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the discussion of the 7 swordsmen and other political ideas and plans that need to be discussed even further.

The following month arrived

The Hokage Office

The day of choosing the welders for the 7 swords got postponed indefinitely as we need to research them more to see if we can reproduce them and secondly we lack good enough swordsmen to wield them right now ,so we better wait for the current generation to train up to see if there is any potential weilders, till then we'll research the swords,but that isn't even the top of my problems as right now Kiri is slowly sending in more ninjas to try and recover the swords or get any info about what happened to them and the men I killed ,cause of that I need to put more forces at patrolling the border ,but thankfully thanks to me marking everywhere and I went I began sending transform clones to do the job so now I'm having the pain of getting numerous amount of pointless memories of the terrain of konoha,but on the upside this allows more able body ninja to do more money making missons.

Suna is busy with budgeting issues based on the spies we have there,but they are not that bad of a situation that we can utilize at the moment for more land gain,but can be use for more trade agreements and other treaty base things.

Kumo on the other hand we have literally have nothing as most nins from Kumo are dark skinned and any light skinned nins came from their breeding program,so now I'm thinking if we can look if there are anyways of getting more information.

Kiri is a gigantic mess with there civil war right now and more of our men are gathering the civilians of former clans with blood limits.

Iwa is still being Iwa and are now trying to use the current state of Suna to try get more land from Suna.

The basic info Danzo's men are giving me are great and by the looks of it Danzo is quite happy on how I'm handling the Village,but I still need to be constantly vigilant as any show of weakness and poof I'm gone.

My slave seals are getting better sooner or later I can start weaponizing them and I can literally make my own slave harem like in those fanfics and Isekai novels.

Pakura is the first one put under my first testbed other then her having her mouth as a semi-free thing the rest of her body is complete under my control by using the seal it limits what she can physically do,but not quite what she can mentally do yet ,but in the future I believe I can make it into a true slave seal till then she just stays at my home with her mouth cursing me and Konoha with a very soft almost whispery voice as her vocals cords and lungs are completely under the seals control ,but once again mental aspects of the seal are still in the test-bed phase and I'll get it down after seeing how her brain adapts to the new seal as if this just fries the brain and poof need redo it as this seal's purpose is to make enemy nins and any prisoner an asset.

Aki's reaction to Pakura being another women here in my house was anticlimactic as her only reaction was just hump thing, thankfully she didn't notice the seal as Pakura's bangs cover it well enough.

Karin and Naruto are both adorable munchkins and this caught me thinking I should steal one of the other Villages Bijuu like the one in Kiri as there is little to no need for them to keep it and bonus weaking one of Konoha's major neighboring rival Villages,but it will be best to do it when the civil war is at it's peak.

The Uchiha trio studying under my clones have finally figure out the rasengan and the flying thunder god seal, so now I'm thinking of letting them do Might Guy's training regiment from the anime and to see what happens as that training made a loser(Rock Lee) into someone to fear in just under a year or so ,but when further harness turn him into a monster that can hurt a being like a ten tails jinjuruki.

The Budget expenses for Oruchimaru's Lab finally came and now I can see how much he actually is costing in the village,but at the same time his byproducts tend to balance out the cost so I'll keep his budget the same.

The experiments of his is actually more successful compared to canon as instead of all but one out of hundred that died for the wood style we got 10 children that are surviving right now and 40 and so younger individuals so an army of tree makers is not that far away.

The agricultural expenses of the village is going down as we're starting to make more of our own food again as the harvest season already started.

The expenses of the new buildings and other related cost is more or less the same except the cost is rising as more and more infrastructure for tunnels and shelters are being belt to make sure the tragedy of the 9 nine tails will not happen again.

The medical and other service base government services are more or less the same except more and more people are coming from far away lands as Tsunade is here healing as such the money bringing is slowly and surely making the money's worth to bring her back here and hopefully she is here to stay for good.

The spy networks are or more less the same from my earlier screening,but Danzo and the Anbu brought in more details from the other villages and we even got some information of the Akatsuki even though they're not public known as such but the puppet guy and the hurt guy are already members so we really need to bring in more of our A game when it comes to security and my army of shadow clones will not cut it since it really strains my mind when I'm recalling memories from the clones.

After that I went to my bed and sleep as the headaches of gaining soo much info will kill me.

00000000000000000000000000000000000000000sorry for the wait but was/is still busy reading other si fics from across the internet and wow this and my other fic are both a year old now yeah and soryy for the short chapter