"Finally, we're back," Yamcha breathed a sigh of relief when the south gates of Myr finally stopped being a blip on a very hot horizon. If his guess was right, they'd arrive in another half an hour tops. "I forgot how damn hot the desert could be..."

"You're hot cause you're still mad," Pu'ar said, twisting his cape body to drink some water from the flask around Yamcha's belt. "It didn't bother you so much when went after the Golden Company."

"I am not mad," He snatched the flask back for a sip or five then forced their horse into a faster gallop. The Golden Company job wasn't a complete dud. Bittersteel and Maelys' gilded skulls were sparkling prettily inside the capsule with Tywin's money. Toyne and his whole army would be going insane trying to find them which was probably the only thought lightening Yamcha's mood.

I really wanted a dragon sword... He thought, not for the first time and squashing any satisfaction from screwing over Myles Toyne. How to trick, threaten or convince the guy to fork it up was the biggest problem of the whole heist. They considered a whole bunch of plans, making Pu'ar threaten the camp as a pterodactyl, spy on the enemy camps for the Golden Company for battle strategies or to sabotage their gear. Pu'ar even suggested openly dueling for the sword then making a daring aerial or underground escape. Some of which looked much better than what they went with in hindsight.

Yamcha noticed how superstitious people in this world were and hoped some "magic" would freak Toyne out, just like it did lots of other folks. But he was a tougher nut to crack, not even flinching at the idea of being turned into paste. Worst part next to losing the sword might've been the fact Yamcha had to respect the guys guts. Now let's hope someone spills them over the ground one of these days...

The last night when they felt safe enough, first flying then riding away from the Golden Company camp, Yamcha put out the chest he'd gotten from Toyne and hoped something good was in it. Maybe even Blackyfire itself, it looked big enough to keep a sword in. But besides jewelry, more money and some weirdly written letters that didn't make a lick of sense, there was nothing to maybe point them to Blackfyre. At least, that's what Yamcha kept thinking, Pu'ar wasn't as convinced.

"Hm, I wonder..." Pu'ar said at the time, staring at one of the letters something fierce.


"The way it's phrased, doesn't make sense when you look at it normal but maybe its a coded message? Like, he mentions the word cow a couple of times, a cow could be a phrase to mean talk about something else."

"I don't see how that's gonna get us the sword."

"Well, you never know, maybe Toyne has a friend somewhere hiding it for him?"

It sounded like a fluke but on the off chance his pal was right, he'd be willing to let him try. Pu'ar was the academic brains of the operation, if anyone could figure out a weird secret code language, it was him. Besides, it would give him something to do while they took a little rest inside Myr before heading out someplace else.

Get some nice grub, lots of water, maybe even grab one of those crossbows these Myr people keep yammering on about...

Unfortunately, it looked like the sun was going to make the last trudge over there as miserable as possible. The temperature steadily kept spiking up and their water flask ran out. By the time they reached gate, Yamcha was completely soaked and feeling a migraine pound the back of his head. The fact there was an actual honest to God line to get into town was just the cherry on top of a crap cake.

Merchands, mercs and ordinary folk in the dozens were moving in and out of the city but mostly in. Each and every one of them needing to pay a toll and all of them haggling like the worst buzzards in a market. Everyone of them had an excuse. A sick relative, being someone's son or daughter, asking for a favor in-exhange for getting inside. On and on this went for another 45 minutes. Yamcha would've laughed at the absurdity if he wasn't getting the distinct urge to start smashing people's skulls together.

Let em see what it feels like to be in my head for a while... He thought as a couple of weird looking, not quite blond kids started haggling to get in just in front of him.

"P-Please..." The older, scrawny looking one said with shaky hands. "We cannot pay for entry, if we do we'll have... Nothing left inside..."

"My brother speaks true," The little girl next to him said, her voice barely audible above the chatter around. "We have so little left, he and I. Only the last of our families possessions remain."

"And if its worth somethin', you'll get in," The bored, sweaty looking guard said. "Else-wise you can both piss off. I'm too bloody hot to give a damn about haggling street rats."

The two kids looked at him like he was threatening to kill their dog. Then they gave each other miserable looks too. With even shakier hands, the brother reached for a big but empty looking sack, taking his sweet damn time for whatever was in.

"No..." He stopped midway, stammering. "We... We can't... It's mothers..."

"I know," His sister said in an even smaller voice. "What other choice do we have-"

"Oh for the love of God!" Yamcha shouted, practically jumping out of his saddle. The move shocked the two kids almost out of their skins from the looks they were giving him. Ignoring them, Yamcha walked over to the guard, reaching for a few silver dragons in his pouch.

"Here!" He grabbed the guard's hand and practically smashed the money into it. "That's for me and them, can we go in already?"

The guard looked almost as shocked as the kids, gawking at the money. "Y-Yes, y-yes it's enough."

"Good," Yamcha then went over to the staring kids and did the same thing to the brother. Only this time, pushing the whole pouch into his palm. "Here's some cash, you ever make me wait in this heat again kid and I'll kick your ass so hard your mother's gonna come back to life, squeal like a pig from the pain and drop dead again. Got it?"

The kid just stared at him with those weird, purple eyes. Not that Yamcha cared, with an angry half-run, he mounted his horse back up and made for the city.

"Wow, that was really nice of you, Yamcha!" Pu'ar whispered, sounding kind of proud.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm a real Samaritan. Now, do me a favor and find a tavern without a hot chick in it. After all this, I don't trust myself not to drop dead from any more annoying stuff..."

A/N: Yamcha meeting Dany and Viserys was quite a bit more dramatic, Robin Hood in the initial versions I came up with. But after spending quite a bit of time doing some Toriyama reading, I thought something more his style for this encounter would stand out better.