thanks for the food I said

(base on that it means Kushina didn't make it, damn it now how will I take cae of kids thankfully I hope the third didn't announce what he did in the show)

I resume my meditation to try and access my chakra and the Kyuubi.

I finally sense my chakra amd try to do the rasengan after getting the feeling thankfully I have muscle memory so I just need some training to get use to this in a few weeks or a couple months to be at Fighting shape.

I did the rasengan shocking some of the anbu and I turn it off after they told me I need to rest and a ninja came to tell me my son will be transfereed here to my room and that the meeting will be held tommorow for me to rest.

I began resuming trying to contact the Kyuubi.

after an hour or so I found myself at a sewer like area.

"Human how did you survive and how are you here Kurama said

"how I survived I don't know,but fir ehy I'm here simple to talk to you. I said

"ok, human why do I feel weaker

I think I split you in half one for my son and one for me And I have a named okay its I think Minato amd what's yours I said

"How dare you do that to me Kurama roared

"ok,ok sorry but what should i have done we were being attacked and you still didn't give me your name and I already gave mine. I said

"Pft, human if you really want to know my name is Kurama.

Ok, I'll try and turn this place cleaner later

and bye. I said

(ok,now the only thing I have to do now us rest and relax as my true pain will start tommorow)

The next day

"ahhh, that was a nice dream wait I'm still here nooooo! I screamed

"weeeaaaaah! Baby yelled

I went and try to comfort the baby amd thankfully I screamed and panic when no one was here except the two of us.

"There,there I'm here for you kid. I said

An anbu came and brought us food amd thankfully he also brought baby formula. We ate the food and I brought Naruto to the meeting.

"The fourth hokage has arrive for the meeting an anbu stated

"We need to at least get it out, the one who attacked me and my wife is someone with a sharingan and he calls himself Madara Uchiha I stated

Shocking everyone in the room

"How sure are you Hokage said one guy who I think is Fugaku

"Pretty sure, but the matter if he is Madara or not shouldn't matter as we have a rouge nin out with a sharingan at least as he only has one eye if I remember correctly. I stated

"Ok, so now what should we do about it. A guy who has pineapple hair said.

"We first need to regroup and assess our current state and reorganize. First order of business is that we need to reorganize the Uchiha police force as we are currently understaff so we need to get more able ninjas out so Fugaku I need you to allow non Uchiha ninjas to be part of the police force and the same time send some of your clan members alongside the Hyuuga to find people im the rubbles and on missionmissions with other nin as we need to show that konoha is not weak right now do I make my self clear I said with minor kyuubi killing intent

"yes sir.

"now for the second problem as we are currently understaff we need more ninjas but not just more ninjas we need better ninjas so I believe we need to add tree walking amd water walking as added graduation conditions for the upcoming graduates. I said

"understandable said most ninja clan heads said

"Why the civilian heads said

"Simple for them to be able to live longer on the field and its better to have quality then quantity right now as most people right now might be to shocked or scared to join right now so to upset that we need better ninjas. I stated.

"Ok the civilian heads said.

"Now I need a team of ninjas to find Tsunade and bring her back here and if she refuse tell her she will no longer be under konoha's protection I said

Shocking everyone here.

"Why! everyone said

"Simple, we really need here to be here right now as we need better medical staff to handle the influx of new patients dince the attack and the part of removing her from konoha's protection is to blackmail her to come here,but if you can somehow bribe her here then go do it as long as the amount of ryo is not greater then the amount we currently have to spare I said.

"ok,but should the team consist off. everyone said

"The team should consist of a hyuuga, Uchiha ,abarame,and lastly someone from the inu clan cause we need to track her and bring her in. I said

"But what about the the rouge Uchiha someone said

"The masked ninja only had one sharingan not two meaning its someone who stole it during the last war most likely and please the wife the current head is the best friend of my late wife isn't she Fugaku I said

"Yes hokage, mikoto is the late kushina's best friend. Fugaku said

"Ok said the someone who complained a while ago

"Ok back to business so now infrastructure we need to rebuild important building stat and we need build better housing units immediately now we should find architects that can work for konoha on a good price and find materials for also a good price I said.

"I know some guys who can handle it hokage a civilian head said.

