Chapter 1. A Strange Experiment.

Location unknown.

A figure in a long black cloak walked along a bookcase looking at the different books available to read. Each section of the bookcase has a different emblem one each one, from a double headed eagle to a lambda symbol. Each book was marked with a number. As he walked down them, he soon found the emblem of N7 and a set of glowing numbers on one of the books. He slid the book out and into his hands and opened it. Some of the pages were blank while others were written in a glowing language.

He began to read as the sounds of screaming met his ears.

"AHHH MASTER LOOK OUT!" a female voice called as a grey cloaked figure crashed landed next to him. "Ooowieee," she moaned as she stood up.

The cloaked man looked at her though his hood. The young woman had long ears pointing from the side of her head with a chain connecting the end of her ear to the lobe. Her skin was a light tan and her eyes were a brilliant gold. Silver hair hung from her head in braids and a ponytail.

"Still learning how to fly?" he asked.

"Yes master, but I don't understand I have to read over 100 books to learn it," she moaned pouting at him.

"We are watchers, observers, god's in a sense. Magic is part of our nature," he smiled. "And we have to learn what we can my dear apprentice.

The apprentice nodded in understanding before perking up, "Oh before I forget, one of the others has requested you to participate in… something," she said handing him a data pad.

He took it and began to read with an ever-growing smile. "Ahhh, an experiment? Sounds interesting, and I would love to see the results."

The World of Star Wars - The Republic Cruiser, Hyperspace Tunnel.

After a successful, and very important, diplomatic mission on Corellia, Senator Padme Amidala and Senator Riyo Chuchi head back to Coruscant accompanied by a large team of the Jedi Knights. Just like Master Yoda has predicted, Count Dooku send the droid army along with his assassin Assaj Ventress to thwart the negotiations. However, with the team of the Jedi, who defeated the Separatists forces, everything went smoothly. Now everyone was coming home not knowing what was about to happen.

"Well that certainly was an interesting trip," stated Senator Padme Amidala of Naboo sitting together with Senator Riyo Chuchi in a salon pod.

"I never thought it would be this dangerous," replied the Pantoran Senator.

"I call it aggressive negotiations," Padme replied with a smile turning her head towards the young orange-skinned Togruta, who was leaning against a nearby wall. "Don't you agree with me Ahsoka?"

The young alien girl smiled and responded with clear confidence. "Well those were very aggressive negotiations, but of course we managed."

The door to the salon pod opened with a hiss and two green alien females entered it: Master Luminara Unduli and her Padawan Barriss Offee. "We'll reach Coruscant in fifteen minutes," announced Master Luminara. "Padawan Tano, your Master wants to talk with you on the bridge."

"Okay," Ahsoka bowed her head and left the room heading towards the bridge.

Meanwhile, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi were standing together with Master Siri Tachi and a bounty hunter named Sugi, who was tagging along with them. "Thanks for giving me a ride," said the female Zabrak.

"You're welcome," replied Obi-Wan. "You helped us on Felucia by giving us a ride so it's only fair we do the same thing."

"Especially since you helped us on Corellia," added Anakin.

"Where's the rest of your team?" asked the bounty hunter.

"Master Shaak Ti, Master Adi Gallia, and Knight Aayla Secura are meditating," replied Master Siri Tachi.

Sugi nodded to the Jedi Master. As they were about to continue their conversation, the whole ship shook violently. "What the hell?!" Anakin asked.

"Sir, something is pulling us out of the hyperspace tunnel!" informed a clone officer. Just as he finished the sentence, the whole cruiser was literally pulled out of the hyperspace tunnel and into the normal space.

A large, disk-like ship appeared in front of the Republic ship. "What the hell is that ship?!" asked Anakin. "It doesn't look like any of the Separatists ships."

"Can we establish a transmission with them?" Obi-Wan asked.

"No, Sir," replied the clone. Before any more actions took place. A blinding-white light illuminated from the large ship.

"Dammit, I can't see anything!" Anakin exclaimed closing his eyes just like everyone else. The powerful, white light lasted for just a few seconds before it vanished... along with the strange ship. Anakin and Obi-Wan blinked a few times with dumbfounded expressions. "What was that?" asked the younger human.

"Is everyone alr-" he stopped and looked around to see not everyone was there, "where's Sugi and Master Tachi?!" Obi-Wan asked turning head and noticing that both female Jedi Masters vanished.

Anakin turned his head and began looking around the bridge. "Everyone else is here," he stated and raised his wrist to his mouth. "Ahsoka come in... Ahsoka, can you hear me?!"

