Chapter 2. A Meeting in a Dungeon.

Jane Shepard opened her eyes and found herself staring at the ceiling. She lay on large bed completely naked just like the figure said. What's more, she was aroused. When she sat up, her diamond-hard nipples weren't the only ones which stood tall. The Commander had an erection, a large, veiny manhood was above her wet womanhood.

What madness was this? Jane thought as she couldn't believe it. She was even afraid to touch it. Shaking her head, the Commander got up from the bed and looked around. This is a simulation. She told herself and looked around. The room was really well decorated but it seemed old. Wooden tables and chairs, wooden shelves with normal books. There was no advanced technology in the room and Shepard assumed the same applied to the rest of the mansion. She hadn't played many video games since she joined the alliance, but she did remember some things.

Jumping up off of the bed she looked at her body up and down and found a black bar on her wrist. Touching it a holographic screen appeared in front of her showing her stats. Strength, speed, cum amount, orgasms and others. There was even a heath bar, these dicks who put her in her thought of everything. This was going to be both fun and problematic. Before she closed it noticed a tab saying messages, curious she pressed it and there was one message waiting for her.

"Huh," she muttered as she opened it.

'I do believe that we forgot to mention that we have not told you everything about this little experiment in order to provide interesting results. I'm sure you understand, have fun fucking!' it read.

"Ahh by the time I get my hands on the two of you I'm going to fuck you both up!" she growled angerly and shut the holo screen off. "Ah fuck it let's make a move,"

She jumped up out of the bed and got her bearings. But it seemed like there was no need, she was perfectly fine. Nodding she walked over to the wardrobe and looked inside to find something to hide her nakedness. Hope turned into shame as she saw a little more than a see though bikini waiting to be worn.

"Shit," she muttered as she reached out and touched it.

The outfit then had a bunch of stats next to it but she didn't understand them as she just took the outfit and slid it on. It was tight and her bulge just got worse.

"I'm going to kill them," she muttered before walking off.

With a yawn Kasumi awoke only to find herself in a dungeon of all things. Chains hung from the walls along with torture implements. She gulped as she stood and looked around. This place felt wrong, just wrong. In the room she was in there was three doors and if what that guy said was true, then she was either in for a world of pleasurable sex and die from it or safety. Steeling herself she walked over to one of the doors and opened it.

The room as dark as she entered and walked inside.

"Oh," said the hooded figure as he read a book. "Looks like some action is going to happen,"

Ahsoka woke up with a strange feeling. She opened her crystal-blue eyes and looked around. The young Togruta was in a room, which she guessed located underground due to the lack of windows and the brick-made walls. The room wasn't a cell though. Nice big table, seats, couches and a red carpet. Everything was nice to the eyes and fancy.

As she got up from the couch she lay on, the young Padawan noticed that she was naked. In shock, she also noticed her orange erection just above her wet pussy lips. Horrified, Ahsoka instinctively covered her nakedness with a blush.

What is this?! she cried out. Despite being a strong and skilfull Padawan, she was inexperienced in such lewd things. Not to mention she now had a manhood and was aroused.

Just then, Ahsoka noticed that she had something on her wrist. A black bar. Touching it a holographic screen appeared in front of her showing her stats like in a game. Strength, speed, and others. There was even a heart-rate monitor, which in this situation acted as a health bar.

The young Togruta turned off the screen and stood up. She was now fighting in order to help the Republic and she was very glad that Anakin wasn't here to see this. Not wanting to waste any time, she left the room through the door.

Jack woke up on a bed in a similar room like the young Togruta with the same black bar and additional, erect genitals. However, unlike the young alien girl, the bold biotic female wasn't as shocked and not embarrassed at the slightest.

She was aroused and pissed off. Not to mention, she didn't care about the thing on her wrist. "The fuckers!" she cursed and stood up." After I'm done with the bitches, I'll fuck them in their asses!"

Back on the ship the two hooded figures just gave nervous gulps.

Jack looked around the room and used her biotic powers to hurl a seat the wall as she headed towards the door. "Man, I need to fuck somebody!" she exclaimed as she passed the door to the corridor.

After a few minutes of walking without meeting anyone or anything, Jack finally spotted a black door, that she immediately opened. The tattooed female entered a large room with a large bed but wasn't a bedroom. Chains that hang from the ceiling. Shelves with handcuffs, whips, gags and other kinky stuff told her that she entered some kind of a bdsm dungeon. Just like the ones she saw on Omega.

Before she gave it another thought, another door to the room opened and a young, orange-skinned alien girl entered the room. Ahsoka spotted Jack and the two looked upon each other.