"Ok handle that but guve us back the recipt ok i said

"Yes sir

"Ok now we will begin a new project so Hiruzen where do you think Oruchimaru is right now as I have a project for him I stated

"I'll contact him later to go to your room. Hiruzen said

"Danzo you ,Hiruzen and Oruchimaru will come to me later for a more intense meeting and the rest if you time for you guys to do what I stated oh before that I want food production to increase immediately so find vegetable,fruit or animals that can huve us high gains I stated

"Yes sir everyone said

"The meeting is now finish time for me to get lunch I stated

(Damn that was hard it was extremely stressful why I couldn't woke up as Goku at least there I can just use the dragon balls for cheat codes here I habe freakin try hard and do my best and hope to not die)

I began walking to my office thankfully I have some access to minato's memories so I can actually do some work.

I arrived and damn the amount of paper work. here is hoping I can do the shadow clone technique here goes nothing

"Shadow clone jutsu!

poof ,poof ,poof ,poof ,poof

wow success yesss!

ok, now you guys arrange these piles into D rank,C rank,B rank, A rank and S Rank and after arranging them file them out in how urgent it needs to be done and how much is the reward.

"Yes sir

While that I need to check the forms and create a new standard forms for the ranks so it can be easier for me in the long term.

5 hours of gruesome paperwork and 2 hours of being a dad later

"Ah, I'm finally down

Knock knock

"ok, come in I stated

"Ok why do you want us here hokage Danzo ,Oruchimaru and lastly Hiruzen said

"Reason why Danzo is here is for him to give me a complete list of everything that goes around in root I stated

Shocking everyone

"May I continue I said

"Yes hokage

"Ok, like I was saying list of everything like but not limited to personal,jutsus,training regiments and graduation exams,exams and list of people who entered then the list of the graduates and also the list ofembers that died and reasons why. I declared

"Ok, but why do you want it Danzo said.

"Simple I need to know how much it is costing us and how is it important or not and if you don't do it. I'll kill you right here right now I declared releasing Kyuubi chakra for added killing intent.

"Yes Hokage Danzo said

"Ok, now for you Hiruzen you will be the new teacher teaching the next generation of ninja at the academy so your skills can be pass down to more then just a few and it will greatly increase our quality of ninjas amd you should use the title of professor to good use I said

"ok, Minato if you wish. Hiruzen said

"Now Danzo, Hiruzen the reason why I brought Oruchimaru here was very simple he'll be in charge for RD department and he will stay longer for me and him to discussed it more thoroughly so you 2 may leave and start doing what I said please I stated

Both Danzo and Hiruzen left

"Ok now we can talk. I stated

I did a privacy seal thankfully that was part of the things I can remember that one.

"Ok,Oruchimaru I know about your experiments no I don't have evidence but I know where to find them and no I won't tell you how,but instead I'll make under my authority so you can do it better but I have a couple rules 1 no children with living relatives can be use.2 all possible experiments must be run by me first for a approval and. 3 no mass experiments unless you have a succes rate greater then 60 percent meaning one test subject at a time til I see it has potential to be usable or it cam actually work. 4 all of your labs must be in one location in Konoha so I can see the progress you can do. 5 if you somehow found an unknown clam with a unique kekkei genkai you must report it to me first and we'll discuss it from there. 6 all current experiments must be halted in gathering new test subjects until further aproval from me. 7 you may use our prisoners for your experiments only if you run it by me first. 8 you must be loyal to Me. 9 you may leave to find new test subjects outside of konoha as long as you hide the fact you are from konoha and if they are not our allies or citizens of konoha you may ignore rule 1. 10 you must bring all current experiments into your new lab in konoha when I find space for it and the budget until run your hobby like you do now but follow my rules. ok I said

"it's ok sir amd your conditions ate acceptable so I'll better leave now Oruchimaru said

"Oh wait last one don't kill konoha parents or relatives just to meet condition 1. I said

"ok Hokage. Orichimaru said and he left.

I first mist remove the privacy seal and begin sending this finish paper to the proper recipients and also tell people of my new you form for mission application and report as well.

A few hours worth of nagging and explaining later I was now done with my current workload.

I better tend to Naruto. I should call Kakashi so he cam babysit while I work. I'll do that tomorrow.

I eat dinner which was ramen again. place naruto besides me and I sleep

000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000second fanfic yeah hope I can handle both of them