Obi-Wan also raised his comlink. "Master Shaak Ti? Master Luminara? Master Gallia? Aayla?"

"What's going on?!" Anakin asked in a panicked state. "All Jedi disappeared?"

"Then why are we still here?" asked Obi-Wan. "What about the Senators?"

Anakin's eyes widened as he thought about his secret wife. The Jedi Knight stormed out of the bridge heading towards the salon pod. Rex and Obi-Wan followed him as fast as they could. Quickly arriving at his destination, Anakin immediately dashed into the room. Padme Amidala and Riyo Chuchi were nowhere to be seen. It was like all the females on the ship simply vanished without a trace.

As he looked around Rex and Obi-wan looked around as well. "What… where are they?" asked the clone captain but both of the master Jedi had no answers.

The World of Mass Effect – Milky Way, Serpent Nebula, Citadel, The Personal Apartment.

After rough battles and an intrigue that ranged from the glamour of the Citadel's Wards to the top-secret Council Archives, Shepard and her comrades uncovered the truth behind the sinister conspiracy that targeted the Commander. Her clone had tried to take over her identity, but the problem with that was, she was not the real commander Shepard.

Now, the whole crew could enjoy their shore leave and relaxation before the final confrontation against the Reapers in a personal apartment that belonged to David Anderson, who gave it to the commander.

"Pour me another one Shepard," asked Garrus. He, Zaeed, Joker and Ashley sat around the counter as the Commander acted as a temporary barmaid.

"Think you can handle another one Garrus?" Shepard teased.

"I can handle far more than you think," replied the Turian.

"Don't make me teach you on how to drink, you lightweight," said Ashley.

"Ease up with the drinks or you won't have any 'moves' on the dancefloor," reminded Joker.

"Don't be such a party popper Joker," replied Ahsley. "Just relax and enjoy the party."

"I'm trying to, but it would be no fun to spend the rest of it under the table completely drunk," replied the pilot of the Normandy.

"I'm surprised Jack isn't drinking with us," pointed out Garrus.

"She's actually dancing with Liara and Tali," said Shepard. "Miranda and Jacob are on the balcony remembering the old times."

The whole crew of the Normandy had real fun, but none of them knew that a large, disk-like ship appeared above the apartment with the same intent as in the Star Wars world. Miranda and Jacob did notice it, but before they could even inform anyone, a blinding white light engulfed the whole structure.

"What the hell was that?!" Jacob shook his head and rubbed his eyes. When he could see again, he noticed that Miranda was nowhere to be found. "Miranda? Where are you?!"

The dark-skinned human dashed back into the apartment and run into Grunt. The Krogan was also blinded by the light and noticed that Liara, Tali and Jack vanished. Soon, all males from the Normandy gathered at the dance floor confused and worried.

"What was that?!" asked Garrus. "And where is Shepard? She vanished after we were blinded by a white light just like the others."

"You mean all the females vanished," corrected Grunt. "What weak enemy targets would only get the females?"

"Whoever it is, Shepard will teach them a lesson," added Wrex. "It was a wrong decision to pick a fight with her."

"Think it's the Reapers?" asked Joker.

"Nah, I doubt it," Jacob shook his head. "This is a strange tactic for them and I doubt they use such circular ships, but it was a technology unlike I ever seen before. I've contacted the Citadel Tower, the ship appeared in a flash and vanished without a trace. Such technology is even greater then that of the Reapers."

"Let's just hope Shepard and the girls will be okay," said Garrus.

Thinking fast, Jacob pressed his comm bead. "EDI are you still there?" he asked but got no response.

Many Lightyears Away from Both World, Alien Ship.

All of the Jedi and the two Senators from the ship woke up strapped to metal beds in a vertical position. What's more, they all had strange helmets on their heads. "What's going on? Where are we?" asked Padme.

"It doesn't resemble any of the droid ships," pointed out Aayla Secura. "It too advanced and I don't sense any dark energy around."

"We don't have our weapons," said Master Shaak Ti. "Is anyone injured?"

A loud hiss of opening doors drew everyone's attention. A tall, black-clothed figure entered the room holding a big strange datapad. "Hey! Who are you?" Ahsoka demanded.

The figure didn't reply and was completely focused on his datapad. After a couple of long seconds, the turned towards the females. "Welcome," he said with a deep, manly voice. "You have been selected to participate in a special experiment for which you'll be greatly rewarded if you succeed. Our fleets will join the Republic and will aid the Jedi in their war with the Separatists Alliance if win."

"What experiment? Who are you?" Padme asked desperate to get answers.