The biotic clearly liked what she saw. She wasn't a stranger to having sex with other girls and the young alien girl in front of her was really pretty.

"Ohh girl you've entered the wrong room," Jack stated with a mischievous smile and licked her lips.

Ahsoka guessed the woman in front of her was of the females from the other world. Without any real plan, the young Padawan braced herself to respond against any attacks. Suddenly she felt the floor from under her give way and she was floating in the air.

"Wha…?" she muttered in shock.

"Not familiar with biotics?" Jack asked with a sinister smile. "Shame, this is going to be easy,"

She then moved the young alien over to a bondage cross before walking up and locking her onto it. Ahsoka tried to pull herself from the restraints without any success. Jack licked her lips as she looked up and down the Togruta's body. Squatting down she looked at the orange cock in front of her and smiled.

"Wait wh ahhhh…" the Jedi cried out as Jack began to lick and stroke the cock. "Noooo stop…"

Jack ignored her as she took the cock into her mouth and began to bob up and down the shaft of the cock moaning as she did. Surges of electric pleasure echoed through her body as she wet vice sucked and licked her shaft. The feeling was completely alien as Jedi avoided this. But it just felt too good to ignore and couldn't help up cry out in pleasure. A smirk appeared on Jack's face as her hand glowed and slid her finders into the alien's pussy.

The combination of being penetrated and sucked on was too much and made Ahsoka cum with a loud yelp. Sperm flowed into Jack's mouth who drank it with ease.

In normal circumstances, this would reduce the arousal of the young Togruta, but here, she became more aroused and her erection remained hard. The only one who got slightly better was Jack.

The woman slid the cock out of her mouth and stood looking into the alien's eyes while still stroking her cock. Locking lips with Ahsoka she then pushed some of the alien's sperm into her mouth. The Togruta tried to pull away but Jack forced her to drink the sperm nearly making her choke.

The taste was strange, it has a salty sweet taste to it. It was nice to say the least but being forced to swallow it was degrading. Jack then pulled away and smiled as she looked at the Jedi.

"Now let's see how your pussy feels,"

"Pussy?" Ahsoka sked in confusion only to find one of her legs free and starched out to the side. "Ahhh what?"

She didn't have time to complain as Jack then pushed her cock into the alien's virgin snatch. The Jedi screamed in a mix of pain and pleasure. The tattooed woman however gave a lust filled smile.

"Ahh so tight, this your first time?" she teased as she began to move making the alien whimper. "Such a shame my friends aren't here, we could have had a nice gang bang,"

The alien gulped as the foreign object in her pussy began to move. Slowly at first but began to pick up speed. Ahsoka began to pant as the pain disappeared only to be replaced with pleasure. Panting she could feel her heart pound in her chest heating her body up more than seemed possible. She came and scream out loud as a hard-thrust hit deeply inside of her. Jack on the other hand just loved the feeling of Ahsoka's pussy as she pounded the alien faster and faster. Sliding out her cock with a smile she slid her cock into the alien's ass and pounded her before coming out and going back into her pussy. She picked up speed making Ahsoka pant even more before the two cries out in pleasure and cum. The sperm flowing into the alien's pussy made her cry out even more as the heat made her cum again.

Ahsoka then fainted in her bindings as Jack pulled out.

"Ahhh damn, and here I was hoping to fuck her more," she said in a disappointed pouty voice but as she looked around an evil smile appeared on her face.

Ashoka awoke only to find herself gagged and one some wooden wedge. Her eyes widened as she looked to the tattooed human who was now dressed in a latex outfit. It made her look very intimidating. The human walked up to her and cupped her breast. The Togruta moaned and tried to move which turned out to be a bad move. Squealing her pussy moved along the wedge making her in pain with pleasure following.

'Owwww owo owwww this hurts!' her mind cried out. 'Make it stop!'

But Jack wouldn't let her as she leaned in and began to suck on the alien's breast. The combination of pain and pleasure was too much for the Jedi to handle and squirted her juices on the wooden horse. Jack just smiled evilly as she then pushed the device forcing the alien to cry out as she was moving along it.


"Humm looks like Ahsoka is going to be the first victim," one of the hooded men said as he watched the monitor.

"Jedi have little to no experience in sex, let alone bondage," the other said as he wrote something in his book. "This is to prevent them from having 'connections' and relationships,"

"So, they are just a bunch of virgins?"

"Essentially, some religion order tends to have a no sex rule," he said as he closed his book. "Just goes to show why the Jedi will eventually fall,"

"Point," the other muttered.