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The ghosts of my life

Outtake one: Daddy's little girl.

Today was the day they would find out whether they would be having a girl or a boy. Bella was at least ninety percent sure that it was a boy. Every time Sam asked how she knew, she just shrugged and said it was instinct.

Funny enough, she was the only one who was rooting for the boy. Everyone, including Sam's grandma and Harry thought it was going to be a girl. Alison would say that Bella's belly was perfectly round, and therefore it was a girl. Harry always called bull on that, sometimes just to mess with Alison, sometimes because he actually thought it was a tale.

Sam laughed long and hard when Bella conveyed the fight between the two ghosts. Those two cracked him up. He wondered if ghostly love affairs were a thing. If they were they could probably see those two together, even though his grandma was probably too old for Harry.

Sam had bought a onesie for his baby daughter in one of the local baby shops. He was coming back from the supermarket and on his way to the bistro. They were running low on tomatoes and until the bought he had made arrived, they would have to survive with what he got at the market. Anyway, on his journey, the store caught his attention and he got inside. What had caught his attention was the nursery that was on display, but he ended up in the clothes section. And he complained when Bella wouldn't stay on one topic at the time. The onesie was white and in pink letters it had written Daddy's little girl. He fell in love with it because it was freaking cute, and he knew Bella would love it. He actually felt a little guilty, as If he had betrayed her. They were used to buying clothes for their baby together. They were waiting to find out for sure that it was going to be a girl to paint the room and buy the nursery.

"Are you ready, baby?" he asked Bella from the bedroom. She was in the bathroom finishing getting ready. Just then she got out wearing a pair of black mother leggings, with a loose emerald green shirt and black boots. It was a cold day to be the middle of spring.

"Yes. Let's go." She walked past him to get her jacket and purse, but he grabbed her arm softly to stop her. He kissed her softly making her giggle.

"I love you." He said seriously.

She smiled widely and pecked him on the lips. "I love you too."

"I have something for you." He said. He walked towards the bed and back to her with a small bag. Bella grabbed it looking confused, but she opened it, nonetheless. When she saw the little onesie she laughed hard and long.

"It's so cute!" She cried out once she was able to breathe again. Her smile was so big that it was worth the small bit of guilt that Sam had felt when buying it. "I really do love it. If we have a girl, I am going to have a hard time not getting her spoiled." Sam shrugged.

Bella kissed his cheek and put the cutes onesie on the bed, before grabbing his hand and leading him towards the car. If they didn't leave now, they would miss their appointment.

"Your baby is healthy and has a good size." The doctor announced while he moved the wand around her belly. Sam kissed Bella's forehead who had a few tears on her eyes. They already knew the baby was healthy, but to hear it again at every appointment really erased all those fears.

"Are you able to tell what sex the baby is?" Sam asked, barely containing his excitement.

"He has his heart set on a girl. But I actually think it's a boy." The doctor smiled sharing their mirth. She moved the wand a few more times trying to get a clearer image.

"Ah, here it is" she mumbled to herself, pressing a few buttons here and there on the machine and removing the wand from Bella's belly. "Ready to know daddy and mommy?" They both nodded enthusiastically. "It's a boy." She announced smiling excitedly.

Despite the high hopes of having a girl, he wasn't at all disappointed at having a boy. He was elated, excited and a bit scared. His son would probably follow in his footsteps and turn into a wolf. He feared that day. He didn't want to be turning into a wolf until his son reached the age of turning. And what age would that be? The guys in his pack all turned at different ages.

"Sam?" Bella's voice brought him back to earth, she was cleaning the gel off her belly and the doctor was nowhere to be seen. "Are you not happy with the news?" she whispered brokenly and scared. He had been very quiet since the doctor announced the sex.

"What?" He recovered quickly seeing his fiancé's unshed tears. He cupped her face lovingly looking into those eyes that had brought him to his knees (figuratively) the first time he had seen them. "Of course I am happy. I love you and him so much. You are my entire life. I'm just scared." He admitted.

Bella grabbed one of his hands and kissed his palm. "Afraid of what, baby? I am a first parent too. We'll learn along the way."

He shook his head. Of course, he was also afraid of screwing up. "What if turns too?" He whispered.

"He'll have a pack to back him up. Brothers that would run with him and that will protect him. Just like his daddy. And you'll be there for him. If not as a wolf yourself, as a human. To guide him, to support him. We'll both be there for him if that happens. But let's not worry about that while he's still forming inside me." He nodded even though he was still not that all that convinced.

They stopped to eat some ice cream at their favorite ice cream parlor. They made small talk and enjoyed some alone time between the two of them. Since announcing their pregnancy, there was always someone visiting. Aside from the fact that their house has become pack central. All of the guys stopped for food, rest, or company at any time of the day. Neither of them cared, but sometimes it was nice to be just the two of them.

"What shall we do with the Daddy's little girl onesie now?" Bella asked amusedly eating her hazelnut ice cream with joy.

Sam thought about it for a few seconds and then smiled big. "We save it for the girl." Bella couldn't help but laugh about it. He sure wanted that girl. And a part of her, she had to admit, also wanted a girl. But no matter if she had a girl or another boy in the future, she would be on cloud nine as she was right now. She could face anything as long as Sam was with her by her side.

I know this is short, but that's how it came out.

I hope you enjoyed it!

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