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I have been working lately in English, so maybe that's how I will continue unless my brain decides something else. I will, however, not translate this story as far as I know. If anyone wants to do it for me, just let me know and we'll work something out.

I have to explain that as far as Bella knows, She hasn't met a vampire in her life. That means, the Cullens and Bella don't know one another. I don't know at which point the will make an appearance if they do at all. There are wolves at the Rez, but no sedentary vampires for now.

The ghosts of my life

Chapter one: Back to Forks

My mom always did the impossible to try and understand what was happening in my life, but as she never experienced it herself, her attempts, though good-natured were futile. That's why she encouraged me to accept my new job in our old town Forks. Dad had always worked there as a chief of police, and I went there every few summers over the years. When he remarried the visits were equally frequent, though more exciting for me.

My dad always told me to trust myself, and that everything happened for a reason, that was his life's motto, and I tried to follow it every day. He kind of understood me a little better. He was always good with the weird, as long as I didn't get into too much detail with him, he was happy supporting me whenever I turned to him for advice. Always the quiet one, he was kind enough to help me buy a house near my old one in that little rainy town that held so many dear memories for me. He was so excited for me to work there as a kindergarten teacher. He was always supportive of my career choice. Mom was a bit more difficult to convince but once she realized how happy I was she even helped with summer jobs -the summers I couldn't spend with Dad and Sue-. While I studied I worked and that helped me save some money, therefore I was able to put the majority of the money for the house that my dad helped me with.

My stepmother Sue was a sweetheart, and I loved her deeply. I could see that she loved my dad equally as strong as he loved her. She understood a little better what was happening to me, or at me, though as my mom, she never had experienced it herself. But the closeness to the Quileute reservation made her more open-minded than most people -not that anyone knew what was going on with me-. She had one daughter and one son. Both very sweet and smart. We actually got along pretty well. We've met a few times while our parents were "dating" and once they announced their engagement to us, we couldn't be happier. I considered them my siblings and they thought the same in my regards.

Actually, Seth and Leah were the only ones besides Sue and my parents who knew what was going on with me. He was three years older than me and discovered my secret one night that I was too afraid and everything was too much. He made me talk it out and since then he always was my protector. He said that he experienced things when he was a boy but it never grew to be what it was with me. And we laughed when he said "Thanks to the spirits".

So when something abnormal happened to him, I was the first one in the family to find out. He called me excited and freaked out. He was a werewolf. He asked me not to say anything, it was a secret and the distance between us at that moment made it easy for him to just tell me everything. I promised him that I wouldn't tell, I knew what it was to have a secret and no one to talk about it.

Seth became my best friend above everything. And one night of a few more drinks than necessary I lost my virginity to him. I never regretted it, but we both made sure that other knew there were no feelings attached to that night. We continue on as if that night never happened, Leah knew what had happened but as we decided not to pursue anything romantic she never asked too many questions about it.

Leah was my girl best friend. If with Seth I could talk about school, and jobs and frightening nights, with Leah I gossiped about boys, and dreams and girly stuff. She was working at the same school I would start working next month. But she was a first-grade teacher. I asked Seth one day if Leah was like him, and he told me that according to everything he's heard, women couldn't phase. He never told me why they phased, it wasn't his place to tell, and I respected that enough to never ask him about it again. He didn't tell me either who else that I knew in the Rez had phased, again, he told me he couldn't tell, it wasn't his place.

With a sigh, I closed my old bedroom door at my Mom's house. I stayed there the last two weeks after I finally left my dorm at college. I took my bags with me and took the stairs carefully. Once everything was set on the door, mom and I grabbed a coffee and a bagel and had one last breakfast together for a long time. She was driving me to the airport. This was hard for both of us. But this was something I really wanted. My mom actually asked me if I was moving because of Seth, which made me laugh awkwardly and promise her I didn't have any romantic feelings for him. She seemed pleased and never brought it up again.

The flight home was uneventful. My seat partner never came so I was able to sit by the window. The airport's arrival was slow as usual, but uneventful as well. When I finally made it out with my bags I saw my Dad and Sue waving at me. I smiled widely and run excitedly towards them. They hugged me tight and told me how happy they were to see me.

-You saw me two months ago for the whole summer-they both shrugged.

-Not the same kiddo- was my dad's answer. I cast a glance at Sue and she winked at me.

-Everything you sent and brought with you on July is already in the apartment. Seth and Jacob helped move it all-

Jacob was a guy I barely knew but heard about very much, especially from Leah. She had a crush on him.

-That's very nice of them. I hope I didn't disrupt their activities.

-Nonsense dear. They were happy to do it.

I smiled at Sue. I was sure she knew something I didn't.

Dad was never very talkative, which I appreciated because I was the same, though we both enjoyed the company. The ride from Seattle to Forks was mostly quiet.

When we arrived at the apartment I noticed it was a bit bigger than I remembered. It had two bedrooms, a nice sized kitchen which was open and connected to the small living room, much to my delight. The house was perfect. I could cook and still be part of whatever was going on in the living room.

The boxes were piled in the middle of the room. I laughed. Only a man would scramble boxes in the middle. But that was ok. They were kind enough to bring my stuff.

-So. Do you want to order in something or go to our place and have dinner?- I thought about it -I promise not to make you cook-. At my Dad's hopeful stare I decided to make him happy and have dinner at his house.

-I would like to go over to your house and eat with you guys. Seems like I would need to go shopping tomorrow.- Dad's answering smile said it all. -I'll just grab a shower and change and then we all can go together-Sue smiled and Charlie beamed. It was always easy to make him happy. He was a great Dad and I made sure to tell him that as much as I could.


I sat at the kitchen table enjoying my talk with Sue, who refused all my attempts to help her with dinner. Dad was at his usual place, on his sofa in front the TV, I never took it personally, it was who he was.

The door being opened caught my attention, and before I could get down of the chair, two strong arms caught me and sweep me off my feet.

-Finally, my favorite person!-he yelled. Charlie laughed seeing us. He was always happy when Sue's kids and I were enjoying our time together.

-Put her down Seth!-I heard Leah say.

Much to my delight, he put me back on my feet, allowing me to turn around and hug him.

-Jesus Christ! Are you on steroids or something? How is it possible for you to keep growing?!-He smiled and shrugged hugging me back tightly. When he released me I turn to Leah and we both hugged tightly for like a minute or two.

Once dinner was ready, Seth and I set the table in the dining room. He made me promise to not get involved with any of the guys he hangs out with, he said he couldn't tell me the reason, but he seemed pretty desperate about it. I mean, I have known most of the reservation guys my whole life. Some more than others, that's why his plead seemed really weird to me. Was he telling me to stay away from other wolves? I mean, he couldn't be the only one, right?

What is the big secret Bella has?

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