"My name is of no importance to you," the figure replied as he waved dismissively. "What's important is that you all going to play a unique game against another team of females from a different universe in a virtual world. My friend is already with them and explaining the rules."

"Why us?" asked Riyo Chuchi.

"With no reason," the figure relied simply. "Although, we aimed for specific gender: females. We observe and test sexual abilities, stamina and willpower off all possible females from many worlds."

"What?! Sexual... are you joking?!" Padme asked shocked and outraged.

"And what if we don't wanna take part in this sick and lewd experiment?" asked Sugi.

"Then we will simply propose the same deal to the Separatists," the figure replied without any emotions. "We can't force you to participate, but I'm sure they would take the deal and our fleets, which would destroy the Republic."

While Sugi was indifferent, the Senators and the Jedi looked at each other with a slight fear and decided to play along at least for now. "Ok, we're listening. What game are we talking about?" asked Master Luminara.

"With the help of the devices on your heads, your minds will be transferred into a special, virtual place for 48 hours," explained the figure. "Your bodies will remain here, safe and sound. The place of the experiment is a giant mansion with dense jungle around it and maze-like dungeons underneath it. You can win the game by eliminating the females from the other universe. After the time ends, the team with more females will win."

"How can we do that?" asked Ahsoka. "You want us to fight and kill them?"

"No," the figure shook its head. "Like I've said, this is a sexual experiment. When you enter the virtual world, you will be naked and have a male genitals in addition to your female ones. Your bodies will be in a constant state of arousal and after every climax, you will get even more aroused, which means you'll reach another climax even faster, and so on and so forth until your hearts will stop from overexaustion."

"Are you fucking joking?!" asked Jack. The females from the Mass Effect world were in the same position as the Jedi and they were given the same proposition, but the aliens would aid them in defeating the Reapers. "We need to fuck the other females to death?"

"Indeed," replied the similar figure also clothed in black. "Plus, the virtual world will be trying to do that by itself,"

"What do you mean?" asked Liara.

"The jungle is filled with many types of living plants that live only to catch and mate with females of other species," replied the figure as he opened his book. "I can assure you that those plants will suck you dry if given the chance. The dungeons and the mansion are filled with special traps that have the same purpose as the plants in the jungle. So not only you have to watch out for the females of the other universe, you must also watch out for everything around you. And so that you won't waste our time, we'll send domi-drones so that you won't stay in one place."

"What the hell is a domi-drone?" asked Samantha.

The figure pulled out a remote and pressed a button. From the nearby door, a female looking droid with black plating entered the room and approached the figure. "Domi-drones are unique droids that are specialized in BDSM sex. Indestructible, immune to hacking devices, equipped with necessary tools and very strong. They will dominate every female that will be too slow to escape, but will not engage females that are currently fighting each other. I would say it's my own design but I prefer genetics."

"You're sick in the head!" exclaimed Tali.

"We won't get a chance to rest or cooldown?" asked Jane Shepard.

"The only way to deal with the arousal is too drink the seed of another female," replied the figure. "By forcing the other female to climax, you can drink her seed and cooldown so that you'll be more focused and have more chances in the next fight."

"We start as a team?" Liara asked.

"No," the figure shook its head. "All positions will be randomized. Of course, if you stumble upon your teammate you can work together if you want. Like a battle royale."

"What will happen to the teams after your game ends?" asked Jane narrowing her eyes suspiciously.

"The winning team will be returned to its world with us," replied the figure. "Of course, we'll keep or deal and help that universe with his problems."

"And what will happen to a losing team?" asked Padme.

"The team that will lose will stay with us for a while for few other experiments," replied the figure.

The Jedi definitely didn't like the rules, but they had no choice. They needed to win in order to help the Republic. "Are the rules clear?" asked the figure. The Jedi and the Senators only nodded slightly in response.

"Good," the figure nodded. "The two teams will be transferred into the world in three... two... one... now!"

The eyes of the females rolled to the back of their heads as their minds where teleported into the virtual world. The figure nodded and turned around towards a big screens. On one of them was a list of names.

N7: Jane Shepard - Ok

Liara T'soni - Ok

Miranda Lawson - Ok

Ahsley Wiliams - Ok

Jack - Ok

Tali - Ok

Samantha Traynor - Ok

Samara - Ok

Kasumi Goto – Ok

The Galactic Republic: Padme Amidala - Ok

Ahsoka Tano - Ok

Barriss Offee - Ok

Shaak Ti - Ok

Riyo Chuchi - Ok

Aayla Secura - Ok

Luminara Unduli - Ok

Adi Gallia - Ok

Sugi – Ok

"Let our experiment begin," said the figure.